Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bloomberg seeks to end progressive era reforms No 3rd Term Blog

Suzannah B. Troy thoughts below...

Biggest laugh or should I say insincere moment -- when deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith said "we don't hire buddies any more."  

That is the biggest joke from City Hall to Albany to The White House where that is all they hire and even the interns are buddies' children.  

Second biggest laugh -- deputy Stephen Goldsmith being introduced as Jane Jacobs.  Go to YouTube and search "Christine Quinn Jane Jacobs" and find my protest of Christine Quinn at the Jane Jacobs street naming where Quinn is compared to Jane Jacobs but CHRISTINE QUINN GETS KICKBACKS AKA CAMPAIGN DONATIONS FROM DEVELOPERS.

I am sure at some event I have not been invited to that Mike Bloomberg and the worse city planner ever socialite megamillionaire Amanda the peoples' Burden are being introduced as Jane Jacobs.  Jane Jacobs has to be turning over in her grave.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Charles Rangel Times Up The New York Post, Sign of Our Times Mike Bloomberg by Suzannah B. Troy artist blogger

"Serial offender", denial is his crack cocaine, he thinks he is above the law and untouchable.  How many other politicos does that describe?  Too many!!! Mike Bloomberg wired money out of his personal account instead of his campaign.  If any poor schlub running for office did that they would be in trouble; not "Teflon Mike".  Accidental gov. Paterson in my opinion absolutely called a victim of spousal abuse by his staff member who I am sure had a past of this kind of behavior and should go to jail for attempting how ever gently to silence a victim.  It is not just these offenders but the people, groups and judges that let them walk away over and over.  Special note: I attended the Crain's Breakfast for the inarticulate bumbling deputy mayor Goldsmith and he said a figure of the NYC budget deficit next year which was STAGGERING.  Next years budget crisis could be described as a terror attack.  

Time for the corrupt city council members that voted to extend term limits to vote themselves another raise but they need to start unvoting themselves raises, stop wasting- stealing tax payer money and taking the subway instead of using car services. We need king Mike to fire his campaign staff and reimburse the city for their salaries because he had no right to hire them. But these ideas aren't in Goldsmith's agenda to save the city some money. It would help if Albany closed their 9.2 billion dollar budget crisis which was supposed to be closed last April.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mike Bloomberg campaign irregularities


Suzannah doing series of interviews to learn more about Mike Bloomberg campaign irregularities

I am an artist.  When I read Mike Bloomberg wired money from his personal checking account instead of his campaign account I thought it was clear he broke the law.

Why he is not indicted I do not understand.

I am doing a series of interviews and I may be able to prove allegedly he had names removed from the ballot re: Independent party.  If names were removed so voters had one focus and one focus only again if true  it is irregular but apparently Mike' deep pockets help him to get away with plenty...

Stay tuned....

Mike Bloomberg campaign irregularities


Suzannah doing series of interviews to learn more about Mike Bloomberg campaign irregularities

I am an artist.  When I read Mike Bloomberg wired money from his personal checking account instead of his campaign account I thought it was clear he broke the law.

Why he is not indicted I do not understand.

I am doing a series of interviews and I may be able to prove allegedly he had names removed from the ballot re: Independent party.  If names were removed so voters had one focus and one focus only again if true  it is irregular but apparently Mike' deep pockets help him to get away with plenty...

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Domino Sugar luxury development disaster for community, king Mike Bloomberg's hideous NYC

Mike Bloomberg shuttered The People's Firehouse Engine 212 as he pushed an insane and reckless tsunami of development on old New York's infrastructure.

A mysterious and very convenient fire for a developer was set -- oops -- did I say set? -- and Engine 212 was the closest house and it was and is shuttered.

The subways are filled to the brim actually everywhere in NYC and not just rush hour but will this stop Mike and his puppets from their continued push as reckless, stupid and greedy as what brought Wall Street to implode?


Also note to anyone in affordable housing associated with these luxury condos.  Don't even think about asking to use the swimming pool.   Affordable housing -- an oxymoron -- is simply a term used by a socialite city planner, Amanda the peoples' Burden as a Trojan Horse to supersize and bust through zoning.

She doesn't need any such term when it comes to her pals in higher ed crushing our community, busting through zoning and blotting out the sky with zone busters.  Amanda acts like she is the city planner for NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U. all evil real estate magnates using their not for profit status as a tax shelter to exploit and displace our communities.   The universities do not like to publicize the fact they spend big bucks to beat down our communities' law suits.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner move some of Mike's charity money to Cayman Islands

Dean Zerbe, a former staffer at the Senate Finance Committee--  asks what does this say to the average New Yorker?

 Harde har har, hilarious.......

