Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just saw the new Mike Bloomberg propaganda ad campaign and I am warning you to get out your barf bags!!!!!!!

Just saw a new Mike Bloomberg for King of New York, oops, did I say king, I meant Mike bloomberg the little emperor of NYC wants you to elect him mayor because

...the FBI says NYC is the safest city in NYC....
excuse when but when was that...? It doesn't say when the FBI said so and the truth is -- NYC ain't that safe....stay alert and on your guard...not all the news gets reported...
I am still wondering what happen to the many beaten so badly I believe for being gay they had to induce a coma to treat him at St. Vincents.

That is just one alert, there is more crime than we are being told and just use your eyes, how many of you have seen broken glass on the streets or a person so badly beaten, bloody and stabbed...I have seen a person exactly fitting this description, directed him to a parked ambulance and I did not get the vibe he was going to the police and I am guessing one possible reason is he is a homeless drug addict.

Bloomberg Orwellian campaign -- 311 -- it costs a lot of money and most New Yorkers are not convinced 311 actually produces results.
I did a series "Mike Bloomberg's streets of New York" ( 3 parts) and the streets are in horrifying shape. In part one I call 311 -- I stay on the phone for a half hour when I am transferred to 911 and no emergency response ever materialized.

Watch the youtubes including Mike Bloomberg's Orwellian Ad Campaign.

Mike Bloomberg's streets of New York part 1 of 3 part series

Mike Bloomberg's Orwellian ad campaign (this is part one -- part 2 covers the phone campaign where they don't understand the words "NO, I won't vote for Mike Bloomberg! kind of like the community telling NYU, no do not tear down our historic buidlings, evict our small businesses like The Bottom line and one of the only supermarkets left! another new anti-third term website!

In celebration I am posting me yelling "Oust the king" at Mike Bloomberg from the steps of City Hall as he gives me the thumbs up!

Suzannah Troy's youtube on Bernie Madoff, her story written years ago about white collar crime costing the tax payers & not being effectively policed

Sounds like like the tsunami of community crushing development
that Mike Bloomberg pushed that was
not effectively policed as well and cost lives with construction and infrastructure related accidents and we have yet to feel all the ramifications..

Suzannah Troy's youtube on Bernie Madoff, her story written years ago about white collar crime costing the tax payers & not being effectively polic

Monday, June 29, 2009

Did you ever get the feeling The New York Times has a difficulty telling the real story?

"oust the king!" live vicariously thru me as I yell to vote Bloomberg out of office from the steps of City Hall!!!!!

and please give me 5 stars!!!!!!!

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York is about to break the 900 views mark so be the one and give me 5 stars, oust the king!!!!!!!!!

Pension scandal city hall just doesn't seem to get much press coverage...a cover up? Yes it seems like it....

Dear Mike Bloomberg, the East Village really doesn't like you!

I did not write "Stop Bloomberg"on Helen Keller's elbow. I don't want to give anyone in the 9 Precinct an opportunity to put handcuffs on me!

Flashback --- Mike Bloomberg telling John Gambling and audience just a few people feel the way Suzannah feels....

Hey Mike, why is that....? Do you think it is because you and socialite mega millionaire city planner acted like you work for NYU, Cooper Union and greedy developers that busted thru our zoning like it was Wall Street and not the Village? Do you think it is because the small businesses how mostly all been evicted and the word supermarket is on the verge of extinction and every college that could confuse the East Village with the words dorm fodder and bust thru our zoning with the words "community facility" but have nothing to do with the community except trying to make us extinct as well?

UMMM, MIKE, I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg's Streets of NY Part 3, something is very very wrong but that won't stop Mike & developers, never has

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes, as usual I was working to oust the king.

I did a lot today to make voters aware they do have another choice for mayor. Many responded to "No Bloomberg!"

I also continue to write about what feels like corruption on my blog....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

go to and read how Mike Bloomberg and the wicked witch of the East Village supported exploited evil developers goal to exploit and destroy the East Village -- Lower East Side.

It is in response to Queen's crap posting

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New York's City Hall to Albany feels corrupt, the people of NY are paying in way too many ways

My newest youtube...

