Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy A Michael Moore Moment SAIC RICO NYC Offices! Local 375
You can scroll down and read the press releases from John Liu exposing CityTime SAIC scam and ECTP 911 Tech System John Liu dubbed CityTime 2.

Michael Lewis Big Short CDO Why Does Suzannah B. Troy Think CityTime 1 & 2, SAIC, etc.....

No finance background
Collateralized Debt Obligation

so for me a CDO is convoluted long winded term for utter bull-loney....

but that is just my humble definition....

Wall St. to city gov to corrupt city gov contracts -- the emperor has no clothes..

Wall St. has been such a hoax for so long... it is shameful that Paulson brokered the bail-out no arrests, no pay back, no jail...

Where are the arrests of NYC Gov. officials for CityTime, SAIC, sub-contractors, ECTP, etc. not to mention slush funds.....where are the arrests period?

You want to shut down fraud and theft....make arrests.

I dubbed CityTime The Tax Payer’s Titanic.  (sigh)

Also feel that describes all these government contracts where the fix was in and no real competitive deals were really considered and the companies thought no one would say a word as they robbed and raped the tax payers here in NYC and that was true until we got John Liu as comptroller.

just one example

okay here is another....

this article above refers to ECTP 911 Tech system John Liu dubbed CityTime 2

Here is press release time out on citytime 2 ECTP look at the name of the companies and for more fun look up the lobbyists for all the companies involved in CityTime

Funny I talk about getting naked and it is because there is no transparency -- all smoke and mirrors lies and bull-loney -- the emperors new clothes.....
Think Bloomberg hardee har remember his ads....

We don’t have much investigative journalism but informercials with reporters refusing to ask tough questions and challenges our politicians.   Has one reporter called up Rudy’s friends, pals, lawyer buddies that worked for him and asked them about their roles as lobbyists on these projects that happened to rip-off the tax payers big time.

Just curious....

I wanted to make a speech -- a long one in front of NYC SAIC’s office....but I couldn’ are some of what I wanted to say.  I also wanted to thank Juan Gonzalez for his reporting on CityTime and he won an award he deserved and Ali Winston  Ali Winston’s article formed and shaped me and focused me directly on SAIC.

Mayor Bloomberg Poll Not Accurate

NYDN Exclusive Murdoch Klein $27M DOE Fix In Proof

Just a reminder SAIC MTA illusion of competitive bid but the fix was in...

Mike Bloomberg Vs. Pres. Obama Small Planes

So much pollution, so much waste, do we really need all these private small planes including water planes to the Hamptons and helicopters littering the air.

I can’t stand all the pollution in the East River and Hudson being poured in my pleasure vehicles like those water motorcycle structures....

Do you think all the waste and pollution has anything to do with the extreme weather?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Another Water Main Break! by Suzannah B. Troy

Countless blog posts and how many YouTubes on infrastructure breaks, water main breaks, sewage, etc.
Here is a very long YouTube I made on infrastructure.

Bloomberg and his mega-millionaire  socialite city planner Amanda the People’s Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of development and refused to put safety concerns first and that includes infrastructure.

Remember the steam pipe explosion by Grand Central that looked like a terror attack?

Also note people and small businesses are displaced when there are large water main breaks or cranes dropping down on them.....unless the crane accidents killed them.  How sad and shocking we had how many deaths related some how to all the reckless way too rapid constructions and these pipes are breaking, man hole covers exploding the latest severely burning a hero FDNY Lt.

Here is just one YouTube on infrastructure (it is long)  but I have a series including showing leaks in the subway and how run down the subways are....

Just a reminder: Donald Trump’s zone busting hotel where a construction worker died and there was a big water main break is part of the problem and Christine Quinn supported this community crushing sun blotting build and won’t even show up to the City Council Task Force Meeting where I suppose and the turn out anti-Trump was huge!

The NY Post Feel Heat From Rupe Lachlan Phone Hacking Scandal

Rupe hired Joel Klein who had hired a Bear Stearn guy to work at Board of Ed who brought in more Bear Stearns guys who's emails on NYC gov email exposed they were brokering finance deals on NYC gov. deals...

