Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Monday, March 21, 2016

NYPD DI Lombardo Arrests Journalist for Jay Walking de Blasio Bratton like Bloomberg Ray Kelly Disgraceful

NYPD DI Lombardo Arrests Journalist for Jay Walking de Blasio Bratton like Bloomberg Ray Kelly Disgraceful

NYPD DI Lombardo Arrests Journalist for Jay Walking

NYPD DI Lombardo Arrests Journalist for Jay Walking de Blasio Bratton like Bloomberg Ray Kelly Disgraceful

Mayor de Blasio Bratton like Bloomberg Ray Kelly Ok NYPD Top Brass Arresting Citizen Journalists

Photos by Erik McGregor   They are POWERFUL he should win an award

How many NYPD officers does it take to arrest a 
jay walking journalist of color -- it looks like
at least 4 plus NYPD DI Lombardo formerly served at
the Abu Ghraib torture prison...

I am a citizen journalists and the NYPD with corrupt front dirty detective John Vergona his best friend Facebook friend NYPD PO Eugene Schatz the first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs never met me but over the phone was verbally violent and threatened me with false arrest on Saturday 4pm unless I dropped the charges against Delita Hooks.  I have audios, police reports, my attackers false cross complaint proving NYPD Internal Affairs involved tampering with my case -- and like Sheldon Silver right now Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton NYPD Internal Affairs are confident they have and will get away with it along with how many other cases?



#NYPD Terrorist Unit Pepper Spray Trump Protestors DI Lombardo Confused Yet Again on Freedom to Protest Highlighted?

NYPD Just Pepper Sprayed Trump Protesters (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

"US Uncut‘s James Woods witnessed police kettle groups of protesters onto the sidewalks and refuse to let them cross the street at a crosswalk. The NYPD had deployed the Strategic Response Group (SRG), which is the department’s anti-terrorism task force, to handle the protests. Woods said when protesters tried to push back against the phalanx of police keeping protesters on sidewalks, the situation got “chaotic.”"

NYPD (promoted to Deputy Inspector)  Capt Lombardo known for intimidating activists served at Abu Ghraib torture prison in Iraq – report

When suing NYPD now DI Lomardo your lawyers may want to read this:

"Lombardo and others who served in the 800th Military Police Battalion were not accused of wrongdoing in the Taguba Report, but 11 other military officers were accused of violations including “sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses inflicted on several [13] detainees.”
The Gothamist connects such experiences, and the exposure to torture and sadism, with the increasing militarization of local police departments and the potential threat they might pose to First Amendment activity.
“Overall, it is not a good idea to put someone who has cut their teeth in the military in a position where they are policing a potentially volatile situation like a protest,” Dr. Peter Kraska, a professor at Eastern Kentucky University and expert on the militarization of police, told the website. “It can cause them to use tactics that are not accepted in democratic policing.”"

Occupy Wall St Youtube dealt with Lombardo with humor by they didn't know about his past.

Lombardo was treated kindly with humor with the intent to raise his consciousness.  Clearly it didn't work.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

See no conflicts in Bloomberg or de Blasio business

Mayor Bloomberg Amanda Burden Legacy Luxury Slum Living

Amanda the People's Burden a socialite who's claim to fame is loving Mike Bloomberg's Ken doll puppet Charlie Rose along with mayor Bloomberg pushed a Tsunami of reckless  Community crushing development on old New York's infrastructures but it gets better post their corrupt reckless wheeling and dealing's to help their pals  and make more and more of the city look like a bad xerox of Wall Street --- Legacy now has become luxury living because Dept of Building  either was bribe overcome and understaffed or bribed and some allege de Blasio is as bad or worse.

