Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resign mayor Mike Bloomberg, RESIGN and take your campaign staff with you!!! by Suzannah B. Troy

In the local papers from time to time we have seen editorials for various political figures to resign although none have called for king Mike Bloomberg to step down from his throne, I certainly continue to do so from my YouTube channel and blogs.

Time to rent "All the President's Men".  I also purchased the book from ITunes and I will take out a copy of the book from the library.

Follow the money trail...   Something I continue to call for and did way before reading Ari Ronston's piece in The New York Observer.  Before I read the news of Haggerty allegedly  taking $750,000 dollars to buy a house, I would often write "sub-zero trickle down" asking if we could lo-jack the money....where did it all go....

I have wondered that about tax payer money re: Albany and City Hall's handling, abuse, misuse of tax payer's money.   Ditto for the MTA.  Where does all the money the MTA here in NY?

But getting back to Bloomberg -- all his campaign expenditures need to be investigated and also real estate dealings  that are being facilitated for those that ran down to testify Bloomberg must have a third term to groups such as the Doe Foundation that got a big financial pay-off after the election.

Nixon's administration tried to demonize and trash the newspaper reporting the truth...oops and now king Mike Bloomberg comes out attacking the lawless partisan bloggers.

I know, I know, you have heard me say this before....if Mike Bloomberg died right now, John Sexton, pres. of NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia U. and other real estate developers would prop up his dead body just to make sure their real estate deals continue on, even push through a fourth term.

Cy Vance admitted it was The NY Post that lead him to prosecute Haggerty. 

Sadly Cy Vance has to go with tin cup in hand and beg king Mike for money for his budget rather than demand Mike's emails and in terms of their campaigns it is like "1 degree of separation" with characters such as Mark Guma which last time I checked, Vance was paying back his campaign debt. to,  who I was told is married to Maura Keaney who worked with Haggerty and than went to work with Christine Quinn. Quinn and Keaney were exposed by Jim Dwyer in The New York Times for coming very close to a line that I believe they crossed and for alleged intimidating union members.  Quinn is none for using intimidation and retailating against city council members that do not do her bidding....she and king Mike.

Will The New York Post lead Vance to serve Bloomberg and his deputy mayors past and present, campaign staff -- and Bloomberg has blurred the line between his campaign staff and city gov staff like no other thumbing his nose up at NYC tax payers charging them what The NY Post estimates is 2 million dollars to hire a group of them after the election with 6 figure salaries.   Deputy Harris has been exposed spending more time working on Bloomberg's charities than at City Hall but we, the tax payers pay for her chauffeured rides.  Just a few examples of activity that stinks like dead rats on the subway tracks of the MTA.  So much does, like The NY Post exposing a few young women receiving two salaries, one from City Hall and one from king Mike Bloomberg which makes me wonder does that apply to any other city gov. workers past and present under the Bloomberg administration who have also been paid bucks to consult the City of NY as well....could that be....just wondering....?

Somehow I think king Mike's emails are like investments in the Cayman Islands, subpoena proof speaking of which if Mike Bloomberg's money manger Steve Rattner is banned by the SEC that will mean king Mike will have to shift his money managed by Rattner yet again and this time Rattner has to keep his tainted hands off of Mike's money.  Rattner pleaded the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has been mayor.

The Ari Ronston article is chock full of corruption but he also hits on racism which is something I talk about in Bloomberg and Patterson's treatment of the American Indians.

'While the mayor’s camp decided it ‘needed a substantial ballot security operation’ to fend off his opponent, there was some concern that ‘ballot security could be construed as racist.’

From the Ari Ronston piece in The New York Observer; "While Mr. Bloomberg did not disclose the payments, the party later did."

Folks:  I am an artist but as I understand it -- if you do not disclose your campaign expenditures -- it is a  misdemeanor A which carries jail time!!!!!!!!!!

Funny I do not see many articles from The New York Times but it is rumored that Steve Rattner is also best friends with the owner of the paper and his money manger or was...he once worked for I think the paper goes easy on him?  Yes.  Just look at their most recent mention of Rattner is the Hevsei news in The New York Times and it is shameful and dishonest not mentioning he had to resign from his job at The White House to hardy, har, spend more time with his family.   The very same lame excuse used by one of Nixon's minion in one of the early scenes in All the President's Men.

Rattner is also rumored to be best friends and manages money for Mort Zuckerman so we are lucky to see some reporting but what was Rattner doing involved in New York Pension Funds in the first place?  In my opinion a huge conflict of interest and not the only one.   In Joyce Purnick's book on Bloomberg and by the way Purnick is good friends with the powers that be at The New York Times she too refuses to get in to the Rattner scandals but does point out Rattner urged Mike to steal, oops, I mean to write run for a third term.

I made a YouTube May 4, 2009 reporting this, Do NOT believe the media, what the newspapers are telling you....Bloomberg may not win the election because of voter anger.

Here is the YouTube and by the way -- all my YouTubes aprox 334 including the one above were all removed from YouTube a month and half before the election and I believe it was censorship and dirty play involving a G. Gordon Liddy of YouTube and the internet on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and like not disclosing all one's campaign expenditures harassing someone on the internet is aggravated harassment and carries jail time.

p.s. The majority of New Yorkers will never swallow Bloomberg and his henchwoman Christine Quinn denying us a referendum and pushing through a slushy 3rd term.