I copied the text below  from the article -- when Dean Zerbe says they should look very hard -- is that like the NYPD looking hard in the other direction when it comes to not ticketing cars illegally parked for "the rich' aka 'above the law" parked  in front of The Mercer Hotel where it says no parking - loading and unloading?  Does anyone know when the SEC is going to make a ruling on whether Steve Rattner is going to be banned for 3 years?  Has anyone learned the name of Steve's new firm managing Mike's billions for charity that some say is to buy good will in case he runs for President although all say he has zero chance of winning.   

For those that do not know Steve Rattner is a money manger for Mike Bloomberg and it was not considered a conflict of interest that his company Quadrangle get involved in pensions here in NY but oops it blew up in Steve Rattner's face with pay to play scandals but no splish splash on to Teflon Mike Bloomberg.  Rattner did have to step down from his job at The White House rescuing the auto industry and Rattner thinks you will buy his book and read how he rescued the auto industry before he had to step down to spend more time with his family here in NYC!  Hardee har Mike Bloomberg family?

Below from the article:

“Is (using the loophole) allowable under the law? Yes,” said tax expert Dean Zerbe, a former staffer at the Senate Finance Committee. “Is it something that is a best practice, particularly by an elected official? I think they should look very hard when they are engaging in this kind of activity. What does it say to the average New Yorker?”

The foundation’s tax returns indicate that Mr. Rattner’s team migrated much of its money to large hedge funds with ostensible island charters, including several in the Caymans, two of which list an address at P.O. Box 309 of the Ugland House, a building that “houses” an estimated 12,000 to 18,000 foreign businesses.

Found this article here....

City Pragmatist picks up Stephen Goldsmith video footage Crain's doesn't want you to see

Crain's New York hosted this breakfast but was very careful not to show YouTubes like the one posted above and others I include in my playlist that are not by me but a fellow activist.

The topics: closing fire houses, anti-gay marriage? sure sounds like after a very long non-answer that he is, pro-stop and frisk although again it was a non-answer.

Please go to the City Pragmatist and read what he has to say..... Read below what I have to say....  Please watch my YouTube.  I walk up to Goldsmith before the function and ask him several questions including why hirer a republican this late in the game unless it is yet another indicator Bloomberg still has his eye on The White House?  When I ask Goldsmith about "infrastructure" as in NYC's is shot to hell and my concerns for the people of NYC he says "thank you" which I translate as "F-you, you are dismissed".  I made a playlist of YouTubes, one by me and several by my fellow activist and he uses subtitles on all his YouTubes.  He is a hard core liberal but being tri-linguil at least he provides subtitles translating republican.  All jokes aside Stephen Goldsmith is a disaster who can handle questions from 2 white male reporters and says he is an "operations guys" and he does not want to answer social political questions.  Scary I know.  He appears not to understand why the FDNY has 2 fire trucks in a firehouse.  You see Deputy Goldsmith, one fire truck is an engine and one is ladder and you need both in case of a fire!!!!!!  He will not last as long as Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff.  Go to my blog and under my search engine type Goldsmith and read my insights.  I mention confronting Doctoroff about infrastructure concerns as well and that was before the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack.  Doctoroff did not brush me off with "thank yous".  He had someone from DEP contact me and assure me all was ok.  Than the Grand Central horrific steam pipe tragedy happened and shortly there after Doctoroff who once referred to himself as the Deputy of infrastructure left to return to king Mike's private empire.  Goldsmith is shockingly inarticulate and a bumbler with words.  Hard to believe he would be much better with "operations".

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Georgina Bloomberg almost breaks her ankle riding her horse, New Yorkers almost break their ankles and necks just walking in NYC thanks to her Dad!

Could you imagine if her horses were treated the way her father treats the people of NY. I wish someone would knock on her horses' stable doors and notify her the horses have to be moved because of eminent domain abuse. Imagine her horses having to walk on the streets of NYC that were better in Colonial Times thanks to her Dad! Being mega rich and living in a bubble must be such a joy. New Yorkers almost break their ankles and their necks thanks to her Dad doing such a lousy job as mayor -- the streets are in awful dangerous shape.

Read more:

Mike Bloomberg and gang pushed a way too reckless tsunami of development to be safe

Didn't Mike Bloomberg throw out the requirement that the head of DOB be a trained architect or engineer? Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development too reckless to be safe and too many people were injured or died. There was no way you could do so much development - construction all over NYC as rapidly as Bloomberg pushed and police it.

Read more:

Mike Bloomberg puppet master Christine Quinn Deputy Goldsmith

I do not know who took this photo but it is posted on Queen's Crap.  There is Mike Bloomberg's puppet Christine Quinn and Mike is toooooo the right pulling her strings...see and to the left is the new republican deputy mayor  Stephen Goldsmith who appears to be anti-gay marriage.

Deputy Stephen Goldsmith The NYPost runs an anonymous piece dishonest & wishing him well!