Tweed del dee TWEED dee dumb, only at City Hall can staffers get busted but not their bosses

Tweed del dee TWEED dee dumb, only at City Hall can staffers get busted but not their bosses

Tweed del dee TWEED dee dumb, only at City Hall can staffers get busted but not their bosses
Yet more City Council staff members busted for helping themselves to money that HEY DOESN'T BELONG TO THEM BUT IS SUPPOSE TO GO TO THE PEOPLE OF NYC!!!!!!!! Yet again the staffers report to a city council member that yet again alludes handcuffs!
Until the city council members are arrested very publicly at City Hall this kind of corruption will not stop.
It is not just city council at city hall either...
From Albany to City Hall the people that supposedly represent New York are the biggest joke across the country and somethings stinks like an enormous infrastructure break from Albany to City Hall -- yeah -- like a sewage pipe break....
for more go to the blog search engine on type in "Tweed" "corruption" "city hall"
My comment posted in response to this article!Only at City Hall can you have staffers get busted but not the people they report to! Stewart, Seabrook and they are not the only ones...until there is very public arrests with handcuffs City Hall there clearly is no motivation to stop corruption at City Hall. Christine Quinn's slushgate scandal cost the tax payers a fortune in high priced attorney's that specialize in white collar crime and by the way has any NYer felt the trickle down from all the slush money, 20 mill Quinn's slushgate + 20 mill the mayor's slush. No wonder they want to deny us a referendum to vote on term limits and where else can you have a lousy attendance record & vote yourself a raise. Albany is not the only big joke in town. Go to Suzannahartist on youtube and watch my playlist on city council or Mayor Bloomberg King of New York

Bloomberg Monopoly from The Angry NYer dot com

I found this on Queen's crap and the art work and posting is from The Angry NYer dot com
Click on link to see and visit his site to see the board in it's entirety see more...

You know I continue to dream of corrupt politicians, dcvelopers and land lords going to jail!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tweed del dee TWEED dee dumb, how does Larry Seabrook's aides get arrested but not him? Mike's golf clubs The New York Times front page puff piece

And front page puff piece The New York Times is on Mike Bloomberg playing golf...pathetic piece which underscores why the paper is bankrupt and in constant need of bail out.

Business as usual at City Hall, the people supposedly representing us are above the law, get to vote themselves raises, deny us a referendum and vote for themselves to stay on hoping the people they represent are not paying attention....

TWEED del dee TWEED del dumb
wrote many pieces on this on

ps Mike's NYPD security details includes over seeing golf clubs to SUV

Note: In the article is also points out Mike hires golf professionals to teach him, how about top professionals to date he has not apologized to Azi Paybarah. Even this "puff piece" on the front page of The New York Times makes word play of "term limits" and it shows Azi Paybarah was right on target with his question.

I know there are a lot of people that owe me apologizes and you know what Mike Bloomberg is a lot better person than they are, really truly, in the East Village you would be surprised how many mini-Mike Wannabes there are and city council that make Mike Bloomberg look like a class act but still I want him out of office and a mayor that is willing to fight corruption so my choice is Tony Avella.

Live vicariously through Suzannah B. Troy, give this youtube 5 stars as Suzannah yells "Oust the king!" at the mayor City Hall, he gives her thumbs up

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remember to watch Mike Bloomberg give me the thumbs up sign when I yell "Oust the king" at him City Hall, learn more about other exchanges with Mike!

The first time I met the king of New York it was on the steps of City Hall for a protest to save
the Old PS 64 building and it was fireworks. He was provocative but today he just
gave me the "digit" his East Villager asked are you sure it was his thumb?

The next confrontation was also amazing, I got him on The John Gambling Show, confronted him
on his administrations' tsunami of community crushing development that made the East Village
Lower East Side and Bowery look like a bad xerox of mid-town.
I said evictions are rising and we need community outreach resource centers
in every mega dorm!
Mike responded - Just a few people feel the way Suzanah does. WRONG!!!!

Link to hear me confront Mayor Bloomberg on the John Gambling show about the tsunami of community crushing development and the need for community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm in the East Village.
+ go to link
pick the top option for "archived link" which gives you the stream with out down load
move the cursor to 29 minutes (almost the end!!!)
OCTOBER 19, 2007
Mayor Mike and John Gambling

You can search on this on this blog and yes, I emailed The White House and asked President Obama to pressure NYU and gang to do the right thing for once rather than just crush our communities and displace us

Gwen Goodwin wants to save PS109, she explains why the mayor is a dictator & city council does his bidding not the people of NYC's!
Suzannah Troy's letter of the week The Village Voice "Carbon Copy" about the old PS 64

Gwen Goodwin is the only candidate running for District 8 to oppose the River-to-River 125th Street rezoning.