Bloomberg appointed a Charter Revision Commission and guess what, the managed to push through third terms for city council members again circumventing voters yet again under king Mike 2 years in a row.

No deep throat required although maybe Haggerty will sing unless Mike arranges an offer he can't about his house in Bermuda....?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1010WINS Alert: The House of Representatives has passed the 9/11 first responders bill by a vote of 268-160

1010WINS Alert: The House of Representatives has passed the 9/11 first responders bill by a vote of 268-160

Been way to hectic so I did not have time to post on my blog when I got the news...

I think of mayor Bloomberg terrible disrespect of James Zadroga, NYPD detective a true hero that died a slow motion Sept. 11 death from what I call "death dust"

Below a quote from the CBS article....

"The bill was named for James Zadroga, an NYPD detective who died of a respiratory illness due to working at ground zero. The legislation is probably most meaningful to people like retired firefighter Kenny Specht, who was forced to leave the job he loved when he became ill."

Here is my letter in The Wall Street Journal in April of 2005 "Betrayal at Ground Zero' and the betrayal has grown exponentially.  Too little too late but better late than never, still a hundred percent heart breaking and Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffignino are 9-11 heroes taken years after the fact....heart breaking... Rest in Peace.

Mike Bloomberg's private empire is Bloomberg News yet king Mike trashes the 1st Amendment rights of bloggers because he does not like what they are saying by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Bloomberg of Bloomberg New is trashing the 1st  Amendment rights of bloggers and freedom of speech.  

Didn't the mayor once say something about welcoming different opinions....way back when?  Maybe that was the Mike Bloomberg who believed in Term Limits, remember that Mike...?  The version of Mike Bloomberg before he made himself king and denied the people of this great city a referendum.  It is rumored he made a back room deal with Christine Quinn, plus used slush money to get his 3rd term.

Disappointing that Mike Bloomberg who's private empire is Bloomberg News is treading on bloggers and their  1st Amendment right which is about speaking out because he doesn't like the content of what bloggers are saying!

The little emperor of NYC first said no cigarettes, than no salt, cut the fats and now he treads on the 1st Amendment Rights of Bloggers he calls "lawless partisan bloggers".  

Resign king Mike!
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy
one of the lawless partisan bloggers...?

Mike Bloomberg is a control freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   He can't control the bloggers the way he controls or should I say greatly influences the media....?

Mayor Bloomberg John Liu CityTime press release & some tid bits by Suzannah B. Troy

To read the press release you need to click on the images which I load as photos.

Also heard on the street is is NYC gov's very own office of administration guess the SAIC representative a dressing down to put it mildly with major demands they must meet or else!

I am just an blogger with no press pass and I am sure me getting one would be Mike Bloomberg's worst nightmare or maybe having to turn over his emails to Haggerty to The New York Post because of the freedom of information act is.....and ditto the Manhattan DA or are emails of the king mayor like Cayman Island dealings subpoena proof...

In the meantime -- I have some questions about Joel Bondy....

From Ali Winston's article from May 3, 2008, keep in mind the date and what Joel Bondy says about he is keeping a sharp eye on SAIC's performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Show of Hands: 
City Workers Resist Tracking

"OPA chief Bondy maintains that OPA is keeping a sharp eye on SAIC's performance. "There is a tremendous amount of focus, attention, and energy being put on managing SAIC's delivery of services," Bondy said. Mayor Bloomberg's office also expressed its confidence in SAIC. "SAIC is a large company that does a lot of business worldwide, and OPA vetted them appropriately at the time of their selection and found them responsible," said City Hall spokesperson Matt Kelly."

and this....

"A smaller "quality assurance" contract with Spherion, a Florida consulting firm, has also raised red flags. Spherion was awarded its first contract for CityTime in March 2001, for $4 million. The company's current deal is worth $51 million. According to his testimony during a July 2007 court hearing on CityTime, OPA chief Bondy launched his own consultancy and worked as a subcontractor for Spherion on CityTime from 2002 to 2004 immediately prior to being hired by the city. Bondy's biography on the OPA website does not mention this work. 
Bondy and City Hall maintain that his past employment was brought to the attention of the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB), and settled appropriately. "The independent, non-Mayoral City agency charged with interpreting and enforcing the Conflicts of Interest Law, approved Joel Bondy to be Executive Director of the Office of Payroll Administration," said mayoral spokesperson Kelly. For his part, Bondy says the conflicts board issued a "confidential letter of opinion" that cleared him to work at OPA. COIB says their regulations prohibiting them from disclosing whether a confidential letter of opinion even exists, and therefore could neither confirm nor refute Bondy's claim. Confidential letters are issued when COIB denies a waiver from city law for a particular activity by a city employee, determines that a particular activity doesn’t run afoul of the law or gets a request for confidential advice. Back in 1991, when Bondy was deputy executive director of the city’s Financial Information Services Agency, the COIB publicly accepted Bondy’s promise to recuse himself from any role in dealings between FISA and an outside firm in which Bondy had an ownership interest.
Both SAIC and Spherion have held multiple contracts with several city agencies over the years. Bondy maintains that the SAIC and Spherion CityTime contracts were put out to competitive bid, but Addabbo plans to hold another oversight hearing later this spring to investigate the CityTime program as a whole, including hand scanner implementation, contracts, finances, and Bondy's ties to Spherion. "We thought we made our case a year ago - then we find out that they're not only being used again, but they're being expanded," Addabbo said."