Deputy Goldsmith is an inarticulate guy who thinks he can reform Albany and he would have more like getting the Mafia to become vegetarians! He was introduced as a Jane Jacobs just like Mike Bloomberg's mini-me Christine Quinn was at the Jane Jacobs Street signing even though Quinn has gotten kickbacks from developers as in campaign donations for smoothing their way crushing our communities. I don't like Rudy but Goldsmith doesn't have an ounce of his "rudi-ness". When asked about gay marriage he went on and on for way too long than saying he did not want to answer questions that were political social aka he is anti-gay marriage AND HE WANTS TO CLOSE FIREHOUSES. He did not seem to understand the difference between a engine and a ladder and why we need them both in a firehouse. YouTube search engine type my name and his name to see two YouTube - mine and an activist showing him his embarrassing inarticulateness and cowardly non-speak. Bloomberg is nuts to bring in a republican especially now and I believe just like hiring his campaign staff burdening tax payers to the tune of 2 million and going national w/his donations = eye on Presidency. Watch the YouTube and see someone awkward, a disaster for the people and NYC which he is clueless about as well as how the press is not reporting the real news on this guy.

Read more:

Listen to him say "thank you" when I tell him about NYC's infrastructure is shot and that I hope he will help the people of NY and again he says thank you translated in to "F-you" you are dismissed.

Watch him on this YouTube and hear his non-speak, his cowardly non-answer which I interpret as he is anti-gay marriage and there doesn't believe in equal rights.

Please explain how straight people get off denying gay people equal rights to marriage when straight people are marriage gluttons, getting married 2,3,4,5 times?

Some anti-gay people are closeted gays.

Special note:  Goldsmith could not handle questions from 2 white male reporters.  He was out of his league and does not belong in New York politics.

Friday, July 23, 2010

King Mike Bloomberg uses NYPD as concierge for him and his party of friends

NYPD officers can proudly say they were Mike Bloomberg's concierge!

We know the mayor gets them swanky hotel rooms when they go to Bermuda with him!

Thank YOU "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" has over 2000 hits

King Mike thinks rich will flee NYC but they already declare Florida, Virgin Islands, Conn. anywhere but NYC their home base

King Mike please explain why someone like Jeffrey Epstein that get sprung early from jail by the Feds calls Virgin Islands his home when he owns one of the biggest houses in NYC. Could you imagine if you could tax him as a NYC residence. Why do the top firms here in NYC urge their mega rich clients to declare anywhere but NY as their main residence? Why were all the celebrities that endorsed you Mike Bloomberg unable to vote for you Mike. Because they don't declare NYC as their home even though they use the city as their playground and playing field to make mega bucks. John Sexton pres. of NYU who earns according to nypost 1.8  million dollars ran down to testify you must have a 3rd term (to aid and abett his in real estate greed and abuse using his not for profit status) and I wonder if he can vote for you or if he declares Martha Vineyard his main residence or anywhere but NYC?

Read more:

Jim Fouratt to Christine Quinn- Come to St. Vincent's and say over my dead body but instead she appears to cater to developers

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mike Bloomberg arrested for exceeding sodium limit!

Citizen's arrest on the nanny mayor, he exceeded acceptable sodium level. Off to Rikers!

Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Image  NY Mag
Big dog to left British prime minister David Cameron little dog to right our very own King Mike!

p.s.  QC thank you.

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York finally about to break 2,000 hits

Forgot to mention the new Republican Deputy to king Mike was introduced as Jane Jacobs!

Jane Jacobs was turning in her grave when Christine Quinn got a similar introduction at the Jane Jacobs street signing.

In NYC is you are rich enough or well connected enough you can get awards at the United Nations to just about anywhere and be introduced as Jane Jacobs even though people like Christine Quinn took kick backs from developers and aided Mike Bloomberg in making the Village look like a bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of Dubai.

How a Republican that wants to close our fire houses to save money as his boss continues to push a reckless tsunami of development on old New York's dilapidated infrastructure and also is anti-gay marriage could be compared to Jane Jacobs is beyond me.

Below my YouTube of Christine Quinn, Mike Bloomberg's mini me being introduced just like our new anti-gay marriage, close our firehouses Deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith.

If you want to see how inarticulate Goldsmith is, how uncomfortable he is with the questions from only two reporters and being introduced in the same sentence as Jane Jacobs here is the link to the video.,c6ff1c8e  

Oops, Crain's did not put up any controversial bits so it is a short clip.

Steve Rattner anybody got any news on the disgraced money manger best friends, Mike Bloomberg, the dude that owns the NY Times, and other power brokers, ho hum

Has anyone learned the name of the "new" firm he created when he wrongly hoped that Quadrangle would take the fall and not he, himself? 

Rattner took Mike Bloomberg's billions for charity -- and some say to win favor in case he runs for President and that is why he switched his charitable givings to a broader national level.

