Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mike Bloomberg's private empire intersecting with his public empire

I love these photos. I think they are beautiful and also very haunting. Just beautiful the diverse women walking up the stairs like ballet dancers on stage but I just caught them being New Yorkers but so upsetting because I used to write the OPED section about NYC really being an oligarchy and also my fear one day we would see advertisements like this on the State of Liberty. Mike Bloomberg seems to confuse his private empire with his public empire and sadly the city council speaker Christine Quinn acts like she works for his private empire. The off-shore mayor....Mike Bloomberg from Governor's Island to the Caymans and Christine Quinn along with other high ranking NYC gov staff get free rides on Bloomberg's private plane...

When Mike Bloomberg says "progress", he means get your moving van.
A Suzannah B. Troy-ism

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mike's Bermuda Trips to Cayman Island investments not forth coming +CityTime billion dollar scam to supposedly track city workers every move Mike Bloomberg "the off-shore mayor" Brooklyn Bridge Park, Governors Island to Caymans + Steve Rattner.
I wrote this in response to a comment on YouTube. YouTube above has many links in blog posting exposing Mike Bloomberg. Mike wants to keep track of lower tier city workers with hand prints yet he sneaks out of NY, Friday morning to go to Bermuda. HIs connected consultants for CityTime, 2 who have worked for the City of NY & one I think is still employed at a very high level so that makes two jobs with no time clocks like consultants have no time clock and charge as much as 40,000 a month, one ex-city gov 1million for year
Make sure to read the blog link of mine on CityTime

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mike Bloomberg "Off-Shore Mayor" Brooklyn Bridge Park & Governors Island to Cayman + Steve Rattner Above link part 1 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development Monday, May 24, 2010 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development, Part II Monday, May 24, 2010 Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth? An Examination of Brooklyn Bridge Park in Terms of the Politics of Development, Part III Please take the time to read Michael's expose and for me the way Mike Bloomberg has handled real estate and this ruthless tsunami of community crushing development as reckless and stupid as what brought the implosion of Wall Street is about the mayor wanting to do what he wants unchecked. Steve Rattner thought he could do what he wanted to do unchecked and he has been busted.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy calls John Liu refers him to her piece City Time Tax Payers Titanic

I left a voice mail for City Comptroller, John Liu, referring him to the piece I wrote....

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, did he buy condo building in Williamsburg near The People's Firehouse that he shuttered?

I was given a tip, with the specific address and told he bought it.  

I don't know if it was for his public empire or private empire and the way some of his staff and he operate it is hard to tell the difference some days.

If this is true than why?   For saintly reasons because so many buildings are empty or half empty and I have heard about shady dealings with these buildings or is there another motive and if this is true why isn't it public knowledge.

The people have a right to know.

Why?  Is that ethical?

He pushes a reckless tsunami of development that communities city wide resisted and than he it the entire building and if so why?

We know Mike is not accountable to the laws that govern people.

What are his motives and if this is true will he change or get around the laws for his purposes business as usual.

How extra vile that the address is very close to the People's Fire House.

I don't have a private investigator and a press pass so I sent a long to some news reporters but I have been talking about the need for private investigators for quite a while on issues regarding conflicts of interest, local politics, real estate lawyers, SLA etc.


Williamsburg has had buildings collapse and I don't understand how that happens.  Was DOB not doing their job or was someone getting paid off....I don't understand how does that happen.  Where too many permits passed out, DOB couldn't police but couldn't stop giving out permits like a drunk can't resist a bottle of booze and this was and is  a city wide problem where people have paid with their lives.

How do you close a firehouse and than push population growth.
How do do push population growth and not address infrastructure concerns.

How do you push population growth and not do anything to expand subway services and even garbage cans.   People are furious there are not enough garbage cans.

People are furious to be standing in dangerous crowds 5 rows back from subway car doors opening or worse passing them by so Mike would be the least welcome person in Williamsburg unless it's the Bowling Alley and it's a private party.  

