Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloomberg running for President? Suzannah B. Troy's dark insights on how he screwed the people of NYC and flushed democracy down the toilet two years in a row!

Haggerty more to Bloomberg Campaign Improprieties than meets the eye

WSJ: Bloomberg Cash Still Missing.

The Haggerty trial could be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate if Haggerty decides to spill the beans.  I was at the forefront of the "Bloomberg No Third Term" resistance and mysterious things started to happen to my YouTube account like countless comments by "Bloombergforlife" and when I removed them a torrent of YouTube messages to everyone that had ever commented on my YouTubes. Than all my YouTubes, 343 YouTubes were removed a month and a half before the election to close to call. Norman Siegel and many activists, friends and film makers contacted Google on my behalf and my work was restored.  After the election which Mike Bloomberg barely won, Tony Avella, a mayoral candidate's identity was stolen and used on YouTube to contact me and the stolen identity "TonyAvella" bragged about celebrating with Mike at the Sheraton.  Identity theft is serious, violating YouTube and Googlle's terms of agreement including stealing other YouTube member's identities is serious.  My point is king Mike so far has been very luck so little of his campaign dealings have not been fully looked at and investigated.  It is worrisome  that Bloomberg holds the purse strings to Cy Vance's department and also another possible conflict of interest is that Maura Keaney worked with Haggery and Maura Keaney is married to Mark Guma who I believe Cy Vance's is working hard to pay back a campaign debt to. It is like six degrees of separation but really one degree and it may be a conflict of interest.

racist gov. Dave Paterson wins 1st round against American Indians even thought NY is violating treaties

Comments (1)

  • SuzannahTroy
    08/31/2010 8:45 AM
    Let's see a judge ruled in favor of a corrupt politician's goal to wrongly tax the American Indians? The American Indians are not responsible for NY State's budget crisis but corrupt, stupid and greedy politicians are. Albany has yet to balance the massive budget crisis. I hate cigarettes but if you want to help small businesses than lower the tax and you will stimulate the economy but Bloomberg and Paterson want to make is as hard as possible to buy cigarettes, scapegoat the American Indians, violate treaties and force New Yorkers to go else where to buy smokes. Bloomberg has made it cheaper to buy heroin on the street I am told for 8 dollars. Racism -- blame an entire group for what small businesses tanking and why gov Paterson are they tanking because Albany and City Hall has made it as hard as possible to have a small business. Paterson thinks he is going to help the economy but wrongly trying to enforce collecting a tax that is violating treaties with the American Indians and our government? Shame on Paterson and he should redirect his energies to getting the budget balanced due April 1, 2010.

Watch these YouTubes and look at the text portion for links....

Clubbed to death? NYU leads the way for party central NYC thanks Mike Bloomberg

Earth to whom-ever wrote this...NYU and all the universities copying NYU like a bad xerox have recognized the big bucks they make from real estate grabs, zone busting using the term high ed and they jam pack as many college kids in to this dorms like the one John's parents tearfully visited yesterday to pick up her belongs. The colleges are greedy and use NYC and the "Friends" fantasy to lure kids here and give them zero tools but worse encourage partying big time. It is a joke. Why does the NYPD have to be responsible for every aspect of failings of people that refuse to take any responsibility and real estate magnates posing as high ed. I have asked NYU to actually hire NYPD to speak to kids about how to protect themselves including from date rape drugs being dropped in to their drinks, to always having a sober friend, etc. NYU and other Universities are responsible for mass displacement for their real estate grabs and the college kids are an after thought. NYU tore down St. Ann's at 120 E. 12 -- take a look and see the new hideous NYU mega dorm jammed packed w/college kids. The dorm will shock you and exposes the corrupt ruthless greed that has destroyed our neighborhoods and for what, why? Big bucks, real estate greed and party central. Even Bloomberg pushes be time partying and these real estate grabs for mega dorms favoring college kids partying on. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

ARTIST vendors win king Mike Bloomberg and Parks Dept. Lose

ARTIST vendors win king Mike Bloomberg and Parks Dept. Lose

Cooper Union Student (?) underscores the exploitation arrogance abuses of Cooper Union willfully obtuse?

Below the water main break I believe the construction by Cooper Union caused. Read below my comments and know the group suing DOB and the mayor are the NY State Society for Professional Engineers. Wow at 3am a Cooper Union college kid or a troll - you almost hope a troll rather than someone so "willfully obtuse" came to YouTube and I am confident never bothered to talk to professors and the administration to give me the opportunity to highlight the shocking destructiveness to our communities by universities using the term higher education to exploit, displace and gobble up our neighborhood and under Bloomberg our safety compromised because of the reckless tsunami of development and perhaps a record setting displacement for the people of New York.

By the way, when Mike Bloomberg is not displacing the lower and middle income with all kinds of clever and viscious acts including ticketing people up to their eyeballs, raising taxes, making it impossible for small business to exist, etc. he takes time out to be racist and go over the Native Americans trying to invade their reservation here in NY and tax them which is another form of economic racism.
1 hour ago
In what way is a water main break that's a block away from the building a direct fault of construction? The only construction that was performed recently at Cooper was the demolition of an old Cooper building, and the construction of a new one. I really don't see how they're encroaching on the neighborhood or pushing people out of their homes by rebuilding on their own property. Why is it the responsibility of a private school to maintain a subway? That's the jurisdiction of the government.

@academylife12345 I hope you are a student and not a troll. Again thank you so much. Mayor Bloomberg and DOB are being sued round 2 for tossing out the requirement that the head of DOB actually have an architectural or engineering degree. Since I made this YouTube the building has been put on halt for 2 years and I was told right here but a CU engineering student I was correct. So glad the president has left and you give me the opportunity to show the press the "imperial" and obtuse CU 'tude.