Is Rattner going to be banned by the SEC?  If he is this will be devastating for him for many reasons and far more challenging to push his book on rescuing the auto industry although having to step down from his job at The White House did not help...and Rattner says he stepped down to spend time more time with his family...yeah right.

If he gets banned his will be a first and a big scandal.  President Obama and mayor Mike both stood by Rattner a big democratic fund raiser.   Rattner like the president of the evil empire NYU urged Mike Bloomberg to steal, oops, run for a third term.

Scott Stringer a waste of tax payer money exposed in scandal plus Paterson, Spitzer, etc.

Anyone reading my blog knows why I don't like him and it involved asking him for help with a huge conflict of interest re: a community board and bars and the guy did zip.

He looks like he had some work done on his face and he has delusions of becoming mayor which will never happen.

Way back The NY Daily News also had a piece on an obscene amount of money he was going to spend on his office until the paper exposed him and also the guy doesn't believe in taking public transportation costing the tax payers a fortune to drive him and I am sure his staff around.

The accidental governor and legal fees spending 

He belongs on that tv show for celebrity addicts.  From Albany to City Hall denial is the new crack cocaine.  He doesn't get it. How much he hurt his family and the people of NYC. He screwed a record number of people -- the entire State of New York.

Explain how and why he was able to win.  The people of New York have way too high a threshold for corruption and very little to no choices when it comes to leadership.  This corrupt politico is one of a group that voted to extend term limits.  Term limits votes should be tossed and never, ever should have gone before City Council because besides being corrupt and self serving it was a huge conflict of interest.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crain's on Deputy Goldsmith calling Albany an "infection" but the dude wants to close fire houses and is anti-gay marriage!!!!!!

I attended the breakfast and was happy to walk out early as the new deputy in town is anti-gay marriage, eager to close firehouses and is not cut out for NYC in any way shape or form except his expensive spiffy suit and tie. Watch my YouTube and hear what I ask? 
Suzannah B. Troy

Dear Blog Readers:

See my early posting with a photo of Goldsmith and a report just a little different than Crain's.

p.s.  Do you think I left a message for Steve Cassidy about Goldsmith's sound byte on closing fire houses?

Mayor Blooomberg's new Deputy Stephen Goldsmith Close Firehouses! Anti-gay marriage? He won't survive here

I went up to the new deputy in town, deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith before the breakfast hosted  by Crain's began and interviewed him.  I ask him if perhaps Bloomberg hired him, a Republican, late in the game because Bloomberg wants to run for President.  You can hear it and watch on my YouTube channel.

Eric Engquist, the reporter hosting this event  for Crain's, is a smart man, good reporter but he sounded like little lord Fauntleory when he said firehouses too close to each other are redundant and Goldsmith agreed.   Goldsmith wants to close them.

How can you push development and close firehouses?  Besides fires where people have died every so recently how about the constant infrastructure breaks including man holes covers exploding and gas leaks and the FDNY answer those calls as well which are so many since Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development.

Based on Goldsmith's non-answers he is anti-gay marriage and he was so wishy washy and like his hand shake limp and unwelcoming -- he is in big trouble and I don't see him lasting as long as Dan Doctoroff who I would write and call about infrastructure concerns and he said no worries until the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack by Grand Central.

This guy could not handle a few tough questions at a breakfast by 2 news reporters in front of a mostly white audience of business people...he won't last as long as dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff.

He did mention something about a 3.75 billion dollar deficit -- I think he did and of course he happened to mention closing fire houses and getting rid of emergency boxes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tony Chisholm interviewed by Suzannah B. Troy Artist Protest of Mike Bloomberg Union Square

Mike Bloomberg is a big patron of the arts so why the protest on this rainy day here in NYC?
Why are artists calling for king Mike to be dethroned?

Besides violating artists 1st Amendment Right....?

Because he wants to prevent artists from being vendors in Union Square and just in general he wants to sweep vendors off the street to make more room for developers, corporate advertising on city streets in creative ways but most of all king Mike and his greedy pals want to sweep New Yorkers out of NYC and he can't give them a one way ticket the way he gave homeless people so he has the NYPD ticket New Yorkers up to their eyeballs.

The vendors both artists, Veterans that served our Country and anyone who wants to make an honest living need now more than ever because despite what they report on Bloomberg News unemployment is rising and of those employed here in NYC how many are actually earning a living wage?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bloomberg's Times Square has to go Gerald to Suzannah B. Troy

Hi Suzannah,

I read your blog .... loved it!  Could you please write something about how the Mayor has totally screwed up Times Square by turning the busy thoroughfare into a pedestrian mall for tourists.  How does the street painted green give tourists the New York experience, and do the economic gains  - if any - outweigh the losses caused by the inconvenience of re-routing traffic and transit to accommodate the busiest street in the world (Shibuya in Tokyo, notwithstanding) now turned into a mall?