Lucky no one is asking to see Joel Klein's emails...

Friday, July 29, 2011

YouTube Rewind: Term limits, deal ordeal, tainted NY city council members voted to exte...

BloombegNewZZZZ Has Interested Readers

Maybe there are some people that are very worried about the mayoral race and they should be....

small excerpt:

Bloomberg Newzzz is a snooze -- everyone thinks this “election” is a joke and the newzzz is that Bloomberg is going to win..... Wake up, sleepy heads. City council members and their aides have been exposed for stealing tax payers’ money. In response, I have already written the press and activist lawyers pointing out that city councilmembers’ votes to extend term limits are taintedand must be thrown out! How thrilling would it be to have an epic upset and King Mike lose his crown at least as mayor; Bloomberg goes down in the Guinness Book of Records as spending and losing the most campaign money in NYC history!!! Let me dream! My dream may turn in to Mike’s nightmare. YouTube “Term Limits: Deal Ordeal”
Bloomberg is running an Orwellian ad campaignand against no rival TV, radio commercials, Internet or aggressive phone campaigns

CityTime SAIC Scandal ECTP (911 Tech System) John Liu Calls CityTime 2 - Wanna Understand Trillions USA Debt Think Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown Wall St. Implosion! Suzannah B. Troy Wants Arrests! Wake The Freak Up New Yorkers!

CityTime Scandal (I dubbed The Tax Payers Titanic) :   We need arrests at City Hall, NYC gov. officials,  SAIC top dogs that so far are getting Mel Gibson treatment allowed to say they had no guilt and don’t forget City Time 2 the ECTP system John Liu, the New York City tax payer’s hero dubbed CityTime 2.

Wake-up New Yorkers, Wake The FREAK-UP!

You want to solve the USA’s multi-trillion dollar deficit?  Make arrests!   Start with Wall Street!  Make the big bad asses of Wall Street pay back their bail-outs!!!!!!!

Explain why Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development with his mini-me real estate whore (sorry not insulting the sex workers) Christine Quinn who sold the lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us with the economy!  Yeah right!  So Quinn sold the great lie, denied us a referendum with the help of corrupt city council members paid in slush aka tax payer money and Christine Quinn brushed a side 2 investigations in to CityTime and discourage a third.  Than Christine Quinn went on NY1 and lied and said she was on top of CityTime.  No one was unless they were stealing or covering up for those that were stealing!!!!!!!!!

John Liu effectively stopped CityTime but so far no arrests, the massive cover-up for SAIC and pals continues including NYC gov. officials and based on the MTA SAIC that almost was....Preet Bharara needs to interrogate Jay Walder!   Who was involved in pushing through SAIC MTA deal and set NYC Gov meaning the tax payers with SAIC’s bill for over-runs which would have been inevitable because SAIC’s motto is rape and rob the tax payers.  They did to the Tax Payers suckering the FBI trying to help them with their Triology system they had to throw away they way we will have to throw away CityTime, Rudy’s gift from hell to the tax payers!  Rudy’s friends made money on CityTime and ECTP as lobbyists!  Lucky guys!

No competitive bids from The White House to NYC gov.   The fix is in.... bids are fake phony for show.
Done deal aka the tax payers screwed!!!!!!  Fat stupid cats richer and they are glad your eyes are glazing over!

Wall St. dudes with fancy college degrees stupid men but smart enough to avoid jail.  Stupid to think they could cheat and fraud for so long and the financial markets would not almost complete collapse!

How different is this from the Wall St. implosion -- subprime mortgage meltdown?


Wake-up!   We need arrests, prosecution and jail.  The trillion dollar deficit would get smaller big time!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

YouTube Rewind: Suzannah B. Troy Calling for No Renewal SAIC CityTime Last Sept. Instead a Full Investigation!!!!!

Look at the date of this YouTube I made and it was before the Sept. 28th renewal last year which Mike Bloomberg aggressively pushed. Mayor Bloomberg wanted a full renewal with SAIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since there are no news or arrests and concerned citizens want RICO charges I thought I would rewind again!