Hasn't stop Bloomberg from giving the green light to more reckless builds.   Bloomberg' popularity continues to sink like the Titanic.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mike Bloomberg's CityTime the tax payer's Titanic must not be renewed this September

Mike Bloomberg’s obsessional love for technology is bankrupting NYC.   Some would even debate costing lives with the FDNY dispatch system, a multi-billion dollar  flawed system and “CityTime”  -  a state of the art Orwellian time clock on it’s way to being a billion dollar scam unless we can get the State Attorney General’s Office, the DA, John Liu, some higher power or 60 Minutes to investigate SAIC and consultants that oversee’s CityTime.   There are way too many “consultants” earning staggering salaries, some with possible red flags for conflicts of interest even though as we know the Conflict of Interest Board rarely finds anything a conflict of interest. 
Something must be done to prevent the renewal of CityTime aka “the tax payer’s Titanic” this  September, 2010.  Read my work which is hugely dependent on Ali Winston’s investigative work on SAIC which ties SAIC to Federal scandals, all the more reason  why we need nation wide attention focused here on CityTime.
I include Juan Gonzalez’s superb work as well because he has been tenaciously reporting on this disaster for the people of NY, that is, unless you are a consultant for CityTime, a true money pit black hole and in the midst of this recession that might become a depression, all the reason the mayor needs to pull the plug on CityTime now.
In fact can we get the tax payers a refund?
King mayor, Mike Bloomberg, the little emperor that denied us a referendum, the nanny mayor, wants union workers comings and goings tracked starting with swiping in with your hand print.  Of course Unions are resisting this and Local 375 has taken this issue to court breaking new ground.  The local Supreme court has rejected Local 375’s request for an injunction to stop palm-screening and the union is appealing the courts decision.  as pointed out in Ali Winston’s piece, March 3, 2008.
Personally I think it is a scam and a sham.  These supposed state of the art hand  scanners look like throw aways from a factory sale from the 1950’s made-over with one goal and that is too make the rich companies and their special consultants even richer.
Remember Mike Bloomberg’s real goal was to be President of The United States of America?  Since he realized he couldn’t win he made up his mind he was going to buy himself a third term and did with the most expensive and humiliating win.
Let’s stick with “expensive” and “humiliating” to describe this techno-obsessed mayor’s bad choice to thrust “CityTime”, a company run by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC, San Francisco based) on New Yorker’s like a third term we didn’t want.   His wild spending of his own personal fortune or in this case the tax payers money is making a small group of people very, very rich.
To give you just one example of this technological nightmare  and flim flam rip-off to the tax payers let me quote Joan Gonzalez from his powerful piece written December 4th, 2009 
A private consultant assigned to CityTime - the high-tech computerized payroll system that tracks the hours of city employees - billed taxpayers $47,250 for his services last June.
And that was for just one month's work.
For the entire year, consultant Mitchell Goldstein of Spherion Corp. is on track to charge $490,000, payroll records show.
Three of Goldstein's fellow project managers on the CityTime contract, Srinivas Talasila, Mark Mazer, and Jacques Lucian, will each get more than $400,000 from the city.
The top 11 consultants Spherion has supplied to the city are billing an average of $307,000 for this year, and are expected to do so until 2012, the records show.
Welcome to one of the truly astounding consultant boondoggles in New York history.
There is also a staggering piece on this topic from Ali  Winston in City Limits, “A show of hands; City Workers resist tracking” which I have been referring to as well.  I will directly quote her because again I think of Mike Bloomberg and his eye on the White House when believe it or not Ali Winston takes you to the Pentagon where SAIC had big time problems as well SAIC staffers pleading guilty to EPA superfund sites.
 Let’s rewind
to the staggering costs Bloomberg’s techo-obsession and his control freak desires have cost people .  This is from Ali Winston’s article “The concerns, however, aren't confined to privacy issues. CityTime critics like State Assemblyman Alan Maisel (D-59th District, Brooklyn) are worried about the cost of the entire program, which also includes developing a computer network for data transfers. "I have a hard time understanding it," Maisel says. "There is so much money available for the Mayor's gadgets." The CityTime budget from 1999 to date outstrips this year's proposed budget cuts of $324 million and $95 million for the Department of Education and the NYPD, respectively.
Besides the size of the CityTime budget, there are questions about the companies who've been contracted under it. Science Applications International Corporation, a San Diego-based consulting firm founded in 1969, is the main contractor for CityTime, under a deal currently worth $348 million (up from the original contract value of $68 million). The company is responsible for research and development for the biometric readers, as well as implementation of the scanners and accompanying network. SAIC is a major government contractor, ranking among the top 10 federal vendors for at least the past four years and raking in $4.4 billion in contractors with the U.S. government in 2007 alone.