The mayor has never produced any study that predicts gains in revenue for the city that would outweigh the costs associated with closing the street.  And now that the plan has been in effect for some time now, I would expect to see some results in the form of a program evaluation.

The other problem I have with closure is that even revenue gains don't justify tampering with an institution like Times Square.  If you're traveling in midtown, Broadway is now "wrong way" because you'll have to circumnavigate the entire area just to get across town.

Basically, we need to get him out of office.  The man has no vision and no creativity.  You create the mall to bring traffic to an area that is underutilized.  Times Square does not need this type of enhancement.  It will be many years or even decades before we can reclaim this street and reverse this massive urban planning blunder.

Feel free to use my comments if you like.


Dear Gerald,

You are an excellent writer and I agree with you about Mike Bloomberg.  I was  forefront of the YouTube resistance against Mike Bloomberg stealing a third term and I agree about his lack of vision.
Some where I have a picture of sun bathers sitting in the pollution and grime of Times Square but if you look at this photo on Broadway just below 23rd Street you can see Mike Bloomberg has made if possible for corporate America to buy advertising space and Bloomberg arranges for all kinds of stunts like the huge cones pictured in the photo including in our public parks as he does his best to limit and sweep vendors out.  

I think of Mike Bloomberg as Chauncey Gardener in Being There, very bland but above average intelligence and we are living in some comedy horror show.   I agree Mike Bloomberg must go.

Thanks for your email and stay in touch!
I look forward to reading more of your writing.


Dear Sweet Kyle of The NY Post doesn't get it Mike Bloomberg is behind the excessive ticketing of New Yorkers!!!!!!!

Sweet Kyle - huge typo in the header -- It is MIKE BLOOMBERG that is fining us and why? Remember he gave homeless people a one way ticket?  Ticketing New Yorkers up to their eye balls raises money for thieving politicians including the 2 million Mike needs to pay his campaign staff he hired on the tax payers back.  Google my name and The Mercer Hotel to read on how the NYPD walks past illegal parked cars in front of the Mercer where it says loading and unloading - no parking and empty Mercedes sedans and SUVs sit there as the police go ticket Veteran vendors over 2 inches.  Survive Viet Nam by 2 inches and be ticketed for 2 inches here in NYC.  The rich are above the law and mostly their lives are ticket free zones, their dealings are in Cayman Islands, declare Florida, Virgin Islands, anywhere but NYC as their home despite having some of the largest homes here.  Kyle, NYU has to continue mass displacement and unending need to expand, ditto for Columbia University who lied and said Manhattanville was blighted to abuse eminent domain and make an entire neighborhood move, Cooper Union is doing unkoshor real estate deals that even Rudy's city planner said "no".  You can't bust through zoning, supersize and lease a building for 99 years.  Bloomberg is never going to do anything Kyle because he and Amanda the peoples' Burden a mega millionaire socialite are responsible for what may be the largest displacement push-out in NYC's history.  Kyle, did you see Mike stop and make an appearance at an eviction rally like the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd Street? No Kyle because he and his pals including the Presidents of Universities gobbling up NYC using their not for profit status like rich people use the Virgin Islands at their residence Kyle - it is a tax shelter, greed and they need as many New Yorkers gone and out of here for their real estate deals.  The corrupt gov. that hires top white collar law firms like Goldman Sachs - yes your paper reported Christine Quinn approved the hiring of Sullivan & Cromwell as well as other top firms to represent her and her staff at the tax payers expense so the city needs to raise some money Kyle. Amanda Burden will be remembered as one of the worst city planners ever although her good friends in the press including The NY eminent domain Times laud her.  The peoples' Burden needs to go back to being a socialite. Paris Hilton needs her we need her to leave and get someone to start undoing what damage has been done if possible.
New Yorkers Fight Your Tickets if you can!!!!!!!!! Karen got her's thrown out. I know it eats up your time but fight if you can!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Party Animal explains his hideous make-over of NYC

  • Suzannah B. Troy
    07/17/2010 12:03 PM
    Mike Bloomberg is a party animal which is why he has aided and abetted NYU in every way possible except supply buses, NYU trolleys and trains to move us out for NYU's unending need to expand. Mike and his socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda the Peoples' Burden have made the Lower East Side in to party central. To hope to live there and raise a family or have a good nights sleep is counter-Bloomberg's goal to make the Village East and West in to bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of Dubai. Impeach Mike Bloomberg and Burden needs to return to being a socialite. Paris Hilton needs her far more then we do.

