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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg $650 Million Charity Sub-Zero Trickle Down

Mayor Bloomberg $650 Million Charity Sub-Zero Trickle Down

Sub-zero trickle down my term --- My Dad Rest In Peace said I paint with words and I made this term up way back when to honor him since he was an Economist.

Mayor Bloomberg $650 Million Charity Sub-Zero Trickle Down  - I don't know anyone who has benefited from Mike's charity but how many of his top city workers get money funneled to them in creative ways as they enjoy parking placards, chauffeurs courtesy of NY Tax Payers etc.

Oh and don't private jet service on Air Bloomberg and all their kids, friends and lovers on the payroll too --- remember Haggerty trial testimony.    Mike Bloomberg is a generous as the bully on the beach kicking sand in our faces -- if he gives money he insists on everyone praying at his alter spewing spin the way the way The NY Eminent Domain Time does.

When Mike is not funneling money to his