Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Saturday, March 31, 2012

CityTime SAIC CNN Ireport Removed Here it is! Who is JellyBean?

Everyday I enjoy shining light on how the media is blacking out news on the biggest scandal EVER except for the 911 Tech system called ECTP
and oops than there is this press release and a sweet heart naively wrote me to say the problems with ECTP where the NYPD and FDNY not getting along -- WRONG FOLKS!!!  The problem a revolving door of corruption.  Oh Gartner who bills us up the whaaazooo for counsulting advice may have suggested that but FYI -- no new reporter will investigate how much we pay Gartner owned by Glenn Hutchins a member of the Partnership for NY I renamed the Oligarchs of NY -- the rich folk that want to rule NYC.

If you want to know why honest city workers are being laid off and more harsh cuts it is because of mega mega abuse of tax payer money theft and Bloomberg rewarding a culture of failure and a revolving door of corruption and he and Christine Quinn are being protected.

Rewind CityTime back in time and folks this went back back -- way way back in Time to  Rudy Giuliani Time.  Surprise his deputy mayors are SAIC lobbyists!  Surprise!

So far no arrests of NYC gov officials and they should be top officials.   Rose Gill Hearn the head of Dept of Investigation should have her butt booted out of NYC gov office -- she is the Cathie Black of DOI.
Rose Gill Hearn’s Dad uber duba connected and that helped when he got busted for abusing tax payer money himself!

Reminder -- we should have gotten 1 billion x 3 back CityTime SAIC and I want the same for all tech deals -- investigations and our money back plus damages.  I want to go after SAIC’s accounting firm as well as hold top NYC gov officials accountable and I want to start taking care of the People of NY rehiring all honest City Workers that were laid off so we could dump a fortune in to corrupt cesspools posing as tech contracts!

So is Jelly Bean going to be arrested?  No newspaper has touched this piece of CityTime news either!
Now to the CNN Ireport that was removed but saved here!
CNN IReport -- the famous Ireport that blew the whistle when DOI was doing less than a stellar job...

has been removed but it has been saved on


NY Media Blacks Out NYC Unemployment Up 9.6 % Higher Than National Average

Again the media protecting mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn who okayed a mega-fortune to help greedy companies including defense companies to bilk us as honest city workers were laid-off!!!!!!!

CityTime mega-scandal cover-up blacked out by press with zero investigative reporters.

More harsh cuts and lay-offs to come of honest city workers as Bloomberg and his mini-me fatten greedy companies billing us obscenely and in my opinion criminally and getting away with it.

Bloomberg and Quinn reward a culture of corruption and failure with tax payer money -- the greatest abuses ever in NYC gov history and with Rudy roots.

Mayor Bloomberg Protest NYPD Well Behaved Stop And Frisk -- Massive Marijuana Arrest Protest

The protest against Bloomberg was not allowed to be held in front of his mansion -- the turn out was sizable and PEACEFUL.   The NYPD were also very well behaved as well.  I got that from an NYPD critic.

The group of protestors was only allowed as close as 79 Street.

Bloomberg lauds stops and frisks which are degrading but no one -- no one has any ideas on how to stop the violence --- we have people being shot up on the streets including grannies and babies -- people especially politicians want to demonize the NYPD but the NYPD are the only front line and very, very brave while their critics won't go out in the neighborhoods at night but the NYPD have to.

Rapes are up and under reported.  We have way too many people in NYC that want to solve their problems with guns and knives and not words.  Egos so fragile and insult real or imagined can bring death. 

A beautiful teen Keyanna Jones was stabbed in the heart by a crazed man taunted by teenagers.  Keyanna was not one of those kids but was walking her friend to the bus stop.  She had nothing on her to harm anyone -- her words only kindness and peace -- but for some reason that man had a knife and plunged it in to her heart killing her so guns are not required.

What is wrong here?
Political ambitious people want to blame the NYPD and not look at what is really wrong and broken here -- zero respect for humanity and community.   These monsters are robbing communities of basic human rights including safety in one's home as their bullets fly in to innocent community members homes hitting grannies and babies!

Women and girls can't go out at night -- even during the day in some areas for fear of rape.


Politicians fail us as they enjoy their pay checks, health benefits and perks and demonizing the NYPD is the route they go.  I don't defend any wrong doing by the NYPD but I will say this.  An NYPD officer is like an MD -- if they make a mistake someone could die.  People do make mistakes.

What is the excuse for all those murders NYC shooting folks and innocent moms, dads, grannies, kids  and babies - we know it is not the NYPD but all the blamers are silent.

As long as they are the murder rate continues to rise and innocent folks are fearful to leave their homes and even homes aren't safe.

When bullets fly the NYPD's critics are no where to be seen.

Christine Quinn Greatest Shame Yet No Full Service Trauma Level 1 Hospital in Her District The West Village + Term Limits = Sell-Out!!!!!

Politcal Performance Art Suzannah Troy City Hall Gates

Andrew Cuomo Making Huge Mistake Cutting DiNapoli out of Audit

Like Rudy and Mike, Andy has eyes on The White house but this move will back fire. Andy figures carte Blanche contracts will get him campaign donations but it destroyed Rudy and Mike's white house dreams. Big mistake Andy.

Misogynist NY Post Editors Call john liu LIAR but Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn Biggest Liars starting with 3rd term lie!  Mike Bloomberg a sitting mayor committed perjury during the Haggerty trial.   Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn sold the lie Mike was needed for a third term to help us with the economy.  Lloyd Constantine and Cy Vance just caught in big fat lies and Constantine helped a corrupt cop get away with anal and vaginal rape NYPD cop Pena.  The misogynist editors NYPost made sure to not report Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and fellow hater of women Joe Tacopina compared bruised rape cop Moreno's victim private parts to a Venus Fly Trap.  Funny how you neglected to report that hate crime in court.

Mayor Bloomberg Cy Vance Resign Lies Misogyny + CityTime!! Bloomberg Breasty Resignation YouTube Breaks 3,000 hits

Bloomberg resignation YouTube breaks 3,000!!!!!

Calls for Constantine to be debarred and Vance to resign.

Keith Olbermann Fired Sex Addict Elliot Spitzer Replacement

Oh so sex addict Elliot Spitzer who's legal adviser Lloyd Constantine just aided and abetted NYPD Michael Pena in getting away with vaginal and anal rape replacing Keith great news. Steve Rattner Mike Bloombeg's BFF oh and owners NYTimes and NYDN and was their $ manager guilty pay to play NY Pensions - paid to not go to jail, paid to not plead guilty - pleaded the 5th 64 times gets 2 op Ed pieces in NYT - this elist criminal lectures folks on the rich not getting breaks yet that is why he isn't in jail with Hevesi. Rattner also appeared on Charlie Rose _ Rose is $ up by Mike. Rose Mike's Ken doll. Mike also owns Ed Koch and Bill Rudin lets Koch live in W Village for bubkas - Koch will say or do what ever Mikr or Bill ask because Koch also a corrupt sell-out. So old and so greedy. What does he need the $ for? Too gross to think about. Old greedy folks paying for young company? Oh Eliot has something to live for when he is really old and disgusting.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Resignation 2012 about to break 3,000 hits!!

Mayor Bloomberg King of NY - my 1st tube over 3,000 but Breasty resignation needs 2 views. I make fun at Bloomberg oogling breasts at City Hall and calling them t/ts - how macho and hetero -- any other city worker would have been canned to CityTime ECTP perjury etc

CityTime Scandal Not in the News Bloomberg SAIC Shareholder Law Suits Richard Valcich Whistle Blowing Letter

Oh dear Valcich, than head of NYC office of payroll's letter Feb 2003 indicates SAIC not ethical but US Attorney won't go back in time.  What has Valcich gone from hero to zero to say...ho hum....another key issue blacked out by the NY media....anyone following the scandal and we know it is way bigger than reported...aren't you a little curious?

Westlane Police and Fire shareholders in SAIC sue SAIC top officials for their role in CityTime scandal and um it looks like also insider trading starting with Gerard Denault's boss but who cares.....certainly not the NY media that has blocked all of the above out to protect Mike Bloomberg and other top officials that would have to step down immediately.

The media blacked out huge story -- Denault sued SAIC and he won rumor has it.   Denault was suppose to be the fall guy for CityTime.  Personally I think he is guilty but SAIC even more so and the same for top NYC gov officials and dating way back in time.  Don't forget Rudy's boys Rudy's names lobbyists SAIC.  Enjoy my blog posts.

By the way we should have gotten A BILLION DOLLARS BACK x RICO... did I say that already? It is worth repeating.  Does Bloomberg give out those free condoms made in a sweat shop in Malaysia -- sure hope not -- because he has screwed the People of NYC like no other mayor ever with the largest white collar crime EVER in NYC gov.  ECTP bigger than CityTime over a billion dollars over budget,  Raytheon 514 million dollars for FDNY wireless are you kidding me?  NYCAPS, NYCWiNS not a winner, Seedco, NYCHA's NICE not nice, etc.

Mike Bloomberg, a sitting mayor, committed perjury during the Haggerty trial and he not forced to resign and fight with all his billions to not go to jail.  Mike broke campaign laws which also carries jail time.

I am wondering of Cy Vance and  Christine Quinn broke a few campaign laws themselves.  I am allowed to wonder aren't I?  Is Christine Quinn breaking campaign laws right now?  My best guess is yes.

Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn pushed through an illegal third term and abused slush aka tax payer money to do so..... Christine Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy.  I know he didn't help you but he is now worth 22 Billion DOLLARS and Christine Quinn's gal pal making so much money she sprung for their bargin low price pad for just over a million but folks to get that size apartment in Chelsea for just over a million -- ya have to have friends.

Cy Vance Resign! Manhattan DA 1 Hogan Place NYC

Cy Vance Resign Protests + NYC Gov Trend Defense Contractors Mega Over Bill Tax Payers!!

St Vincent's next week

Also have tube link citytime -- in my opinion mega--cover-ups on this and on going over billing rip off fraud revolving door corruption Bloomie rewarding culture of failure to tune of billions with tech contracts beyond flawed -- money pouring in to defense contractors who's federal $ dried up not to mention mainstream companies like Verizon IBM etc. fix was in is in non competitive bids across the boards. Ditto Albany -- sure The white house -- 17!trillion deficit gee!

ECTP Northrop Grumman now NASA
FDNY wireless Raytheon
CityTime Saic
we must stop this trend.  
We r being robbed.  Corruption protected to assure Bloomberg Quinn continue on. This would taken them out and Bill Thompson.  

More Puff Pieces Bloomberg Quinn CityTime SAIC JellyBean + Bigger Frauds Coverups NYC Gov Google cover-ups CityTime SAIC also Valcich letter Rudy Giuliani Peter Powers lobbyist SAIC MTA SAIC deal mark page patti Harris rose gill Hearn Christine Quinn and ny papers reporting puff pieces on Bloomberg and puppet Christine Quinn who get off playing good cop bad cop Quinn ain't fooling anyone. She sold out and is as corrupt as Bloomberg. Explain ECTP 1 billion over budget, explain Raytheon 500 mill plus 14 million more -- explain NYC gov role on SAIC CityTime subcontractors including Ariel -- cover iOS damage control ditto SAIC not news.

NYPD Rape Cop Pena Calls for Llyod Constantine Disbar Cy Vance Resign

JBird 02:12 AM
Mar 30, 2012
During the trial, I was wondering for 4 days why deliberations were taking so long on a seemingly easy, open and shut case. Now, I know why ! Lloyd Constantine intentionally meddled the other jurors into a mistrail. Constantine is a prominent defense attorney and also Manhattan's DA CY Vance's good friend. WHAT COLOR WAS THE PARKED CAR ? Is he kidding me ? The poor female was held at gun point, threathen to be killed, and brutalized. THE LAST THING ON HER MIND WAS THE COLOR OF A PARKED CAR. Constantine, you are a piece of garbage. Yes, I hope this pig gets a life sentence but I really don't think so. Maybe 10 years but he'll be released early from prison once his appeal goes through. He'll most likely spend 3 to 6 months in prison awaiting his appeal. WHAT COLOR WAS THE PARKED CAR ? Eyewitnesses saw the poor female in the alleyway getting raped. When the police arrived the "Animal Pena" was in the alleyway with the victim, his gun was on the floor. I agree that Constantine should be disbarred. His duty was that of a unbiased juror it was unethical to steer the jury. He purposely used his legal experience to force a mistrial. He confused the other jurors to the point where there was lots of bickering going on. He wanted this to happen. Constantine was a "biased" juror who had private motives. He's makes me want to vomit. The photo of him above tells a lot of his personality. Looking at his face shows a man full of schemes and distrust. During Jury selections his failure to disclose his good friendship with CY Vance has, unfortunately, granted the defense the opportunity to appeal ANY verdict on sentencing day. Hey Constantine, WHAT COLOR WERE YOUR SOCKS ON THE DAY YOU INTENTIONALLY STEERED THE JURY ? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T REMEMBER ? YOU'RE A PIECE OF GARBAGE ! He needs to be disbarred.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

OWS Global Revolution headquarters shutdown by NYPD

Mayor Bloomberg Tech Contracts NYC Gov all The Tax Payer's Titanic so Much for his biz savvy

CityTime ECTP NYCAPS no arrests NYC gov officials "nice" not nice....

Michael Bloomberg's Budget Proposal Elicits Protest From Campaign For Children

From Huffington the sweatshop for bloggers?

Christine Quinn Protest: Isaac Mizrahi Doesn't Need A Full Service Hospital

Dear all:

Thank you for participating in the protest on Wednesday night. With our large numbers, our chants and the colorful posters, we’re a sight to behold for people who aren’t accustomed to seeing protests in that neighborhood.   I think we made a good impression, and w
e distributed hundreds of handouts.  I posted the photos below on FB, if you want to share them from my page or comment on the protest or on Quinn.
As usual, we had a several people thank us and agree that Quinn must be voted out of office, and we had several people ask us, "Who's Quinn?"  
A group of gay celebrities is hosting a fundraiser for Quinn’s campaign next Thursday (April 5th) at the Standard Hotel. I did a site check, and it’s a great venue for a protest. Everyone entering the event will see us. Stay tuned for an announcement. After that, I don’t have anything planned until May 6th, but I suspect something will come up.

Thanks again for coming out!


Next Thursday, April 5th, several celebrities are co-hosting a campaign fundraiser for Quinn at the Boom Boom Room in Standard Hotel in the "Meatpacking" district.  Among the hosts are Isaac Mizrahi, Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen and Thom Filiicia. Like many of her LGBT supporters, these celebrities probably know very little about her actual record.    

This event provides us with a great forum to educate some of her unwitting supporters, many of whom will wonder what Quinn has done to send people into the streets protesting against her. 

Please let me know if you can make it by sending me an email 

When: Thursday, April 5th, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 
Where: The Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel.  The entrance is directly under the High Line at 13th St between Washington St and the West Side Highway

On another note, we had a great protest in front of the 92nd St Y on Wednesday night.  We distributed hundreds of handouts not only the the people attending the event but also to the neighborhood locals. 

CityTime SAIC Lobbyists Sal Salamone Peter Powers Rudy's Boys Deputy Mayors

As I wonder why no arrests NYC gov officials my thought turn to Teflon Sal and Rudy's boys. Google my posts lots on this

Teflon Bruce Ratner Lobbyists Guilty 2 Criminal Trials Ratner Teflon -- not guilty hardee har -- where did the bribe money come from? Hardee har? Immaculate bribery money hardee har. The NY Times is working hard to continue to cover-up and black out on behalf of the co-owner of their disaster build -- Bruce Ratner not to be confused Steve Rattner corrupt money manager pay to play Bloomberg NY Pensions who was involved financial planning of the financial disaster the new building that bankcrupted the nytimes. Sure hope the Brooklyn Basketball Stadium isn't as a disastrous as NY Times building. Reminder Ratner brought Russian mobster oops billionaire -- isn't great Ratner abused eminent domain Brooklyn with help from JayZ and sells to Russian mobster oops billionaire??

 Ratner as innocent as Steve Rattner pay to play NY Pensions who pleaded the 5th 64 times and paid to not plead guilty?

 Elitist Steve a crook paid to not go to jail like the little People and gets an oped piece in NYTimes the lying pay to play crook!!!! All Teflon like Mike and all protected by media black-outs.

ps Pirro any comment?

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Revolving Door Corruption NYC Gov Thriving Blacked Out!!!

CityTime SAIC 500,000 mill $ settlement -- we The People of NYC got robbed again. Revolving door of corruption and Mike rewarding culture of failure and theft on going as honest workers laid off harsh cuts.

Sent from my iPhone

Occupy Wall Street Going After Joe Crowley!!!

Thursday, March 29, 5:30-8:30pm
Protest Joe “Congressman Wall Street” Crowley’s 50th Birthday Fundraiser
Grand Hyatt Hotel, 109 East 42nd Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue
With more trade negotiations underway, it’s vital that we let Congressman Crowley and other Wall Street Democrats know that they will be held accountable when they sell us out to the 1%! Sponsored by TradeJustice New York Metro & Occupy Wall Street Trade Justice Working Group.

If only OWS would look at Christine Quinn's campaign donations

Bloomberg CityTime SAIC Media Black-Out Another Law Firm Jumps in!!

The NY law suit

West Village Travesty Rudin Family Christine Quinn

Bloomberg Protest Today

Christine Quinn wore a hoodie yesterday? She and Bloomberg only kidding themselves.

NYPD Rape Cop Prison Cy Vance Resign! Cy Vance dirty DA resign. Rape cop Pena belongs in jail for life and prison justice. Ask Melissa Grace and Joe Tacopina 1 800 rape away -- her pal who she removed from a big loss here in NYC where he blamed the woman and it didnt work so Grace cuts him out of her news report!!!

Grannies To Kid Shot in Cross Fire Rapes Up but it is Hoodies?

Any innocent person killed is a tragedy but ignoring an epidemic of violence here in NYC is a tragedy in and of itself and politicians want scape goats not solutions. Wow 6 people shot in NYC over the weekend, we have had Grannies to babies shot in the crossfire some in their homes and rapes are up but not a career builder for politicians who have no answers and only want to blame the NYPD when all the violence including no guns and rapes and violence towards women has been celebrated in rap culture and billions made off it. Glad Jay-z had a girl and he is how old and he figured out that it isn't okay to call girls bitches? Jay-Z but bullet proof windows in maternity ward and prevented other parents and babies from getting care. Invite him to The White House Pres. Obama. I am glad Bloomberg getting hell today but no one at the protest has a single idea how to stop the violence including non gun violence and also rapes which are up and under reported.

Christine Quinn Rudin No Hospital Cy Vance CityTime SAIC ECTP Media Black-outs

It is official Christine Quinn, Mike's mini-me sold out her own district -- the West Village and Chelsea for 30,000 dollars on the books and a hell of a lot more off the books. Quinn queen is slush aka tax payer money, back room deals and lies. If there is a medical emergency bring your loved ones to Rudin luxury hospital condos. FYI -- we could have gotten protective zoning for a hospital only but mega-millionaire socialite City Planner Amanda the People's Burden as usual ruled in favor of pals like Rudin, Cooper Union and NYU. Burden the most evil commissioner in NYC gov history.

Dirty DA Cy Vance where is the prosecution of St. Vincent's crook? Worried it might bring unwanted attention to Rudin acquisition. Cy Vance 's campaign donors wouldn't approve. Howard Rubenstein who insists on interviewing top NYC gov applicants wouldn't want anything to come between Rudin lux hospitals like a prosecution of crooks and Cy wants Howard happy.

20 sec youtube recut with Rudin campaign donations as Quinn denies 30,000 grand on the book....I am sure the Rudins have given her and her close friends way more off the books plus perks.
This is a whopper!  The links include Cy Vance Mark Guma Maura Keaney Christine Quinn
but the 7 minute YouTube demands Cy Vance step down two NYPD rape trials bungled and the heroin in the 1st rape cops trial -- too much
also get in to CityTime the cover-ups Christine Quinn ECTP 1 billion over budget and running -- really let off some steam
from this morning I tried to send you these 2 links...

Quinn no airbrushing -- St. V hospital the West Village no hospital

every day I try to print something to expose the media cover-ups -- today Denault suing SAIC but I adde possible law suits to come -- us suing Deloitte SAIC"s shareholders to the shareholders suing top NYC gov officials for their role CityTime. Will SAIC shareholders sue NYC gov officials for their role CityTime if SAIC has Enron ending shareholder clawback?

Cy Vance Must Go!

Folks: Christopher forgot Cy Vance rolling the heroin hidden in NYPD rape Cop Moreno's locker in to 1 year rape cop is suppose to serve.

Sorry, Mr. Cy Vance. Enough is enough. As our District Attorney, you are either super-humanly incompetent -- and should resign immediately as most of NYC wants you to -- or else you are corrupt, and deliberately keep losing every single important case to protect your conflicts of interest with bad cops -- in which case you should maybe go to jail like thousands of other NY elected officials did. (Thank the lord you were not the prosecutor in ANY of THOSE cases!)

I voted for you, so I accept some of the blame. And as a person who put you in that office, I'm asking you to step down.

If New Yorkers didn't have such short memories, you'd have already been run outta town. They forget most of your scandals, like you failing to get a conviction on the cop who slammed that bicyclist in Times Square and coulda kiled the kid. It was ON VIDEO and you blew that case! And why on earth did you give Mayor Bloomberg and his staff all "immunity" to testify in the Haggerty case with all of Bloomberg's campaign finance shenanigans? You should've resigned for THAT alone! Heck, EACH one of your scandals is worthy of your resignation. Everyone's already forgotten the Deutsche Bank-fire scandals where two innocent firemen died and you let the killers get away. The list goes on and on and you've only been in office for two freakin' years!

I would gladly nominate you for the worst prosecutor in american history. 

Christopher Xavier

Lower East Side

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cy Vance Lloyd Constantine NYPD Rape Cop 2 Disaster for Cy Vance Resign!

Watch the video -- funny Constantine donated money to Cy Vance's troubled campaign -- and question -- did Cy Vance break campaign laws -- he did have trouble paying his debt...
there is a lot more in my new video but NYPD rape cops feel emboldened don't they and Cy Vance did nothing about the NYPD rape cop Moreno having heroin in his locker.

I get in to more outrages and it is 7 minutes long including news blacked out by media re: Bloomberg and Chrisitne Quinn from CityTime to St. Vincent's Rudin luxury condos.'

Check all my posts today.

Christine Quinn Caught in Lie Rudin Family $30,000 Campaign Donation Sell-out West Village her district No Hospital!

Hey Cy Vance where is the prosecution of St. Vincent's crooks?  Is Cy Vance worried prosecuting St. Vincent's crooks could throw unwelcome light on Rudin acquisition. 

Mayor Bloomberg Cy Vance NYPD Rape Cops DA CityTime Christine Quinn St. Vincent's Hospital

Reminder Cy Vance allowed the heroin hidden away in the NYPD rape cop Moreno's locker rolled in to the 1 year Moreno is suppose to serve.

Goldman Sachs is a racketeering entity from OverStock Deposition

Heard on the Street:  This is from the deposition of Marc Cohodes in the Overstock case.  He is being questioned by an attorney for Goldman.  The Answers are by Marc Cohodes.  It starts at line 4 on page 144.  Regarding the Cohodes testimony, that this is sleaze ratting out bigger smarter sleaze after getting screwed by the bigger smarter sleaze.

For actual deposition link click here...

4 Q. Well, do you know how -- do you have any
view as to whether the securities lending market is
actually efficient or inefficient?
A. I think the securities lending market is
just like the mob. I think it's completely rigged.
It's a completely manipulated black hole, non-
10 transparent market.
11 Q. Now, when you say you think they're just
12 like the mob, are you referring to Goldman Sachs?
13 A. Yes. I think Goldman Sachs is like the
14 mob.
15 Q. And are you referring to them in
16 particular or them and the rest of the market
17 altogether?
18 A. I think Goldman Sachs is a racketeering
19 entity that does whatever they can to make a dime
20 without conscience, thought, foresight or care about
21 ramifications. I think they are cold-blooded and
22 could care less about the law. That's my opinion.
23 I think I can back it up.
24 Q. And that became your opinion when?
25 A. When they put us out of business.

Isn’t it comforting as citizen of this great country to appreciate how many of the Goldman alumni are helping to run our government!!!!!!!  I think we’re doomed!!!!! 

Huge Bloomberg Protest 2morrow?

Upper Eastside -- Bloomberg Stop and Frisk Police Brutality.
I won't be there. I will be up 6am and on a bus to take relative to MD. If I was there I would be holding a sign Resign Bloomberg Quinn - term limits CityTime real estate corruption tsunami crushing our communities.

Christine Quinn Unairbrushed Votes For Rudin Condos Against Her Own District Demanding Hospital!

Not airbrushed by Rebecca Mead The New Yorker
schilling for 1% to push Christine Quinn as the new puppet mayor of Bloomberg and the Oligarchs for NY! 

I won't be there this afternoon to watch as yet another in your face corrupt deal is pushed through city council.
Amanda the People's Burden could have given us protective zoning and coward sell-out Scott Stringer could have added pressured but all rolled over.

In our meeting City Hall Christine Quinn lied and said she did not know which way she would vote!
Quinn has lost weight but she is a big fat liar.  Above the slimmer Quinn not airbrushed.

The real Quinn taking from a video grab photo from March 10, 2102  of me confronting her as she tries to avoid her own district sneaking past dumpster back exit PS 41.

Today Christine Quinn makes history officially betray her very own district
voting with the Rudin Family who have given her 30,000 grand on the books.

In the video I catch Christine Quinn in yet another LIE when she says Ma'am that is not true.

Here is the proof.  This does not include employees like private retired NYPD and a medical doctor from St. Vincent's along with construction workers that profit from Rudin that testified for Rudin while the Christine Quinn's very own district was locked out in the freezing cold and prevented from testifying.

The few that made it in after hours of standing outside in the bitter cold were greeted by 2 city council members or their reps out of 51 members!  So much for the democratic process.

I will be recutting the video with the lies answered like this chart included in the new cut but reminder Norman Siegel has called for an investigation in to what was not democracy -- not even the illusion with Christine Quinn's district locked out they want to testify they demand a hospital.

I handed Quinn a list of demands including a Town Hall Meeting but Quinn said she won't come if people call her names -- laughable -- this is NYC Christine Quinn not your private little empire.

I demanded an investigation in to why a 75 year old man that passed out that wanted to testify that he demands a hospital --- why the ambulance took 30 minutes.

Christine Quinn's response was her aide called the 1st precinct and the 1st said there was no 911 call.  Quinn did not give us any name of whom was their contact at the 1st so I believe we were lied to yet again.

The NYPD confirmed with me the 911 call.  I was able to track down  the  Sgt. from the 6th Precinct made the 911 call I asked him to make.  I thanked him again.   I also have Dr. David Kaufman who attended the 75 year old who made 7 911 calls and attended to the man so Christine Quinn can't make this go away.   Why did it take 30 minutes when the hospital is right there.  250 Broadway is right across the street from City Hall!

Follow the above link to 2 crucial links -- one is the talking points -- I hand wrote in an addendum  prompted by  Barbara adding we want response times FDNY EMS 1) what time was the call 2) when did they show up 3)how long did it take to get to a hospital   4) once there -- when was the person treated?

The 2nd are my immediate notes from the meeting we had with Christine Quinn at City Hall with Norman Siegel.
Here is a quote from my post:

Ready for this Chris Quinn quote:  "...biggest defeat is not saving St V.  We worked like the devil. "

We are waiting to hear from Christine Quinn.

Be prepared for me dressed in drag as Quinn next week on 12th Street with an extra special dress for under 10 dollars I hope.

Have yet to get the dress at Forever 21 but expect performance art of a political nature in the West Village next week!

Shame on The New Yorker!  Shame on Rebecca Mead with her big fat pay check to sell a lie and shame on The New York Times back to silencing voices in opposition, killing stories including on CityTime and pushing Christine Quinn as mayor.

This historic day with Christine Quinn bought and paid for by The Rudin Family with no hospital is all the more reason besides term limits and way too many corrupt real estate dealings including with NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U, Yankee Stadium,  Brooklyn Ratner, Willets Point etc.  SHAME!!!!!!!

Voters will come out in the primary and express their anger just like Bloomberg barely winning despite the press selling lies and the press was forced to go off script all documented by me.

CityTime SAIC Bloomberg More Proof Black-Out! Denault vs SAIC Valentine's Day Massacre winning is a win for the People because he can afford to defend himself against SAIC and therefore my hope is expose far greater corruption and complicity of his bosses -- top officials SAIC and NYC Gov top officials plus the fact SAIC and NYC Gov had auditors. I would love to sue Bloomberg, Mark Page, Christine Quinn (short list) for their role allowing SAIC and sub-contractors bilk and rob the tax payers and we The People should also sue SAIC's auditors Deloitte in my opinion.

If SAIC has an Enron ending would SAIC shareholders attempt a clawback and or sue NYC top officials for their role along with SAIC top officials. Richard Valcich's letter from Feb 2003 -- was enough of a warning something very wrong and alludes to other communications again NYC gov SAIC problems with SAIC looking less than ethical. I want Rose Gill Hearn and Bloomberg questioned re: Valcich whistle blowing letter - when than Rose learn of the letter -- and under oath ask them if CityTime works. Bill Thompson also would be called in my opinion since his name along with Bloomberg's is on the bottom of every page of Valcich -- than head of office of payroll nyc gov. Google the letter -- find my numerous posts. We should have gotten a billion dollars back from SAIC not 500 million plus a back room deal to sweep larger fraud and theft under the rug?

Right now in my opinion we are being grossly over billed by Raytheon on FDNY wireless. Ask Quinn about that and ECTP one billion over budget and robbing oops running, ECTP, NYCApS, Seedco -- put folks I can spoon feed u -- google and research and than call for Bloomberg and Quinn's resignation. Instead The NY Times and New Yorker doing puff pieces on Christine Quinn and NY Times censored my comment -- is this Communist Russia? ps Where r arrests NYC gov top officials? Just like City Hall how many got tickets fixed favors NYPD PBA?

NYC Series Fatal Shootings Silence Uproar only if Cop a Shooter

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CityTime Media-Cover-ups No Arrests NYC Gov Joel Bondy Testified Under Oath

The NY Times to Censor Suzannah Troy Again for Bloomberg Quinn

What a come down it would be for the little Emperor of NYC to sleep in Gracie Mansion but how fortunate he is The NY Times has given up investigative reporting for informercials on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn. The NY Times has yet to report Denault sued SAIC on Valentine's Day and rumor has it won -- SAIC has to pay his legal bills and The Old Grey Lady forgot to report SAIC shareholder law suits including Westlane Police and Fire suing top SAIC officials holding them accountable CityTime unlike Mike Bloomberg and the US Attorney perhaps because of fear we the People might than do that math and hold top NY City Officials accountable including Christine Quinn who brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime by Tish James. More fluff reporting instead of important news that impacts our lives. 3:34 posting on my blog the prediction The NY Time will censor me yet again and violate my 1st Amendment right to comment.

The New Yorker Christine Quinn Mike's 4 and 5th Term from the Golf Course

As the NY Media blacks out the largest corruption mega-theft and fraud city hall they spew Orwellian type lies and again I urge you to not believe the media and show up and vote in the primary -- vote Quinn out!

Christine Quinn Occupy Wall St. Quinn Taking Money Hand Over Fist Wall Street!!!!!!!

NY Post article laughable!

Christine Quinn is taking money hand over fist from Wall Street.  She has her "community division" with tony simone of goldman sachs....he says F you to community members from her district like Donny Moss and sure hope he doesn't do that and fund raising on NYC gov time because that would be breaking campaign laws.  Chrisitne Quinn had nothing to say about the wrong mass arrests of OWS on Brooklyn Bridge because she enjoys being above the law like Mike Bloomberg -- both guilty of pushing through an illegal third term, abusing slush money and Cy Vance and US Attorney turn a blind eye!  They pushed through a third term selling a lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy.  Mike is now worth 22 Billion dollars and Quinn and her gal pals have grown richer.  Nice work if you can get it and all lies.  True criminals.

Irony:  The NYPD do the bidding of the 1 percent but if the 1 percent ever get this wish to turn this island of Manhattan in to the island of 1 percenters and their puppets with working class commuting in -- the "service class" the NYPD would die of boredom and miss all trouble makers big time.

I wrote a short story fictional sketch Blooders about these rich arrogant NY a-holes keeping people as slaves for their blood believe or not.

Posted a much longer comment part 2 NY Post.

More proof Goldman Sachs her community outreach and rumor has it they have offices in 250 Broadway -- where Christine Quinn locked out her community West Village Chelsea from testifying before City Council they demand a hospital.

Where was Quinn that morning and tony simone?  No where to be seen.

I confront her coming out the back door ps 41 because she is too much of a coward to face protestors that want to know why she takes kick backs from Rudin and won't fight for protective zoning for St. Vincent's buildings for a hospital only.

I catch her as usual -- the back door by the garbage dumpsters scurrying to avoid her critics.

Norman Siegel wants an investigation in to why the People were locked out in the freezing cold 250 Broadway -- where were the city council members -- when one senior handicap member got in 3 hours later but there were only 2 of 52 city council representatives.

I have handed Quinn a list of demands at City Hall with Norman Siegel at my side and in it demands an investigation in to why an ambulance took 30 minutes for a 75 year old man that passed out in the freezing cold.  Quinn's staff member to afraid to give me his biz card -- tall grey haired man said he called th 1st -- he did not give me the name of who he spoke to at the 1st and no 911 call happened.

I have the name of the NYPD officer that called 911 and followed up with him plus Dr. David Kaufman who made 7 calls and timed the ambulance as well as Nurse Dunn who with Kaufman attended to the man but in Quinn's mind it never happened.

250 Broadway security were evil as hell and refused my demand to allow the elderly and most fragile people in immediately out of the bitter cold.

Irony--- I was dressed in Quinn drag mocking her corrupt dealings with Rudin, John Sexton NYU, Emily Giske, term limits slush abuse etc but Quinn and Tony Simone were no were to be seen and clearly they have a relationship with 250 Broadway security who refused the most frail the warmth of shelter inside the building.  

Some future mayor she would make.

Goldman Sachs Thieves

Barriers Union Square

March 25

NY Media Dead! Bloomberg Taylor The Sex Tapes Not!

WSJ: Bloomberg's beard wants to sleep at Gracie Mansion. Do u care?
Again smoke, mirrors and lies. Why not try investigative journalism for a change. Richard Valcich's letter and CityTime scandal enough to force Bloomberg and Quinn's resignation along with Rose Gill Hearn and knock Bill Thompson out of mayoral run as well as Quinn. Interesting how WSJ along with everyone except me an artist activist reported Gerald Denault sued SAIC on Valentine 's Day in Delaware and rumor is he won which is very bad for Team Bloomberg and SAIC hoping to keep covered up a far larger crime. The 500 million settlement was another robbery with the People of NYC ripped off for a low ball price and the agreement to protect top officials NYC gov and SAIC. Bloomberg and the Cathie Black of Dept of Investigation along with SAIC keep selling lies and doing informercials CityTime works when the system is down for maintence more than Kim Kardashian. When Wayne Barrett and Tom Ribbins forced to leave Village Voice the era of investigative journalism ended and we have scared people reporting informercials. Term limits, media silencing the truth and voices in opposition, CityTime an Orwellian Time Clock aka dubbed Tax Payer's Titanic by me, ECTP 911 Tech system a billion tax payer dollars over budget and now we are hiring NASA, FDNY wireless defense contractor Raytheon got 500 million and demands 14 million more, mega over budget and fraud as well NYCAPS, NYCWins, Seedco and countless Board of Ed tech thefts expose Bloomberg and his Team and Christine Quinn really his deputy mayor as mega-frauds. Diana Taylor and her goal to sleep anywhere is laughable and sad. She looks like she is starving for a good meal and power. Bloomberg got her on every board possible and we all know why she is compensated so well. It has nothing to do with bedrooms but everything to do with smoke and mirrors. You won't ever see a video accidently released by this smoking couple hardee har. and FT Steve Rattner new level of low.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gerald Shargel Call Mike Bloomberg CityTime Trial 2013!

Wow, if Gerald Shargel -- if you call Mike Bloomberg to the stand next year CityTime SAIC Spherion TEchnodyne scandal -- than Mike will commit perjury again and maybe this time we will have a higher authority put him in the slammer or at least he will be forced to resign like Richard Nixon!

Mike pushed SAIC like a drug king pin pushes heroin. Do you think CityTime will end up in the dumpster? I think so just like Rudy's other mega-waster of money -- Maximus a pathetic wrong welfare program that Bloomberg quietly threw away.

Um gee whiz -- how many other companies were involved in stealing that Preet is not pursing and why won't Preet go back in time CityTime crime? Hhhhmmmm.

No one reported Gerard Denault suing SAIC on Valentine's day and what was the result except me.

Do I get an award? Why the black-out? The goal was to have Denault take the fall.

Denault guilty but SAIC and Bloomberg administration more guilty because this went on before Denault ever got there.

NYPD Club OWS or Goldman Sachs Pick Goldman Sachs

Dear NYPD:  If you have night stick in hand and have inclination to use it (and I am against night sticks) than hit someone from Goldman Sachs not Occupy Wall Street.

Read why.  No many the number of crooks that mishandle your pensions -- don't worry -- you will get your money -- just might take a federal bail-out.  Ditto for FDNY.