Here her speak up about saving the old historic PS 109 school building in East Harlem and why we should vote for her and Tony Avella for mayor!!!!!!!

Gwen explains why we have lost the democratic process at City Hall with city council.

This is my letter, it was the letter of the week Village Voice for the old PS 64 building which I dream of being returned to it's original use. By the way, the first time I spoke to Mike Bloomberg in person it was on the steps of City Hall where we were protesting Greg Singer's intention to tear down the old building we wanted to preserve. Mike was quite provocative with me than. We had a very memorable feisty short chat. Next was the John Gambling Show where I slammed his administration and ask for community outreach resource centers in all the NYU dorms because of all the evictions rising with the community crushing development that makes the EVillage look like mid-town.

Watch Mayor Mike Bloomberg give Suzannah B. Troy the thumbs up as she yells "Oust the King" City Hall, NYC

Mike Bloomberg took his chill pills this morning!

Watch me yell "Oust the king" as Mike Bloomberg walks down the steps of City Hall!!!!!!!!!! Mike Harris was there and to date he hasn't apologized to Azi Paybarah but he clearly he has given up his "I am what I am routine" and rather than act like the little emperor of NYC he gives me the thumbs up.

Learn why I am there and hear me give him a mouthfull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy
Watch me yell "Oust the king" as Mike Bloomberg walks down the steps of City Hall!!!!!!!!!! Mike Harris was there and to date he hasn't apologized to Azi Paybarah but he clearly he has given up his "I am what I am routine" and rather than act like the little emperor of NYC he gives me the thumbs up.

Learn why I am there and hear me give him a mouth full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mayor saves firehouses as public relation move which he did not due post Sept. 11, Bloomberg's on going smoke & mirrors for election campaign

Mike Bloomberg's closing of our firehouses post Sept. 11 and his refusal still to give our rescue workers their rank, the simple respect due as well as their erasure at the site all these years of the largest loss of New York rescue workers in our city, state and nation's history is the true and real ugly story and this move was a public relations hocus pocus feel good move because it is an election year.

On a positive note.

I am so proud of Dominick DeRubbio and so many others me included that spoke up. I am proud of the youtubes I made with Dominick. I am so proud of the community members that always come out and stand at the firehouses and demand they remain open and for the fire fighters and our communities city wide!

I do return to anger and sadness at the memory of how many fire house protests I attended, how many letters I wrote and many were published with the result being the mayor shuttering the firehouse post 9-11 and they remain shuttered as he pushed a reckless way too rapid development which in theory would mean we need more firehouses

Double Shooting East Harlem, Heroin use rising, the number of NYPD vs population smallest in history? Society's role in violence and parenting factors
Of course local activists speak out but beyond resounding silence as usual and why is that?

Why does Charles Rangel and so many others not rally and until the issues are addressed that make people so fragile they have to turn to guns and other weapons to resolve issues and crime in their warped minds as a justifiable income. As long as guns and drugs are glamorized in music, videos, film and tv, street clothes and language that celebrate the "downing" and doing in, why should anyone be surprised. I also believe there are early warning signs and they are ignored and of course where is the parenting?

So nice that so late in the game so rap artists that contributed greatly to this violent culture are speaking up but too little too late. I always think of hearing z100 play a rap song where the rap artist yells at the community for calling the police on him and he never understood his community was doing the right thing and to date communities are suffering because of his behavior that he attempts to make glamorous and justifies with "irrational anger" in his awful rap song with a cool beat.

It is always the communities that suffer, so many innocent people, so many that are leading honorable existences -- they are not glamorous but they are honorable. Even if poor they can look themselves in the mirror with pride because they are good and honest people but it is so wrong they are robbed of feeling safe because of violent criminals and yes often their is a drug connection.

In NYC history this may be the largest population ever to be policed by the smallest number of police ever and the community must get involved more than ever being a very active form of catching crime by calling 911 and the tips hot line and what ever more communities feel they can do with out jeopardizing their safety.

We know Mayor Bloomberg sat blandly by when the NYPD's salary was lowered to such a shameful low that I feel it is only just the Mayor should have to do even half a days work of a police officer's in the most dangerous areas of NYC at night; this is the only way the mayor can begin becoming an advocate for the police and for the safety of New Yorkers and please spare me the crime statistics and ditto for Gov. Paterson.

