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Monday, December 23, 2013

Greater Talent Network KKK Ray Kelly Want a Racist Who Luvs Flying Air Bloomberg

Greater Talent Network KKK Ray Kelly Want a Racist Who Luvs Flying Air Bloomberg

Do you want to go to the doctor's office for medical care and not be savagely attacked the goal a beat down yet Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks was not arrested or fired and Ray Kelly KKK Ray who loves to fly Air Bloomberg is insisting tax payers for the anti-Semitic corrupt Det. John Vergona that coerced me to drop charges --- Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi -- Internal Affairs don't remember coercion is a crime and I asked Det Vergona why do I have to wait 4 days to be false arrested to the Sabbath -- are you anti-Semitic?  Det John Vergona did not answer.
Ray Kelly supports corrupt cops and what happen to me is proof.

The break your arm in the stop and kiss parody is from the YouTube up top by The Nation

How do you forgive those how don't have the decency to apologize and worse besides violence and lies the women in this video and certain NYPD and Internal Affairs went out of their way to violate me so I am not forgiving them but I did not hold the evil they did to me against the NYPD I assisted yesterday in the subway.

Look up the law suit.