Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Block Bloomberg

Vote Sept. 15 in the Primary, if you are out of town call the Board of Elections

Board of Elections
212 868-3692
hit zero and ask the operator for assistance,
make sure to get an absentee ballot if you are away!
Read the dishonor role of shame and vote these politicos that flushed democracy down the toilet out.

Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and city council had to know there was an investigation which is on going in to city council members and their staff and therefore votes are tainted.
They had no right to deny us a referendum.

Tony Avella for Mayor!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg's resistance continues to increase presents on YouTube

oust Mike Bloomberg YouTube with a Queens perspective check out the massive sink holes!!!!!!

Boss Pedro Editorial The NY Post
My poem in response...
Yo Editor re: Boss Pedro: I wrote this poem...
From Pedro to Rangel we keep wondering why they ain't in jail...
Tweed TWEED del dee Tweed del dump include City Hall,
New Yorkers have a high threshold for corruption, greater than our biggest sky scrapers...if it was the average New Yorker, they would be behind bars already.

"Some doubt Thompson can escape pension Mess taint" (that taint includes Mike Bloomberg & money manager Steve Rattner) pension mess taint splashes on Thompson, Mike Bloomberg and splished splashed all the way to the White House to Steve Rattner who's Quadrangle was implicated. The NY Daily News covered this and has an article where Mike Bloomberg said Rattner should not have to step down because of this investigation and in fact Rattner did, he said to spend more time with his family. Vote for Tony Avella.

Suzannah B. Troy posted this comment on Adam Lisberg's piece in today's The New York Daily News

Mike Bloomberg & his pit bull Wolfson Conflicts of Interests? A way of life at City Hall...connect the dots

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy on Crotch Shots, not porno, a 25 year old's radio show kicking corruption in the crotch this show about Mike Bloomberg, Quinn, City H

There is a brief mention of Rosie Mendez -- I make it clear I believe in term limits because of corruption in cronyism. I get so tired. I said what I meant backwards.

Rosie voted to have term limits because she knew she represents people that wanted her to vote to have limits but she made it clear she doesn't want term limits and for me that is a red light.

Louie B. visits Mike Bloomberg's campaign web sites and reads me Mike propaganda and Louie asks me for my opinions.

see text portion for links

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ads on my blogs for Mike Bloomberg make me want to puke

I woke so hard on these blogs, I decided to enroll in the ad program. So far I have not earned on cent but I want to puke every time I see one of Mike Bloomberg's phony advertisements.

He and other people that are running for city council are not telling the truth in my opinion so when you see their ad, go to google and research them and you will find articles stating the opposite of their advertisements.

Wrote this to the mayor about gun violence

Because he has a word count and it is designed to not give you a clue that you have hit your word limit, I cut out St. Ann's address and I did not allow myself the verbage to say for you Mike Bloomberg to understand what you have done to the people of New York favoring greedy real estate developers over us it would be like NYU or Columbia U. buying the property where your daughters horses are housed and evicted them. Yes, you and your daughter that work for city government do not understand on a human level so I want you to imagine her horses' home was purchased and her horses evicted since you have exhibited zero humanity and I know first hand because I asked you over and over to protect us, help us from NYU's continued destruction of our community.


Mayor: I stopped writing you because you turned a deaf ear to me, I voted for you twice & went I asked for protection for my community against NYU you aided and abetted NYU & the illegal air sale by the USPS over St. Ann's 120 E12. Denying us a referendum you flushed democracy down the toilet. The streets are like the wild west with people being murdered and you must start a campaign on tv & radio to respect life, respect this city, the streets are in awful shape & so is the attitude of people robbing our communities of loved ones. Enlist celebrities start now. Bring peace to the streets.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Queens Crap send me this -- more on corruption Willets Point

via The Neighborhood Retail Alliance by Neighborhood Retail Alliance on 8/21/09

A number of interesting follow up questions emerge from the NY Times story-and our own post-on the illegal lobbying operation that was set up by the city to push for the Willets Point development. In our view, some of these questions are of a political nature, and should be addressed by the various local and city wide campaigns; but others are of a legal nature-and these should be carefully scrutinized by law enforcement at all levels of government.

(1) Claire Shulman's continued role: If, as Shulman says, she was hired to do lobbying from the get go, and this is allegation is disputed by EDC and the mayor's office, than why is the city continuing to fund someone with money that she is clearly using for lobbying (as her lobbying registration suggests)?

(2) If Shulman failed to register as the lobbyist for the FWPC LDC, why wasn't she fined $59,000, as was the LDC itself?

(3) Was the groups' failure to note that it would be lobbying in its federal tax filing a criminal violation, and/or does this effect its not-for-profit status?

(4) Who are the members of the board of this LDC, and what were they promised to pony up the matching funds?

(5) Does the fact that these companies stand to benefit from the LDC's lobbying activities, mean that each and every one of them should have been listed-under the requirements of the state's lobbying statute-as "third party beneficiaries?"