Amanda the People's Burden used affordable housing an oxymoron  as a Trojan horse to supersize on old New York's infrastructures and she and Bloomberg along with Dept Of Building push through so many poorly built buildings luxury slums Sivan affordable housing buildings where the heat doesn't work properly everything leaks everything is a hunk of junk garbage nothing has a stamp Proud Made in America  do not blame poor immigrant workers that lined up like they were out of a book of John Steinbeck's.   It was wealthy corrupt players as usual Oligarchs of NY or wannabes.

 Reminder everyone and City Council except Charles Barron voted to push thru Rudin luxury Blood Condos instead of a trauma level 1 hospital --- Scott Stringer  make sure we did not get protective zoning for trauma hospital only.

NYU mega dormed the East Village to death with Amanda the People's burden's help -- see St Ann's facade on East 12th Street like an albatross around real estate developer posing as NYU president like Cooper Union using higher Ed as a tax shelter for higher greed.

Mayor Bloomberg Amanda Burden Legacy Luxury Slum Living 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ray Kelly Mike Bloomberg Like Donald Trump got off on seeing a critic punched? Bloomberg Ray Kelly inspired the NYPD App Tracker report crimes the NYPD won't let you including their own, map all lawsuits against the NYPD, share all data so victims can find each other share information, share all FOIL requests and see how the NYPD and or the City in the case of Michael Bloomberg's emails are with holding information

NYPD App Tracker Report NYPD Crimes, Search Lawsuits and FOIL Requests

Like my ideas please Google Dr Fagelman or Dr Fagelman assault -- watch his attack receptionist Delita Hooks aka DEE and Delite continue to violate my patient rights before a running punch to my left eye making a hole in my retina.  Google NYPD App Tracker dedicated to all the corrupt NYPD IA etc involved in retaliating against me for being a whistle blower -- the NYPD app tracker is dedicated to them.

1)  Add all FOIL requests to THE NYPD APP TRACKER so we can map them and show the world how the NYPD continues to hide all their wrong doings because the NYPD are guilty and run their corrupt operations including Internal Affairs a high priced corrupt tax payer's black hole kind of like the collosal 911 tech mess which by the way included NYPD top brass taking "gifts".

Add all Information requests like Mike Bloomberg's emails....

Why has NYC gov and the NYPD and dirty DAs have so much to hide?

2) Scott Stringer NYC Comptroller has a data base of lawsuits and it must be turned over for public consumption so We the People can map all the lawsuits involving every government agency and most specially the NYPD and any agency that is suppose to police them including lawsuits against DAs and ADAs...!!!!!!!!

3)  NYPD turn over their crime stats so we can map them and than add all the crimes they left out including their own, friends, family members, DAs, ADAs, Internal Affairs crimes etc.

NYPD App Tracker Report NYPD Crimes, Search Lawsuits and FOIL Requests

Ray Kelly Mike Bloomberg Like Donald Trump got off on seeing a critic punched?  Bloomberg Ray Kelly inspired the NYPD App Tracker report crimes the NYPD won't let you including their own, map all lawsuits against the NYPD, share all data so victims can find each  other share information, share all FOIL requests and see how the NYPD and or the City in the case of Michael Bloomberg's emails are with holding information 

Victims of NYPD crime need to be able to find each other and share information.

For example I can't locate a corrupt NYPD Sgt named Sgt Chen who worked at the First Precinct Det Squad and I have audio of him turning me away when I try to report Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint.  Early that day he admitted I had a RIGHT to report Delita Hooks crime but by the time I got the First Precint the fix was in against --- to this day I don't know his first initial and his badge number.

It gets worse -- they NYPD and Internal Affairs involved in the wrong doing hid their faces like klux klux clan members -- I just found 2 of them on social media.  We can only hope more corrupt cops that commit crimes do that.

Ray Kelly wanted to be head of homeland security?   You think Obama had a hard time with all the YouTubes of illegal stop and frisks or Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit?

I want Bloomberg and Kelly to answer questions about Eric Garner's case and mind under oath along with all involved.