Also note I believe there is massive drug abuse of prescription drugs both alone and in combination with alcohol and other drugs and this goes unreported and is not addressed. I believe it is so rampant that warnings not to mix prescription drugs with alcohol should be posted at bars as well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crain's asks will any good come from Albany Shake up?


No ,Albany will not see any real changes after the NY State Senate "Shake-up" because it is just like the daily scandals revealed by The New York Post, The New York Daily News and occasionally The New York Times regarding for instance, City Council Members directing money to organizations that are not IRS approved, fake or misuse of campaign spending, just give three examples from this week alone and this is a city council that voted themselves a raise and voted to extend term limits! No wonder politicians do not want any limits? Where do you get to vote yourself a raise and also have a lousy attendance record but City Hall, NYC!!! No wonder people want to be politicians for life and this behavior State to City Hall is proof we need more limits, far more transparency and accountability! Tony Avella is the only City Council member to have a perfect attendance record, vote "no" to extending term limits and "no" to city council giving themselves a raise. Monserrate and Espada run off to a baseball game acting like the media attention is cocaine and they are very high basking in all the attention while New Yorkers who sadly rely on representation from Albany to City Hall are left in the cold as usual. There is no accountability and the threshold for corruption is higher than than the NY skycrapers and nothing will change until there are very public arrests especially at City Hall to send a message that the people representing us are not above the law but for now from Albany to City Hall it is the people of New York that pay and pay and they are continually betrayed. Suzannah B. Troy

Read more on the mayor's reckless tsunami of community crushing development with sub zero interest in infrastructure concerns

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yet again more wrong doing by a City Council member!!!!! Ho hum time for City Council to vote themselves another raise and stay on for ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Queenscrap yet again for exposing more corruption at City Hall....
and of course with City Council. I posted the response below on Queenscrap.

I still can't believe there were no arrests in the Christine Quinn slushgate scandal and from the day to day scandals that are exposed at City Hall it is clear business goes on as usual SO UNTIL VERY PUBLIC AND HUMILIATING ARRESTS ARE MADE AT CITY HALL TO SEND A MESSAGE it is clear this will continue to go on and on and city council will keep giving themselves raises and vote for extending term limits because it seems no one is paying attention and New Yorkers threshold for corruption is higher than the city's sky scrapers!!!!
Thanks Queens Crap, I will post this on my blog as well.

In response to propaganda piece in The New York Post

Remember people used to think Guiliani was irreplaceable? Do not believe the Bloomberg propaganda that we need a business man as mayor because he proved having a mayor with business acumen in no way helped forsee the collapse of Wall Street, the mortgage meltdown and the city budget went from bad to worse under his rule although his private fortune increased by billions of dollars. Time to oust the mayor that would be king of New York.

I am surprised The NY Post ran a piece that reads like it was written by Team Bloomberg when the mayor is spending multi-millions on a godzilla ad campaign with little to opposition but maybe the mayor acting like the little emperor of NYC with his "You are a disgrace!" outburst requires his supporters with big financial and real estate investments to worry.

Suzannah B. Troy

Note: Painting in progress, the crown over sized, the gems red white and blue to imply democracy is for sale, his face blush red because he never seems embarrassed...

My very first youtube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York"
and you can watch the entire series on youtube
including me hand painting the portrait
and turning it in to a political art poster
that lampoons the mayor and
asks "Is Democracy for Sale?".

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The New York Times reports on City Council members improprieties? Sounds like it is time for City Council to vote themselves another raise!

Thanks to Queen's Crap for pointing this article out.   Usually The New York Times does it's very best not to report the news on TWEED del dee TWEED del dee dum at City Hall....what slush money....did anyone read any articles on slush money in The New York must have killed the NYTimes owner to allow the paper to report the news -- what little they did report on Steve Rattner and the pension fund scandal.....

Hey don't worry -- they laws don't apply to the people that work at City Hall so keep on keeping on, hey it's about time to vote yourself another raise isn't  and mayor maybe they need another 20 million dollars in slush money from you!!!!!!!   Hey how much did tax payers pay for Christine Quinn and staff's top defense attorneys that specialize in white collar crime?