(6) Does the fact that the city is funding illegal astroturf groups with tax payer money violate any provisions of municipal law?

(7) Can the Willets Point businesses sue these colluding companies-along with the city-under the provisions of the civil RICO laws?

(8) Does the use of an illegal lobbying group to aid and abet the city's Willets Point land grab invalidate the ULURP application that was passed last year by the city council? And should this challenge be added to the existing Article 78 proceeding that will first be heard today in state court?

All of these issues need to be addressed-and we're hopeful that the AG will act expeditiously here. We're also hopeful that the issues raised in the Article 78 proceeding-covered well by the Crain's Insider yesterday-will bear fruit and give further evidence of just how nefarious this entire land grab scheme has been.

As the Insider pointed out yesterday: "Tomorrow, for the first time, opponents of the Bloomberg administration’s Willets Point project will make their case in state court. Their attorneys will say the environmental impact statement for the proposed redevelopment has gaping holes, notably a failure to address the effect on the Van Wyck Expressway.

“This is going to cause traffic problems of unprecedented proportions that will stop emergency response vehicles in their tracks,” says Nelson Johnson, counsel at Arnold & Porter and a specialist in environmental law. “The [impact statement] did not consider it at all.” A comprehensive study is mandated by state law."

Of course, these kinds of issues were effectively being tamped down by Shulman's astro-turfing operation. But no one should be forced out at the point until, and if, the ability of this project to go forward is ascertained. As the Insider makes clear: "The lawyers will tell state Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden that the project requires two new ramps to the Van Wyck, triggering the need for Federal Highway Administration approval, which is far from certain. They’ll also argue that the impact statement should not have been prepared by Deputy Mayor Bob Lieber. The agency compiling the EIS must be the one that carries out, funds or approves the project. “The deputy mayor’s office wasn’t any of those things,” Johnson claims."

All in all, a corrupt process threatens hundreds of businesses and thousands of workers in the worst economic recession since the 1930s. There's no certainty that the approvals will be forthcoming, or that the money for the remediation and development will be available. Until those things are manifest, everyone should keep their dirty hands off Willets Point.

Bloomberg Administrations land grabs stinks of corruption Willets Point NY Paid to Lobby itself

Ahhh, this is like the film Scrooge with no happy endings.... the ghost of Dan Doctoroff makes an appearance.

Corruption and denial are two of the hottest "accessories" at City Hall....We are lucky City Council member Martinez actually pleaded guilty and admitted he was stealing tax pay money from the get go.

If only the hottest fashion accessory at City Hall were handcuffs -- ditto for Albany with lots of cameras capturing the guilty being escorted out.

Gordon Gekko, the film "Wall Street" "Greed is good." is the mantra at City Hall and under Bloomberg there has been the most shameful abuse of eminent domain city wide by Columbia University mass evicting Manhattanville to Willets Point to Ratner in Brooklyn, I am told the NY Times building got built thanks to eminent domain -- you tell me yes or no? And there is more.... And the horror show at Coney Island -- did you ever get the feeling your existence is an inconvenient truth. We have yet to be offered one way air plane tickets by the mayor but I always said the only thing John Sexton, president of NYU, Mike Bloomberg and socialite mega millionaire city planner haven't done is provide NYU buses, trains and trolleys to move us out.

Mike Bloomberg and his socialite city planner who act like they do not represent the people but greedy community crushing developers posing as higher ed and greedy developers not posing do not get their legacy is an ugly one and add denying us a referendum to Bloomberg's stained legacy of shame.

NYU and Cooper Union don't even need to abuse eminent domain to get the job done and they use their not for profit status like a tax shelter for land grabs and I mean vertically busting through zoning. Cooper Union has done one build that feels criminal by the black cube at Astor Place which has nothing to do with higher ed but great real estate holdings and ditto for the next act which again feels like a criminal act aided and abetted by socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda Burden, tearing down their little yellow Science Building across the street to supersize and again lease for 99 years.

Under Bloomberg it has all been a sham and a shame. The people of this great city have been betrayed at every level by the people supposedly representing them with a few exceptions.

Mayor Bloomberg you are a disgrace.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

YouTube on Village Voice exposing Christine Quinn corruption re: staff members campaigning for her

Christine Quinn Pads Campaign Staff with Council Staff (More corruption city hall so what is new? How about some arrests?)

Wake up VOTERS, Christine Quinn is not who you think she is!!!!!!!!!