Todays Suzannah B. Troy posts on Techno-Information Sector crime NYC gov. and under Bloomberg we have the largest White Collar crime ever and it has Rudy Giuliani connections so stay tuned!  Read why Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson should not run for mayor and it involves CityTime!  See link below...

Bloomberg Murdoch Trial

Jane Velez Mitchell Interviews Tony Avella On Horse’s Bloody Injuries Ban Horse Carriages!

On July 27th, the carriage horse issue was covered on Issues with Jane-Velez-Mitchell - guest Tony Avella 

Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg do not support the ban and retaliated against Tony Avella when he was city council member for  challenging their reign including when Tony fought them pushing through a third term without giving the People of NYC a referendum to vote on term limits!   Tony ran for mayor...if only he had won!

Mayor Bloomberg Muslim Greeting Wrong

Remember when mayor Mike's Napoleon complex made Freudian slip and he said 4th term?

Suzannah B. Troy Wondering if Mike Bloomberg Jealous of Commish Kelly’s Popularity?

Do you think Mike Bloomberg is just a little bit jealous of Commish Kelly’s popularity?

Remember the “Think Bloomberg” ads on the steps of City Hall?

Mike is now spending money on ads including on blogs like mine because he continues to think this will make him popular when in fact it further alienates people.

Mike owes Christine Quinn “a favor”.  They had a back room deal.  Christine Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy and than Mike would back Quinn.  She is his puppet and he could run the city from the golf course....have a 4th term!

John Liu stopped the largest White Collar Crime in NYC gov. history so he is a contender.  Unfortunately Mike’s good pals who have big biz dealings in real estate and Murdoch in tech deals with the board of Ed own papers and will be attacking Liu as Murdoch as done already many times.  Liu killed one of his multi-million tech deals but Liu is a contender for mayor of NYC.

Judge Greg Carro: Rapes are Up in NYC. Have any idea why? by Suzannah B. Troy

Now DSK’s victim will have  to sue.

What is the excuse Cy Vance for not going after the NYPD rape cop for heroin.  Besides raping a drunk woman because in the State of NY if you are drunk you cannot consent, the rape cop stole heroin and hid it in his locker.  Why would he do that?  If he was sex obsessed to stalk a pretty drunk woman through-out the night why not steal heroin and use it to get some  form of sex from  heroin addict?

Reminder The Village Voice exposed Rape Cops Moreno and Mata roughing up and harassing a young articulate woman.  Moreno called her the “c” word.  Read the story and an unnamed cop, maybe Moreno or a pal of his calls his superior officer,  a woman Lt. the C word for her reprimanding him for being late which was reported in The NY Post.

Rape is up in NYC and under reported in NYC.  Let’s as Cy Vance, Joe Hell Bound Tacopina, Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Judge Greg Carro if they have any idea why?   Tacopina and Seigel put the NYPD rape victim on trial and did everything but actually accuse her of rape.

Joe Tacopina made a big stink about the NYPD rape vicitm walking drunk on her own steam but so did Imette St. Guillen who’s Mom made a bad choice hiring Joe to represent the family.  Imette walked out of a bar on her own steam and she was kidnapped, taken advantage of like the NYPD rape cop victim because she was drunk and worse she wast tortured and murdered, than dumped like garbage.

Jennifer Moore under age drinking in Chelsea walked out of a bar on her own....she was also raped, tortured, murdered and thrown away like garbage.

Laura Garza walked out of a bar in Chelsea under her own steam.  I believe she was also raped and murdered and also thrown away like garbage and carefully hidden.  The prime suspect is the man she walked away with when she left the Chelsea club.

Joe Tacopina some how got the heroin thrown out.  How?  Joe got a jury unwilling to send the rape cops to jail for rape, breaking and entering, stalking, robbery and making a fake 911 call.  Joe said they are educated and I say Joe the men that made Wall St. imploded and brought us the mortgage meltdown, the men that destroyed AIG have college degrees from the best Universities in our country so what.