Michael Bloomberg email scandal from 12 years unavailable to public, creating a Problem

Reminder Cy Flash Boys Vance the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time during the Haggerty trial has to give IMMUNITY to Team bloomberg but perjury not covered so Cy Vance a real corrupt player protected Mike Bloomberg when he committed perjury and  Team Bloomberg starring Patti Harris --- Team Bloomberg's severe bought of amnesia.

Steve Rattner lucked out since his assistant financial gal was having an affair with newly married Haggerty so you think Haggerty's lawyers would have called Rattner and asked him so questions including about Mike Bloomberg allowing Steve to raid the NY Pension but they didn't.

David Seifman exposed Mike Bloomberg's lack of sharing when it comes to emails in The NY post which was amazing because the NY Post along with all media protected MIKE Bloomberg and some People lost their jobs for speaking up.

Rose Gill Hearn was going to protect all wrong doing that led back to her benefactor king Bloomberg and in return she got two kick back jobs and Cy Vance was going to make sure there was no criminal prosecution of 911 Tech corruption aka ECTP....

de Blasio won't be using his Black son again and he is now called "BloomdeBlasio"

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Teflon Despite their Role CityTime, 911, etc NYDN article Minus CNN I Report and a lot more

NYDN CityTime Article by Grayham Rayman Doesn't have my exclusive the Original Whistleblowing CNN IReport which I got a copy of before it was removed.

FYI under Rose Gill Hearn how many whistle blowers turned away and than how many went to DOI under Mark Peters like me and at least one other person I know that blew the whistle yet again on 911 and Mark Peters is protecting Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn who got 2 kick back appointments for protecting Bloomberg's legacy.  Preet Bharara and dirty DA Cy Flash Boys Vance act like the have Rose Hill Hearn tattoos...sick shocking and 911 is even bigger than CityTime.

"Man says he caused Citytime probe, wants part of settlement - NY Daily News"

Grayham doesn't have the original CNN IReport he calls a blog -- maybe he was thinking of my blog but I do have the original CNN Ireport and you can see it below.

Also you should know Rose Gill Hearn praised CityTime her shocking informercial for CityTime on NY1 -- no investigative journalist would challenge her and CityTime is still a hunk of junk destined for the dumpster and 911 could be even a bigger....311 massive price tag not worth it.

There were other whistle blowers on CityTime and 911 and Dept of Investigation turned them away. I contacted DOI under Bloomberg and de Blasio and Mark Peters looks 100 guilty of protecting wrong doing 911.  

Vinod deserves the money -- he and I don't agree on how far back the CityTime crime actually goes back and it goes back to the beginning as Richard Valcich's whistle blowing letter shows us and I exclusively reported Richard Valcich went from hero to zero to say!  Valcich even  lawyered up (got that tid bit from a reporter who never reported the lawyer up) for the CityTime prosecution but he and so many others including Joel Bondy had nothing to worry about because despite Preet Bharara's lofty speech on holding government officials accountable not one arrest of a gov employee and FYI 911 is the biggest crime and 311 maybe number 2 since I can't get an honest responses from NYC gov.

I had many exclusives and the CNN Ireport I contacted activist Louis Flores because I did not know how to used Scribd yet so he posted the CNN whistle blowing Ireport before it was removed.  Grayham Rayman has NEVER given me credit for anything and if he had asked I could have directed him to the original CNN Ireport still up on the world wide web that blew the whistle.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
My youtube don't renew SAIC contract SAIC. Only I said that! Later NY State comptroller agreed… via youtube

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CityTime CNN IReport Removed + SAIC JellyBean -- Ever arrested?
CNN IReport -- the famous Ireport that blew the whistle when DOI was doing less than a stellar job...

has been removed but it has been saved on


Rudy Giuliani gave the  City of NY CityTime a hunk of junk a lemon and his deputy mayors turned lobbyists for SAIC.

When the Spherion crooks were caught Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn did a press conference and all the press acted like secretaries not challenging them as they praised SAIC.