Added this comment:
Bravo for exposing more corruption at City Hall. It seems like the threshold for corruption is taller than the zone busting builds pushed by the Bloomberg Administrations reckless tsunami of community crushing development. We are all waiting for news on the on going investigation of city council members and staff which reminds me if Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn had an ounce of integrity, considering they knew City Council was being investigated how could they allow a city council tainted by corruption vote on term limits? Their votes are tainted and need to be tossed out. Denying the people a referendum sure felt criminal. Thanks for exposing even more corruption City Hall. If you haven't read about City Council getting what appears to be commission, oops, kickbacks, oh I mean to write campaign contributions read these articles. The very long one by Benjamin Lesser ends with two very damming paragraphs about Quinn and developer Dermott. Quinn is Mike Bloomberg's mini-me, a sell-out puppet. Bloomberg thinks he is Robert Moses and watch a bunch of people pretending Quinn is Jane Jacobs except I am there pointing out she is anything but Vote Mike Bloomberg and his third term puppets out of office!!! Thanks, Suzannah B. Troy

If Mike Bloomberg's high priced pit bull Wolfson is in attack mode maybe winning isn't such a snooze?

Mike Bloomberg's high paid pit bull throwing rocks from Mike's glass palace!

When you hit the link above to read more about Steve Rattner and pension fund scandals you may see an advertisement. Hit the top right hand corner where it says skip this add.

Just count your lucky stars folks The NY Times even printed these pieces because the owner is best friends with Steve Rattner. I heard Rattner does some money managing for Mort Zuckerman but I don't know if that is true. You can find two pieces on Rattner that are a must read in the NYDaily News. The links are on my YouTube pension catastrophe text portion....

Steve Rattner stepped down from his position in the White House rescuing the auto industry and I did wonder, hmmm did the pension fund scandals splish splashed all the way to the White House?

Mayor Bloomberg doesn't propose a campaign law to limit the amount of spending an individual can spend, too bad!!!!!!!!

3 out of 4 candidates running for Public Advocate support eminent domain abuse, Thanks Queen Crap for pointing this article out

Quin won't support democrat candidate for mayor

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mike Bloomberg thinks he is Robert Moses & Christine Quinn thinks she is Jane Jacobs & a Robert Moses rolled into one except she is called sell out

Whoopsie! The Villager happen to erase Christine Quinn being protested at the Jane Jacobs street name signing and The Villager was in cohoots with Christine Quinn's Mike Bloomberg's mini me and NYU (pres. John Sexton ran down to City Hall to say Mike must have a third term I mean who else will let us tear down more historic buildings?) ,... NYU mega real estate magnate ---stacking the audience for the debate with Quinn supporters and turning away just about everyone else including a severely handicapped long term community member who made the Olympic effort to get there as well as many other seniors and press including NY1!

If Mike Bloomberg thinks he is Robert Moses and Christine Quinn is his mini me that makes her a little Robert Moses and watch this YouTube as people try to pass her off as a Jane Jacobs.

Christine Quinn is no Jane Jacobs!

Thrown the Bums out! Read the article in Crain, people are Fed Up!

Pedro Espada is the poster boy for a complete disconnect -- an inability to grasp how his actions have hurt people of New York and especially New York City. Lucky for him many people don't see to know and he lives in a constant state of denial. A large screen should be placed on the floor of the senate and televised also available on the internet 24 hours 7 days a week to show just how much the "clowns of Albany" are costing New Yorkers. Ditto for City Hall where we wait for more information in to the on going investigation of City Council staff and their aides which just underscores city council had no "business" voting on term limits and denying us a referendum. From Albany to City Hall people are fed up and we want handcuffs, public arrests if possible and clean house.

Political players are worse than dysfunctional and their actions feel criminal. The people of New York literally cannot afford these "clowns of Albany". Sorry if I have offended any clowns.
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy
watch my YouTube series on NYC politics starting with "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York"

Mike Bloomberg thinks he is Robert Moses as well as Napoleon NY Post editorial points to Deutsche Bank Debacle popping his bubble

Albany Law Makers collect pensions but oops they are not retired and technically they are not breaking the law just getting around it

Please hold your nose while reading it stinks.

Earth to politicians -- the USA is broke so is New York -- helloooooooo

Your activities are making us poorer and that includes the shocking and shamefully behavior at Albany by Espada and his buddies to City Halls city council and staff that have been robbing tax payers literally -- no wonder they want to stay in office for a 3rd term and who ever!

NY Daily News coverage of candidates Pets FOWL

Your poltical animal coverage of candidates pets would leave NYers to believe that the democratic process was not flushed down the toilet by Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn. Has anyone noticed City Council was and is being investigated for corruption and therefore should not have been allowed to vote on ter limits and the votes are tainted and need to be tossed. The true political animal you have not touched on is Fowl as in foul play!

Suzannah B. Troy

Fowl is also word play for STINKS!!!!!!!!!