Note:  I did not get the press release from a news reporter.  I have so many people that do want to talk to me I don't have enough time but I am flattered.

Mike Bloomberg & pres. of NYU, John Sexton a back room deal for a sky piercing hotel in the W. Village? by Suzannah B. Troy

Is the mayor with the help of his socialite, mega-millionaire, city planner, Amanda the people's Burden again working with NYU or should I say aiding and abetting NYU exploiting our neighborhood, crushing our community yet again? Remember we asked Amanda Burden for zoning protection to prevent the USPS from selling air space to NYU over St. Ann's?  Please visit 120 East 12th Street and see the horrific St. Ann's Mega dorm.

Another community nightmare horror story is happening again thanks to NYU, the evil empire, the purple reign of terror.
-- It is happening again with Silver Towers that is historical land marked but that won't stop NYU from building a King Kong size campus for temporary guests around it.

Is this community nightmare happening because Mike Bloomberg made a back room deal with the pres. of NYU if he ran down to city hall and testified Mike must third term and vote for him that Mike would make this happen? I don't know but people want to know!

NYU wants to put up a massive Godzilla sized hotel?

NYU mega dormed the East Village death and now wants a 40 story hotel in the West Village.

Do you want temporary massive housing or long term community members dedicated to the community and helping each other living here. Don't the people who made the neighborhood so attractive have a right to live in their communities? NYU doesn't even need to abuse eminent domain and is gobbling up the gardens, sunlight. This NYU, the Purple Reign of terror's plan for 2012 - 2030 as if they haven't done enough damage with their unending need to expand and always at the community's expense in too many ways to count.

They are taking away the character of the Village, Are we going to one a big piece of cement? Are we losing what green space we have left? YES!!!!!

The community garden would be history. NYU and our supposedly green mayor would be murdering off one of the last pieces of green....
Are they green with greed? YES!!!!!!!

The community would lose the supermarket called Morton Williams.

Please explain to me how the West Village, the area by Mercer, Bleeker and La Guardia Place could ever be zone for commercial use unless there were back room deals made?

For those who don't know where I am talking about it is south of Washington Square Park by the big black Picasso sculpture and it is going to be grossly out of scale except with other NYU zone busting community crushing buildings....what a nightmare and again ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

A hotel is commercial and this neighborhood residential area!!

Here is a YouTube from Greenwich Village Society for historic preservation and I did not consult them or discuss this blog posting with them.

Please read my other postings on NYU starting with this one.....

Ditto for Columbia University and the abuse of eminent domain with in my opinion Columbia U. telling a big lie stating that Manhattanville is blighted.

Juan Gonzalez reports on a huge victory re: CityTme - John Liu orders fim to fix disastrous CityTime payroll system or ELSE!

"City Controller John Liu has won a huge victory for New Yorkers by finally shutting down the out-of-control CityTime spigot."

""New York City taxpayers are sick and tired of being milked by multibillion-dollar corporations for grossly overpriced and overdue projects," Liu said in a prepared statement.

This "signals a new era in city contracting," said Liu's spokeswoman Sharon Lee.

"There have been many problems with building CityTime," Bloomberg conceded in his own statement."

Read the entire article and here is my comment:

Great work by Liu! Wish we could get a credit back on all the money spent on this Tax Payer's Titanic but it looks like Liu has stopped the bleeding and madness Bloomberg allowed to go rampant! Juan Gonzalez deserves awards for bringing this news to the tax payers attention with consistency and excellence. Gonzalez stood alone like a lighthouse in the storm while other papers barely reported anything on this Orwellian Time Clock that doesn't work very well and was moving towards the billion dollar mark!!!!

Here is my posting early referring to The Wall Street Journal and I call it a mini-victory....

Mayor Bloomberg complains about bloggers yet again! by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Bloomberg complained about "lawless partisan bloggers" to The New York Times.  The Village Voice picked up the blogger story and now I just got a call that a friend watching MSNBC watched Bloomberg crying about bloggers yet again.

Bloomberg has bought off the media, controls the media, has great influence over the media -- you pick the words but he doesn't have control over the bloggers.

Bloomberg is a control freak.

The bloggers also do not have the same money manger that Mike Bloomberg has and I believe the owners of The New York Times and The New York Daily News have -- Steve Rattner!  Steve Rattner who pleaded the 5th more times than king Mike has been mayor of New York and over the pension fund scandals.

What was Mike Bloomberg's money manager doing involved with NY's pensions any way?  Isn't that a huge conflict of interest?  Oh, that right, "The Conflict of Interest Comittee" doesn't think any thing is a conflict of interest from City Council voting themselves a raise when some even had lousy attendance records to denying us a referendum and voting themselves a third term.

Mike Bloomberg uber control freak can't control bloggers and he is really, really upset!!!!!!!

