Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Historic Corruption and Efforts to Silence Critics Ask Howie Wolfson

A cowardly Bloomberg troll harassing and insulting me this am inspired this post.   Was it Howie Wolfson?  I don't know.  Bloomberg's trolls never have the courage to use their real names including when they removed my YouTube channel before an election Mike barely won oops stole.  

Mike Bloomberg's last ditch efforts to spin his tarnished legacy.  Hint -- Ray Kelly and Chris Quinn despite big money connections looking for "save your face employment"  - Giske making a big donation to Hilary to get Quinn a job?

Rudy and Mike's CityTime crime headed for the dumpster and 911 still a disaster the most infamous of Bloomberg's Tax Payers Titanic proof he will never get a job at The White House as he hoped but splinters from the bench where he sits compulsively paying big bucks to attempt to control the political scene.  Mike the control freak...

Mike Bloomberg the mayor that retaliated against whistle blowers.    My lawsuit is one of how many suing the city for retaliation?

Bloomberg Unqualified Overpaid Tweeter Howie Wolfson Cyber Stalking For Bloomberg?

Ask Howie if he has any knowledge of cyber stalking for the Bloomberg campaign and now Bloomberg's tarnished legacy because Mike tries crushing critics or at least censoring them.  

Bloomberg's trolls little trolls for a little man with too much money never feared subpoenas guilty of aggravated harassment harassing any critic.   I just got a nasty from one of the little mayor's little cowardly trolls --- like old times.  

Are we going to get to read Mike's emails to Haggery? During the trial a sitting mayor commited perjury and Team Bloomberg even with amnesia suffered amnesia.  

Remember Bloomberg's people most likely with help from someone inside Google removed my YouTube channel --  

I got it back but not the Wiki page they got removed.   

Bloomberg is the most corrupt cowardly mayor in the history of NYC and the most corrupt mayor with the help of media moguls and editors Mike Bloomberg spent more money and pulled more strings and made more back room deals to silence his oppositions as well as other things.  

"Three Days of the Condor" (Film)

CIA gets away with murder literally.  

The Robert Redford character at the end goes to The NY Times ( the old building - not the new eminent domain building that help to further bankrupt the paper and is an albatross around the old grey lady's neck)

His CIA liaison words end the film....

"do you really think they will print it?"

Will The NY Times and NYDN didn't use my youtube of the miracle subway survival man under train completely safe but that is nothing to the information on 911 and CityTime.  

Preet Bharara and Cy Vance protected Bloomberg and Cy Vance worked with unconstitutional policing to squash OWS.  

When Preet refused to go back in Time I created the term "The CityTime Curse"

So far it appears true.  

1) SAIC despite bailouts from the Pentagon oops contracts continues to tumble oops -- their stock does. 

2) Preet Bharara is now the most hated man in India.  Mysteriously the Allen's can call Denault and remain hidden.  

Stay tuned.  Their are more recepitents of the CityTime curse with names you all know.  

I told the little cowardly troll impressed with my energy what goes around comes around.  

That Bloomberg's trolls have to even bother shows how daunted Bloomberg is.  Beyond Orwellian the Bloomberg administration and billion buddies efforts to silence critics and push thru illegal deals as well as historic abuses and fixing of crime by the NYPD leaving Bloomberg's and Kelly's legacy in the trash. 

Bloomberg's legacy is horrific from tech contracts marking the largest corruption EVER in the History of NYC Gov CityTime, 911, 311, Board of Election tech corruption, NYCAPS, NICE, FDNYWiNS, Board of Ed tech corruption, etc.  

Seedco Mike's favorite non profit was stealing too but under 2 million. 

Bloomberg rewarded a culture of corruption he rewarded a revolving door of corruption.  As I wrote a long time ago -- besides Paul Cosgrove, John Liu, a whistle blower emailed Bloomberg and Quinn there was stealing going on 911 and oh Bloomberg did forward the email to DOI.  

DOI lawyers said not true.  John Liu's audit proves in fact it is the truth.   There is a lawsuit right now with the evidence but no investigative journalist will find it 

Mike Bloomberg killed the soul of NYC and investigative journalism as well.  He had help from friends all who profited greatly as NYers were forced to leave their homes -- the greatest displacement in the area thanks to Amanda The People's Burden. When Mike Bloomberg sezs Progress, he means get your moving van. 

The CityTime Curse extends to City Gov crooks involved in 911 and corruption of all kinds including making over Trauma L1 Hospitals in to condos and more.  

In every culture and every language their is a premise 

-  what goes around comes around -- 

there is a Higher Court...

G-d sees all. 

The most savage violent attack - an attempted "knock out" of me a medical patient who's rights repeatedly violate not news...  Gee why is that?  


Older post:

Why would Ray Kelly be part of NYPD and Internal Affairs fixing me being savagely assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's?

CityTime Crime No 911 Tech Trial CityTime 2 White House Ambitions NYC Gov Bloomberg Historic Corruption

Why would Ray Kelly be part of NYPD and Internal Affairs fixing me being savagely assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's besides Dr F calling 1800 NYPD fix it?

I want NYC gov to sue SAIC's accountant Deloitte T and oops Ray Kelly is the DT fan and just hired than for newest NYPD Tech ambitions. (Wish I could have added this newly learn factoid to my lawsuit under retaliation section.)

Thanks and Blessings Happy Healthy New Year

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Look at the front page of this opposition filed by me to defend my case from dismissal.

You want to retaliate against whistle blowers and all the powers that be protect you but there is a Higher Court.   G-d sees all.

Karma, what goes around comes around, all your corrupt players laugh and believe you are above the law and above it all….