City Hall does stink like a massive city wide infrastructure break but it is City Hall and corruption!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy will not vote for Bill Thompson

When Thompson's people refused to back fellow democrat if Avella beat Thompson I was shocked but if Thompson is willing to back the horrifying abuse that we all felt by the MTA strike and I still want Roger Touissant to serve time for that than I will not vote for Bill Thompson in this election or any.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oust Christine Quinn! I yell at her as she does her perp walk, oops I mean enters the debate where with the help of The Villager she stacked audience

I filmed her grand entrance with two cameras

Breaking News Queens Crap Willets Point infrastructure break big! Looks big as a whale!

NYU denies access to handicap gentleman who can barely speak but he speaks to me!

Whoopsie Mike Bloomberg 's Napoleon complex makes Freudian slip says 4th term

Even Republicans Think King Mike, the little emperor of NYC has a Napoleon complex? Mike slips says 4th term!

NYU and The Villagers relationship exposed again and hurts the community yet again!!!!!

The Villager cut me out completely from The Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen rally and I demanded community outreach resource centers in every NYU mega dorm. Last night yet again exposed how The Villager is in bed with NYU in the worst ways that harm the community. If The Villager had reported what I said maybe we would have community outreach resource centers!

I show up at the Jane Jacobs Street Naming and protest Quinn and The Villager erases me and last night the debacle underscores how The Villager, NYU and Christine Quinn are all in this together schilling for people who do not serve the community but their own interests or worse cater to developers that crush our communities -- oh but the No. 1 crusher of our community is NYU!

Gee, I could see how The Villager could completely not see me confronting Quinn on slushgate and taking campaign contributions from developers!

NYU The Villager stomp on democracy!

Bloomberg Watch and Christine Quinn dot com pick up the debacle last night as democracy got stomped on yet again by Quinn, NYU and The Villager!

City Hall News covers NYU, The Villager barring the press from debate

The Press being barred makes The Huffington Report

Christine Quinn just can't play fair! Quinn exposed by rival candidate!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Espada son set to resign, Espada is in denial in way too many ways

Comment City Room for Norman Siegel it got approved, you never know w/the NY Times

Comment City Room for Norman Siegel it got approved, you never know w/the NY Times

Yes, you are seeing advertisements on my blogs! Why?

Christine Quinn uses and abuses the NYPD, as if the NYPD needs more bad press Mike' mini me thinks the NYPD her front line for intimidation

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Youtube has over 1,000 views!

Thanks to you for tuning in!

Mike Bloomberg assists NYU in the tear down of historic St. Ann's from 1847 & schills for NYU be ruthless destroy neighbors go to NYU!

Mike Bloomberg is proud he went to NYU and please note Mike Bloomberg aided and abetted NYU in the ruthless destruction of St. Ann's from 1847. St. Ann's survived everything all these years but NYU's need and greed to tear down yet another historic building and build yet another hideous sky piercing mega dorm in the East Village.

Yes, go to NYU, be like Mike Blomberg and president John Sexton -- have zero respect for the community, the historic buildings of NYC -- tear them down and push them out. Visit 120 East 12th Street and see for yourself. Remember this couldn't have been done with out the USPS selling air space over St. Ann's and the USPS had to notify the State of NY. Just like blocking fire hydrants the USPS was confident they are above the law and don't care about potentially endangering the community. The USPS and NYU both were in a rush to get this deal done so NYU could tear down St. Ann's, supersize and cram in as many college kids as possible because it is not about education but about the almighty dollar. NYU's logo should be a mega dorm with a dollar bill and not our historic Washington Square Arch because NYU tears down as much NYC history as NYU can and all in the name of greed posing as higher ed.

Mike Bloomberg is having one shocking revelation though. When his people call East and West Villagers and ask if Mike has their vote they answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike's people ask what can Mike do to change that. Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg, you aided and abetted developers destroying our communities -- NYU, Cooper Union, uptown Columbia University to name 3 real estate magnates and Amanda Burden socialite mega millionaire city acts like she is the city planner for these real estate magnates posing as higher education.

Mike has to schill for NYU like he owns stock in NYU and Mike Bloomberg forget and still forgets he hold office supposedly serving the people of NYC not greed and destruction in the name of higher education.

Vote Mike Bloomberg out of office. Vote greedy destructive real estate developers posing has higher ed. out of office.

The only thing John Sexton, Mike Bloomberg and Amanda Burden have not done is provide buses, trains and trolleys to move us out. Our existence is inconvenient and is a bother to NYU and Cooper Union's unending need to expand and ditto uptown with Columbia U.

Mike's Complicity NY Post Editorial

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You are a disgrace!!!!!!! Mike Bloomberg!!!!!

Espada has cost tax payers millions maybe billions but he is counting on the people not tuning in to the truth. Now he hires his son for $120,000

Guess what -- hire taxes means more displacement.

Espada has cost the people of NY and of course the people of NYC even more with his self serving egotistical actions that prove he is serving himself not the people and now he hires his son to $120 grand post -- Thanks to the NYPOst

Mae West Walking tour coming to you or should I say come out and focus on female power!!!!!!