Judge Carro will probably let them walk because Tacopina is asking for a mis-trial.  The head of the sex crime unit talked about the case in a HBO documentary and never shared that with the defense so Joe is asking for a mistrial.   We can’t forget the miscarriage of Justice and folks are wondering is Cy Vance is going to prosecute the NYPD rape cop for the heroin he stole and hid in his locker.

Moreno appears to have had some bad habits and one is helping himself to what ever he was confident he could get away with from heroin, a drunk woman’s keys to sex and Moreno is married, wife no. 2.

  • Suzannah Troy 
    Thank you. Powerful photos, thank you for giving me an opportunity to remember women that did not survive Rape attacks...Jennifer Moore under age and drinking at a Chelsea Club, Laura Garza, Imette St. Guillen all out downtown and Yu Yao si...See More

    June 28 at 10:40pm ·  ·  1 person

  • Kobi Carter Welcome. Thank you too.
    June 28 at 11:01pm · 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SAIC CityTime No News Means Cover-Up! Goldman Sachs & SAIC Think Tax Payers Are Suckers!!!!!!!!!!

Still no news on CityTime SAIC and sub-contractors a hierarchy of theft and fraud.  We don’t have arrests including NYC government officials...ho hum....

is this going to be like the criminals that gave us the mortgage meltdown, thugs that  brought down AIG -- oh yes, that is you Goldman Sachs and made a fortune doing it according to Michael Lewis
and a lot of other banks we bailed out guilty as sin, took bail-outs and than instead of even thinking about paying the money back got mega-bucks in bonuses...

solution= arrests, jail, law suits and make banks pay back bail outs...

that would lower our trillion dollar deficit as well.

You want to stop the multi-trillion dollar train wreck than we need arrests, we have to stop the no-bid contracts where they bring in competitors but non-are considered, and every kind of dirty back room deal possible....where the tax payers are robbed and raped and if you don’t get it than look to CityTime scandal brought in by Rudy Giuliani, the Tax Payer’s Titanic and surprise one of the biggest lobbyist for SAIC who happened to be trying to push one of the most corrupt deals with SAIC and the MTA and that was an in your face “the fix was in” bid....yes, Peter Powers, Rudy’s best friend.  

Mike Bloomberg let the CityTime scandal reach epic proportions of robbery and fraud spending the most tax payer dollars ever on IT information technology only to have most of it stolen, stuffed in deep pockets of consultants and people doing “quality control”....what does that mean....?

CityTime, the ECTP System known as the 911 Tech System, countless board of ed scandals of people stealing and screwed up computers systems to put, many of them a hopeless waste of money that don’t work well but made certain people and their lobbyist bucks richer!  Nice work if you can get it.

Why do people salivate when they hear the words government contracts....SAIC screwed the FBI  and the tax payers before they moved in for the kill with NYC tax payers during in you face harsh budget cuts billing us for a system that won’t ever turn a profit but is a loser and a lemonade and SAIC knew that before their fall guy Gerard Denault was even hired as Richard Valcich’s whistle blowing letter proves just look at the date....

Remember Watergate....follow the Money Trail.....?

Well there were gutsy newspaper reporters that exposed the corruption which went right to the top and than people went to jail but mortgage meltdown, Wall St. Implosion no jail!

SAIC is trying to sell their innocence as they broker billions of dollars worth of deals....and like Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen they think they can plead “no contest” and get away with no admitting guilt.  Let Gerard Denault be the fall guy but Richard Valcich’s letter proves the fix was in the corruption in full gear pre-Joel Bondy and Gerard Denault and Bill Thompson and Mike Bloomberg’s names are on every page of the actual letter you can read.

Look carefully and you see the guy he originally wrote to -- his name is crossed out....
Richard Valcich from hero to zero to say.....hmmmm, why is that?

We need arrests SAIC -- the big bosses over Denault and NYC gov. officials plus sub-contractors and anyone who knew that is or are accomplices.   We need jail time and also RICO charges...

How about to send a message to stop robbing tax payers!