Is it because bloggers talk about how Haggerty is Bloomberg's Watergate!  Follow the money trail!!!!!

Are king Mike's emails like off shore investments in the Caymen Islands, subpoena proof?

If Rattner is banned by the SEC does that mean Mike will have to shift all his money being handled by Rattner yet again including money in the Caymans?   Rattner had him shift his money out of Quadrangle hoping Quadrangle would take the fall and not him but he was wrong...Quadrangle disavowed him and Rattner got busted.  Rich people do not go to jail -- they pay multi-billion dollar fines.  Rattner says he is innocent but than why plead the 5th over and over to the SEC.  Why is the SEC moving slower than molasses on their ruling -- yes or no to ban Mike Bloomberg's best friend and money manager?

CityTime debacle continues on....but with "limits" for tax payer's Titanic, a mini-victory by Suzannah B. Troy

Lucky for Mike Bloomberg most people did not see the press conference and have no idea that CityTime does not work...

Mini- victory -- explain later

p.s.  The WSJ article refers to Bloomberg saying CityTime works but it doesn't.  I have interviewed city workers and my gut feeling is CityTime is hugely flawed -- watch my YouTube channel Bloomberg NO CityTime.

Bloomberg stats -- so dishonest NYer's aren't buying it, the anger grows...

Bloomberg is such a corrupt mayor who had brought this city down except for greedy corrupt developers who he has aided in busting through zoning and mass displacement of New Yorkers.  Mike Bloomberg is smoke and mirrors and hides behind stats which are not accurate. I believe he is guilty of not declaring all his expenses in his last campaign which is a Misdemeanor  A and carries jail time but Cy Vance has to ask Bloomberg for more money for his budget instead of serving the mayor and his deputy mayors /campaign staff with subpoena.  Bloomberg thinks he can say and do what he wants including denying us a referendum which sure feels criminal and he did it with the help of Christine Quinn who is actively and aggressively fund raising to be mayor aka Mike for a 4th term. Bloomberg thinks he can say and do what he wants, that he is above the law and that New Yorkers are buying "it".  The anger towards this corrupt mayor who has brought the city down unless you are a corrupt ruthless real estate developer including NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U. profiting and ruthlessly expanding to the detriment of the people of NYC...people are disgusted and they don't buy Bloomberg's bull-loney anymore.  It is hard to ignore what we see with our eyes Mike, stop the lies. Resign.  Haggerty is your Watergate.

Murder rate up in NYC, not surprised

Why so little respect for human life? Why do we have such fragile people that must use guns and knives because words or a look offend them?Why no feeling for the community, families that have to raise their kids amidst soulless creatures posing as humans. Communities need to have regular protests to say stop the violence. "Peace to the Streets".

Mike Bloomberg's NY is just awful unless you are rich and especially wonderful if you are an exploitive, greedy ruthless developer.

The streets of New York are dangerous including what bad shape they are in thanks to a reckless mayor who had one focus only and that was catering to greedy ruthless developers that would crush our communities and drive New Yorkers out of the city for their ruthless greed.  The streets where better in Colonial times.  Remember the steam pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack?  Bloomberg has pushed a reckless tsunami of development on old NY's infrastructure and just like the murder rate he wants to smoke and mirror the people of NY with his phony public relations propaganda as if we do not have eyes to see.

The city is a mess in way too many ways thanks to Mike Bloomberg who insisted on stealing a third term with the help of Christine Quinn who is aggressively fund raising to make herself mayor aka having Mike for a 4th term.

Do you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4 term or Christine Quinn for mayor?  No thanks.  The city is a mess.  I don't know who can bring us out but Bloomberg and Quinn have sold the people out and flushed democracy down the toilet.  

Gov. Patterson exposed in yet another scandal, he Bloomberg and Quinn should resign, they should be in jail by Suzannah B. Troy

My comment posted on The New York Post article by Fred Dicker

09/29/2010 6:14 AM
Clearly Patterson is handicapped and it is not his eyes I am referring to. The fact he did not resign when he should have and Kaye let him walk speaks volumes. Patterson, Bloomberg and Quinn are so corrupt they all belong in jail. Bloomberg and Quinn flushed democracy down the toilet denying us a referendum and managing to extend term limits 2 years in a row, Bloomberg used his charity and NYC real estate to buy votes and he and Quinn used and she is using slush money aka tax payer money to buy votes for her goal to be mayor. She takes money from developers kickbacks aka campaign donations but attempts to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs. Why did it take so long to prosecute Espada? Why now Lopez yet Patterson, Bloomberg, Quinn and certain city council members and politico in Albany "business as usual". Why? When is anything going to happen in the slush fund investigation City Hall and how much is the bill as of today for tax payers paying for Quinn and staff's top defense attorneys including using Sullivan & Cromwell as reported by this paper, the same firm Goldman Sach uses but Quinn approved this firm and expects tax payers to pay yet we don't know what the bill is as of today. The mafia appears more honorable because at least they are not stealing tax payer money and making tax payers pay for their lawyers. Haggerty is Bloomberg's Watergate but the Manhattan DA can't do the job the NY Post is doing. Why hasn't Bloomberg and his deputy mayors and campaign staff been forced to turn over emails to Haggerty? Bloomberg and Quinn should resign as well.