Suzannahartist 3 minutes ago
1 hour ago
You argue that when one of the Cooper staff was giving a press conference she said something about the community's opinion, and you disagreed with that. What gives you more of a right to speak for the community than her? And what is your objection with holding a private press conference without inviting people off of the street? That's how press conferences are typically held, so this one shouldn't be treated differently just because its about an issue you take opposition to.

@academylife12345 Again thank you so much for your shocking comment. I hope you are not a troll but a student! The point is that a rep. from the school was lying about the community who sued Cooper Union so thanks again for giving me the opportunity to highlight the many ways CU is responsible for being abusive and insensitive as well as exploitive and responsible along with NYU for the hideous take-over and make-over of our community.

Suzannahartist 6 minutes ago
1 hour ago
If you're so sure that the community is taking offense to the actions that Cooper Union has been taking, maybe you should ask some of the people in the area instead of bombarding the local newspapers with your letters. You argue that you have a right to free speech, any institution has the right to construct whatever they want on their own property if it's within code. I'm not trying to make a personal attack with these comments, I'd just like to address some issues I had with your opinions.

@academylife12345 Um, the community sued and lost! You should talk to your administration. I am posting all your comments on my blog and sending to the media. Thank you so much!

Suzannahartist 9 minutes ago
see all

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Louis Flores YouTube on Suzannah B. Troy activism uses Apple technology!

Here is my YouTube telling people don't believe the news....voters are angry, Mike Bloomberg and will not vote for Mike Bloomberg and it was posted on May 4, 2009!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Committee For The Preservation of The Middle Class

I was asked this question today....."How do you start a committee for the preservation middle class?

The person who asked me I am confident will find the answers for herself and head the committee!!!!!

Who inspired the need to preserve the middle class but none other than king Mike Bloomberg.

The middle class is going the way of the dinosaur.

p.s.  King Mike Bloomberg is making me very popular these days....

President Obama, Stop economic racism in NY against American Indians! by Suzannah B. Troy

PYou can email President Obama and it is a lot easier than emailing our supposedly techno savy mayor Mike Bloomberg's.   I have also written President Obama via snail mail about NYU and you can read about that as well and I will include the YouTube of me reading the letter as well.

Of course there is a word count so first read my response to The New York Daily News editorial in today's paper.

Dear President Obama:

NY's economy is spiraling downward and I believe it is from corruption and poor leadership but I am asking you to address economic racism by mayor Mike Bloomberg and gov. Dave Paterson against the Seneca American Indians!
It is pure economic racism!

They live on a reservation and they do not have the economic opportunities that Americans have and people use the word casinos like a racist to rationalize not making good and honoring Native Americans but continue oppression and also demonization of Native Americans.

Please confront this racism alive and well in NY!!!!!!!

I also wrote you asking you to pressure NYU to give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they use the term community facility to bust thru zoning yet exclude and displace community members. They were be senior centers, free computers, etc and college kids would see and get involved in the harsh fact people are struggling to live in the communities

Friday, August 27, 2010

King mayor Mike Bloomberg's economic racism against the Seneca Tribe American Indians by Suzannah B. Troy

I am wearing 2 necklaces, 3 rings and a bracelet with deep spiritual meaning, great beauty and depth all made by American Indians.

Watch my YouTube and hear my outrage.  Also I ask you why are no leaders including President Obama speaking out on behalf of The American Indians and this racist behavior and economic oppression.

Here is some basic economics:  The economic opportunities are so limited because the American Indians live on a reservation.  Unlike king Mike who makes a fortune on going global in every way possible from information services, tech and I am guessing real estate most American Indians do not have the opportunities that Americans have because they mostly live on reservations.

Please do not talk to me about casinos as end all be alls for American Indians because that is another new form of prejudice and stupidity folks which lets people ignorant people right American Indians economic injustices and far worse off.

The American Indians have suffered enough and king Mike and an embattled accidental governor that in my opinion is guilty of ever so gentle intimidation of an alleged victim of spousal abuse are getting away with economic racism.  Paterson objected to Bloomberg's racism comment but joins him in economic racism against the Seneca Tribe and American Indians!

Listen to my YouTube to hear more.

Just a reminder if you do not have time to watch my YouTube -- my jacket with patches in the Sept. 11 Museum has a patch from the Seneca American Indians and why?  Because they ran down immediately after Sept. 11 to help us.  The American Indians helped build the WTC and NYC.  They were there front line for us right after Sept. 11.

The fact this racism is being tolerated right now in New York City is intolerable and I am shocked President Obama is silent as well.

FYI:  King Mike Bloomberg's city planner socialite mega-millionaire Amanda the People's Burden is responsible along with Mike Bloomberg for the mass displacement of New Yorkers; one example, aiding and abetting eminent domain abuse to make the entire community of Manhattanville move for Columbia University's expansion.   I have seen Bloomberg-Burden aid NYU in the tear down of St. Ann's and the push through of the illegal  air sale over St. Ann Church from 1847 by the USPS to NYU.

If the Seneca tribe could have only gotten Mike to do massive real estate dealings and financial dealing for his pals on their reservation than he would be their champion.

Right now Bloomberg needs to apologize and back off.

President Obama where are you in the face of this ugly economic racism?

p.s.  In Mike Bloomberg's private empire heroin is cheaper to buy and sell than cigarettes!  
Welcome to Mike's hideous "new" New York!