We need Wall St. crooks arrested and sent to jail as well.   How about making the banks pay back the bail-outs?

p.s.  Preet Bharara ask Jay Walder tough questions re: SAIC MTA NYC Gov.  officials before he leaves for Japan with his Golden Parachute.

Jay Walder If You Want to Help The MTA and NYers Give Up your Golden Parachute!!!

how about give up your golden parachute and before you get on a plane to Japan spill the beans SAIC MTA Deal NYC gov. officials...!!!!...
Jay did you push the SAIC MTA deal?

Suzannah B. Troy Corbis Image Protesting Mike Bloomberg at City Hall Inauguration 3rd Term

The playlist from the protest outside the gates of City Hall.... I gave Christine Quinn hell and Steve Rattner...check it out....

Lower Trillion Dollar Deficit Arrest Bankers & Pals Guilty of Wall St. Implosion, Mortgage Meltdown, Preet Bharara Arrest SAIC & Sub-contractors CityTime NYC Gov. Officials!

You want to lower the ceiling on debt. than you need to tune in to the largest White Collar Crime ever in NYC gov. history under Bloomberg from Board of Ed to 911 Tech system called ECTP to CityTime and SAIC, TechnoDyne, Spherion and other sub-contractors of SAIC.   SAIC refuses to admit guilt and no arrests.   If SAIC was proven guilty and arrests were made we go have RICO charges.  SAIC is just one example of stealing and frauding tax payer money and they did it before with the FBI and a computer system called Trilogy that had to get thrown away like  CityTime will although SAIC milked us for years!

None of the bankers involved in Wall St. were arrested and instead after we bailed them out they got multi or mega million dollar bonuses so until we have arrests, punish the guilty and make them pay we will continue to have multi-trillion debt turning in to mega-trillion dollar debt.

Start with Goldman Sachs plus these 9 banks listed at the end of Cy Vance Dirty DA YouTube.  The YouTube accuses Morgy and Vance of a back room deal involving not prosecuting 9 banks that Morgy at age 90 after retiring from the DA, his new job is working at a law firm that represents these banks!

I just saw a clip of 60 minutes with Michael Lewis interview and he said Goldman Sachs brought down AIG and made mega-bucks doing it.

Sounds like one example of lowering our trillion dollar deficit.    Goldman Sachs must pay back the bail-out along with all the other banks and some people at Goldman Sachs need to go to jail along with the other players in the Wall St. implosion and mortgage meltdown.

Funny how no one went to jail!!!!!!  Not funny at all.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rudy Giuliani Run For President Get A Bernie Kerik Ending? by Suzannah B. Troy

Rudy Giuliani Run For President Get A Bernie Kerik Ending? by Suzannah B. Troy

Yes, Rudy and his best friend Peter Powers get a special mention in this new YouTube below....
I am an artist so please explain why when I looked up SAIC lobbyists I found Peter Powers and he according to my research became a lobbyist for SAIC the same year he took over Guiliani Partners for Rudy so Rudy could run for President!

What a coincidence!!!!   Hey, I am an artist so what do I know?

I do not want Rudy to run for President and I voted for him every time he ran for mayor.  I would never, ever vote for him again!!!!!!!    It is not just the adulterous affair well chronicled in Leonard Levitt’s NYPD Confidential that the tax payers compensated including the biggest raise for  the mistress when he dumped for a much older mistress Judi Lane.

Some of Rudy’s biggest critics want him to run because the predict if he does run for President he will have a Bernie Kerik ending.
CityTime and SAIC would be issues that Rudy would have to answer to and I want him to whether he runs for President or not.   Oh gee, here is yet another lawyer friend of Rudy’s that worked for him in NYC gov. who happens to be a lobbyist  for TechnoDyne implicated in the CityTime scandal as well!  What a coincidence!!!!

Hey Rudy and Mike did you push SAIC on us like drug king pins push heroin because having SAIC as a friend would sure help your White House ambitions and global business dealings as well?