Read more:

p.s. on Mike:

By the way -- Are Caymen Island investments like Mike Bloomberg and his deputy mayors emails --  subpoenas are not an option.

The SEC is taking a stone age to decide whether to ban Steve Rattner yet Rattner pleaded the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has run for mayor.

If he is banned than all the money he is managing for king Mike has to be moved yet again including the Caymen Island investments he is handling for Mike...
oh what a pain that will be for Mike Bloomberg is as forthcoming about his Caymen Island investments, Steve Rattner's pension fund scandals which I believe is a huge conflict of interest and any topic Mike can't "smoke and mirrors" his way out us like asking him about the poor, homelessness, the shocking street conditions....the streets where better in Colonial Times, why would Mike want to renew with SAIC unless it is about some Federal level hand washing...and all the cuts he wants to make to city workers instead of stopping the bleeding on the tax payer's Titanic CityTime.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike Bloomberg demands we hold him to a different standard than he hold us. He is like Cayman Island investments, subpoena proof by Suzannah B. Troy

My response to the editors of The NY Daily News on their piece on school teachers and tenure:

Earth to the editors!  I know your boss is thisclose to Steve Rattner -- the money manger and BF to Mike Bloomberg as well, and Rattner may be banned by the SEC for 3 years but I am so sick of the little emperor of NYC and he has broken every promise, used smoke and mirrors to perpetuate lies and pat himself on the back and he has left NYC in worse shape from the street conditions to a massive budget crisis. You don't want to applies the laws and standards to our mayor that you would to teachers.  Why hasn't Haggerty's lawyer and the Manhattan DA demanded Bloomberg, Harris, Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. turn over their emails -- serve them all with subpoenas but Cy Vance is asking the mayor for more $ for his budget. Bloomberg is trying to push through a renewal with SAIC who should not be involved with NYC gov to the tune over 110 mill plus for an Orwellian Time clock that like the mayor gets an F- for robbing tax payers blind.  Bloomberg denied us a referendum 2 years in a row with the help of that fellow crook Christine Quinn flushing democracy down the toilet.  Why haven't the Justice Dept. come in effectively investigated the dirty dealings at City Hall and the campaign of Bloomberg that rivals Nixon's Watergate.  Make Bloomberg show all his expenditures and if he did not declare them he belongs in jail doesn't he?  Just like his investments via Steve Rattner in the Cayman Islands Mike Bloomberg wants to be subpoena proof and above the law and above the standards he holds New Yorkers to ticketing us up to our eyeballs, etc. corruption stinks the most at City Hall and Albany and Bloomberg broke all his promises and sold the city out to greedy community crushing developers who love to give Quinn campaign donations.

As stated in "All the President's Men"  "Follow the money trail."

Ditto for Mike Bloomberg's Watergate-- Haggerty-gate.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Needs to RESIGN Now by Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg needs to resign.  He did not keep his promises and he is all smoke and mirrors. Right now SAIC wants 110 million Sept. 30 to continue with an Orwellian Time Clock for city employees that does not work and won't save the city money for at least 50 years but makes consultants with no time clock very rich moving towards the billion dollar mark of tax payers money but Bloomberg wants to sign with SAIC -- a big federal company with some big scandals on it's resume - feels like a white collar crime against tax payer.  The NY Post exposed Bloomberg wiring money out of his personal account to the Independence Party funneled to Haggerty and the NY Post forced Cy Vance to do his job why has the Manhattan DA not served Mike Bloomberg, Kevin Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. with subpoenas?  Is this like Bloomberg trying to make the Deutsche Bank law suits go away-  Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino's family.  Is king Bloomberg going to make his Watergate go away?  If we don't get one democrat who can beat Quinn in the primary run and not a group to split the vote we will have Bloomberg running the city through a woman that helped him deny us a referendum also criminal in my opinion. Mike will run the city for a 4th term from the golf course but he should resign now and belongs in prison with everyone that aided and abetted him for campaign improprieties, denying us a referendum and 109 million and real estate dealings to his buddies who insisted he deny us a referendum all need to be investigated.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Needs to RESIGN Now by Suzannah B. Troy

Bloomberg needs to resign.  He did not keep his promises and he is all smoke and mirrors. Right now SAIC wants 110 million Sept. 30 to continue with an Orwellian Time Clock for city employees that does not work and won't save the city money for at least 50 years but makes consultants with no time clock very rich moving towards the billion dollar mark of tax payers money but Bloomberg wants to sign with SAIC -- a big federal company with some big scandals on it's resume - feels like a white collar crime against tax payer.  The NY Post exposed Bloomberg wiring money out of his personal account to the Independence Party funneled to Haggerty and the NY Post forced Cy Vance to do his job why has the Manhattan DA not served Mike Bloomberg, Kevin Sheekey, Wolfson, etc. with subpoenas?  Is this like Bloomberg trying to make the Deutsche Bank law suits go away-  Firemen Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino's family.  Is king Bloomberg going to make his Watergate go away?  If we don't get one democrat who can beat Quinn in the primary run and not a group to split the vote we will have Bloomberg running the city through a woman that helped him deny us a referendum also criminal in my opinion. Mike will run the city for a 4th term from the golf course but he should resign now and belongs in prison with everyone that aided and abetted him for campaign improprieties, denying us a referendum and 109 million and real estate dealings to his buddies who insisted he deny us a referendum all need to be investigated.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg, No to CityTime Renewal and can we get our money back! No to SAIC renewal! by Suzannah B. Troy  Watch my new YouTube!