I received this missive -- thought I would share with you. I am posting this on Mayor Bloomberg King of New York because this mayor is a bit of prude just like the mayor that had Mae West arrested!!!!!!!!

Hello from a dramatist in Washington Square!
Enjoyed your comments about MAE WEST and I wanted you to know I give an annual walking tour dedicated to the Brooklyn-born trailblazer on or near her birthday.
This year's walking tour is Sunday afternoon August 16th.
We'll start at Shubert Alley at 4 PM and focus on female power:
"GAUDY GIRLS on The Great White Way: Mae West and Texas Guinan in the Theatre District."
Details are on my Texas Guinan Blog - - - and also on my Mae West blog.
Stay happy, Mae

+For you youngsters, Mae West was a ground breaker in many ways from her earthy sense of humor and celebration of women as sexually empowered to her business acumen. She was hugely successful business woman starting from the most humble background in Brooklyn. Madonna has clearly molded her self after Mae West and other blonde bomb shells but Madonna never came close to Mae West's to sexy, funny and empowering theatrics.

Thanks Mae, I will try and stay happy but NYC is a tough town as you know when you got arrested by the NYPD performing in your play SEX on Broadway, the play you wrote. The mayor of NYC was behind your unfair arrests and I know many gay men protesting Mike Bloomberg because they feel the same way right now in 2009. The NYPD brought you to what is now Jefferson Library and than was a court house in the West Village and you were found guilty! But Mae you always were a winner and did your time with grace and good humor of course!

I love you Mae!
Suzannah B. Troy

Watch my YouTube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Part 2"
and give me 5 stars or do not come up and see me sometime, right Mae!!!???!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloomy Sex Toy on sale? Now, you know I wasn't talking about Mike Bloomberg or the Wolfson!!! I am talking about the recession and small business!

As so many mourn NYC because the Bloomberg administration has supersized our historic neighborhoods, caused massive displacements all in the name of higher ed., Mike and socialite mega millionaire City Planner Amanda Burden crushed our communities city wide for their good developer friends even supporting the displacement -- one big mass eviction of Manhattanville for Columbia University. NYU and Cooper Union can get the job down without abusing eminent domain.

Mike Bloomberg thinks everyone is for sale! Check out the Wolfson link above!!!!!! Mike bought the Wolfson and Wolfson is the Bloomy pit bull but not as cute and cuddly and loyal as pit bulls were originally bred to be.

I am not talking about Sex in the City either because the tv show is not about sex but about rich gals shopping and talking, shopping and shopping....boring.

The Bloomy on sale is a sign of the times.

The recession has hit hard and people will say it was not Mike Bloomberg's fault but I believe the mass evictions of small businesses is and if he was such a great business man why did he not see the collapse of Wall Street coming, etc. etc. etc. ?

Mike may spend what, 200 million or maybe a billion to buy advertisements, people, votes etc. ....why I even dreamed Mike Bloomberg was in my bed trying to win my vote. By the way, friends and followers cringe and comfort me when I tell them I dreamt I was in a very big bed andMike was in bed with me but he looked his age. We did NOT HAVE SEX. Mike and company, the third termers that denied us a referendum --- are trying to get us all in bed so to speak or just hoping we are not paying attention to what has been going down and it is a huge turn off. If more voters knew I believe they would these third termers out!

Even the toughest NYPD interrogators will not get the name of the store where I took this photo or any info about what is the Bloomie exactly. The NYPD has been known to raid these stores and take a lot of photos. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they go over the evidence and photos from raids. Please note: The name Bloomy has no connection to our like emperor of NYC, the king of New York, our mayor for two maybe three or four terms, maybe four-ever mayor!!!!!!!!!!

Bloomberg has brought Sexual McCarthyism back to NYC as he robs the city of it's soul, Mom and Pop businesses, supermarkets, long term residents, even made Babe Ruth's ghost homeless... He has flown our homeless out of NYC and we are next. He and that wicked witch socialite Amanda Burden have made the Lower East Side look like a bad xerox of Dubai!

Remember to vote Mike Bloomberg out of office and all his third termers he made dizzy with his slushy money. I call his city council members Mr. Slushy and Mrs. Slushy....


Another reason we need term limits, watch dogs and campaign reform

Working Family Party and politicos in a scandal?

Side note: Can anyone explain how the WFP could endorse Christine Quinn who denied us a referendum and is Mike Bloomberg's mini-me?

"CITY HALL SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Six Council Campaigns, de Blasio Campaign, Discovered Using Working Families Staff, Resources In Test Of City Finance Limits

Inner workings of secretive WFP for-profit company and multiple candidates' operations revealed

August 9th, 2009

A complicated web of coordinated activities, shared resources and staff, and quiet money transfers between the Working Families Party, a secretive private company called Data and Field Services and at least six current Council campaigns, as well as Bill de Blasio’s campaign for public advocate, appears to have found several ways around the strict city campaign finance laws. Upwards of a million dollars, and possibly more, are involved, with over $1.7 million in matching funds comprised of taxpayer dollars already disbursed and more are potentially at stake. "
Go to above link to read more....

