Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Tech Whiz King of the Biggest Tech Corruption and Tax Payer Titanic as well as Media Mogul King of Killing New Stories Exposing him

Mayor Bloomberg Tech Whiz King of the Biggest Tech Corruption and Tax Payer Titanic as well as Media Mogul King of Killing New Stories Exposing him

I posted the NY  Post  Spitzer sex story but it has info on 911 ---

what a laugh a Bloomberg News reporter quit his job because Bloomberg News killed a news story when here in NYC every major newspaper does daily to protect Bloomberg and his administration in what is the largest most historic corruption EVER in NYC -- literally a revolving door of corruption and Bloomberg rewarding a culture of failure.

If Mike Bloomberg did this in his private empire he would be living in poverty in one of those homeless shelters he calls luxury living.

There are so many stories his pals killed for him and all the papers that killed news stories for him endorsed Christine Quinn.

Have the media moguls noticed that New Yorkers are not buying their newspapers anymore?

Yes.  For the same reason they voted Christine Quinn out of office.

You can kill just so many stories and think you are getting away with murder but New Yorkers do fight back and one way is to not buy the newspapers from outlets that kill news.   That is why newspapers that endorsed Christine Quinn continue to lose readers willing to pay their hefty prices at the newsstand.

I used to say they should pay us to read this crap….Now I simply refuse to pay and I am one of many New Yorkers.

Reminder  Bloomberg and Quinn both received emails from a whistle blower on 911 tech corruption.

Paul Cosgrove asked that HP contract be terminated on 911 and instead Bloomberg's people find a creative way to get rid of him laughable when you know about Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and the NY Pensions.

John Liu's audit and request for a criminal investigation more proof and finally Bloomberg who insulted his critics and courageous People like me that stepped forward to testify against the 911 tech mess admitted Liu's audit had merit but NOT ONE PERSON IN THE PRESS HAS ASKED BLOOMBERG IF JOHN LIU'S AUDIT HAS MERIT WHY HAVEN'T YOU MIKE BLOOMBERG ASKED FOR A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

In my opinion HP like SAIC was far from alone bilking the tax payers from the get go --- and Preet Bharara like Cy Vance has done everything in his power to protect Bloomberg and HP one of the top 20 military contractors.

I even called Loretta Lynch and asked her Investigator to investigate 911 ECTP in Brooklyn since Preet Bharara has passed on it and the Bronx back up unit that has not gotten up and running despite a 50 million dollar investment of tax payer dollars falls in her jurisdiction but Lynch isn't touching it either.

It is our lives at stake.   It makes rescue workers lives even risky if 911 fails.

Steve Cassidy put forth a lawsuit.   Ask Cassidy about the media killing new stories.

Yesterday I got played and insulted ---- it was in my opinion like two men beating me up but with words but than they took my work and I was told I would not be credited.  I was not even thanked.

I am more than sickened by this news reporter who I had wondered if he had tipped of the NYPD about my opposition to dismiss and than someone on behalf of the NYPD started harassing me until I contacted US Law with Google and another Agency I am hoping will help me and others with the NYPD that are out of control.

Last night's abuse marks the end of the media using my work without crediting me or compensating me.

I am sick of it.    I have plenty of info I do not drop on my blogs.  

Bloomberg is a fraud and his legacy is in the dumpster.   Ray Kelly and Christine Quinn have both received some form of karma for their arrogance and abuses…..   who knows they may end up in court as well…..  

Bloomberg and Giuliani had their eyes on The White House and in my opinion that is why they brought in these huge corrupt contractors like in my opinion SAIC and HP and they are above the law but not the karma and their karma is they will never get jobs at THE WHITE HOUSE.

In the Bible when Moses finds the people praying to a golden calf those people pay a price….here in NYC the level of arrogance and wrong doing from politicians, billionaires that horrifically endangered New Yorkers with their greed to media people stealing work or exploiting their sources --- they all think they are getting away with it but there is karma --- what goes around comes around….

We may not be around to see them get theirs but the odds are high down the road at some point they will get theirs.

I don't hate Bloomberg --- he is almost to banal --- if he had not bought another man's idea -- I don't think he would even be a mega millionaire.   I think he is a boring dull little man that hit the lottery.   We should have paid him his full salary because he took one dollar and he made billions of dollars exploiting this city to his advantage and his very appreciative friends including real estate holders that are media moguls and all involved got away with everything but murder when it came to silencing critics and killing news stories.

Under Mike Bloomberg investigative journalism all but died along with entire neighborhoods because when Mike Bloomberg says Progress he means get your moving van.

I wanted to run "When Mike Bloomberg says Progress, he means get your moving van" in an ad in the MTA but the MTA ad agency refused to even quote me a price.

In my lawsuit that names Ray Kelly, the NYPD, chief campisi about to become the ex head of Internal Affairs, and others --- you can read in the opposition the very front page that I believe I am the victim of the NYPD fixing crime, of the worst kind of bias and abuse by the NYPD and Internal Affairs and why?  Retaliation yes…  The original opposition to dismiss is very long but there is section on Retaliation that mentions Internal Affairs and how I alone reported IAB can't get the NYPD parking placards to the NYPD on time -- it takes them 3 months in to the new year to get every cop their placard to catching Bill Rudin a billionaire's retired NYPD commander on the payroll trying to get a ticket fixed right in front of my face to SAIC and HP.  Now I learned that SAIC's auditor that Deloitte that I want NYC gov to sue just brokered a deal with Ray Kelly before he gets the boot tomorrow…If I had known I would have added to the retaliation list.

The revised opposition sums it up on the front page exposing how Ray Kelly who admits traveling on Air Bloomberg is his favorite way to travel has motive to retaliate against me.  I gave his Patron of Free Rides on Air Bloomberg more than a black eye.

I was in shock even when filing opposition suing NYPD IAB it was only after I filed motion that it all came together about me being threatened. I was in too much shock to really read the threat - thought it said if I sued her but now I realize it said if I take any legal action. 

How often do NYPD PBA IAB fixing and favors for MDs, athletes go on????

There is Dr Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks who tries a running punch to my left eye to make a hole in my retina but failed to knock me out -- her goal than to drag me by my hair to the elevator but she was not fired and the corrupt NYPD and this goes right to the top to Ray Kelly and IAB Charles Campisi involved in this cover up for the NYPD coercion threatening me and sealing Delita Hooks false cross complaint.

It took me almost 1 year and 1 honest cop who was too afraid of retaliation to be acknowledged and with good reason considering how many top NYPD officers involved in covering this up….