  • Read more:

    Stop Frisk if only we could catch criminals Albany City Hall. Unemployment higher than reported Heroin cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes

    Suzannah B. Troy
    07/17/2010 9:34 AM
    I spoke with with an African American gentleman who was not a fan of Rudy or Mike and he doesn't like the treatment but he said it works. It is degrading and humiliating. Is it effective in catching criminals? Yes. Just not the criminals that are robbing tax payers blind like so many in Albany & City Hall or stealing a third term like Mike Bloomberg w/ his little puppet Christine Quinn. Patterson hired 2 good friends that have a past of roughing up women and Patterson is accused of every so gently getting a victim to not press charges. If he won't resign at least maybe he will serve jail time and Mike too for writing personal checks instead of using his campaign account. Mike Bloomberg has made it cheaper and easier to buy and sell heroin than cigarettes. Unemployment is higher than being reported. Many working are not earning a living wage. Mike Bloomberg and his rich friends like the management at The Mercer Hotel want to sweep vendors including Veterans that served our Country and artists off the streets by all kinds of harassment including ticketing a Viet Nam Vet for his table and small side table being separated by 2 inches. The ticket will be thrown out but what a waste of time including tax payers money and I gather Bloomberg wants people swept off the street or out of NYC or wants them to turn to selling illegal drugs that are easier to sell than cigarettes. Too bad we can't send more politicians to jail. Mike refund the money you are costing the tax payers to hire your campaign staff estimated cost 2 million. Mike Bloomberg flushing democracy down the toilet should be punishable with serious jail time and everyone that aided and abetted him.

    * For more on the harassment of vendors and The Mercer Hotel just type Mercer Hotel in the blog search engine of


    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Queens Crap A street repave twice and Suzannah B. Troy has press release 2007 "Smooth Streets" American Engineering Alliance

    Great report - I got my hands on  a press release from an engineering group -- American Engineering Alliance, about how to pave the city streets from 2007  and when I get a chance I will retype and post on my blog.   1010 Wins carried the report but Queens Crap takes it to another level with comments that tell you more information.

    The East Village, Lower East Side looks like a bomb, bombs were dropped and that is true city wide with regard to street conditions and infrastructure related problems in my opinion.

    Here are a few sentences...
    Why must New Yorkers put up with bad streets?

    Driving through the streets of the City, one gets the impression that New York is one huge construction site.  There is one type of construction activity on almost every other block.  Contractors do not merely open up our roadways, and haphazardly put up barricades and divert traffic; they also use streets to store their construction equipment and materials.

    Putting up with the inconvenience that construction activity creates would be tolerable if the public could be assured that the contractors or utility companies working in our streets aren not abusing the useable traveling space and will restore roadway to its original smooth condition.  All continuos, inadequately controlled construction activity has resulted in a roadway system that is possibly the worst in the Country in terms of rideability.  In fact, in some areas of the City, the roadways are worse than you would find than you would find in some poor, third world country.

    (There is more but I will stop here.  I am tired and hand typing, making phone calls, answering calls.)

    Also note king Mike decided the commissioner of DOB should not be required to have an engineering degree or an architecture degree.  Bloomberg is being sued on this and he won the first round but it is being appealed I believe.  I guess the judge did not look over how many accidents, deaths and injuries happened under Bloomberg's tsunami of development.

    I keep posting my own photos all around the Lower East Side of streets that looked like bombs went off.
    Thanks Queens Crap.

    Your blog Queens Crap is an Icon on my Iphone screen.

    Suzannah B. Troy

    Mike Bloomberg spent $109 million according to The New York Post

    Not to mention big deals and promises he knew he could not keep plus flushing democracy down the toilet. Hello Justice Dept. ? Investigate the 108 million The New York Post has not yet investigated. I am confident you will find more campaign improprieties.

    Read more:

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    A bag of Dope costs 10 dollars Cigerettes cost 12 dollars in Mike's public empire

    Say what?  Mike Bloomberg has made it cheaper to get a bag of dope than cigarettes!

    I have never done drugs and when I heard this I thought dope was meant pot but I was told dope meant 

    Queens Crap: Bloomberg pretends to run for President -- again

    Posted this comment:

    Impeach Mike Bloomberg.  FYI: Hiring Bush's guy to be his deputy was yet another sign he still want to be President.

    Hiring his campaign staff with 6 figures salaries to what the NYPost estimates is 2 million dollars he is sucking out of tax payers wallets - a big signal after his hugely embarrassing, humiliating win.

    Denial is the new crack cocaine.
    Watch my YouTube - -I include Amanda the peoples' Burden, Steve Rattner - Mike's Money manger who may be banned by the SEC for 3 YEARS!!!!

    Mike doesn't care that he has been caught wiring money out of his personal checking account instead of the campaign account.  Why would he care?  He holds the purse strings to Cy Vance's office!

    Read this about 1 degree as opposed to 6 degrees seperation -- Cy Vances owes money to this guy that worked on his campaign, this guy is married to Maura Keaney, Keaney was working Haggerty, Keaney written up with Christine Quinn for questionable behavior - as in ethic lapse and intimidation by Jim Dwyer - I included the link -- Bloomberg's campaign guy may or may not get in some hot water at the Blagojevich trial...

