Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mike Bloomberg's YouTube rep. that cyber stalks, harasses and we believe steals people's identities inspired this piece on Mike, not flattering and I am not the author

Mike pushed mass displacement and his financial acumen has not helped the city as we are moving towards a possible depression.  The city council won't even post their pork spending on a website as requested by the public advocated which doesn't inspire trust and confidence.  We await more arrests of city council members and so far every one under investigation happen to vote to extend term limits.....

Gee whiz!  Aren't you glad Mike denied us a referendum so city council could vote for us on whether they should have a third term to steal, exploit nepotism in every way possible, etc. etc. etc.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wrote Vanity Fair a post-script.....

I did not use the word "///" ( as kiss one's posterior) but on both my blogs I do ask is it true? Is the Vanity Fair a kiss ... piece for Amanda socialite mega millionaire city planner the people's Burden... p.s Dear Amanda the people's Burden -- do to the economic crisis, NYC is in dire need of more socialites....please return to your truly calling and stop crushing the people of New York City for your friends. By the way, I called the new york daily new and ask to speak to Mort Zuckerman. I have emailed my question as well. I keep asking does Steve Rattner manage Mort's money as well? I have a 13 YouTube series on Steve Rattner and Mort Zuckerman. Also folks -- a month and half before the mayoral election...all 334 YouTubes of mine mostly giving king Mike Bloomberg a very hard time for flushing democracy down the toilet and um -- all my YouTubes were banned, removed from YouTube and all websites and blogs that featured my YouTubes all over the world. Norman Siegel contacted Google's legal dept. Activists, YouTubers, film makers wrote youtube and I did get an apology from Google 28 hours later and all my hard work restored. An audience from the future will see events unfolded very differently than reported by the newspapers and magazines on behalf of their good friends....

I hear Vanity Fair did a puff piece as in get down and pucker for Amanda the socialite mega-millionaire city planner -- the people's Burden, Amanda the people's Burden the worst city planner ever

Dear Editor of VF: Amanda Burden is the worst city planner ever and I know first hand. I include her in my poem "Buy Town Stuy Town" -- actually a phone conversation I had with her about the tear down of St. Ann's from 1847 which survived everything all these years but NYU's need and greed to tear down yet another mega dorm and the USPS's very shady air sale to the evil empire of the East Village. Even Rudy Giuliani's city planner said no to Cooper Union when they wanted to tear down their little yellow science building and supersize, busted through zoning and lease the building for 99 years but with Amanda the people's Burden let them do it twice over with the half empty sky piercing mirrored building by the black cube that reflects a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome. Would you buy a multi-million dollar condo on land leased by Cooper Union? Agreed, that is why the building is half empty. Have you noticed the streets, sidewalk and every infrastructure including democracy is collapsing under billionaire Bloomberg and mega millionaire socialite Amanda the Burden helping out all their rich developer friends....The Bloomberg administration pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development as reckless and stupid as Wall Street causing mass displacement city wide. I went to bed in the East Village and woke up in a bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of Dubai. I am going to assume you will not print this so I will post on my blogs

p.s Dear Amanda the people's Burden -- do to the economic crisis, NYC is in dire need of more socialites....please return to your truly calling and stop crushing the people of New York City for your friends.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Remy Shapiro's letter in The NY Post brilliantly slams MIke Bloomberg and NYU!!!!!!

Go to the above link to read Remy Shapiro's letter slamming Mike Bloomberg!!!!!!!

In case the NY Post removes the letter:

* The deal is that New York City gets Governors Island, but only if it is used for the "public good" instead of Bloomberg's usual luxury-condos legacy and other help-my-friends-get-rich schemes using public money and public property.
Sure enough, Bloomberg says he wants to put super-rich NYU on the island.
Bloomberg may be very rich and powerful today, and all of his minions may be afraid of him. Once he is gone, the truth will come out that he was far worse than Boss Tweed.
Remy Shapiro

Read more:

Bravo Remy Shapiro!!!!!!!! Perfectly expressed. I confronted Mike Bloomberg on the John Gambling Show when NYU was bent on tearing down St. Ann's from 1847 that survived everything but NYU's need and greed to build yet another mega dorm. I told him he is pushed a tsunami of development and with is evictions. I wanted mega dorms to give us community outreach resource centers because they use the term "community facility to superize and exclude push out the community. Mike Bloomberg replied just a few people feel the way Suzannah feels. The election he barely won proves he was wrong.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Oct. 9, 2009, I tell Mike Bloomberg I want to hear from you on Quadrangle being implicated in pension fund scandal!!!! Still want to hear from Mike on Steve Rattner and Quadrangle

Suzannah B. Troy is waiting for a comment from king Mike Bloomberg on Steve Rattner getting busted but no jail time

This is all a big joke. Rattner doesn't even have to sweat jail time. This entire event is a scam including that it did not break until after the mayoral election. We haven't gotten a comment from Mike Bloomberg. The bottom line was Mike stealing a third term was like a professional wrestling match and Steve Rattner aided and abetted him. Both guys are arrogant and confident the laws don't apply to the. We are lucky Rattner finally got busted at all. Rattner tried to distance himself from this and he thought he could skate free and clear because he is so rich and so powerful connected especially with the media. It is a miracle he got busted at all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

King Mike's friend Steve Rattner "busted" finally in Quadrangle scandal

  • Suzannah B. Troy
    04/15/2010 1:50 PM
    Go to YouTube search engine and type in Suzannahartist Steve Rattner and watch my very long YouTube series on Steve Rattner -- Quadrangle implicated in the pension fund scandals. See what I have to say. Also I rant about the pathetic bio by Joyce Purnick on Mike Bloomberg where interestingly enough she points out Rattner insisted Bloomberg run for a third term. (FYI so did John Sexton, pres. of NY -because Mike assists him in tearing down our historic buildings so NYU can supersize. Ditto for all developer buddies including Cooper Union.) Purnick never mentions the pension fund scandals and says Rattner stepped down from his job at the White House because he wanted to spend more time with his family. Pathetic all of it and thank goodness Cuomo would not let Rattner escape this. The pension fund scandals splish splashed all the way to the White House and back to City Hall. Busted.