But SAIC has also had high-profile problems over the years. In the early 1990s, the company and six of its employees pleaded guilty to making false statements in their handling of work at EPA Superfund sites.
 In 2004, the Pentagon's inspector general faulted SAIC's performance on a contract to rebuild the Iraqi media. The following year, the FBI blamed SAIC for botching the development of the bureau's new "Trilogy" information management system (although the Justice Department inspector general said the FBI deserved much of the blame). And the company was still wrangling into 2007 with the Greek government over whether SAIC deserved full payment for a security system it developed for the 2004 Athens Olympics.
According to Ali Winston’s piece there is another big fat conflict of interest and this get rich billing the tax payers a fortune which of course the famous “Conflict of Interest Board” ruled not a conflict of interest for OPA chief Joel Bondy to launch his own consultancy and work as a subtractor for Spherion on City Time from 2002-2004.
 Hey, why don’t we all do that?  So what is not the conflict of interest? .  Oh, it is that Joel Bondy  is the Executive Director of the office of Payroll Administration and so  he could also  be a consultant although Ali Winston points out it is Bondy’s work is never mentioned on the OPA website.  You can see Joel Bondy’s photo on NYC gov website.  It gets worse.
Sal Salamone, a former City Hall Technology chief, recieved millions of dollars from the city over the past decade as a private consultant according to Juan Gonzalez’s investigative work.  Salamone reported directly to Joel Bondy so you know what I am confused...Did Bondy have two jobs at once and Salamone collects a NY pension and a fortune as a consultant.  Nice work if you can get it.
In this piece by Gonzalez, the mayor admits City Time is a disaster and guess who’s name comes up....Joel Bondy but not as a city employee but as OPA Director one of many firms, entities and individuals the city pays a fortune to for consultants.  Talk about too many chefs breaking the bank....
Ali Winston’s piece and Juan Gonzalez’s series of investigative reports  are a must reads to learn more about the financial quick sand or black hole , the nanny mayor,  control freak, Mike Bloomberg’s  obsession with technology is costing the tax payers.  We are heading towards the billion dollar mark -- fortune to do almost nothing except make some pals with White House connections or  just plain greedy ambitions very rich.
The original idea was to save the City money but it would take maybe a 100 years to do that if the city doesn’t go completely bankrupt first and soon at the rate we are going.
Bloomberg treats tax payer money like the 110 million he spent to win or steal a third and easy with what I call sub-zero trickle down...meaning where did all that money go....just to a privileged circle of deep pockets like the  CityTime tax money guzzler.
Juan Gonzalez writes, “... the city is paying some 230 consultants an average salary of $400,000 a year for a computer project 7 years behind schedule and vastly over budget.”
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced he is running for Governor and his choice for a running mate, Robert Duffy signals Cuomo will be tough on unions but NYC needs him or someone in his office to be tough and investigate this CityTime, SAIC nightmare and all the consultants involved.
I spoke to some union workers and they told me  you may have a small percentage of people that might not be ethical but this billion dollar disaster was not the answer.  It is a catastrophe to tax payers especially now.  
As I understood it, CityTime actually docks workers, so if they sign in at 9:05, you don’t get credit until 9:15 and if you sign out at 5:10 it will round off in the city’s favor so you are losing a half hour and you can sign in at your desk but it means turning on your computer, putting in you password and by the time you actually get to CityTime you have lost minutes.  I was also told if you sign in the first time wearing a ring and you don’t wear the ring it doesn’t work.  A union worker told me CityTime is computer smart and computer stupid.
How degrading it is and it makes me think of that TV show on Sunday Nights on Channel 2 where the boss has to go undercover and deal with low tier work and I have seen bosses cry.  Mike wouldn’t shed a tear but he wouldn’t tolerate having to sign in CityTime.  He doesn’t even keep a record of who flies on his private jet and some are city officials. 
The Unions are fighting saying big brother or Mike Bloomberg has gone too far but whether you welcome an Orwellian future where your comings and goings are technological documented or not, we the people can’t afford this massive financial guzzler of mega bucks.
This is as crazy as Mike Bloomberg hiring his campaign staff after the election in the midst of a budgetary meltdown that could take NYC from a recession to a depression but that didn’t stop king Mike from giving them all 6 figure salaries and The  New York Post estimated will cost  tax payers 2 million.
CityTime, SAIC, Sperion, Bondy’s consulting fees, etc. all are costing tax payers a fortune and so far this technology Bloomberg would thrust on us like he did his 3rd term denying us a referendum is costing the people of NYC  BigTime.  We can’t afford a big brother technology program put forth like the Titanic.
You would think Christine Quinn would be leading the charge to stop this but as always she is assisting the mayor as if she worked for his private empire instead of his public one.
Mike Bloomberg’s techo-dreams are the NYC tax payers worst nightmares....
Articles from the Daily News
Posted on 03/26/2010 09:53:06 AM
The city is paying some 230 "consultants" an average salary of $400,000 a year for a computer project that is seven years behind schedule and vastly over budget.
Posted on 03/01/2010 08:46:05 PM
Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged Monday the $722 million CityTime system has "been a disaster" - but offered no plans to fix it.
Posted on 02/11/2010 10:47:20 PM
City Controller John Liu is refusing to approve a new $8 million contract the Bloomberg administration has awarded for the city's controversial payroll and timekeeping system.
Posted on 01/12/2010 08:55:49 PM
Sal Salamone, a former City Hall technology chief, received millions of dollars from the city over the past decade as a private consultant helping to devise a controversial new timekeeping system for city workers.
Posted on 12/17/2009 09:18:57 PM
Why has CityTime, a high-tech timekeeping and payroll system for city workers, ballooned in cost from $63 million to $700 million and fallen years behind schedule?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mike Bloomberg gives free rides on "Air Bloomberg" Conflict of Interest Board refuses to comment!

