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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's NYPD Lt O'Sullivan Better Looking Than Patrick Stewart

Mayor Bloomberg's NYPD Lt O'Sullivan Better Looking Than Patrick Stewart

I meet Mr O'Sullivan before I was savagely assaulted at the MD's office and than a victim of NYPD and Internal Affairs and I bet you a mill$s that Mike is putting him on his payroll along with all the others aka bubkas for a confidentiality agreements.  

Gay men and straight women agree he is better looking than Patrick Stewart and one person said he has this Daniel Day Lewis quality too.  I think he is better looking but he is short like a lot of NYPD supervisors but in terms of Bloomberg's bodyguards it is funny because they tend to be big to huge in size and Mike and Lt O aren't.  Mike uses them as a wall to hide behind. 

In his 3rd term Mike became a coward avoiding me at all costs.

Here I am getting the thumbs up from Mike pre Lt O'Sullivan even knowing I exist along with the B Team

hardee har and Mike was not a flat out coward than. 

O'Sullivan is handsome way better looking than Patrick Stewart.  Did MB buy him like a Ken Doll?

It is all about buying their silence.. His bodyguards are called NYPD Intelligence detectives but some are dummies that don't know NYPD protocol and remember their oath to uphold The Constitution. 

Lt O obeys protocol.  He moves me away on a public sidewalk without touching me but sidewalks are public spaces.  Aren't they?

Not under oligarch Mike Bloomberg NYC is Putin-ville.