The New York Post a head of the Manhattan DA on Haggerty-gate as Suzannah B. Troy

Go to my blogs and see my painting turned political poster lampooning king Mike Bloomberg with the same arrogant smug smile! The New York Post buried David Seifman's article on king Mike refusing to turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty -- Haggerty-gate, Mike's very own Watergate that is a real prosector was handling this case, Bloomberg, in my opinion would have already had to resign. As quoted in All the President's Men follow the money trail. How ironic that emails would or could bring down Mike Bloomberg and no paper will cover the story and as usual the NY Post was ahead of the Manhattan DA asking for Bloomberg to turn over emails.

Read more:

NY Post Anti-American Indian on behalf of Patterson & Bloomberg -- WHY? Read my comment and go to the prejudice article by Suzannah B. Troy

Just the title of this article show bias? The American Indians play by their own rules? Well return their land that is to the surviving ancestors. Jennifer where are all their ancestors? This is racism, economic racism and why now? Because Patterson and Bloomberg want their cake and eat plus a scapegoat so they picked an entire Nation of People, the Natives to scapegoat because they want a sin tax so high it is driving consumers else where and they want to tax the American Indians. The American Indians are not responsible for the greedy and stupidity that has brought NY to the edge of the abyss. Ask Mike Bloomberg to explain CityTime and the SAIC to us the people of NYC. He won't except to demand we waste close to a billion on an Orwellian time clock that does not work and will not save the city money for 150 years at least. The American Indians do not have the opportunities we have because they are on the Reservation. They have suffered greatly and some live poverty level so to bandy about the word "Casino" is racist and a right off for guilty people that want to turn a blind eye.

Read more:

Politicos above the law and No to SAIC renewal No CityTime by Suzannah B. Troy

What took or takes so long when it comes to corruption with politicos here in NY? Re: City Council members -- what is the current tab for tax payers paying for their defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime some even using the same firms as Goldman Sach? Why no update on Sally Goldenberger's article on Christine Quinn and her staff and how much we are paying for their defense attorneys? Also why no follow-up on David Seifman's article on 62 emails Mike Bloomberg doesn't want to turn over he sent to Haggerty? The Manhattan DA should be asking for these emails and Patricia Harris, Sheekey's etc. but will they? I know Cy Vance is asking for more $ for his budget.  href="" style="color: rgb(0, 51, 153); text-decoration: none; ">

SAIC renewal? Sept. 30 front page news Tax Payers should know + Haggerty Bloomberg's Watergate also blacked out!!!!!!

How could the SAIC renewal Sept. 30 not be front page news?   The list of consultants receiving close to half million each is staggering and no time clock for them and the Orwellian Time machine does not work.   Hopefully John Liu will say no!

The New York Post asked for 62 emails Mike Bloomberg does not want to turn over but where is the Manhattan DA on all this -- the Manhattan DA need to be asking that all the emails to Haggerty by Bloomberg, Keaney, Sheekey, Wolfson and all campaign staff and city staff -- the mayor blurred the line be turned over and investigate are their audio conversations via telephone calls to City Hall that are recorded if we -- New Yorkers call in -- so was and is Bloomberg recording any of these conversations as well........?  If so they need to be turned in  as well but Cy Vance is too busy asking the mayor for $ for his budget  and or too scared perhaps --- even Cuomo has become best friends with Mike which is a dangerous career move -- the anger toward bloomberg is sky rocketing!

Why is the Haggerty trial completely no news when it is possible the biggest story since Mike denying us a referendum and paying a record amount of money to win the most humiliating and expensive win in NYC history.

No one with big buck financial dealings wants Bloomberg to face the music but if the laws really applied to him he should have resigned already.  He had not right to deny us a referendum/ditto for his mini-me Quinn but I believe just like Watergate -- you need to follow the money trail and he has not declared all his campaign expenses and he funneled money to Haggerty exactly the same way he did the previous election but thru the Republican party instead of the Independence.

I continue to ask the FBI and Justice Dept. come in to investigate and the trial be moved out of the Manhattan DA's hands because of obvious reasons.

Is the Haggerty like Deutsche Bank law suits - something Mike Bloomberg thinks he can just make go away...

If Mike Bloomberg died right now NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia University, Bruce Rattner and so many more real estate magnates and certain folks from the financial sector would prop up his dead body to make sure their deals go through.   Even Giuliani's city planner said "No, it's a shell game" to Cooper Union to tearing down it's little yellow science building and supersizing and leasing for 99 years.