Mike Bloomberg gives free rides on "Air Bloomberg", his private jet to NYC staff including Christine Quinn and the  Conflict of Interest Board refuses to comment! The Conflict of Interest Board -- the biggest joke in town because this board which does exist -- almost never thinks anything is a conflict of interest. Remember "The Conflict of Interest Board" said it was not a conflict of interest for City Council to vote themselves a raise?  The Conflict of Interest Board said it is not a conflict of interest for City Council to vote themselves a raise!  Yeah, right!!!!! The press was like one large monolith protecting Mike Bloomberg's "purchase" of a third term but now articles are beginning to appear that show king Mike in less than a shining light. Adam Lisberg's embarrasses Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and even NYPD Police Commissioner Kelly and his wife all getting free rides on Mike Bloomberg's private jet! Yikes. Lisberg writes, "We only know about Kelly's and Quinn's trips because they mentioned them to reporters. Who else is in the mayor's debt after taking a free ride on Air Bloomberg?" Adam Lisberg writes he learned about this from reporters because free rides on "Air Bloomberg" left no paper trail by any city official and family members/friends being flown around the world courtesy of Mike Bloomberg. My question is when did reporters learn about this? Did they know about this in Mike's 1st term, 2nd term or 3rd term, or all of the above and why is this coming out now...finally. I am saddened to read this.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