Yes, it is time for City Council to vote themselves a raise and no wonder they denied us a referendum and voted for the right to stay on because they are confident no one is paying attention or will hold them accountable....

go to and read many pieces I have written on topics like this, go to the search engine and type:
corruption or Tweed or City Council or City Hall
Have t-shirt will protest..."Mayor Bloomberg You are a disgrace! t shirt, Tompkins Sq Park

Replace posters torn down by Bloomberg zealots? It is not enough he is spending mega millions but to tear down what little opposition he has....?

Mike Boomberg, the little emperor of NYC, no foot in mouth for days since "You are a disgrace" became iconic

Mike is not apologizing to Azi Paybarah which is wrong and cowardly.   You are a disgrace Mike Bloomberg!   Mike said I am who I am  but his high paid campaign people on their weekend commutes to Nantucket I am guessing did read my blog and they got the message....

Hey Mike keep on keeping on being the little emperor of NYC because every time you do you undo millions of dollars of campaigning and continue to alienate voters....

Do you notice how quiet Mike has longer I am who I am, he has shut his mouth...not foot in mouth for days but we are waiting and hoping, come on Mike, you can do it....

keep on keeping on acting like the little emperor of NYC.

Why was Mike confident he need not face Azi Paybarah and apologize or even pick up the phone and apologize...?

YOU ARE A DISGRACE!   I felt that way about the "term limits deal" my affectionate term for throwing the democratic process to the wind...TWEED del dee TWEED del de dum as scandal ridden City Council with a lousy attendance record, that gets to vote themselves a raise when the NYPD starting salary was lowered and it never should have happened, City Council who should have to post all the slush money and where it went on city and the organizations that received money need to have a break down of where the slush monies linked to city gov showing how they spent the money because I am talking about at least 2 slush funds, one the mayor's for aprox 20 million and one called Christine Quinn's slushgate for at least 20 million, plus how much tax payers dolled out for Christine Quinn and staff's high priced defense attorneys....

Yes, Mike, we can only hope you and City Council members that never think they will be held accountable, keep up that attitude because maybe one day laws will apply to City Hall as well, the watchdogs will do their jobs, we will have a conflict of interest board that actually does it's job and the people of New York will not tolerate what feels criminal and if it happened any where else other than City Hall it would be deemed criminal.

City Council voting themselves a raise was a conflict of interest.  Anywhere other than City Hall it is a conflict of interest to vote themselves a raise.  

As soon as the mayor starting tossing his 20 million dollars in the direction of City Hall it was clear he wanted to bend the rules, break the laws, but Mike doesn't break laws he just changes them.

City Council voting on term limits is a conflict of interest.   

City Gov needs to put all it's spending on their website and every bit of money that flows in and out including slush money down to community board spending has to be fully revealed on city gov's website and on the community board website and any org. receiving money.

Mike acting  like the king of New York or the little emperor of NYC is bad enough but there are so many mini-Mike wannabe's tossing around money -- their own or others trying to buy favors, popularity.....

Is democracy for sale?
Sure looks like it....

ps   I keep asking, is City Council going to "unvote" themselves a raise?

Click link above, watch my youtube where I first asked this question,
"Gloomy Bloomy News Sub-Zero Trickledown"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mike Lupica refers to Mike Bloomberg's now iconic comment to Azi Paybarah "You are a disgrace!"

Watch my youtube and you can find the link to Mike's article...

get ready you know I am going to lampoon the mayor!!!!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy passes a man with a Mike Bloomberg campaign pin in the West Village -- response visceral

When you see someone openly support Mike Bloomberg in the Village, East or West you think "rich" ehem person but most Mike supporters don't openly wear their support and are known to stealthy rip down my posters not that there is much "visual"  Mike opposition in the streets I am sad to say so far which you can tell I hope to change.  I would say the majority of people in the East and West Village and city wide really do not like Mike Bloomberg.  Some may vote for him because they have bought his sales pitch about being a business man but being a business man did not help the city just developers although his personal fortune did seem to benefit big time.

The man with the campaign button gave me a look -- almost of shock -- as if maybe Mike had successfully outlawed all opposition and the police would be pulling up to arrest me and send to jail any minute.   I felt disgust, really primal when I saw his campaign button.

City Council member pulls another fast one, so what is new? Who is paying attention? Who cares? If an average NYer did this you'ld be in trouble

City Council members that voted themselves a raise, extended themselves term limits, many received slush moneys are NOT sweating this or even being outed by NY1 for a lousy attendance record....
Why should they?

If it was me or you, we would be in a lot of trouble but we also don't get to vote ourselves a raise do we?