I wrote Rose Gill Hearn the head of Dept of Investigation NYC gov mike bloomberg's political arm  did an informercial on NY1 for CityTime a hunk of junk and fyi Gary Tilzer stole my informercial line and didn't credit me.

At the top of my main blog is this link to the YouTube where I alone said do not renew the contract with SAIC --we need an investigation not a renewal.  I filmed that after attended a meeting Local 375 DC37 invited me to attend along with Tish James and I did research on SAIC and said we can't renew.  No one there believed it was possible except me and I was right -- the NY State Comptroller clearly agreed finally putting a kibosh on all SAIC government contracts and Rudy's thugs and Bloomberg's -- Patti Harris's husband Judge Lebow and Mark Page both appointed by Bloomberg to the MTA board tried to push through the MTA SAIC deal -- and that was a shocker --

only Greg Mocker asked if SAIC went over budget who would pay the bills and the MTA's response all over billing would be turned over to NYC Gov aka NYC tax payers -- only GREG MOCKER thought to ask.

The contract with the MTA was killed despite the MTA and SAIC lobbyists fighting the decision by the NY State comptroller and the MTA still has many tech scandals on their hands just like NYC gov and not news...  MTA has yet to deliver all the tech security they had hoped.

I only have reported that the 911 Tech system over a billion dollars over budget 
must have a criminal prosecution not news for any other media outlet and 911's 2nd back up unit in the bronx is till not up though it was suppose to be completed in 2012 I believed for 50 million as per Gale Brewer questioning why isn't it up when  I testified at City Hall demanding a criminal prosecution -- well now rumor is the 911 2nd back up unit will be up 2016 and is 900 million dollars!!!!!!!

I exclusively reported Gerard Denault sued SAIC and won and SAIC is still paying all his legal bills including the appeal of the appeal.

I reported TechnoDyne sent out a mass email laying off  their workers before the Wall St Journal.

I reported about Valcich's common law wife Mouse and even his son having a job in guess what dept. NYC gov along with a powerful NYC gov lawyer's son with I believe the same name jr.

Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn said in the same press conference where they PRAISED SAIC AND CITYTIME THAT THEY WOULD GET ALL THE MONEY BACK THE SPHERION THIEVES STOLE -- I DONT THINK THAT HAPPENED AND FYI -- technodyne crooks flew to India as if they weren't guilty and they escaped.  They live in India they live high as if they commited no crime.

My exclusives are many but start with SAIC Trailblazer -- not mentioned in one article exposing SAIC CityTime except by me.

It goes on and on the exclusives I have like Bratton and NYPD chief of gifts chuck Dowd holding a FirstNet board meeting at 1 Police Plaza before FirstNet came under Federal Investigation a bigger scam than Bloomberg's 911 Tech Titanic and both a response to Sept. 11 both would fail us if we had a large scale terrorist attack or a series of terror attacks and Cy vance could have shut down 911 in 2012 so Cy flash boys Vance is the dirtiest DA with blood on his hands shortest amount of time..

Charles Hynes no grand juries.

Cy Vance belong behind bars he is so corrupt so glad he is excoriated in "Flash Boys" a best selling books and I pray the film gets made like "The Big Short" and he is excoriated even more since the book his actions going after the Goldman Sachs programmer need to be updated in the film but for me 911 tech corruption and St Vincent's hospital wrong doing, my case-- clear retaliation for my blog and YouTubes , NBA star Thabo Sefolosha and Joe Jazz Hayden, so  many illegal arrests of protestors and protecting NYPD and even Internal Affairs crimes...

This City is a corrupt cess pool and there are  not enough arrests of NYC gov officials.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hardee Har Har Mike Bloomberg isn't running for President 911 Tech Biggest Scandal not Reported

Hardee Har Har Mike Bloomberg isn't running for President 911 Tech Biggest Scandal not Reported

Any article I read will not mention the 911 Tech system mega scandal!!!!!!!!!!