SoHo Journal Teflon Mike DOB Violators Pension Fund Scandals

SoHo Journal has a banner up top  for  that states, "read what other publications and media won’t report".  Right now there are a bunch of blog postings on Goldman Sachs and also St. Vincent’s.  You may want to check the postings out.
I keep returning to Stieg Larsson’s book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but the real title is “The Men Who Hate Women” and the focus is misogyny, corruption from government to the Financial Sector.  I’ll get back  to the books and films based on Larsson’s trilogy plus one in a moment.
My YouTube on mayor Mike Bloomberg, Teflon Mike hits on corruption and a citizen that want to fight dirty landlords with  a data base.    this guy wants to make a database of landlords with DOB violations and sell them to banks to discourage the banks from giving them loans.  
Guess who has a complete data base on all violators including landlords, developers and contractors but DOB, (the dept. of building) and ECB (environmental control board)?
Answer: The City of New York!   Yes, the City has an impressive Data Base that Google might envy and for all we know Google may be “ eavesdropping” or should I say “spying”   since Google is  the “mega-Terabytes --Tree of knowledge”.  I picked “Terabytes because it sounds like “terror bites” but Google just recently apologized for peeking into people’s personal communications so what is to stop Google from helping it’s self to any information from City gov.  to  helping power, um,  Mike Bloomberg, teflon Mike?  Mike and Google. Just a frightening thought and an aside and now back to NYC and data bases.
The City of New York has powerful data bases and an ordinary citizen came up with the idea of making his own data base of landlord violators to try and help shut them down but in theory isn’t that the job of the City of New York?
Why is it the City of New York refuses to shut down violators if they are landlords, contractors and developers?   I am told their violations combined -- DOB and ECB maybe close to a billion dollars....I was told this off the record by activists and that the city doesn’t collect the mega-millions owed and refuses to shut them down.  
Shutting down landlords, developers and contractors is bad for business... Hey, they have to earn a living but the peoples’ rights they violate and force to live in squalor or displace them through harassment and shady legal means that the law and very  deep pockets  make hiring thugs unnecessary is just fine.   In NYC, often those with the deep pockets win.
The people can expect to be ticketed up to their eyeballs for every kind of parking violation imaginable.  One friend told me her neighbor was screaming about get a parking ticket in Queens for parking in a legal spot.
The City of New York is suppose to serve the people of this great City but it seems to serve the people that violate and  exploit this great city.
I was writing about the fourth book and posted this before The New York Times Magazine came out with their article today on Stieg Larsson but reading the article it sounds like Larsson’s father, brother and a best friend are men that hate women.  They treat Larsson’s life partner, Eva Gabrielsson,  like Lisabeth Sander.  I have a question.  Why is the fourth book on her computer?
I am glad the book is on her computer.
And also it is amazing to me that Mike Bloomberg is Teflon Mike.  For me for too long it has been like watching “Being There” but is a NYC horror film and the Peter Sellars character, Chauncey Gardiner  is above average intelligence Teflon far as I am concerned he stole a third term.  The tsunami of community crushing development on old New York’s infrastructure a Bloomberg horror show, mass displacement and making deals and promises with Unions and community groups, the pension fund scandals including his personal friend and money manager Steve Rattner and so much more that just doesn’t seem to stick to Teflon Mike, at least not yet....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloomberg's goat sing? Stieg Larsson 4th? -- Suzannah B. Troy

What does Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and my new YouTube, “Bloomberg’s goat may sing like a bird + Stieg Larsson’s 4th book trilogy + 1” have in common beside the Swedish author? Watch my YouTube and see how I explain why in America his books are selling like wild fire.  The 3 books have been filmed in Sweden and the first has been released here in the U.S.A.
Larsoon died of a heart attack at ago 50 and he did not have a will.  He never married his live in love so his father and brother inherited everything.  His live in love, an architect has the fourth book on her computer and she is not allowing it to be published unless the inheritance is properly negotiated.  She points out on his website they were not involved in his life what so ever....
Why are the books such a sensation?  Because Larsson values democracy and the books address muck raking, fighting corruption, the role of reporters to expose corruption and ask tough questions which happens less and less all weaved in to a violent saga including hitting on the financial sector.  The books are about corruption!
The Swedish star who plays Lisbeth Salander looks like a female Johnny Depp.  Her name is Noomi Rapace.  Michael Nyqvist plays Mikael Blomkvist who is muck raker supreme and the co-owner of a magazine devoted to -- you guessed it -- muck raking.
So non-New Yorkers, guess what?  Mike Bloomberg decided mayor wasn’t good enough and he was going to be king of New York.  He denied us a referendum and put the vote in front of a city council riddled with corruption.   Yikes.  His money manger and good friend Steve Rattner had to step down from his job at the White House as Car Czar, he said to spend more time with his family but looks like Andrew Cuomo just busted him here in NY for shady dealings and his company Quadrangle disavowed him.  
It is pretty impressive that Mike Bloomberg spent almost 110 million to steal, oops just barely win an election...the most humiliating and expensive in NYC history and the only unaccounted money is $750,000.00.   Haggerty says he is being set-up and if they scape goated him, he is going to sing, spill his guts to avoid jail.  
My first YouTube was “Mayor Bloomberg King of New York” and my newest calls him “Teflon Mike”.  I look at him as a smart version of Peter Sellers in “Being There”.