If you want to read some Rudy tid bits check out NYPD Confidential.   I would love to get Bernie Kerik on the stand to ask him some questions about Rudy but also about a lawyer Kerik is very familiar with....guess who.

p.s.  Agostino -- Technodyne lobbyist and he and his ex  NYC gov boss Gino implicated in lobbying for corrupt dealings ECTP aka CityTime 2 the 911 tech system... oh excuse me did I say implicated?  I meant to say coincidence they are lobbyists associated with CityTime and CityTime 2 aka ECTP!  2 massive scams that don’t work and cost the tax payers a fortune.  Didn’t New Yorkers die because of the new tech 911 system....and it’s flaws?  

oh yeah lobbyist like city officials ARE above the law -- or it takes 10 or 20 years for someone to do something if ever.....

SAIC CityTime Mike Bloomberg MTA Jay Walder Preet Bharara People of NY Robbed! Answers & Arrests + Refund + Damages!

No news at all on the CityTime SAIC scandal is good news for SAIC and large naval contracts SAIC just snared!!!!!!!!!!  Yippie but the People of New York demand SAIC admit guilt.

I, Suzannah B. Troy want Preet Bharara to question Jay Walder before he leaves his post as head of the MTA.  If you want to understand why the USA has a multi-trillion dollar deficit than look at the CityTime SAIC deal brought in by Rudy Giuliani and his pal lawyers are lobbyists involved on SAIC and look how Mike Bloomberg and pals pushed SAIC like drug king pins pushing heroin.  Watch my new YouTube and learn how Mike spent the most amount of money on IT Information Technology and a large part was theft, fraud, the fix was in no really competitive bids and this is true for the MTA and NY State from The White House on down so you want to stop raising the roof on trillions of dollars of debt. stop all the corrupt back room dealings and starting putting the People first!!!!!

Look at countless corrupt deals from Board of Ed, 911 Tech System to CityTime in NYC Gov. largest white  collar crime ever exposed and under a third term mayor like Ed Koch and reminder Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor pushed Mike for three terms...the largest white collar crime ever.  Christine Quinn brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime by Tish James and discouraged a third so Quinn, Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me should never ever be mayor of NYC.

Below the latest news on SAIC new big contracts but no news on CityTime and to date SAIC is like Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson, they do not seem to have to admit guilt and they are guilt as sin.

We want our money back, plus damages x 3 with RICO charges and that starts with arrests Preet Bharara!

"A retired Navy Rear Admiral, Reilly brings more than 34 years of experience to SAIC"
Is it experience of no bid contracts?

Robert Lenzner Ignorant Of Bloomberg's Corruption Scandals Nominates Him!!!

How could you nominate Mike Bloomberg for anything other than jail?

Besides breaking campaign laws, Mike Bloomberg is responsible for being mayor over seeing the largest expenditure of tax payer dollars on Information Technology ever and the largest White Collar crime from CityTime sub-contractors, ECTP 911 Tech System to Board Of Ed deals all including massive fraud and theft.

Maybe you had your head in the sand or only read Mike Bloomberg add!

SAIC CityTime: What is this not Front Page News? Cover-Ups Continue for SAIC & NYC Gov. Officials

Where are the arrests at City Hall?

Jay Walder before you say Sayonara I want Preet Bharara to ask you and your co-workers what they know about the MTA SAIC deal that almost was.

Rudy Giuliani brought in this scam CityTime to replace a payroll system that city workers created and ran that worked called AutoTime.   Rudy threw it out and brought in CityTime which I dubbed The Tax Payers Titanic!  Rudy brought in SAIC and the rest is history.  CityTime was a lemon and SAIC knew this but billed us obscene amounts of money.  SAIC won the Dwight Eisenhower Award for helping small business specifically sub-contractors and guess what they were stealing as was a hierarchy of theft.

TechnoDyne owner, a major sub-contractor won the Ernst Young award  which I reported way before Jim Dwyer of The New York Times!

Mike Bloomberg said we would get all of the 80 million the Spherion consultants stole back.

Last time I heard anything we had only gotten aprox. 27 million dollars back.