Although term limits are the huge scandal - he and his mini -me Christie Quinn don't forget 911 --

I was told from a source I believe reliable a whistle blower sent both Bloomberg and Quinn the truth
later confirmed by John Lui's press release Scott Stringer rushed to remove helping out a lot of powerful people plus HP lobbyist oligarch wannabe George Farts Artz  who has special friends at the NY Post covering for him?

Leonard Levitt NYPD Confidential Don't Run Mike Bloomberg includes Ray Kelly

Leonard Levitt NYPD Confidential Don't Run Mike Bloomberg includes Ray Kelly

ention the 911 Tech system mega scandal!!!!!!!!!!

Although term limits are the huge scandal - he and his mini -me Christie Quinn don't forget 911 --

I was told from a source I believe reliable a whistle blower sent both Bloomberg and Quinn the truth
later confirmed by John Lui's press release Scott Stringer rushed to remove helping out a lot of powerful people plus HP lobbyist oligarch wannabe George Farts Artz  who has special friends at the NY Post covering for him?
NYPD Confidential - An Inside Look at the New York Police Department.  The New York City police department is the largest and most powerful law enforcement organization 
in the country, if not the world. It is capable of both the greatest investigations and feats of bravery 
as well as the most flagrant of abuses, both internal and external. While the media chronicles the 
former, it often ignores or is unaware of the latter. NYPD Confidential, a weekly chronicle by police 
columnist Leonard Levitt, is an insider's view of the department that the public rarely sees.
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The Emery Brouhaha

March 7, 2016
Something bizarre happened a few weeks ago, when a veteran police and court reporter examined a court filing involving Stefon Luckey.
Click here to read what the police brass say about NYPD ConfidentialJohn Marzulli, of the Daily News, recognized Luckey’s name. Luckey had appeared before the Civilian Complaint Review Board last year, when his lawyer, Philip Hines, presented claims against NYPD officers. Hines said cops had beaten his client and that Sgt. Jared Hospedales had improperly pepper-sprayed him after a confrontation in a St. Albans grocery store in 2013.
The CCRB substantiated Luckey’s complaint against Hospedales, then prosecuted him in the NYPD trial room, where he was found guilty.
What Marzulli noticed in Luckey’s court filing was that he had dropped Hines as his attorney and hired the firm of CCRB Chairman Richard Emery, and was now suing the city.
That’s right, readers. The chairman of the CCRB, which prosecuted the sergeant, heads the law firm that is now representing the sergeant’s victim in a lawsuit against the city.
Click here to read the New York Times profile of Leonard LevittThat is known as a conflict of interest, which is why the city has a Conflicts of Interest Board, although it is invariably ineffective. (An exception occurred in 2000 when Rudy Giuliani was mayor. With nudges from this column, which accused it of going into a four-corner stall, the Board fined then-Police Commissioner Howard Safir $7,000 for accepting a free trip to the Academy Awards from the Revlon Corporation.)
Under Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Conflicts of Interest Board saw no conflict in Emery’s actions, and gave him a waiver so that his firm could represent Luckey. De Blasio has said nothing publicly about the matter, other than criticizing Emery for describing the cops as “screaming like a stuck pig.” Indeed, he’s indebted to Emery, who did what the mayor wants. Unlike the Bloomberg administration, where former police commissioner Ray Kelly ignored the CCRB, Emery has not hesitated to go after cops.
(As a matter of full disclosure, Emery’s firm represented me in 2006, when I testified at a post-trial hearing involving Michael Skakel who was convicted of murdering Martha Moxley in Greenwich, Conn.)
Following Marzulli’s revelations, Emery’s firm withdrew from representing Luckey. Meanwhile, the police unions — the PBA and SBA — are howling for his resignation.
Click here to read the Washington Post article on NYPD ConfidentialIn so doing, they’re putting Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who has also said nothing publicly about the Emery matter, in somewhat of a bind because he hired Emery’s son, a recent Ivy League graduate, who works as a civilian analyst in the office of Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.
The mayor is apparently trying to ride out the Emery storm as he did with Rachel Noerdlinger, his wife’s former chief of staff. Noerdlinger was forced to resign after it was revealed that her son and boyfriend posted anti-police comments online. 
Emery has said that neither he nor his firm would represent a client whose complaint is substantiated by the CCRB.  Asked whether he and his firm would give up all clients whose cases were heard by the CCRB, whether or not their claims were substantiated, he emailed, “All while I am Chair.” He added: “Though we are not required to do that.”