Monday, May 10, 2010

King mayor Mike making NYC bust with the help of Albany

NY from Albany to City Hall a disaster and the people of NY are going to pay or before to leave. Mayor Bloomberg has already allocated $7.4 billion to fund the city's five pension systems next year, up a worrisome 13 percent from the $6.6 billion being spent this year. When Bloomberg took office in 2002, taxpayers contributed just $1.3 billion toward the pensions of city workers. Read more: Why hasn't Paterson resigned already? What my YouTube from before the election "Gloomy Bloomy News' where I predicted their would be lay-offs... Look at the date of the YouTube and Mike made big promises and gave out deals he new would bust NYC. He would leave office and this city in shambles.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Calling 311 Mike by Suzannah B. Troy artist NYC

I had to call 311 it the good citizen thing or what ever. It took a half hour of holding to do what I wanted to do and I can only say this....the people that answer the phone tend to be the nicest people on the planet. Saints...They are so polite and so nice.

It took 20 minutes of holding to speak to the very first extremely kind nice person. She sounded very tired but still very professional and despite her fatigue down right nice....thought to myself she is a good person working hard and it is clearly a busy night. Maybe do to the high winds tonight 311 is extra busy, the high winds have been causing a lot of trouble here in NYC....time to snuggle with loved ones and watch The Wizard of Oz.

The mayor had a good idea, 311 but it doesn't work that well because like everything here in NYC there are not the "dollas" to back up the ideas.

I have to laugh when I think of this funny older white guy with gray hair, a bit nerdy, can't think of his name that shows up to the MTA meetings and always gives Mayor Bloomberg hell. He says to solve the MTA budget crisis all we need to do is hold Bloomberg upside down and shake him. I assume he means like the salt shakers nanny mayor Mike Bloomberg would have us put down even if it takes a gun to our heads except Mike is anti-gun.

Mike 311 is a great idea but it seems like your idea is under staffed and by the nicest of New Yorkers and you can't really make the idea work.

More and more NYC resembles communist Russia with capitialist prices. I first used that term to describe the high price of health insurance here in NYC but now it seems like that is the "state" of NY unless you are a fat cat politico, ruthless in any number of categories etc., just not the category called "the people of New York" aka "the tax payers". At the rate we are going we may be heading towards NYC resembling Greece. Don't worry mayor Mike, I am not talking about grease, greasy food or turning you upside down like a salt shaker to cure our mega-billion dollar deficit. New York City may start resembling Greece more and more and I am not talking about the Parthenon. By the way, did you see The New York Post's coverage of the "protest dog" that shows up for every major riot in Greece?
For non-New Yorkers, our mayor is called the nanny mayor because he wants to make sure we cut down our fat intake, our salt intake, but drinking is okay! That is the one industry he has no qualms with...just look around the streets at night for proof.

If anyone hasn't noticed here in New York, Albany was suppose to balance the budget by April 1. An appropriate day except the tax payers are losing everything dollar and sense except for a sense of humor, perhaps. Maybe instead of a billionaire we should have a comedian for mayor. No forget that. The accidental governor, Dave Patterson always sounded like he was auditioning for Saturday Night Live until he got himself implicated in three scandals, than he lost the bad stand up comedy and he still refuses to step down. Thanks Dave!

By the way getting back to Mike, is there a clause in "New York city gov law" that says if the mayor has a 2nd income and that 2nd income earns over 2 billion dollars that he has to pay a special tax like half of his multi-billion dollar income from his 2nd job...? Didn't think so but I had to ask.

Mike, I want to ask you are we going from a recession to a depression? 

Hello, 311, I want to report a budget catastrophe here in NYC waiting to happen  like an oil spill in the East River...a!