Is Mike going to make up the difference?  
Than there are the Allens who via their company TechnoDyne who mystically and magically were able to get on an airplane to India and vanish....making the third in the ever expanding CityTime (pay roll system fraud) to escape to a country that we do not have an extradition agreement with!  

We have spent more than a billion dollars if you include throwing away payroll systems that worked including Mike Bloomberg in concert with SAIC rushing to expand after Sept. 28 forcing many NYC gov. divisions transfer over to CityTime a system that is not worth the money and will not start saving the City of New York money for at least 100 years.

We want our money back plus damages and RICO charges applied to SAIC who continues to plead ignorance but that is laughable.   SAIC did the same thing to the FBI way before Gerard Denault started working for them.

SAIC has and had auditors and Gerard Denault had bosses!  SAIC knew SAIC was a lemon before Gerard Denault came in to the picture and just look at how the MTA and SAIC aggressively pushed a deal that we fought because it going to be another set-up to gauge the tax payers of NYC.   The MTA, SAIC and NYC gov. made a deal as exposed by Greg Mocker of WPIX that if SAIC went over budget the bill would go to NYC gov.

Preet Bharara have Jay Walder, Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page and Rose Gill Hearn explain that deal along with how a lot more that remains unanswered like Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearns informercials I call flat out lies that CityTime works!  If so  why is NYC gov looking at new pay roll systems?

Give us our money back plus damages x 3!

New Yorkers Wake the Freak-UP! CityTime SAIC! Biggest White Collar Crime NYC Gov., Bloomberg Broke Campaign Laws! Haggerty Trail Sept.! NYPD Rape Cop Heroin Cy To Let Him Walk too?

Read the links on the above link.......
CityTime SAIC -- the media for some reason is not eager to make this front page news.....
and other hot reads....

SAIC and how many other contracts NYC and NY State the fix was in gives us an idea of why we the USA  have a multi-trillion dollar debt.

Christine Quinn is no Harvey Milk....but she is milking marriage equality big time.....

FDNY Lt. Hero Badly Burned Manhole explosion

I remember warning people even a cop to not park your car over a man hole cover because in the East Village they were constantly exploding. I saw a Mercedes roasted like a marshmallow.

Bloomberg and his socialite city planner pushed reckless tsunami of development with no thought for infrastructure let alone the community.

Con Ed put the greedy expansion before safety and would not tell the mayor to slow down.

I wrote Con Ed asking they tell Bloomberg slow down and put safety first.

Christine Quinn No Harvey Milk, Milks Marriage Equality Part 2

Christine Quinn Ms Slush and Intimidation, Mike Bloomberg's mini/me, real estate developers bought her with kick backs aka campaign donations is no Harvey Milk but she is milking marriage equality. Too bad she could not have made time Sunday to stand with us a small group of gay and straight allies counter protesting Ruben Diaz's huge group and other haters.

Hey Quinn, I don't hear you giving Mike Bloomberg money for making contributions to haters!

Marty Markowitz Busted Again, Mike, Quinn, Stringer

The last Marty abuse was using an NYC gov lawyer for personal matters -- u get why these people never want to leave office...

Meanwhile Bloomberg CityTime historic crime, Christine Quinn queen of intimidation and slush closed a record amount of fire houses, put them up for sale, laid off honest city workers as city officials stole tax payer $ and still do and toilet paper is rationed in Coney Island women's bathrooms by Parks Dept workers!!!

Stringer another example of tax payers black hole. Why can't he and Christine Quinn take the subway as just 1 small example.

Monday, July 25, 2011

From Queens to Christine Quinn’s own district Hospital Close, Message from Christine Quinn to New Yorkers Drop DEAD!

The latest hospital closing, along with the news that Downtown Hospital is flooded to the gills, much like Elmhurst Hospital in Queens....

Vote for Christine Quinn for mayor if you want Mike Bloomberg to have a 4th term from the Golf Course!

From Queens to Christine Quinn’s own district Hospital Close, Message from Christine Quinn to New Yorkers Drop DEAD!

The latest hospital closing, along with the news that Downtown Hospital is flooded to the gills, much like Elmhurst Hospital in Queens....