Also read this link...

City Council members give bonuses to their staff, money that was suppose to be returned to the City!

Norman Siegel for Public Advocate!!!!

Vote for Norman Siegel for Public Advocate!!!!!! Mike Bloomberg, Quinn Mike's mini me and Simcha Felder Mr. Slushy have received millions of slush from Mike Bloomberg want to have no public advocate for the people of NYC at City Hall.
Vote Norman he has a lot of experience fighting for the people, actually the most of anybody running!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The accidental governor parties, hires a party pal during a hiring freeze. Behind bars or partying at bars?

You are the accidental gov so please don't let the City of New York and the tax payers that may have to absorb billions do to the clowns of Albany not serving the people except with higher taxes because of their massive egos so please party on and go on vacation...after all we are in a recession. Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn are passing out raises as they close homeless shelters and have their own orgy of admiration which is just party of the political party animal that is Albany, City Hall down to community boards....everyone is just the greatest but if they continue this way we will go from recession to depression and EVEN more people will be displaced.

The politicos serving their egos instead of the people deserve to behind bars because they are serving the people only with higher taxes to come and more people pushed out of New York. If they keep us their ways we will go from recession to depression.

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York behind bars Lower East Side The Outlaw Art Museum my poster!

Vote Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn out of office along with everyone that voted for a third term!!!!!

Bloomberg is the Bush of NYC, vote him out!!!!! No Third Term!!!!!!!

King Mike Bloomberg -- major scandal brewing according to Village Voice!

nside The Mayor's Studio: NYC-TV's Secrets Of New York

Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 3:41 pm

PAGE 1 OF 17

This spring, a potential minor disaster loomed in the otherwise charmed life of Mike Bloomberg's administration. A top official at NYC-TV was arrested and charged with siphoning tens of thousands of dollars out of his agency's coffers and into his pocket.

The new city television network was created with much ado by Bloomberg, a media mogul and the station's leading champion. The mayor has hailed its hip new shows, like Secrets of New York, which stars a glamorous model in a form-fitting black vinyl trench coat darting about the city.

The agency has prospered under the mayor's watch, with an annual budget that has soared from less than $2 million to more than $10 million. It's unclear exactly why city taxpayers are funding these glossy entertainments, but this much is plain: A scam by a high-level insider at the station had the potential for a bit of embarrassment.

Bloomberg's City Hall team quickly went into damage control: Yes, there had been a bad apple, one Trevor Scotland, the network's former director of business development and operations. Yes, together with an outside confederate, he'd managed to loot some $60,000 in station revenues. And yes, he'd been nabbed by the city's own keen-eyed investigators. All else was well. Next story.

Go to link to read more on this....

Perhaps the mayor kings intentions were good but he broke the usual?

Fed Up New Yorkers FUNY 2nd Issue is now out!

NYU and Cooper Union students, supporters, staff come to YouTube and display gross insensitivity to community emblematic of higher ed's ruthlessness

As if NYU and Cooper Union students, staff? and supporters are not pleased enough at the ruthless, greedy, predator like ways and destruction their Universities wage on the community, they also feel compelled to anonymously come to my YouTubes and harass me. If they are done right rude, I delete their comments. If they are perfect examples of the arrogance and hateful way NYU and Cooper Union treat the community as their high priced public relations people spread the lies we like what they do -- than I leave the comments up and I also forward to the press.

I thank them for showing the true nature of NYU and Cooper Unions treatment, the ruthlessness, the callousness, insensitivity and truly destructive treatment of these supposed institutions of higher ed that are really ruthless real estate magnates with the full support of socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda Burden and our Billionaire mayor.

Friday, August 7, 2009

City Council man denies knowing his aid stole tax payer money, can he deny this as well?

Marlene no longer Homeless

Marlene is no longer homeless (at least for now) and I asked her how she found housing. This is how I understand it. A man that worked at Heuss House way downtown which closed (thanks to the mayors cuts although he has money to give raises, go figure) recognized her and I gather or I am guessing he now works at Henry Settlement Shelter and was able to get her housing.

If you look closely you can see my reflection in the mirror taking her photo.

She was sober tonight when I bought her dinner. I told her it had come to my attention that a local blogger had taken a photo of her exposing her breasts. I asked her if she was aware he put the photo this on the world wide web of it because at the time she appeared drunk which sadly is often the case. She did not know the photo of her was up on the blog and I suggested if she was not comfortable to ask that it be removed. Thanks to The New York Post explaining the law, I now understand that if, let us say a woman is very drunk and a man takes sexually advantage of her it could be considered rape.

If anyone was taking advantage of Marlene it would be greatly disturbing because she has issues and her housing situation is tenuous. She is a sweet person. She is difficult at times when she is drunk or in need of a drink but ultimately she is a good soul. She needs a lot more support and care than she is getting but that is true of so many people that live mostly on the street and struggle with addictions as well as homelessness.

Note: King Mike closed Heuss House and an other homeless shelter. The man that spotted Marlene was in the area I am guessing working at Henry Settlement because Heuss was closed. It is sad and wrong to close resources for homeless. She was lucky someone spotted her and assisted her in getting housing. Because she drinks and booze effects her mental state including anger when she can't get any, I fear she will lose her housing and also that she will be taken advantage of. I never hand her money but I do buy her food when I can, sometimes a pack of cigarettes. It is really disturbing their is some much alcohol abuse and also is a hard cycle to break. I gave up coffee and that was hard. I can't imagine giving up these things that have such a powerfully destructive grip on people. Of course the people that profit are delighted. The addictions and their vicious cycle are in possible to ignore because in NYC there is a high volume of people caught in this cycle, some are homeless, some are not and some are just visiting to get their fix of party central.

For women -- I can't warn you enough about being careful because women that drink can wake up the next day with soreness and have no memory of being raped because the date rape drug was put in their drink or maybe they were just flat out too drunk to remember. Human nature is predatory -- sorry to say that. Humans can be very loving and very good but here in NYC it is easy to see the predators lurking about. It is very disturbing.



Dear Union Boss, Michael Forde: So you are tainted -- so are the votes by city council members caught stealing tax payers money and their votes need to extend term limits and their corruption need to be tossed.

Don't worry you aren't alone being a favorite among politicians -- they are plenty of tainted politicians -- Albany and City Hall that are strong favorites especially amongst themselves.

Gov. Paterson give's his Party gal pal an $88,000 a year job in the midst of recession and budget crisis!!!!!!

The accidental governor hires club gal pal, Gabrielle Turner, despite hiring freeze!!!!!!

It is okay Dave, Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn are giving out raises here at City Hall...who cares that we are in the midst of a depression, oops, I meant to say recession and they city is budget is bust even worse because of the selfish egostical clowns of Albany! Party on Dave!!!!!!!! Great example but don't worry Pedro and his pals could not act any lower than they have already costing tax payers billions....? Or is their more collatoral damage to come from politicians serving their egos, their greed and stupidity and not the people of New York.

More people will be forced to leave New York because they can't afford New York but as long as they aren't billionaires or mega millionaires Mike, Christine and party gov. Dave and the clowns of Albany just don't care!

Dear Benjamin Lesser your piece exposing Christine Quinn and other city council members taking big money from developers is award winning, you won one

Benjamin Lesser of The New York Daily news, you are a superstar! I want you to win an award for your piece on Quinn and Dermott -- you won one in my heart!
It is proof that this city council is corrupt and self serving and their tainted votes to extend term limits need to be tossed out. Let's see a list
of all city council members that received money from developers and if these developers have outstanding fines from DOB and or ECB.

Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn need to be drug tested or impeached giving out raises in a recession with the budget bust!


Massive water main break by City Hall, Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of development invited infrastructure breaks galore!,0,3050598.story


HOW FITTING -- right by City Hall to underscore my very point.

Thank goodness no one died or was injured!

Watch my YouTube series on infrastructure concerns and always check the text portion of my YouTube for links!!!

Massive water main break by City Hall, Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of development invited infrastructure breaks galore!,0,3050598.story


HOW FITTING -- right by City Hall to underscore my very point.

Thank goodness no one died or was injured!

Watch my YouTube series on infrastructure concerns and always check the text portion of my YouTube for links!!!

King MIke takes Amanda socialite mega millions Ken doll Charlie Rose global!!!!!

Just so you know Amanda socialite city planner and mega millionaire born with uber-platinium spoon in her mouth and power dater and even bigger power divorcer -- ka-ching ka-ching with what a $45 million dollar trust fund for her kids....?????????.......

Socialite Amanda Burden is no longer girlfriend to Charlie Rose but they are good friends and just like NYC politics including the community boards -- it is just one big orgy of admiration -- one big club and Mike Bloomberg and his Bloomberg News -- are taking Amanda Burden's Ken Doll aka Charlie Rose global -- gee I bet Mike has Charlie Rose's vote.....ya think.

Having Mike as a friend sure helps a lot.....
too paid the middle class and poor aren't your friends Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ditto for socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda Burden who but her close knit ties with NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U. with all their developer friends before the people of New York City!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Simcha "Show me the money" Felder -- Felder is Mike Bloomberg's Mr. Slush -- Mike I need more slush money

Simcha Felder can't be bought by Mike Bloomberg but that doesn't stop him from receiving millions of dollars of slush fund money from the mayor -- especially when the mayor was gearing up to break the law, oops, I mean change the law so he and corrupt thieving, lying city council members that are accustomed to stealing tax payers money could continue to do so for another term.