    Mike Bloomberg & Blagojevich have something in common Bradley Tusk, Cy Vance Maura Keaney Haggerty Maura Keaney Christine Keaney six or one degree of seperation

    With the upcoming  trial of impeached gov. Blagojevich--  for trying to sell Obama's senate sit -- the question is will Bradley Tusk get burned or be exposed in any way that could be embarrassing and splish splash on to Mike Bloomberg?

     If Bradley Tusk gets damaged in this up coming trial but than again nothing ever seems to embarrass Teflon Mike including the Haggerty scandal, the fact Mike Bloomberg wired money out of his personal account instead of his campaign account the day before the election and hey that is illegal or maybe it is a big no-no but we may never no if the investigation to campaign corruption under Bloomberg is left to the Manhattan DA because Mike holds the purse strings to the DA's budget and there is a conflict of interest or more
    6 degrees of separation -- or 1 degree name Maura Keaney who is married to a guy that helped run Cy Vance's campaign and Cy Vance still owes Keaney's husband money.  Keaney was working with Haggerty before the corruption was exposed and she was pulled off.

    Keaney was exposed by Jim Dwyer along with Christine Quinn for less then ethical behavior that involves intimidation and that is a Quinn speciality -- something she is said to do with city council members as well.  It sure worked for denying us a referendum and putting the vote in front of city council -- well just barely worked.

    Mike Bloomberg and President Obama both trying to stand by Steve Rattner.

    Rattner now may be banned by the SEC for 3 years for his pay to play with pensions and last time I checked Rattner was implicated in 3 States including NY but it is hard to get info on Rattner including the name of the new firm he created when he hoped Quadrangle his company and not him would take the fall for the pension fund scandals.

    If Rattner is banned he will not be able to money manage Bloomberg 5 billion in charity that many feel Bloomberg uses to buy good will for his politic agendas.

    Rattner will have troubles plugging his new book on being the car czar hero but denial is the new crack cocaine and he was hoping people believed he stepped down from the job as Car Czar at The White House because he wanted to spend time with his family here in NY.

    So far even though it was a conflict of interest in my opinion that he was involved in pension funds here in NY -- so far Rattner's corrupt scandalous behavior has not splish splashed on to Mike Bloomberg.

    Teflon Mike.....

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Adam Lisberg and Kathleen Lucadamo owe Mike Bloomberg their jobs? Chris Brodeur sent me this

    [see 2 articles below... they're almost too good to be true!]

    Dear Friends and Enemies,

    as you should be learning by now, CORPORATE MEDIA is the most corrupt force in all human history. (EX: it took LIES by German journalists to help the Nazis win power in 1933. Without LIES by journalists, there was no WWII and no Holocaust!!) (And this is also why they HUNG a German newspaper editor who never touched a jew, at Nuremburg.) 

    "Left wing" or "right wing" tags make no difference.The NYTimes ADMITTED they kept quiet when their reporters got caught faking facts (and the Times not only never once fact checked a story about me, they refused to print corrections after finding out big errors) (Hmm!) --- as did the NYPOSt ---- and we all know the Daily News hired a BLOOMBAG tool (ex-Bloombag employee Arthur Browne) to write its "anonymous" editorials (100% of which say Bloomberg is the best!). (By strange "coincidence" the DNews hired a top Giuliani aide (Richard Schwartz) to write their "editorials" when Emperor Giuliani was in power.) (All his editorials were PRO-Giuliani, go figure!)

    (I sense a pattern here somewhere.) 

    YOU HAVE BEEN ROBBED BLIND and thousands of people have been murdered in NYC solely b/c of the LIES OF JOURNALISTS. 

     (both DNews "reporters" who work out of Room 9 in City Hall and invariably write PRO-Emperor Bloombag garbage) WERE BOTH INSTALLED AT THE DAILY NEWS BY TEAM BLOOMBERG (and I just spoke with Lisberg to get his side of the story and he refused to answer how he or his closest partner Kate got their jobs and he refused to deny it was phone calls from Team Bloombag who got them hired)!  ("No comment" ALWAYS means "guilty", fyi.)

    Nevermind that Adam and Kate could be literally ARRESTED tomorrow under felony FRAUD statutes and other laws (aiding and abetting, RICO statutes, manslaughter, etc) (AND could be charged under international human rights laws for deceiving the citizens to help Bloomberg cover up his crimes against humanity, like poisoning the Ground Zero workers with total lies about how healthy the air was!) (and be HUNG like the German editor was)... what kind of TOTAL psychopath must a KATE LUCADAMO be to literally protect Bloomberg from criticism when she found out he FUNDS child molesters daily!??! (EX: many foster fathers rape their foster daughters and are actually PAID by Bloomberg to collect young girls! YIKES! But this is NOT news -- but Lady Gaga's dating habits are!)  --- I AM WILLING TO HAVE A LAW SCHOOL DO A MOCK TRIAL and I can get a jury to CONVICT these rapist / murderers if you think I'm exaggerating (as you did when I reported for 5 years that Kerik was a criminal while the Times et al were praising him as a hero and super-honest)!
    YOU  BE THE JUDGE... look at this article TODAY by Kate. (THEN, compare it with the article by ADAM last  month. I especially love the Wolfson quotes in both!)  Do you REALLY think this was HER choice for a story? Or was it her boss, BLOOMBERG's choice for an article? 