Bloomberg smoke and mirrors + back room deal to put Quinn in as mayor wake up tune in and vote No more bloomberg

Watch my new YouTube: "Mayor Bloomberg Steve Rattner I call S.E.C, democracy term limits Mosque, Mike's intimidation". For NY Post readers who don't know the SEC is like the NYPD for stocks, bonds, etc. and also be aware when Mike talks mosque and democracy he does not want you to pay attention the fact he and his appointed minions along with his mini-me Christine Quinn have prevented us the people from input on term limits yet again and extend city council to 3 term again. Bloomberg has flushed democracy down the toilet again. He wants Quinn to run the city so he has her on Charlie Rose. Rose's offices are in Bloomberg's offices and Rose would not be in business if it wasn't for Mike Bloomberg. Do the math...Heard anything on Bloomberg's business dealings in Dubai? Bloomberg doesn't want you to hear or pay attention but uses smoke and mirrors to distract you all. Don't be and make sure Quinn doesn't get in as Mike's puppet mayor all a back room deal for denying us a referendum and pushing through a third term.

Read more:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy calls the S.E.C to ask date Steve Rattner ruling, Bloomberg Term Limits democracy flushed down the toilet

I called the S.E.C and was transferred to consumer affairs and advocacy -- my IPhone 4 kept cutting out but the woman answering the phone was kind and SANE so I had no problem finally leaving my name and number. I left a detailed message and I wait for a call back. Stay tuned....

I explained I am a blogger and activist and I cover a lot of issues re: Mike Bloomberg and corruption and I read Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th over and over but the newspapers never give a date as to when the S.E.C. is going to actually rule on whether Steve Rattner is going to be banned three years or not.

If so this is highly unusual and sends a very powerful message. For people who don't understand what is the S.E.C. think of them as the police, the NYPD of all kinds of trading on exchange -- stocks, bonds, etc.

Rattner is king Mike Bloomberg's money manager and he urged Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term because both Steve Rattner and Mike Bloomberg do not respect limits of any kinds and perhaps they and the Bloomberg gang had investments and real estate deals, etc. that would greatly benefit if king Mike was in office.

The issue for me also is that it was a conflict of interest for Steve Rattner to be involved in pension fund investments and in the Vanity Fair issue with Lady Gaga on the cover the article on Ratter says that Cuomo regretted giving Rattner immunity from going to jail -- he got a 12 million dollar fine instead ---Cuomo regretted giving Rattner immunity because he found Rattner less than forth coming and the deal was no jail if he would speak up. The S.E.C. found Rattner even less talkative pleading the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has run for mayor.

Right now people are not paying attention to this or the fact that Mike Bloomberg's appointed representes on the Charter Commission have give city council members a third term with out the people of New York voting on term limits again!

Democracy has been flushed down the toilet here in NYC by Mike Bloomberg again....last year denying us a referendum and now again preventing us from voting on term limits with an immediate impact of either yes or no but mystically the term limits vote won't be in the hands of New Yorkers again for quite awhile thanks to Mike Bloomberg and his friends and more and more people are saying Bloomberg and gang including 3rd term city council continues to throw democracy away for big hefty wheeling and dealings. When Mike Bloomberg talks about the mosque by the WTC site and democracy it is hard to take him seriously because he has yet again pushed through 3rd terms for city council with out allowing New Yorkers a say and people are asking how great are his business dealings in Dubai and talk is he is expanding....

Mike Bloomberg and Steve Rattner are slick talkers -- Steve isn't lately pleading the 5th over and over to the S.E.C. but for most New Yorkers the word on the street is Mike Bloomberg and smoke and mirrors.

The question is will the S.E.C. clear away some smoke and forth some truth and accountability that will hurt Mike Bloomberg as much as Steve Rattner because Rattner manages billions of Mike Bloomberg's private empire and if he is busted by the S.E.C Mike will have to shift that money yet again. Rattner shifted it out of Quadrangle because he thought Quadrangle would take the fall and not him. Steve Rattner was wrong. If Rattner is wrong again the money will once again half to be shifted but Steve Rattner can't touch the money and handle it for 3 years if the S.E.C. bans him and the book he had ghost written bragging how he supposedly saved the auto industry might not make The New York Times best seller list or be plugged by The New York Daily News even though I have read and heard Steve Rattner is also good friends with owner of these papers and managed their money as well.

Questions I want to ask Mike Bloomberg the press is not asking

1) Steve Rattner and pay to play scandals.   Wasn't it a conflict of interest from the get go?
What are you going to do if he is banned from the SEC and how can you continue to defend the man so involved in managing such a large chunk of your fortune?

2) You go on about democracy and the Mosque yet you have flushed democracy down the toilet for a 2nd time because of this Charter Revision -- people appointed by you and now city council gets another 3rd term which is very wrong?

I have more questions and a shocking story this morning about trying to get answers.

I know New Yorkers also want to ask Mike Bloomberg about his business  interests in Dubai -- if it is true he has them and is expanding them?

Mike Bloomberg big investments Dubai

Mike doesn't like to talk about his investments like the ones in Cayman Islands and also about his money manger Steve Rattner being fined 12 million for pay to play pension fund scandals here in NYC New York which already sounds like a conflict of interest to me and the fact Rattner may be banned by the SEC but the buzz is Mike has and is further expanding his investments in Dubai big time.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Amanda the people's Burden City Council and gang continue to endanger our safety read why

Suzannah B. Troy
08/26/2010 6:27 AM
Make sure to research city council getting kick backs aka campaign donations from developers and I blogged about it and listed links on my blogs but you can also google Jane Jacobs Christine Quinn. I went to the Jane Jacobs street naming to protest Quinn. She and her cronies were trying to pass her off as Jane Jacobs and I had an article about her and other city council getting kick backs from developers. If you click on the YouTube in text portion are a bunch of links to how city council members sell out the people of NY for developers. I also believe Mike Bloomberg, Amanda the people's Burden - she is our mega millionaire city planner and a socialite as well as city council and DOB where Mike threw out the requirement DOB commissioner has to have an architectural degree or engineering degree aided and abetted king Mike in a reckless tsunami of development and old NY's infrastructures are shot to h/ll! They have and continue to endanger our safety. Criminal!

Read more:

The Green, the Bad and the very ugly--- for Me king Mike's reckless development only green for developers wallets

The Green, the Bad & the (Very) Ugly


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mike Bloomberg flushed democracy down the toilet again!!!!!!!! Term limits deal ordeal

Note:  I am a very tired artist and activist -- so I am writing stream of consciousness -- my art and it is important to read the last paragraph first if need be about how Mike Bloomberg flushed democracy down the toilet yet again.  Perhaps he is using the mosque to distract the people from what feels like a crime.

While king Mike Bloomberg is busy being a hero to the Muslim world from moderates to extremists that all share his view that we must have a mosque by the World Trade Center site despite the enormous pain it is causing the victims families still not done burying their dead as more body parts have recently been found and who funds their mosque is none of our business -- and folks Mike feels that way about his Cayman Islands investments as well....

and Mike Bloomberg champions yet another unwelcoming sky scraper blotting out more sun and Mother Earth --  that would over shadow the Empire State Building and push more reckless development that I characterize as greedy and stupid.  Why?  Our infrastructure is shot to hell, Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden are responsible for mass displacement and we have a city council were many get kick backs from developers called campaign donations....  Amanda the mega-millionaire city planner goes to the American Indian Museum of all places to pat herself on the back for her mass displacement aiding and abetting NYU, Cooper Union and for Columbia University she supports the abuse of eminent domain displacing an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville.....

but that is not even why I am writing this piece today..

Mike Bloomberg does not want you to know or pay attention to the fact that he and his minion have successfully flushed democracy down the toilet yet again.  Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn and many believe a back room deal -- where she aids and abets him in denying us a referendum and pushes through a third term -- in return king Mike will place his queen Christine as mayor of New York and perhaps he can run the city for a fourth term via Quinn from the golf course!

Read what I wrote about what Bloomberg does not want you to know about a "deal" or a decision made my people he appointed who decided to give city council a third term.  When you get to the posting on my you will see I list posting after posting of how city council members have abused their position and some like Miguel Martinez would voted to extend term limits admitted he was stealing tax payer money.   I don't have time to give you link after link how investigation in to city council members and staff stealing money where either they plead guilty, some how weaseled out -- sorry to insult weasels or the investigations are still open as in Larry Seabrook as just one example but all the city council members guilty of slush and nepotism, etc. all voted to extend term limits and they get to stay on yet again for a 3rd term without the people of New York City getting to vote on it!!!!!!

Read my piece....



King Bloomberg DOB law suit round 2 NY State Society for Professional Engineers vs. DOB

King Mike has a habit of throwing out the proper requirements for commissioners in city government.  Commissioner Ray Kelly of the NYPD may be the only long standing commissioner that actually worked as a police officer.

Mike Bloomberg tossed out the requirement that the commissioner of DOB have an architectural or engineering degree.   The NY State Society for Professional Engineers took king Mike and DOB to court and lost the first round.

Round two begins September 7th when the case will be appealed in the appellate division.

Stay tuned..

NYC Charter Revision Proposals: A Hobson’s Choice by The City Pragmatist

City Pragmatists says Hobson's choice but I heard analogy from another New Yorker referrng to Catch 22 -- as 22 squared.

Heard on the street: Since 22 x 22 is 484 -- this Catch 484

This Catch 22 and Beyond Catch 22, so this New Yorker jokingly calls it a catch 484.

Thanks king Bloomberg....

How king Mike screwed the people of NYC yet again on term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the City Pragmatist's insights in the above link!

By the way I love the old black and white movie Hobson's Choice.

Amanda Burden socialite mega-millionaire the people's Burden worst city planner a YouTube comment

It's common knowledge that Amanda Burden had an affair with Ted Kennedy, who was at the time married to Joan. It does make a body wonder how many in the political arena who she has rustled up to get from point A socialite to point A city planner. It seems to me that one should have experience in structural engineering or the like to fill that job. It may be that she's always be into errection and demolition.

This YouTube comment was not posted by me...

p.s.  Why did king Mike flush democracy down the toilet and aid and abet developers at the expense, well being and safety of the people of New York?

For development deals, financial people -- and all on old New York's dilapidated infrastructure.

Bloomberg even tossed out the requirement that DOB commissioner have a degree in engineering or architecture.

Mike Bloomberg & corrupt city council in bed w/developers support rival sky scraper to Empire State Building.

Of course the green with greed mayor, king Mike wants to keep his tsunami of reckless development and mostly community crushing a live and well and any way he can blot out the sun and lay down more concrete on old New York's dilapidated infrastructure that cannot accommodate his recklessness, stupidity and greed he does. Shame on him and city council.  See my scathing piece on term limits democracy flushed down the toilet again by Mike and his minions  go to my blog.

The comment underneath mine say enough efffing sky scrapers -- how about affordable housing....?

Well dears Christine Quinn and other corrupt council members let their greed and corruption show even when it comes to affordable housing.....

Read Benjamin Lesser's expose which deserves awards and the last paragraph exposes Christine Quinn keeping kick backs aka compaign donations....