I hope Columbia U. loses it's eminent domain case if it gets heard in the Supreme court.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cy Vance begging king Mike for money for DA's budget but Mike won't even turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty to the DA let a long $ by Suzannah B. Troy

9:09:08 AM
Sep 25, 2010
Mike Bloomberg isn't going to give Cy Vance money because the DA has asked for 62 emails Bloomberg sent to Haggerty. The FBI and Justice Dept needs to come and take over the Haggerty debacle. Bloomberg's expenditures for his campaign and post campaign pay-offs via his charity and real estate deals/hand washing for votes -- like +NYU busting thru zoning as one example all needs to investigated. In my opinion Mike Bloomberg belongs in jail. Haggery is his Watergate and Cy Vance can't even get king Mike to turn over emails!

+ reminder John Sexton the president of NYU, the evil empire ran down to testify that Mike needs a third term.  Of course he does if you are a ruthless, evil community crushing real estate magnate.  If Mike Bloomberg died right now, John Sexton would prop up Bloomberg's dead body to make sure he finished his 3rd and even a 4th term to help NYU busting through zoning for their corrupt land grabs and unending need to expand at the community's expense.

By the way can John Sexton even vote in NY?  Does he declare another state home so he doesn't have to pay NY taxes like Matt Damon who also endorsed Mike but could not vote for him?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg ordered NYC to freeze jobs for schools, NYPD, FDNY -- Juan Gonzalez on Mike and his obsession with water meters

"He's ordered another city job freeze  and more cuts for schools, police and fire services, but there's one project Mayor Bloomberg refuses to scale back: Automated Meter Readers." From Juan Gonzalez's piece on king Mike Bloomberg.

My response:

Please will someone report on Bloomberg refusing to turn over 62 emails he wrote to Haggerty, whether Bloomberg committed a misdemeanor A and in my opinion he did...last time I checked king Mike can't stop NYers from having an opinion, how Bloomberg has circumvented voters 2 years in a row and some how managed to extend term limits without the people of NY? Is there a meter for corruption for king Mike, his mini-me Christine Quinn and gang? Watch my YouTube series and my newest posting is on CityTime.

Time to watch  my YouTube from over a year ago..."Gloomy Bloomy News Sub-Zero Trickle Down".

NY Daily News Cuomo Pallidino battle heats up but NO ONE seems to be aware of massive Bloomberg scandal the level of Watergate! No one wants to touch it, even the Manhattan DA by Suzannah B. Troy

I posted this comment on The New York Daily News on the article about Cuomo and Pallidino because I do not know what else to do to bring attention to the Bloomberg scandals truly the level of Watergate in my opinion is king Mike has not ruled out the people of New York being allowed to have opinions.

Mike has ruled out cigarettes, salt and fat and made it cheaper and easier to sell heroin than cigarettes.  King Mike is not sending his under cover staff with video cameras to film heroin sales here on the streets of NYC like he did to the reservation. Gee, I wonder why.  Lucky for me, king Mike has not outlawed opinions just yet or taxed me although I seem to have to fight being banned/removed from YouTube, Wiki, NYPost....stay tuned...

Below the comment I posted.....and folks Cuomo is unwise to align himself with Bloomberg.  Bloomberg's popularity here in NYC is not Apple Stock -- just the opposite --dropping faster and more furiously as voter anger grows.  Cuomo should stay as far away from king Mike as possible.

May 4, 2009 I tell my YouTube audience do not believe the press, they are not covering the news -- voter anger and that Mike Bloomberg may not win!   Election night I was laughing when the press had to go off script!  I got congratulatory calls and emails the day after the election.

My comment on The NY Daily News article about Pallidino getting dirty but I want to hear from both candidates about Bloomberg & Quinn slick moves to deny us a referendum, Haggerty, Steve Rattner ...

Hello? Is anyone paying attention to the buried news that king Mike Bloomberg refuses to turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty and we the lawless partisan bloggers, Mike Bloomberg's name for us -- are waiting for the SEC (they are like the NYPD of Wall St.) to rule on whether they are going to ban Steve Rattner, Mike's money manger for his role in the pension fund scandals?  Haggerty is Mike's Watergate and if Mike Bloomberg did not declare all his campaign expenses he would in theory be going to jail but politicians, rich people and super models do not go to jail. Lopez is history, the new Pedro Espada.  Nothing new about their dealings but it was in the best interests of the power to be go to FINALLY go after Lopez! I made a series on the Bloomberg Scandals on YouTube and it is better than Wall Street 2.

Oliver Stone Bitch part 2 why Bloomberg's Watergate Haggerty, Steve Rattner pleading the 5th more X than king Mike has been mayor, SAIC CityTime is better than Wall Street 2 by Suzannah B. Troy

Yesterday I posted a piece on my blog Misogynist NYC about Oliver Stone's misogynist use  of the word "bitch".   My comment on Stone's mind set of the use and word  play of "bitch"  which I can't even use on The New York Post website because their comment section has word police apparently caused some controversy.   My posting along with one about NYU made Google Blog  News and now I am getting fan mail.  I will wait to see if the gentleman would like me to publish his very polite, pedantic and incorrect email.  I don't know what University he attended to get his fancy degree but he fails miserably on mind reading.

I posted this in response and below I wrote him back a response minus my tired and angry typos-- I will publish.