. Don’t run for President.
Much of the media has been reporting in logorrheic detail that your rationale as a potential third-party middle-grounder no longer resonates because Hillary Clinton, who shares many of your views, seems headed for the Democratic nomination.
But that’s not why you shouldn’t run. It’s because Donald Trump will kill you on the stump. Not only will you lose. You’ll embarrass yourself — again.
Trump’s a gutter-fighter and you’re not. It’s unclear whether you can take a punch, much less counter-punch or throw a haymaker.
In short, you’re a decent, thoughtful guy who, many New Yorkers feel, did a commendable job as mayor. You never dirtied your hands. You used your billions to insulate yourself and hire people like Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to do the dirty work for you.
That’s why you could look away when Kelly’s Intelligence Division threw a full-court press on the city’s Muslim communities by spying on individuals, their mosques, schools and businesses. Ditto Kelly’s three million stop-and-frisks of mostly young African-American males, the vast majority of whom had committed no crime.
Yet being a billionaire can be a handicap. In your case, Mayor Mike, your money allowed your ego to run wild and made a fool of you, to say nothing of making you out as a hypocrite.
Remember your pledge when you first ran for mayor in 2001? You promised to remain above partisan politics and serve only two terms. Then around 2006, you got the idea that New York City was too small a venue for you and imagined the country needed you as president.
When your balloon failed to lift off, you said you’d be open to vice president. When that fizzled, you broke your pledge and sought a third term as mayor.
You spent a small fortune to overturn New York’s two-term limit law. Then you spent more than $100 million on your mayoral campaign, which made you the largest spender of his own money running for public office in U.S. history.
Yet you barely defeated your little-known opponent, retiring city comptroller, William Thompson.
So here we are again in 2016. You still have time to reconsider. If you want public attention, you’ve got your media company, Bloomberg News, although you’re hardly a crusading journalist.
How sad for you that being a billionaire is such a bore.

 “The Big Fear” may or may not be “one of the most truly authentic NYC-set crime suspense novels ever written,” as his publisher claims. Nonetheless, it’s a finely written thriller that will keep readers turning pages. Case was the CCRB’s former spokesman. He knows the police and he knows the territory and mines it deeply. 

Copyright © 2005–2016 Leonard Levitt 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Steve Cassidy #FDNY 911 calls return old way pre mayor Bloomberg

 Steve Cassidy, the president of New York City’s firefighters union, said the city is significantly underreporting response times to fires and should “go back to the old way of immediately transferring the calls” to dispatchers:

Ross Barkan Clueless Mike Bloomberg's Bigger Scandal 911 aka ECTP

Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump may acquaint themselves with the CityTime corruption scandal, the kind of staggering, head-scratching mess that could have torpedoed other administrations. Its genesis was actually in the prior Giuliani administration, when the city outsourced a contract to design a payroll system that would track the hours worked by city employees. Under Mr. Bloomberg, the contract ballooned from $63 million in the 1990s to more than $700 million. In 2011, a federal indictment charged that more than $600 million of that money “was tainted, directly or indirectly, by fraud” and three men were eventually sentencedto 20 years in prison each for their role in the scheme. Mr. Bloomberg conceded he should have overseen the contract “more carefully.”