Below me protesting Christine Quinn at the Jane Jacobs street naming where she and her supporters tried to pass her off as Jane Jacobs.   JANE JACOBS WOULD NEVER APPROVE THE TSUNAMI OF DEVELOPMENT PUSHED BY MIKE BLOOMBERG, HIS PUPPET CHRISTINE QUINN AND A SOCIALITE CITY PLANNER AMANDA THE PEOPLE'S BURDEN.

The People of New York Term Limits democracy and our rights violated by Mike Bloomberg's minions

There are countless articles I have on the vile ways city council members -- not all buy many have milked the tax payers, taken advantage in every way possible and to think they can have three terms now and that we the people were denied referendums is just to awful to think about.

Democracy was flushed down the toilet last year by corrupt dealings by Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn and here we are again....Mike's appointees with the help of city council are doing it again....

I don't have to time to post the pieces on City Council's lousy attendance record -- you can look up my YouTube it has links to the article and how about them voting themselves a raise and taking lulus aka money they should not be taking and some phony city council members said oh, we are against lulu and took the money anyway....

Where else do you get to have a lousy attendance record, vote yourself a raise and get to stay on for 3 terms by denying the people you supposedly represent a referendum? Answer: NYC's city council and the answer stinks like a dead and decay rat.....
all posted on my YouTubes and blogs..

Below I just want to my YouTube on me protesting Quinn at the Jane Jacobs street naming trying to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs when Quinn is in bed with developers taking kick backs aka campaign contributions....

Miguel Martinez the only city council member that voted to extend term limits "honest" enough to admit he was stealing tax payer money from the get go and now in jail. The term limits votes tainted and should be tossed.

Seabrook voted to extend --- and under indictment and Arroyo and Stewart in my opinion are guilty of robbing the tax payers but have walked away all voted to extend term limits. Everyone that voted got either slush money, lulus, friends, wive, brothers, sisters, etc. benefiting from slush, non-profits, etc.
Note: the NY Daily News links don't seem to be working so if they don't work go to their search engine and type in "Melinda Katz campaign contribution" The title of the piece is "You can color city council green" and they use they word kickbacks about city council getting kickbacks from developers.

The damming piece by Benjamin Lesser can be found by typing in Christine Quinn Benjamin Lesser, the title of the piece is: Some City Politicians receive big campaign donations and funneled tax dollars to developers - the last two paragraph re: Quinn are scathing.

Also check out: City Council members get campaign contributions from nonprofit organizations they funded City Council members get campaign contributions from nonprofit organizations they funded
Read more:
Read more:
The article about from The Epoch Times is the only one to cover me and the woman with her daughter protesting the sanitation build. Bravo!

Newest Christine Quinn scandal exposed by the Village Voice and read the NY Daily News links to read about the scandal of city council members taking money aka campaign contributions from developers including Quinn and her relationship with Dermott as exposed by Benjamin Lesser stinks of a dirty rotten scandal as well.
I stop in solidarity with protestors trying to save Coney Island.

I am extremely exhausted and it was difficult to do this because of exhaustion and stress fighting NYU and Cooper Union's community crushing development and city wide -- Mike Bloomberg betrayed my vote.

It was laughable and yet horrifying they way Jane Jacobs name was bandied about and the sheer denial of politicos pretending the Bloomberg-Quinn did not sell out and destroy New York to greedy developers from right under the people of New York's feet including how many eminent domain abuse battles going on right now here in NYC?

Why do the people of New York have such a high threshold for corruption == greater than our tallest sky scrapers and why have we learned to expect so little from the people that represent us they they feel free to steal or abuse tax payer money, hire top defense attorneys courtesy of the tax payers to defend them and vote themselves a raise and an extra term?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg's racist comments Native American Times

Well mayor Mike Bloomberg's racially charged comments have made the Native American Times and so far king Mike is not apologizing.

He made an inappropriate racist comment urging our accidental governor Dave Paterson to come down hard on the American Indian tribe using the term cowboy.  Mike is obsessed with policing cigarettes here in New York and I was told by a reformed drug addict that king Mike has made it cheaper and easier to buy heroin which is under ten dollars than it is to buy cigarettes.

American Indians blasted king mayor Mike Bloomberg from the steps of City Hall for his racist insensitive remarks and also for wanting to tax them for cigarettes.

Well I have blasted king Mike myself from the steps of City Hall twice when he happened to be walking by  and the 2nd time I got the interaction on YouTube.

For those who have not visited the striking American Indian Museum  NYC downtown please do stop by and visit the museum.    It is free and I love the gift shops as well.

Mike Bloomberg is so busy aiding and abetting shady real estate deals and he and his socialite city planner Amanda the peoples Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development and are responsible for mass displacement including the entire neighborhood of Manhattanville for Columbia University.   Where did socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden go to pat herself on the back but the American Indian Museum.

Mike owes the American Indian Museum an apology but he most likely will not apologize.

I am one of many waiting to find out if his money manager Steve Rattner is going to get banned by the SEC for 3 years for his involvement in the pay to play pension fund scandals.

Denial is the new crack cocaine.   Can we tax Mike Bloomberg and all corrupt politicos for getting high on denial?

Apologize Mike!

MTA, City Hall, Albany all stink like a dead rat + CORRUPTION = the people screwed!!!

MTA needs to make cuts from their top brasses salaries but how about the media selling us on the fake idea that NYC is leading us out of a recession with employment figures...what a load...this and the fact Albany has not yet balanced the budget that was due April1st and crooks posing as politicians at Albany and City Hall are stealing and or abusing tax payer money and making big deals to serve their interests is another reason the city is tumbling into an economic abyss unless you are rich.   Thanks king Bloomberg and your mini-me Christine Quinn who takes kick backs from real estate developers as exposed by Benjamin Lesser The NYDaily News.

