Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

NYPD Getting Drugs From Medical Doctors Fixing and Favors?

Yonkers cardiologist faces new charge | The Journal News

Dealing to any NYPD????

The NYPD and now I have proof Internal Affairs are involved in protecting the NYPD and the MD's office, Dr Andrew Fagelman who did not fire Delita Hooks and the NYPD that did not arrest Delita Hooks and rushed to seal up her false cross complaint are all involved in criminal activity from assault, false cross complaint, coercion so in my opinion add in witness tampering as all NYPD and IAB involved and supervisors have not gone to the DA and also possible aggravated harassment.

So why did the NYPD and IAB go to such an extreme for Dr Fagelman's office besides the fact I am a whistle blower.

Chief Marino, Adrian Schoolcraft was one of aprox 20 NYPD officers including Manuel DaSilva who was caught using HGH and they gang got the drugs from a drug pedaling MD in Staten Island and since than THERE ARE NO MEDICAL DOCTORS PEDALING DRUGS

I have to wonder if Dr Andrew Fagelman does some pedaling or gives out free viagra to the NYPD and IAB since Delita Hooks has yet to be arrested and I caught NYPD and now IAB fixing for the corrupt cops that rushed to seal her false cross complaint as well as make sure she wasn't arrested for assault and the NYPD also sealed their crime of coercion with her false cross complaint when they sealed it so excuse for for wondering if Dr Fagelman providing viagra or something to the NYPD and IAB because it is an open and shut case.

rewind  NYDN article June 15, 2012

A Former NYPD sergeant hired to guard against theft at a Manhattan Apple store has been busted for swiping $76,000 worth of iPods and iPhones from the high-tech outpost.
Manuel DaSilva, 42, was caught on surveillance cameras smuggling armfuls of gadgets out the back door of Apple’s SoHo store to his car, prosecutors said.

DaSilva, who left the NYPD in shame after testing positive for steroids, confessed he fenced the best-selling gizmos on the street.

Read more:

DaSilva was a sergeant at the 61st Precinct stationhouse in Brooklyn until getting caught up in an department internal investigation into steroid use among officers.

Read more:

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Let's ask IAB why there is no PBA NYPD fixing and favors anymore -- just NYPD monster Ramos?
Yeah right.

NYPD Ramos was going to pay for murdering the man who could put him behind bars with his pension money.

Gee I should count my lucky stars that Detective Vergona and his NYPD buddies aren't doing that.

Hey IAB what happened to these guys...

same thing as the NYPD caught getting drugs from an MD and only one MD in all of NY does medical favors for NYPD what a relief.

"Those HGH records at Lowen's could open up a Pandora's box in the largest police department in the nation. NYPD officials have kept a lid on the steroids angle of the probe—amid grumbling in the ranks. The fact that the two highest-ranking officers caught up in the probe so far—two deputy chiefs, Mike Marino, executive officer of the Brooklyn North patrol, and Jack Trabitz, head of the property-clerk division—were not suspended and appear to have been cleared despite admitting they received prescriptions for testosterone has Patrick Lynch, president of the rank-and-file patrol officers' union, crying "favoritism." Trabitz didn't return calls seeking comment. One cop has told the Voice that Trabitz, who is in his 50s, "looks like he could be a running back in the NFL, he's that big." Marino came forward after his name was leaked to the press. Reportedly, however, he was cleared after being questioned by the Internal Affairs Bureau, which found his prescription to be legitimate.

Marino tells the Voice that he can't comment "because there's some litigation going on around this right now." John Driscoll, outgoing president of theCaptains Endowment Association, the union for those with the rank of captain and above, says that that Marino and Trabitz not only voluntarily talked with IAB investigators but also took drug tests and passed them. At this point, Driscoll says, they are "accused of nothing."

Previously published reports didn't detail what Marino's supposed ailment was, but law-enforcement sources tell the Voicethat Marino told IAB investigators that in addition to being treated for a low sex drive, he had been prescribed the drug to lose weight.

"That's not a legitimate reason for using anabolic steroids," says Dr. Gary Wadler, author of Drugs and the Athlete and a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency's Prohibited List and Methods Committee. "It's not a weight- reducing drug."

In 2001, Marino's remarkable bodybuilding was featured in the New York magazine article "Captain Midnight." After Marino got pushed around by street toughs as a skinny rookie in Harlem, the article noted, the cop "bulked up from 152 pounds to 190, had eighteen-inch arms, and could bench-press 350 pounds." It goes on to describe how Marino, who admitted that weightlifting changed his temperament, knocked out many a criminal and cop and how his wife divorced him, saying, "You're not the man I married, mentally or physically."

Former NYPD captain Eric Adams, once the leader of an organization of NYPD's black cops and now a state senator, says that "like baseball, in order to get a handle on how widespread the problem is, the NYPD should include steroids" in its random drug tests.

When he was on the job, Adams says, he didn't see anyone taking steroids. And he adds that there was no discussion of steroids among the cops with whom he worked out. There were suspicions, however. "You'd be in the gym and sometimes you know a guy is doing them," he says. "You can tell when a guy is on 'roids: He'd be very aggressive, have mood swings. But there was nothing rampant."

A Manhattan cop previously stationed in Brooklyn contends that, for practical reasons, "relatively few" are willing to cross the line to do steroids. Many are obsessed with working out, not with doughnuts. "Contrary to popular belief," he says, "cops are more buffy than most people think." Creatine and other legal workout supplements are extremely popular among cops, he says, but obtaining steroids is more involved and risky, and most cops are paranoid of doing anything that will jeopardize their 20-and-out pensions.

Adams agrees that many cops try to beef up by legal means. "In law enforcement, everyone wants to be as buff as possible," Adams says. "Everyone wants to exercise as much as possible." Or maybe more than just work out— especially after they leave the gym.

People weaning themselves from steroids, says Wadler, often "have high incidence of depression and even suicide"—and still have those department-issued weapons strapped to their hips.

"They're playing Russian roulette with their health," he says. "Of course, in a cop you worry about 'roid rage more than with the average person. Steroids can make people more aggressive—severely aggressive—and you don't want a severely aggressive person being put in a position where they have their finger on the trigger of a gun."

Or with their hands on a broom handle. Cops are fully aware that during their colleague Justin Volpe's trial for the 1999 torture of Abner Louima, during which a broom handle was shoved up the ass of the immigrant in the 70th Precinct bathroom, a Volpe family confidant said the cop should have claimed temporary insanity caused by 'roid rage.

The Manhattan cop tells the Voice that "you automatically think of Volpe and how he lost it." But he says cops generally don't discuss the dangers of 'roid rage. "Most cops I've talked with don't give a shit about that," he says. "They're more concerned that the chief [Marino] got away with it, and the cops are getting jammed up.""