Thirty minutes later I hung up but before doing so I told 311 operator, Angel no. 2, the specialist thank you, praised her but told her I don't like our mayor. Thank you and bless you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NY from terrorism to budget catastrophe + Bloomberg, Steve Rattner, shady dealings

There are many unanswered questions that arise with the news the terror suspect has been arrested and so far he says he acted alone.  The NYPD foiled his primitive attempt and the fast action that lead to doing so was the most primitive action in fighting terrorism, not high tech equipment but two humble T-shirt vendors that happen to also be Viet Nam Vets. So why doesn't NYC have more federal money to fight terrorism?  NYC has had two terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and it is clear we are a target.  There are a lot of unanswered questions.... Ditto for the catastrophic budget crisis that seems to be getting little press these days. These evokes more unanswered questions.  We may find ourselves in a depression instead of a recession if Albany continues to fail to get their act together. Also unanswered questions for Mike Bloomberg and two scandals that have touched ever so lightly -- the Steve Rattner Quadrangle pension fund scandal.  Steve Rattner thought by moving Mike's 6 billion dollars out of Quadrangle to a new fund with a new name not released or rather I haven't heard that Rattner was home free, free from the pension fund scandal.  Instead the scandal like a bomb, blew up on him, solely. or soulless according to the back door dealings and hand washing and he got full blame. Quadrangle disavowed him.  To date Mike Bloomberg has not had a response to this.  Last time I heard one was when Bloomberg was asked if Rattner should have to step down from his job at the White House and Mike said no.   So did President Obama but Rattner was forced to step down although he said it was to spend more time with his family here in NYC. Steve Rattner is also suppose to be best friends with the owner of The New York Times.  He has many powerful friends and he and his wife a big time fund raisers but still the rules apply to everyone, at least in theory they do. Lastly, I wish we could go to the DA's website and get up to the minute details on how the investigation in to the mysterious spending the day before Mike Bloomberg bought his third term.  There is the mystery of $750,000 that Mike Bloomberg and his people cannot explain and to a group that did not get legally certified until after the election.  Oops. There is also a mysterious cyber stalker, identity thief on YouTube that has been harassing me and other YouTubers critical of Mike Bloomberg and his most recent comments are on Bloomberg, NYU and bio-tech even lying and saying I sold out and support Mike Bloomberg and NYU and we know this isn't true.   Will Cy Vance one day be investigating this case as well?  Is this stalker a paid worker hired by Bloomberg's ruthless over paid campaign staff that took obscene amounts of money from Mike Bloomberg only to humiliate the mayor with the most expensive election and he barely won.  Or is this a very lonely sick individual who stalks, harasses and steals people's identities and happens to have the belief of one of his many YouTube names "Bloombergforlife".  Cy, talk to the Queen's Da.  They have the YouTube comments and mail sent to me and others as Tony Avella when the cyber stalker stole Tony Avella's identity and folks, Tony is not a member of the YouTube community.

NY terrorism to catastrophic budget crisis + Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner unanswered questions

Email to mayor Bloomberg -- is Bloombergforlife - identity thief & cyber stalker on your payroll?

Mayor Bloomberg: This is an excerpt I sent to the press and I will post this excerpt on my blog as well re: the continued harassment, identity theft by a man I believe calls himself Bloombergforlife he stole Tony Avella's name and YouTubers identities as well to harass me and now lie about me. So this goes on my blog... "I have written Mayor Bloomberg. Is this guy paid by Bloomberg's unethical campaign staff? The same staff that advised him to spend $750,000 to an org that was not registered until after the election and Mike Bloomberg cannot account for the money spent. Cy Vance, DA is seriously investigating this so maybe some unethical creep at City Hall has this guy harassing anti-bloomberg YouTubers or maybe he is just a very sick lonely man who enjoys harassing, stalking stealing and posing as a woman which he does often." Just wondering mayor if you are looking in to this from your end. Thank you.

I sent out a longer email to the press and NYPD. I do have an open aggravated harassment complaint and this guy reminds of this creep and gang with the same motive and issues.

Do you think I will hear from the mayor anytime soon?

I am looking forward to hearing more on the DA's investigation in to Mike Bloomberg's inability to account for $750,000 dollar and the org not being legit until a month after the election so I gather this would not be a priority.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mike cares about banks not St. Vincent's closing disgusting

Assemblymember Gottfried questions Mayor Bloomberg's inaction to save St. Vincent's Hospital

for more on St. Vincent's