Aren't you glad king Mike has the city of NY give out free condoms that say NYC on them.  With all these corrupt self serving politicians who also manage to lucrative benefit their family members and Christine Quinn was exposed giving slush money to a charity that happens to have had her life partner sitting on --- nepotism, corruption, slush money, high priced defense lawyers courtesy of the tax payers, kick backs from developers and any rich person that wants a deal to go throw greases palms and you want to know why the city is going is in an economic crisis for everyone but the rich and the politicians that run this the State and City of New York.

Watch  my stand-up comedy routine on Mike Bloomberg and NYC condoms....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mike Bloomberg not a green mayor from ripping trees out of their homes to blotting out the sun and nature with reckless development

Read the article about the city preparing to rip out trees that date back before the Civil War....
Arbor Genocide along Pelham Parkway....

Please don't forget Mike Bloomberg and his real estate partner in crime the Evil Empire aka NYU were behind the tearing up of beautiful trees that called Washington Square Park their home as Mike and company forced yet another unwanted improvement on Washington Square Park!

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Mike Bloomberg's NY heroin is cheaper to buy and sell on the streets than cigarettes

Good going Mike....Mike is busying right now planning more ways to unleash his ticket terrorism program....and displace and screw the middle class and poor some more...

Mike's new hideous NY is hell unless you are party of the rich greedy party class above the law....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Roger Clemens & other NYC BULL by Suzannah B. Troy of course I refer to Steve Rattner and Mike Bloomberg as well!

Folks -- Live from NYC, it is me Suzannah B. Troy and I am generally really pissed off.
First here is a link to my original posting on Roger Clemens and please advise I rip up this photo or not?   Any one who had read my blog postings or my letters -- that is 2 in The New York Post Sports Section on steroids plus one on the Yankee's passionless play where I ask that the Yankees be forced to return their bloated salaries for passionless play and the money be given to homeless shelters, libraries, schools, raises for NYPD, FDNY and teachers, can guess how I feel.

Well there is not much more to say about Clemens so I have to just rant to you about other things NYC that just are pissing me off for lack of a better word choice.

Crain's reports this...

NYC's jobs recovery continues to outpace U.S. and ran the article with a photo the bull down by Wall Street so I wrote...

What a load of bull manure.  Smoke and mirrors courtesy of king Mike Bloomberg and utter bull unless you are referring to all of Mike Bloomberg's campaign staff and cronies he is hiring.  Unemployment is higher than reported...always is and more is too come because those clowns in Albany still have not balanced the budget due April fool's day and it is almost Sept. plus politicians stealing tax payer money + wasteful spending does not help either. Suzannah B. Troy

Thanks to the Button Lady an amazing NYC activist for sending me this Michael Moore piece about in true Moore like fashion asking hey General Motors business  improving why are you not hiring which brings me to Mr. Smoke and Mirrors, Teflon Mike Bloomberg and his twin brother separated at birth Steve Rattner.    

By the way....has anybody heard any news about Steve Rattner getting banned by the SEC anytime soon.  The guy like all politicos inspired this Suzannah B. Troyism:  "Denial is the new crack cocaine from Albany to City Hall.  If he does get busted I guess he will have to transfer all those billion of dollars he manages for Mike Bloomberg...ehem's charity yet again and what about that bogus vanity book he had written -- actually ghost written --- where he is the savior of the auto industry as Car Tzar of The White House....oops he had to step down from the job to spend more time with his family in NYC, yeah right...real reason pension fund scandals splish splashed all the way to The White House....

Also really pissed off at NBC.  Here is the YouTube and you have to go to the text portion to read this posting about NBC a media giant harassing Doug Boviano running for State Assembly actually violating his 1st Amendment rights because the lawyers at NBC have issue with 7 seconds of the video tape where an employee's voice and face are heard...tune in...question NBC how low can you go? FYI, the security guard from NBC says it was his idea and not NBC lawyers but no other media outlet or employee has gone to the trouble that an NBC staff member has.  Why is that?

I am pissed off at all the litter bugs.  Really NYC find some self esteem and pride and work on eye hand coordination and throw your garbage in the garbage please!!

I am sick of this disgusting heat wave and worse is all the pollution that hangs in the air.  Something has to give.  Radical actions have to be taken because the pollution is just brutal.  I had to run a few short blocks last night and I had burning pain in my throat and upper chest and breathing hard - I use to run marathons, half this post-Sept. 11?

Notify NYC sent me to notes one about cooling center for tomorrow and the second stating the NYS DEC has issued an Air Quality Health Advisory for NYC until 10PM.  Why only until 10?  It is brutal.

The NYPD wants to police air quality testing but I say we need kits passed out to citizens to test air quality religiously because there is something really wrong.  I stood with protestors fighting to keep Engine 36 aka Skells Angels open and the people of Harlemn said they needed the fire house open because some many young residents of Harlem have asthma so fire fighters are there for them to fight fires but also make medical calls.   Mike Bloomberg shuttered this house along with others post 9-11 and Deputy Goldsmith his new republican anti-gay marriage guy says more closings to come...

Before I get to NYC happy thoughts I have to add one more Christine Quinn, Mike Blomberg's mini me for mayor -- she sold us out and if she won it would mean Mike Bloomberg having a 4th term running the city from a golf course if he can't get a job in The White House called President.

Okay, good and happy news...
PAL aka Police Athletic League rocks the house and they sent me a moving newsletter so if you can make a donation please do.  I have.