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This article Mike Bloomberg states Steve Rattner should not have to step it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mike concerns for Wall Street

Wall Street gets a bail out and "the new Wall Street" appears to be running very much like the last version of Wall Street so it is business as usual and bonuses as usual. Too bad king Mike is not an advocate for the people of NYC that were crushed under his displacing community crushing tsunami of development pushed by his administration as reckless, stupid and greedy as what brought down Wall St. Bloomberg's city planner a socialite mega millionaire with a 40 million dollar trust fund for her kids aided abetted developer buddies including NYU who lost a fortune in the Madoff meltdown, Cooper Union Columbia besides all the hotels that busted through our zoning are part of Mike' new hideous NY built on old NY's infrastructure. Mike with the help of a corrupt city council flushed democracy down the toilet. Does Mike have any ideas on how to bail out all the small businesses. The store fronts are all empty and it looks like a hurricane hit the city both with empty store fronts and streets riddled with store fronts. His mega millionaire socialite city planner is called Amanda the people's Burden. Mike is concerned about the trickle down from Wall Street but under his administration it is "sub-zero trickle down" a turn I made up in honor of Mike. Yes, he is giving away his fortune but again the people of NY aren not feeling his generosity. How ironic because he has the personal fortune to bail out this city. He could have handed out 110 million dollars instead of giving it to a campaign staff that alienated New Yorkers. Unless he hands the money to the people it won't get to the people because t

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hurry up Cy so we can impeach Mike Bloomberg -- how his campaign staff dropped the ball over and over

Hurry Cy so when can impeach Mike Bloomberg! Great reporting David Seifman and the NYPost website has improved. I bought the newspaper and this is the first time I could go to the site -- click on your photo and actually find the article! Miracles do happen. Bloomberg is going to get busted. Bloomberg really should have fired his campaign advisers not given them obscene amounts of money and bonuses. They really misguided him and one small example is the mailer. The Bloomberg mailers so completely annoyed and further alienated New Yorkers and that was a no brainer.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jim Morrison film "When You're a Strange" & of course I talk about my anger here in NYC w/Bloomberg politics & art including Union Square

My friend wrote this in response to my YouTube!
I remember meeting Jim Morrision in the late 60's; seeing him in very small venues, like Ondines, and the Scene and at SUNY Stony Brook. I would walk up to him and in my awe, 'I dig you man'. I mean the places were so small he was two feet in front of me, in leather, sweating...a cigarette break in front of the storefront clubs...

(And Dear Readers: He wrote this in response to my new YouTube. You can go see the film at Angelika's on Houston Street!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Washington Square Park -- looks like a prison camp with all the fences and it is about real estate dealings with NYU's hand in it of course, the mayor and NYU

Suzannah B. Troy
04/08/2010 5:37 AM
David: If you haven't, you and your reporters should visit Washington Square Park. The mayor and gang including NYU, the real estate empire that owns most of the property around the park and also has the most hideous eyesores including Bobst Library (the suicide library) and the hideous ugly Student Center forced their "improvements" of Washington Square Park that the community fought looks more like a prison camp with big parts gated off. It was a huge waste of money to move the fountain a few feet and rip up trees that like the community and historic buildings torn down by NYU belong there but the mayor, NYU, and other real estate developers are bent on "improvements" that drive the community and history -- the soul out of NYC all for $. The supposed improvements where for NYU real estate values and to cater to tourism and the people as usual are screwed. Think of the recession we are in and the massive crisis. Did multi-millions really need to be spent and if so how about on a park in a poor neighborhood?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tips for the little emperor of NYC Mike Bloomberg for his 3rd term

Here are some tips for the little emperor of NYC to help with the budget crisis. Remember all the campaign staff you just hired with 6 figure salaries that The NY Post estimated cost tax payers $2 million dollars? Mike, pay them out of your own pocket. Take a pay cut so instead of paying you a dollar we pay you 50 cents. City Council needs to unvote themselves a raise. Fire all borough presidents and cut out all slush money to city council. Any city gov and Albany money has to be LoJacked and accounted for because Albany and NYC collect so much money in taxes, where is it all going? Fire everyone in the rubber room. Prosecute all corrupt politicos and make them back back the money they have stolen plus jail time. Cut all wasteful city and state spending and Mike give us a vote on a referendum so we can vote for term limits. You stole a 3rd term and the 3rd term is your punishment. No wonder the City of NY gives out free condoms...because the people of NY have been so screwed by the people that supposedly represent us.

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adam Lisberg on king Mike's 4th term, oops 3rd term

Adam: The little emperor of NYC had his priorities and that was pushing a reckless tsunami of community crushing development on "old" NY's infrastructure. Adam -- you finally noticed the streets are a wreck but at least these developers got to bust through our zoning from NYU, Cooper Union to Donald Trump at Spring and Varrick and check how many infrastructure related problems including water main breaks, sewage, gas leaks., man hole covers exploding...we are in the shape we are because Bloomberg, City Hall, Albany had the wrong priorities and serving the people not developers or their own agendas was not the priority.