If you have a lousy attendance record you get fired - right?  Not at city hall folks!  You even get to vote yourselves a raise!

Tweed tweed al dee dum TWEED del dee it is just another day and dollars at City Hall!!!!!!

By the way.....
Are New Yorkers going to hear anymore about the scandals involving the pension funds at City Hall anytime soon?   The State Attorney General's office is still investigating this...right?

Watch my youtube on pension catastrophe and scandal
Just one article on that if you are in a rush....

okay here's another....

and another....learned about pension gate here in NYC and else where here and there are many articles on pension scandal here

Facebook King Bloomberg III

Hilarious -- check out Facebook  King Bloomberg  III

More and more anti Bloomberg websites, blogs, twitters and facebook postings are showing up!!!!!!!!

Oust the King!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mayor pushed all this development lacking so many solid infrastructures and oops include Kindergarden space to the long list

Mayor Bloomberg's tsunami of community crushing development was so high speed and vast it was hard to fight yet alone survive

There is just too much too cover, so many people displaced, yes it was always going on but the Bloomberg administration was like a real estate junkie cocaine addict and it was high speed greed....

I wouldn't know where to begin to even start to try and list all the people, small businesses, even big businesses that got displaced, evicted, forced out....

The city doesn't even look like itself and it wasn't a terrorist attack -- it was ruthless and reckless development that need high speed velocity so avoid accountability and community battles.

Save Coney Island

Christine Quinn behind the smile (another words she sold the people of NYC out)I vot

I voted for Rosie and she let me down. She never seemed to notice the conflict of interest of having
a bar owner of aprox 10 bars be community chair when night life is the number one complaint
and she did not effectively fight NYU and development -- maybe there was nothing she
could do but I had hoped....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bloomberg and the Boys: Landlords, Politicians & Other Scoundrels

Bloomberg zealot harasses me and give brave courageous people one star ratings represents Mike's true colors

Go here and give this gentleman 5 stars and anywhere the berserko Bloomberg fanatic went ballistic....  Actually supporters have already done so on many but this person was very, very busy....

Besides insulting me and being surprised that I block people who accuse me of slander when I am using the first amendment(embarassed and ashamed to say Mike suckered me and I voted from him twice so that gives me the right to speak up to express my anger at his betrayal...he sold us out to NYU and greedy developers city wide.....), filling my mail box to the brim like Bad Mike Bloomberg propaganda spam,  this Mike lover makes Bloomberg proud by giving many of my youtubes one stars including many about Harlem, that is West Harlem, people fighting eminent domain abuse by Columbia University and if that wasn't enough an interview from I did with a gentleman from East Harlem.

Than this harasser who spent enormous amounts of time changing profile names because I blocked each one of them, contacted other people but duh, they are supporters of me and praised me and responded with phrases like Mike is shady, Suzannah is cool.

Wow Mike zealot  ( a nameless, face person that lives some where in the United States but I am guessing not NYC or is it someone from his campaign office) shows their true colors and Mikes...?  Was that Mike diplomacy, just harass people enough with campaign calls and wasteful mailers so much so they really won't vote for you?     Mike still doesn't get how every day he is alienating voters because of his behavior and zealots like this one and that is a good thing. In a way I guess I should be glad they are so clueless.  That crazy harassing propaganda spewing zombie helped me get more support to oust the little emperor, so gee what  a terrible pain and drain like a vampire but some good did come out of it, more people turned off to Bloomberg and zealots.

Check out Bloomberg Watch

The art for this site is fabulous and I joined him on twitter.
I am on twitter too!

Check out Bloomberg Watch

The art for this site is fabulous and I joined him on twitter.
I am on twitter too!

Mayor Imploding...

Amanda Burden the wicked witch of the East Village and how she & Mike planned to start Wall Street at 14th Street

All you need is your very own eyes to see the hideous sky piercing ugly truth and we can only thank to the horrifying collapse of Wall Street due to greed and stupidity for the reason they have only half succeeded and why we need to vote the Bloomberg administration out of office!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a reminder Vote NO Third Term!!!

You are a disgrace ! Another anti-Bloomberg for a third term website. Check it out!

Check out the recent Bloomie gloomie news in the above link and of course watch my youtubes starting with "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York", don't forget Part2 or "Gloomy Bloomy News Sub-Zero Trickledown"  just to name a few in a long on going series!

thanks and best,
Suzannah B. Troy