I realized I can stay home with my 2 cats and blog about celebrities all day and make money so there is no reason to go out.  I also live with the greatest lover on the planet...and I wanted to do the photo totally nude because it is just too hot and gross out there.   Folks I am joking about some of this and I know I have stalker that takes everything I say literally so try and find your funny bone...I am only joking about some of the above...

Mosque troubles NYC more news by Suzannah B. Troy

Mike Daly, of The New York Daily News has a scoop, a piece of the puzzle regarding the Mosque, a religious site that appears to be causing enormous amounts of pain rather than bridging gaps and healing which one would hope is the case.  Daly tells us that a teenage boy is the reason the location of this Mosque was found in the first place.  Say what?  Yes...this story is too weird to be true but it is.  

Rewind:  Francisco Patino was a teenager inventor and on a reality tv did not pan out although he even got a nod from Lance Armstrong regarding his bicycle invention but Patino made a great impression on someone, a developer,  Sharif el-Gamal and he was hired to find a location for a Mosque.

He did and the rest is history.  I suggest Patino change his telephone number and take a vacation, maybe considering moving to a new city?

The New York Post also has a piece on the Mosque proposed for the location by the World Trade Center and it is horrifying.  The Iranian dictator, The New York Post calls the Nuke Nut,  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad   who hates the USA, Israel, Jews and denies the Holocaust  wants to help fund the Mosque.

I posted this comment on on the Post's website in response to this article.  For people who don't know me I am one of Mike Bloomberg's biggest critics. Rewind: Didn't king Mike Bloomberg say it is none of our business where the money from the Mosque came from and I said Mike is saying that because he doesn't want to discuss his investments in the Cayman Islands and Steve Rattner is handling them. Rattner may be banned by the SEC for 3 years and Mike doesn't want to discuss that, his trips to Bermuda and what to do with poor and middle classes he is ticketing up to his eyeballs. Now getting back to this Mosque. We believe in religious freedom but it seems the people behind this Mosque deal ordeal want to cause as much emotional pain as possible and they have done that and they are getting support from people that are anti-religious freedoms and some are tied to terrorist groups shouting is this Mosque really about religious freedom or about something else?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NBC how low can you go? NBC wants YouTube to remove Doug Biviano campaign Video sounds like censorship

August 19: An addendum:  was sent this info:

This privacy complaint was issued from a person who was at the information desk at 30 Rock
whose face was on the video for 3 seconds his voice was on for 7 seconds

Is this  a ploy by  NBC?  Many people say yes this is and that NBC is doing exactly what the controversial Micahel Moore like YouTube points out suppressing potential candidates that want to clean up Albany!

Here is a question for NBC lawyers:
The employee saw the video cameras and had no objections at the time so why now?
Stay tuned:

Doug Biviano is challenging Joan Millman for NY State Assembly in Brooklyn's 52nd District to fight corruption in Albany.
Biviano and his campaign people send the media a powerful message in the opening moments of this sharp and smart YouTube refering to the father of the spirit of journalism John Peter Zenger. You see Doug Biviano standing by Zenger's unmarked grave at Trinity Church in downtown, New York City. Why is Biviano standing there? The British Governor of New York, William Cosby had Zenger thrown in jail for calling the Cosby administration corrupt!
The Michael Moore styled YouTube takes you to The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News and NY1 as well but only NBC is tacky enough and I mean REALLLY tacky and I am being overly polite to pull a William Cosby like move and censor candidate Doug Biviano.
There were security guards there in the lobby of NBC and any employee that did not want their face on camera could have easily spoken up and did not but besides that, it is public space correction, it is a private space open to the public and NBC has their video cameras there as well so get real NBC!!!! How pathetic to try remove a candidate's YouTube that happens to talk about censorship!!! Welcome to YouTubeland.
The entire point of this YouTube is that the media is censoring opposition to candidates by simply not covering them and I lived it  fighting Mike Bloomberg. I had all my YouTubes, 343 YouTubes removed from YouTubeland a month and a half before the election but with the help of famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Siegel and so many others that spoke up for me Google returned my work to YouTubeland with an apology.
NBC is violating freedom of speech and using YouTube and Google to do their dirty work!!!!!
Shame on NBC!!!!!!!!!!! NBC you make The New York Times, The New York Daily News, NY1, and The New York Post look almost like class acts for at least not contacting YouTube to remove this Michael Moore like video admonishing the media for not covering candidates that want to take on the cronies in Albany and City Hall... NBC's local news resembles Entertainment tonight so I should not be surprised but I am shocked that NBC honcho's actually got their lawyers to attack a public candidate running for office that wants to get rid of corruption in Albany!!!!!!!!
NBC's local coverage really lacks the spirit of journalism but even worse was this move by their big honcho's violating the first amendment rights that is the only reason NBC even exists.
NBC how low can you go?

Mike Bloomberg 's secret campaign = jail? by Suzannah B. Troy

For those who do not know me let me introduce myself.  I am Suzannah B. Troy, artist, blogger and YouTube.

All my  334 YouTube's were removed a month and half before the mayoral election to close to call.  Norman Siegel, famed Civil Rights law contacted Google's legal dept. on my behalf and activists, YouTubers, friends, film makers wrote their press department.  I too wrote Google and 28 hours later I gotten a written apology and my work restored.  Google say it was a technological glitch and I say it was dirty dealings by the Bloomberg campaign who knew what I knew in my guts and reported over and over on YouTube that Mike Bloomberg may not win but no one in the press would give me and my powerful political art poster lampooning King Mike, my YouTube series  the time of day.