Simcha Felder -- Mr. Slushy -- is not shy about letting Mike Bloomberg know he will do his dirty work for him -- hey we the people of NY do not need a public advocate -- a public advocate states we need a referendum -- you can't extend term limits without letting the people vote and Felder was giving millions by the mayor before gearing up for the third term "deal ordeal".

Simcha "Show Me the Money" Felder says to Mike Bloomberg -- hey you got an more money for me king Mike, I won't people your puppet at least all the time but I want to be your Mr. Slushy!

To see Simcha and other "slushy" city council members that voted for a third terms photos with their large slush fund pay outs from the mayor go to this link.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fed Up New Yorkers FUNY making news!!! Look out Mike Bloomberg and you third termers!!!

Melinda Katz how about handcuffs for you?

Melinda how about handcuffs for u for taking $$ from developers

Melinda Katz how about handcuffs for you for taking what....? Almost half a million dollars from developers for campaign contributions? Is that considered commission for pork or a kickback?

Bless Benjamin Lesser with two powerful articles exposing how city council takes money from developers and his partner in this article Erin Einhorn!

Melinda Katz has a lot of nerve and clearly no shame which goes along with more than half of city council that violated our rights denying us a referendum and voting for us or rather for themselves. So far every name that has come up in the investigation of tax payers money being abused voted to extend term limits which means their votes are tainted and should be thrown out -- meaning city councils' term limits deal ordeal is now truly a shame, null and void.

Katz is a big phony and Azi ask her for a full disclosure of the developers and the developers track records as well. Do they have any DOB and ECB violations -- if so have they paid them all up?

How about the majority of New Yorkers protesting and going to city council asking for protection against greedy developers. Ask Katz and many other city council members including Christine Quinn if they are putting the people of New York first and their needs and concerns or the developers that give them "green" aka big campaign contributions.

I wish we could investigate them all and the community boards as well.

Read the last two paragraphs of this (deserves to be)award winning piece written by Benjamin Lesser which exposes Quinn. I want to know does Demott have to return the 2 million that Quinn sponsored this the development by Demott fell through?

Also this Simcha Felder who does the dirty work for Bloomberg and Quinn demanding we get rid of Public Advocate, a public watchdog that demanded we have a referendum -- Felder -- got millions in discretionary funding from Mike Bloomberg. Felder has no loyalty to Mike Bloomberg but is not shy about asking Mike to show him the money and a lot of it.

I feel sorry for the people of New York. What is going on feels down right criminal. Denial and tax payers money are two things city council members are flush with...way too flush.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mike Bloomberg offering New Yorkers a free ride?

Yo -- with big campaign signs and people shouting "4 more years" surrounding him -- he talked about giving New Yorkers a free ride --
as if Mike was imbibing in some mood altering drug BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO OFFER ANY NEW YORKER A FREE RIDE UNLESS IT'S ON HIS PRIVATE JET PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commish Kelly: I have a question for you!
If I happen to be there at that press conference with a big sign that said "No more years!!!!!!" and chanted "Vote Bloomberg out of office" would the NYPD have arrested me?

My response to a YouTuber on corrupt NYC political scandals barely reported in the news!

xt portion of this youtube to see NY Daily links re: campaign contributions
Please look at the text portion of this youtube to see NY Daily links re: campaign contributions

I actually called up the post and ny daily news -- said I am wearing a 6 dollar recession bikini top and I am about to be 47 -- that turned them off.

The two articles say in so many words city council including Quinn give pork and get a commission aka campaign contributions.

I wrote
I sent this out with a demand that term limits votes be tossed because they are tainted since so many city council members are tainted with down and out theft of tax payers money -- they treat tax payer money like the city is their sugar daddy but it is worse -- it is blatant stealing.

Since I made that big splash -- they have stopped reporting ANY NEWS ON city council being investigated which they are. Which are dependent on nypost and nydaily news for info.

Sad --

mort zuckerman was forgive almost 38 million in debt for backing out of Coliseum deal by Guilliani sorry to exhausted can't spell -- and mort is thick with bloomberg wants him around for a third term -- Mort owns nydaili news

it is worse than that -- Steve Rattner is tight with Mort and Mike is mike's money manger maybe mort's as well ---? Steve is thisclose to owner of NYTimes

Steve is implicated in pension scandals at city hall - it is not just ny city but state and other states New Mexico and one other state.

He was at his new job car czar bailing out the auto industry at White House -- I believe he had to step down because all though most NYers don't know it -- there is what I call white collar crime at city hall right under Thompson's nose -- and the splish splash went all the way to the white house -- at least it did until he resigned.
you have to scroll way down in the text portion of this youtube but there are three articles that talk about the pension scandals and we are lucky we got them reported considering who owns the news papers Steve Rattner good friends.

I have more under my youtube in text portion under pension catastrophe