I went back to The New York Post article and posted Bitch Part 2:

Oh dear, a man writes me and he has letters following his name and wrongly tells me the scene I am thinking of and how sympathetic Stone's Viet Nam films are too women but he ends with post script agreeing he can't defend the word the NY Post word police won't allow. He and of course so many men and women part of the boy's club don't want to get their own behavior and treatment like assuming he knows which film I was referring to and he is wrong and than I compare the scene I am referring to, to women bartering sexualfavors made one word to get past censors on the set to help their career. Of course this man's letters after his name means a privileged education I don't have and mind reading skills that need honing.

Read more:

My response: No the scene is not in Platoon.

The soldier barters sex with a Viet Nam woman who is poverty level very much like women barter sex on set in hopes of stardom.

So sick of men telling me wrong information. (Especially about me.)

The above is a response to the gentleman that wrote me that fails in mind reading skills but cannot defend Oliver Stone uses of the word "bitch".

I worked on the set of Wall Street and was non-Union promoted from a 12 hour day to a 17 hour day.  Oliver gave me crap and I stood up for myself.  He did not fire me and I have to say I really got along with him.  I believe the word use and mentality "men" tality is misogynist.

It is a known fact that women barter sex in the film business and modeling industry  and in many different facets of existence here on earth-- not all but x amount.  Why?   Because as my first letter ever published and it was in The Financial Times comparing my painting and Lucian Freud's painting -- his use of an older woman's "naked" body -- I came to this conclusion all those years ago and it still hold's true that women are lagging behind men from basic human rights to economic power.  To date the majority of my YouTube audience is can't grasp how I am using my body and I am talking with anger about "the male gaze".

I made up the term "geo-sexual politics" along with "sub-zero trickle down".

I can't find the link to my first letter ever published.  I have it somewhere packed away with the original article.

I have 9 letters published in The New York Times before they became like communist Russia and banned me/censored me and one is a powerful letter on women's bodies and our self-acceptance.  The letter was in response to women and porn.

The old grey lady -- some how a kinder female term than BITCH and the misogynist club that runs it - yet I believe they are real estate mongers, like NYU, look at The New York eminent domain Times building -- and unlike NYU it has become their Albatross and is sinking them....has buried my letters.  Too find them you need to search under my full name from the inception of the paper under "advance search".

Did Steve Rattner urge the owner of the NYTimes to buy this building that would bring the paper to it's demise?

More important that Oliver Stone's "Wall Street 2 Greed is good" are my YouTube series on Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and how greed and stupidity has brought NYC to the edge of the economic abyss and for everyone but the rich we are free falling in to economic hell.  We are in a recession that for poor people is really a depression and it will get worse next year and the years following.  Albany and City Hall did smoke and mirrors with the budget, business as usual including giving themselves raises and every king of perk imaginable and unimaginable if they possible could being chauffered every where possible if possible.

Will Steve Rattner, Mike Bloomberg's money manager be banned by the SEC for pay to play pension fund misdeeds and for pleading the 5th more times than Mike has been mayor to the SEC. Clearly Rattner has something to hide if he is pleading the 5th over and over.    I believe Rattner is good friends with many media movers and shakers and also manages the money of the owners of The New York Daily New and The New York Times.  You tell me.  I don't have a press pass.  I don't have the resources a reporter for a newspaper has.

In the meantime Bloomberg has yet to turn over 62 emails he sent to Haggerty and Haggerty debacle is Mike Bloomberg's Watergate.  Only a king can refuse to turn over emails to the district attorney.

Only a king can not declare campaign expenditures including donations, a Misdemeanor A and not go to jail...  Who makes donations totaling 1.1 million dollars the day before an election to help their campaign except a king?

Only the king of New York could deny the people of New York a referendum two years in a row...and he could not have gotten the job done, circumventing the voters without Christine Quinn, his mini-me who is part of the boys club.

I made these YouTubes for next to nothing with zero budget and viewing them is free if you have computer access.

I could tell you I could write a better script than the one written for Wall Street 2 but I don't have to because I just make YouTubes talking about the greed and stupidity  that is destroying NYC.

I watched All the President's Men and if you want to get the bottom of Bloomberg's Watergate -- Haggerty -- follow the money trail.  What's his name resigns just like Steve Rattner to spend more time with his family.

Watch my YouTubes.....

I wish Oliver Stone good luck with Wall Street 2 and there is no doubt Michael Douglas will win an Oscar for best actor.  I believe his film on Richard Nixon reflected many of his own "soul struggles" as do many and or all of his films.  Like a painter Oliver takes his soul and puts it on the surface of a canvas.

Oliver Stone has not made piece with his "yin" energy -- his anima -- and like the porn film they made in to a mainstream film with Ellen Barkin or Tootsie -- I wish Oliver had to make it as a low income woman for a day or a few hours at least.

I made a new YouTube Channel called Bloomberg No CityTime.   Lucky for SAIC no one is investigating their track record although I did find some scandal about EPA super fund and Iraqi media.  Why, oh why would the City of NY hire SAIC in the first place?

But I also have a lot of questions of about real estate and financial dealings and I am part of a group that king Mike Bloomberg calls lawless partisan bloggers in The New York Times that is waiting for the SEC ruling on Steve Rattner.   I called the SEC but they haven't called me back.