    (This article is so self-parodying it seems like I or the Onion wrote it up to mock City Hall reporters!!!!)

    Sleek iPad is Apple of Bloomberg's eye

    BY Kathleen Lucadamo
    Monday, July 12th 2010, 4:00 AM
    Mayor Bloomberg used an iPad at a City Hall press conference instead of his usual index cards.
    Hermann for News,
    Mayor Bloomberg used an iPad at a City Hall press conference instead of his usual index cards.
    Bloomberg has been inseparable from his gadget as of late.
    Hermann for News, Marc, A.
    Bloomberg has been inseparable from his gadget as of late.
    Mayor Bloomberg has a sleek black and silver security blanket - his iPad.
    Since the mayor unveiled his handy device last month, he's been spotted with it night and day, including last week's once-in-a-lifetime visit with Queen Elizabeth.
    "He takes the iPad with him everywhere," said Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson. "He uses it all the time."
    Bloomberg reads his speeches off it - he was making last-minute tweaks before his appearance with the queen - gets his briefing material on it and even switched his magazine subscriptions, including Aviation Week, to his iPad.
    But he still buys all city dailies, including the Daily News, said spokesman Stu Loeser.
    "He's less constrained to a briefing book, but we have one as a backup," Loeser added.
    The tech-savvy mayor showed off his spanking new tablet computer at a Staten Island civic meeting early last month, declaring that he is trying to go paperless.
    "I put some notes on it [that] normally I have on my cards, and we'll see how it works," he said at the time.
    Now he uses it to check the weather in locations he's traveling to - sunny in Bermuda? - and consults Google maps constantly to find the quickest route for his next gig, his staff said.
    And in his last few weekly radio shows, he touted two books he is reading on the iPad, including "The Fires" by Joe Flood and "Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition" by Daniel Okent.
    Despite a security snag with his iPad that exposed his e-mail address, Bloomberg is an avid user and said he even called Apple founder Steve Jobs to tell him how much he loves his new toy.
    "It's amazing. I told Steve Jobs the other day, if he can improve on this, it'll really be amazing. I just, every time I play with it, I discover something new," he said recently at a technology conference in Manhattan.

    [BUT WAIT... DIDN'T THE DNEWS CITY HALL BUREAU ALREADY WRITE THIS ANTI-STORY TO PROTECT THE MAYOR AS NYC DISINTEGRATES, to keep the little people from storming the castle as their loved ones are being murdered in the streets daily by thugs "corrected" by Bloomberg in his "correctional facilities"???]

    Mayor Bloomberg ditches index cards and touts iPad at speech on Wednesday

    By Michael Dabin and Adam Lisberg
    Thursday, June 3rd 2010, 4:00 AM
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg uses his iPad at a press conference on Wednesday.
    Hermann for News
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg uses his iPad at a press conference on Wednesday.
    Mayor Bloomberg's iPad is like a touchscreen of the mayoral mind.
    The apps on his screen are a mix of his interests and passions - flying his own jet, learning Spanish, trying new restaurants and reporting problems to 311.
    He even has a virtual koi pond to help him relax.
    For the first time Wednesday, Bloomberg ditched his note cards to read a speech off his iPad, with a faint blue glow shining on him from its screen.
    A day earlier, he showed off his iPad to a Staten Island civic group and bragged it was replacing his thick daily briefing book - saving his office time and paper.
    Insiders say Hizzoner is constantly playing with the tablet computer in meetings - and they expect it to make life easier around the office.
    "He loves it," said Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, whose new iPad arrived Wednesday.



    ________________________Yikes, It is Suzannah.   I removed a few paragraphs... and I can't spell but Jew starts with a capital "J".

    Here I am interviewing the director of the film "The Promise of New York" and  FYI - Chris Brodeur was  a star in the film.

    excerpt from film.... Chris is in this excerpt.  Check it out.

    Here is Chris signing of.
    FIGHT BACK, or shut up.

    furious beyond words,
    Christopher X. Brodeur

    Note from Suzannah B. Troy -- I don't know about Adam Lisberg and Kathleen but I do know the press refused to report about the truth Mike Bloomberg might not win until they were finally forced to at about 9PM election night!!!!   It was hilarious and gratifying to watch!