Well Aram Roston of The New York Observer has a new piece on Mike Bloomberg today called "The Secret Campaign of Mayor Mike" .   Note to Aram: You left out "king", it's king mayor Mike.  Mike wiring money out of his personal checking account the day before the election sure sounds reason enough to warrant a criminal investigation.  Also The New York Times exposed Mike giving a charity that voted to extend term limits million of dollars after the election.  Do that mean Mike has now spent 112 million dollars to steal or should I say barely win the election?  How much other money has he rewarded post the election, how many back room deals, how many large chunks of NYC real estate has he rewarded for voting him in a third term that has so far not be reported or should I say exposed?

Besides me blogging on the questioning could Mike Bloomberg to to trial for campaign improprieties and I also question his abuse of tax payer money including hiring his campaign staff after the election all with six figure salaries to what The New York Post estimates will cost tax payers 2 million dollars.  The mayor king, Mike Bloomberg is the richest man in New York so why does he have to steal tax payer money to pay his hire campaign staff and others from his private empire to come work for him also at his public empire?  Can't he pay out of his own pocket?  Can't they do their work from his private empire or does he want them to enjoy the high that he does of not only being the richest man in NYC but the most powerful so he has his special people "Team Bloomberg" chauffeured around the city making stops at his townhouse that is his charity center all courtesy of the tax payers.  By the way, Mike Bloomberg has been spending tax payer money who all these hires that some feel are back room deals whilst NYC thanks to the help of the clowns (I prefer another word) of Albany help bring this city to an economic meltdown that next year could be so bad it rivals a terror attack on NYC.  Again do not pay attention to what I am saying....

Let me ask this again.  Mike Bloomberg is the richest man in NYC.   Why does he have to steal tax payer money to pay for his campaign staff?  Did you read the piece in The New York Post on his top commissioner Patricia Harris.  Her seat at City Hall is alway empty because she is always uptown working on Mike's charities.  Steal, abuse, you pick the words or just go back to watching the Yankees but please do not pay attention.   Bloomberg says he is not running for president but he also said he believed in term limits.  Last night I was sent a link to a blog that states "my words" Mike Bloomberg has screwed the people yet again.  Even if we successfully vote term limits back in place, term limits won't be able to be returned to 2021 leaving many that I believe are criminals that happened to vote to extend term limits  to return again and again.  By the way it was common knowledge that Mike allegedly made a back room deal with his mini-me Christine Quinn to support her run aka put her in office if she aided and abetted him in stealing, oops, running for a 3rd term.  So Christine Quinn did the dirty work required to deny us, the people of New York a referendum.

Getting back to the Haggerty scandal that may be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate, the scandal to dethrone Mike Bloomberg and if I don't have your attention I might as more and more facts are divulged and shared with the public.

Tom Robbins lamented woe is he not his words but my interpretation that he was the lone person writing on Haggerty and I believe I posted a comment and my many emails to him and the press, my YouTubes all proof Tom Robbins you are not alone.  Aram Roston has proven this and folks more bomb shells are coming I hope and the question is will the Haggerty Scandal be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate?  My answer yes but Mike Bloomberg is so powerfully connected that even the media refused to report his opposition including my powerful work on YouTube, coverage like mine of protests that mysteriously never made the news and Cy Vance, our Manhattan DA is beholden to king Mike who holds the purse strings to the DA's budget along with me receiving an anonymous email listing Cy Vance's very own alleged campaign improprieties including that one of Cy Vance's campaign guys that Cy still owed a significant sum of money to after the election is married to Maura Keaney who worked with Haggerty!  Yikes.  I wrote a piece I call "One Degree of Separation" that even includes Bradley Tusk who just finished testifying in the Blagojevich trial because he worked for him as well.

I voted for Bill Thompson but I was upset that Thompson was not able to successfully address and shut down the major conflicts of interests concerning the pension funds.  The pension funds for HBO, True Blood fans are like humans with bloody gashes and guys like Steve Rattner are very hungry vampires.

I am ending on this note.  Mike Bloomberg's best friend and money manger Steve Rattner (Steve also best friends/money manger I believe to the owners of The NY Times and the NY Daily News) got busted by Andrew Cuomo and was told to pay a 12  million dollar fine.   That is like 5 dollars to you and me.  Rattner made a deal to give information rather than go to jail but he did not keep his end of the bargain.  In Rattner's testimony to the SEC which may ban him from trading for 3 years Steve Rattner pleads the 5th more times than Mike Bloomberg has been mayor.  Steve Rattner according to the piece of garbage fluff bio, Joyce Purnick got a heft pay check for writing points out Rattner urged Mike to run for a third term.  Steve Rattner and Mike Bloomberg do not understand and respect limits of any kind and despite their great wealth and connections it may be their undoing.... The Bloomberg Haggerty campaign investigation needs a bigger court and one that is not beholden to Bloomberg.  A rumor on the street was Dave Paterson was allowed to walk by Judith Kaye because Cuomo is running for governor and does not want to lose votes.

NYU, Steve Rattner and so many others who wanted Mike Bloomberg to have a third term had a reason...big pay-offs, financially or with big real estate grabs or deals.  Clearly it was not about Mike navigating us out of a fatal economic crisis because here we are and every day that Albany continues to not balance the 9.2 billion dollar budget crisis that was supposed to be balanced April 1 the crisis gets even worse.

Getting back to the State Attorney's office.  Is it possible Cuomo would not want to take on  king Mike Bloomberg campaign improprieties because of Cuomo's run for governor.

I refer to Mike Bloomberg as Teflon Mike.

King Mike may be Teflon no more.

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