Vote for Christine Quinn for mayor if you want Mike Bloomberg to have a 4th term from the Golf Course!

Suzannah B. Troy’s Hot Reads for Today! SAIC, CityTime, Rupe Mike Joel Board of Ed NY Post Schilling, NYPD Rape Cops Will Cy Vance Prosecute the Heroin?

NY Post Editors:  Kiss mayor Mike Bloomberg BUTTOCKS (3 term mayor mired in corruption Big Time Corruption, biggest ever NYC gov.  CityTime SAIC  plus....) butt Rupert Murdoch editors’ kiss and pucker up for Murdoch’s dreamy tech deals to start in NYC and go around the globe can’t redeem Mike’s NYC school legacy is in the garbage pile along with Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn’s Mike junior’s big fat lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us with the economy.

Jay Walder Before You say Sayonara How about a Date with Preet Bharara to tell us what you know about the MTA SAIC deal that almost was and SAIC NYC Gov SAIC MTA big dogs like you....tell us before you get on an airplane Jay!!!!!!

Mayor Mike....Do you mind if I “Don’t Think Mike”.  Mike’s ad’s make me puke and it is a huge conflict of interest!!!!!!!  As usual he blurs the boundaries!!!

NYC is Rape Central....Rapes are up.   Rapes are under reported.

Will the rape cops walk Aug. 6?  Read this.....
Will Cy Vance prosecute the NYPD rape cop for the heroin that should NEVER have been thrown out?

If not explain why you won’t prosecute and how the heroin got thrown out!

NY Post Editors Kiss Mike’s Butt Schilling for Owner Rupert Murdoch Board of Ed Tech Deals

The NY Post editors high on crack! Oh no it is not crack cocaine...but they are looking out for Rupert Murdoch’s board of ed. tech deals! That is why we are forced to read this dreke! Can I have my 75 cents back!

Read more on how Rupert wants to start in NYC but broker deals around the globe.....oh is that me just predicting the future?????
Click the link above!!!!!!!!!!!!

The NY Post Editors High on Crack? Editors Giving Mike 1 more Chance on Education or is it Rupe and his mega-buck dreams of education the new gold around the globe?

There is so much corruption NY, I can’t go through all the papers and cut and paste so here is True News -- check out the many corrupt posts and the top one is laughable for many reasons including the conflict of interest committee never thinks any thing is a conflict of interest anyway!!!!!!

Scroll down True News until you get to NY Post....

On Rupe -- education tech = gold mine ++++  mega-bucks $$$$$ Rupe can make around the globe...
nice work if you can get it but Joel Klein has not even left his city job one year and he left so much scandal including with his Bear Stearn pals he brought in .....oops!!!!!

Jay Walder MTA Head Bye Bye Did YOU Push SAIC like Heroin? The Corrupt MTA SAIC that almost was!

Are you going to Japan to escape with your “Golden Parachute"  or to push some lucrative deals?

Jay Walder -- this is a yes or no answer....  Did you push that corrupt stank MTA SAIC deal?

I also want to ask Patricia Harris’s husband and Mark Page along with others.

Dear Preet Bharara:  Since 3 people have fled the USA to countries we don’t have extradition agreements with I just want to ask have you chatted with Jay Walder re: the MTA SAIC that certain parties were pushing like cocaine at a Hollywood party with very skinny people?  Just wondering if Jay Walder could give the US Attorney’s office some insights in to who in NYC gov. besides the MTA were so hot for SAIC as in no other bid was seriously considered?

We know Rudy’s best friend Peter Power sure did since he was the lobbyist for SAIC.
We know Mike Bloomberg pushed SAIC like a drug king pin pushes heroin.

Nice the SAIC CityTime, ECTP (911 Tech System dubbed CityTime 2) , and so many other corrupt deals including some very embarassing ones for the MTA are now all close to silence....ssshhhh just in case New Yorkers care about the biggest fraud corruption thievery and lies of their tax payer dollars....

p.s. read this on Patricia Harris’s husband.....
The NYtimes article a killer and looks at the political names that show up on it!!!

another fun link to check out: