See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CityTime Crime Update Goldman Sachs Flash Boys a Running Theme?

Gerald Denault SAIC Crook CityTime will die in Prison if Preet Bharara Has his way as Top Officials NYC Gov SAIC enjoy Teflon Get out of jail free cards

I am not sympathetic to Gerald Denault whose health is lousy and can't survive a long prison sentence but I do know there's a lot more guilty crooks involved at SAIC and NYC gov officials including before he was hired...

911 is even bigger then CityTime crime and I believe 311 may even be the second-largest although I cannot get any info on 311 these are the top three in my opinion and a long list of taxpayer Tech Titanic's under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  

Mike Bloomberg rewarded a revolving door of corruption and a culture of failure.  

If Mike Bloomberg did that in his own private empire he would be living in a homeless shelter poverty level.  

Instead he and in my opinion fake poser Preet Bharara are speaking at Harvard.  

Cy Vance as guilty and even more so and he is going to be exposed in a movie when it is made -- Vance already exposed in the bestseller with the same title "flash boys" by Michael Lewis who 's last book turned movie "The Blind Side" won an Oscar.   The book exposed  Goldman Sachs puppet Cy Vance's goal to falsely prosecute an innocent man for Goldman Sachs.

In my opinion Judge Zweibel has joined Cy Vance falsely prosecuting Cecily McMillan who was beaten severely by the New York Police Department as well as falsely prosecuting the Goldman Sachs programmer who is innocent as well.    The Goldman Sachs programmer asked his case to be dismissed because it was double jeopardy but Judge Zweibel refused just like he refused Cecily McMillan who is clearly a victim of the New York Police Department who beat her leaving a handprint on her chest and broke her ribs.  

Ask Judge Zweibel if he happened to notice mayor Mike Bloomberg committing perjury during the Haggerty trial and judge Z do you think it was unusual that team Bloomberg also suffered amnesia during the Haggerty trial even with immunity that Cy Vance was forced to give team Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg did not wave immunity.  Why?  Hardee har har. 

NYPD Testifies In Trial of Cecily McMillan, Occupy Wall Street Protester Accused of Assaulting Cop | Village Voice
Thanks and gratitude for making a difference.  
ps please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bill Keller Fraudster in Film War on Whistle Blowers Laughable

Bill Keller Fraudster in Film War on Whistle Blowers Laughable

Bill Keller says what he says with a straight face when he was the top responsible for silencing all critics of Mike Bloomberg and all the corruption and cover-ups even Steve Rattner raiding the NY Pensions and pleading the Fifth 64 times and what does The NY Times do -- give Bloomberg's money manager best friend Steve Rattner oped pieces

Bill Keller is a fraud and as guilty as those he accuses for his role in covering up critics and whistle blowers on the Bloomberg Administration who was far far from transparent -- we can't get Bloomberg's emails to Haggerty -- what did the NY Times report on the fact Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws etc etc etc

and the NY Times knows whistle blowers contacted Dept of Investigation on CityTIme (which also possible implicates Rudy as well as Mike and also on 911 Tech Corruption starting with HP and Mike's political arm DOI saw no evil!!!!!!!!

It should be noted Steve Rattner is also Mort Zuckerman and Arthur Sulzberg's BFF and money manger --  explain to school kids whey Rattner got banned by the SEC and Mike still keeps him on the payroll.

Explain why all of Team Blooomberg had to be given immunity and did not wave it on the Haggerty Trial.

War on Whistle Blower on Netflix.....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

911 Tech Mess Scott Stringer Protecting Mike Bloomberg by not calling for criminal investigation

Mike Bloomberg Scott Stringer HP back room deal to make sure no criminal investigation 911 and no trial

Recap from yesterday:
Mike Bloomberg just before he exits as mayor admits John Liu's audit has merit but he refuses to do the honest and right thing which is to say okay it has merit then we need a criminal investigation but he, Cy Vance and Preet Bharara have made a Teflon wall around 911 to protect the ex Mayor team Bloomberg including Rose Gill Hearn who got 2 kick back jobs like they protected him and his puppets and meaning me re: /abuse and broken campaign laws...  Preet was never serious about CityTime w/ Rudy roots and Rudy 's guys all lobbyists and Sal Salomone who has less than ethical resume because Preet needed to cut ties with Rose Gill Hearn. Preet is speaking at Harvard the day before Mike and Rose got 2 kick back jobs. 
Justice or politics?
Stringer an unqualified poser is not calling for CRIMINAL investigation do the math !  It isn't just because of George Arzt HP lobbyist but because of Bloomberg himself. 
Watch my parody!!! 
The Associated Press ran a story quite a while ago but then attempt to ouster HP biggies on the New York pension board do the math. I was the only 1 to pick up Friday afternoon AP piece and question who appointed them and HP 911 HO had no 911 experience. 
Mike was protected from having to come in and testify during CityTime trial with team Bloomberg and Preet Bharara made sure along with Rose Gill Hern that the trial never went back Time despite Richard Valcich letter indicating corruption SAIC started before Denault. 

As an artist I turned to my art performance art and my painting of Mike Bloomberg turned into a political poster lampooning him. slept deeply for the first time in 3 days last night -- PTS from attack at Dr Fagelman by Delita Hooks and NYPD IAB fixing PTS had been extra bad again. 
Mike Bloomberg 911 Cover-up parody Call w/ scott stringer NYC Gov's Faux Comptroller

HP has biggies on our NYC Pension board -- how much money are they making hardee har -- how did HP get the 911 tech contract and what took so long to get rid of them -- Mike protected them like he did SAIC until he finally could not.

911 Tech Mess NYC Gov DOITT knew It Open Season Under Bloomberg (+playlist)

911 Tech Mess NYC Gov DOITT knew It Open Season Under Bloomberg

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mike Bloomberg 911 Cover-up parody Call w/ scott stringer NYC Gov's faux comptroller

HP has biggies on our NYC Pension board -- how much money are they making hardee har -- how did HP get the 911 tech contract and what took so long to get rid of them -- Mike protected them like he did SAIC until he finally could not.

Scott Stringer 911 Tech Cover-up to Avoid Trial Protecting Blloomberg etc.

Mike Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg needed immunity on Haggerty Trial and Mike Bloomberg commits perjury not protected by immunity.

NYC 911 Tech Corruption FBI Treated like Maddoff see no evil

I forgot to include Bloomberg put all these people on his payroll to buy their silence !!!    I would like to know where Mark page is working by the way? Mark also went to Harvard where guess they don't teach you simple math 1+1= we were robbed!

NYC 911 Tech Corruption FBI Treated like Maddoff see no evil 

I can't express the level of exhaustion I feel like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington but it's been years and the NYPD and internal affairs Bureau fix me being savagely attacked and I have damage to my vision!  See the video at the bottom of the post and click on the about section of the YouTube about to break 21,000 views no arrests yet!!!

9:30 am adding this...   Scott Stringer Mike Bloomberg HP doing a phony dance to prevent a indictments and a trial like CityTime where Mike avoided having to talk under oath

Bloomberg put a record number of New York City government employees on the on his payroll to buy their silence including on all the tax payer tech titanic messes started with 911 the biggest.  Rose Gill Hearn got 2 kick back appointments from Mike B.

I want to forensic audit on 311 as well!

Rose was Mike's political arm!  Want proof? Ask her and Preet Bharara about Richard Valcich's  whistleblowing letter that gave SAIC and that was before Denault and Mazer were hired.  

I want money back from Deloitte who was SAIC's auditor on CityTime and Ray Kelly made a deal with Deloitte before he left office another reason break Kelly thinks I deserve to be punched kicked and my hair ripped out blinded practically at the doctors in SoHo. And that doctor that employs the violent liar  lives by Kelly by the way.

I've been up most of the night look at my blog and I dictated this to the iPhone so there were a lot of typos so I'm resending this the FBI was a lot more to say and terrible typos from the dictation app.

Dear FBI: You ignored my pleas for help August 20, 2012 and HPackard was stealing from the get go just like SAIC was on CityTime and they weren't alone.    You can't go over budget $1 billion without a whole Lotta stealing going on which is what happen on 911.  

I warned the FBI that the system would collapse and it did a few months after I called them Hurricane Sandy. 

Cy Vance chose not to do criminal investigation as John Lui requested
in a press release May 31 2012 which Scott Stringer promptly removed from the New York City golf Comptroller website because he was going to protect the Bloomberg administration from people like me and I was at the forefront and I am at the forefront shaming Scott Stringer on top of which we need to look at the lobbyist just like CityYimr  although none of them will be punished and no one in New York City government will be punished and they should.   For SAIC it's Rudy's guys deputy mayors all turned lobbyist and you will find some nyc doitt connection involved with HP along with George Artz  who is close to Scott Stringer and look at HP and Chuck Schumer. 

When I went to testify at City Hall cas Holloway on behalf of Bloomberg put me and everyone down practically called us stupid and he said as he looked in my direction under testimony he said HP came in under budget and I wrote on my blog it's called creative accounting.

HP is one of the top 20 military contractors connected to the White House whether it's Republicans or Democrats as you can tell since they were throwing fund raising parties for Chuck Schumer?

In my opposition to the city dismissing my case I point out on the very front page that Ray Kelly is sending me a message regarding me being savagely assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's that I deserve what I got because I'm a whistleblower not only about Hewlett-Packard but about an internal affairs corruption and my case is proof my cases in your face proof that internal affairs fixes for corrupt cops and by the way 911 was Ray Kelly and Bloomberg's baby.  

Ray was excepting free rides on airplane!!!!!

Bloomberg said we were wrong and then he was forced to admit we were right but for right then why isn't there a criminal investigation into Hewlett-Packard where's the trial????

is just like citytime just to powerfully connected and this is a far bigger crime and citytime and what do we have?

Preet. Bharara and mike Bloomberg speaking at Harvard; Preet is desperate for PR because his pursuit of an Indian diplomat is harming US India relations. 

 Harvard is protecting alumnus that can't do simple math one plus one equals we were robbed the largest amount ever in New York City government history overfilled a sea of Tax Payer Titanics 911 the biggest and HP was not alone 

Mike Bloomberg was prevented from a Richard Nixon resignation.  Sally Goldenberg wrote Mike he looks svelte and attempted a hatchet job on the new mayor Bill de Blasio on 911 and she didn't notice HPackard was overbilling from the get-go and John lui press release?   Only one Gonzalez address the press release and then everyone forgot about it.

Listen to my testimony at City Hall it's on YouTube it's on the record City Hall I call for criminal investigation 2911 I was the only want to testify that day that demanded a criminal investigation!!!!!

There is not one arrest of New York City government official for city time and at least Joe Bondy should've been arrested he was mazer's boss and children services nyc golf and Linda Gibb was their boss.  Gibb tried to defend seek Seedco as aberrant thievery when under Bloomberg it was open season a revolving door of corruption and rewarding a culture of failure and city Council approved all the mega overruns!!!!!

$1 billion overrun on 911 was a whole Lotta stealing going on overbilling in my opinion and not just byHP.

When are the feds going to do something?

Mike Bloomberg via his puppet insulted us and than was forced to admit we were right and praises John Liu's audit but than nobody except me is asking where is the criminal investigation in to 911.

Bloomberg and HP --- creative fixing?

HP has biggies on NY Pension board...cozy.   

Read the front page above HP, Bloomberg, Ray Kelly on it.  

Scott Stringer 911 Tech Cover-up to Avoid Trial Protecting Bloomberg etc.

Mike Bloomberg and Team Bloomberg needed immunity on Haggerty Trial and Mike Bloomberg commits perjury not protected by immunity.

I guess they don't teach simple math at Harvard 1+1 + we were robbed...

911 Tech 1 billion dollars over budget no criminal trial no criminal investigation.

Thanks and gratitude for making a difference.  
ps please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mike Bloomberg Hires Cas Holloway Confidentiality Agreement 911 Tech Corruption?

Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg brings former staff to new ventures 

Mike Bloomberg Hires Cas Holloway Confidentiality Agreement 911 Tech Corruption?

I pray there is a criminal investigation into 911 and they all get subpoenaed.

Google Linda Gibbs no Sherlock Holmes Google that and learn about her in my opinion being willfully obtuse about corruption and theft and city government including Tech  and non-tech corruption like Seedco theft and her connection to the city time crooks who worked for her in Children Serves before they stole times of money including in my opinion Joel Bondy who was not even arrested besides Mark Mazer. 

He wants Cas Holloway and Linda Gibbs and any and all of them to not talk and also if he gets subpoenaed or they get subpoenaed he will pay their legal bills to protect his own green lighting HISTORIC EPIC corruption and stupidity and errors as the worst most reckless mayor in my opinion with a sea of tax payer Titanics with massive over billing and he rewarded a culture of failure.  

He gave Rose Gill Hearn two kickback jobs for her role in covering up and she was commissioner of Dept Of investigation!  My opinion she should've been arrested as well because she allowed so much corruption she wasn't qualified for the job but then again you wouldn't needed someone who really aggressively was going to capture the crooks and she worked with everyone to protect Mike and Rudy on CityTime and proof is not one arrest of the New York City government official.

Did Mike hire Mark Page?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mike Bloomberg Ray Kelly 911 Scandal 911 Operators to Contractors Stealing to defending the indefensible

Mike Bloomberg Ray Kelly 911 Scandal  911 Operators to Contractors Stealing to defending the indefensible

Sick Day Conflict Between NYPD, 911 Operators Goes to Federal Court More to 911 Corruption Abuses

I am really exhausted PTS but just trying to read this I know it needs editing... I'm trying to come to terms with permanent damage to Mayeye from attacking a medical office and NYPD Internal Affairs fixing for the doctors office...

Sick Day Conflict Between NYPD, 911 Operators Goes to Federal Court

I'm glad and I was there when they testified at City Hall I also testify and Bloomberg via his puppet Cas Holloway insulted all of and  both of them were made to eat their words in a letter to Homeland Security and Ray Kelly who wanted the job was turned away by the White House rightfully so think about it right Kelly said 911 work after hurricane sandy so did Bloomberg.

August 20, 2012 you could see me on YouTube yelling down Bloomberg 911 doesn't work we were robbed and I had spoken with the FBI before I saw Bloomberg that morning asking them for help we need a criminal investigation 911 will collapse I was right.

 Posting youtube at bottom of this post.   I believe in part that is why the NYPD an internal affairs were caught also by me fixing the fact that I was attacked savagely (please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you)  punched kicked my hair ripped out in Soho MD office and when I reported it the NYPD next threatened me with a hole in my retina with false imprisonment over the weekend unless I dropped charge  and with threats and waiting Det Vergona with a hole in my retina and cervical damage did succeed -- made me drop the charges against my will COERCION a crime and got away with it and that's why I'm in federal court and I believe that Ray Kelly is defending the verbal violence over the phone by the NYPD who would not meet with me, the threats and coercion because Ray Kelly is that angry at me for my activism.  It was like blaming the rape victim for getting raped and Ray Kelly in a federal lawsuit is defending NYPD verbal violence and course and it's there in a federal lawsuit.

The NYPD an internal affairs wete monstrous to me and then Ray Kelly took it to another level in federal court yet again like. 911 defending the indefensible.  

He and all defendants after Judge instruct their lawyer to help me find retired Det John Vergona who yelled at me threatened me stated I don't care if you have 2 black eyes and than commited the crime of coercion -- their lawyer  stated I should serve the (corrupt)Det. at one police Plaza I guess that's world corrupt detectives "live" ?  Ray Kelly lives near the doctor whose receptionist attacked me by the way.

Wow are the NYPD corrupt Ray Kelly is corrupt and his role in 911 and his relationship with Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly taking free rides on air Bloomberg with his wife pretty much sums it up in my opinion.

Ray Kelly efending me being savagely attacked at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's  office and then defending NYPD threatening me COERCING and NYPD verbal violence on the phone because they were too cowardly and corrupt to even meet me in person but that with my victim shows you the real Ray Kelly to defend the indefensible from me being attacked to the 911 tech mess and still we have no criminal investigation in to 911 despite the fact 911 is more in $1 billion over budget!!!!!!!

We needed a criminal investigation into 911 for a long time now and Scott Stringer a Bloomberg puppet a man who cannot even do his own taxes and got the job as New York City comptroller via backroom deals fixing and favors ---removed the press release by John Lou calling for a criminal  investigation in to 912 based on audits. Date of press release: May 31, 2012 and the first thing Scott Stringer does when he gets into offices remove it from the website and put up fake public relations pictures with him and minority New Yorkers instead.   

There've been problems with the technology with 911 for an extended period of time for years since in my opinion HP got the contract and HP has no 911 experience.

Testimony Suzannah Troy on Mark Carson, Councilman Cabrera Interfering With My Testimony

SAIC Robbed NYC criminal behavior Oakland spy contract and now 911 for California?

It should also be noted SAIC wanted this contract they wanted the MTA contract they were cheating stealing in my opinion even before didn't Denault  hired ---the fix is in politicos it gets into contractors and their connections to the White House and to politicians who have too much ambition -- they put their ambitions before the safety of the people of New York and that includes Rudy and his lobbyists that were once deputy mayors.

Also look into Chuck Schumer and George Artz Artz and Stringer -- HP and learn why Stringer will never call for criminal investigation into HP and 911.  

HP like SAIC was not alone stealing and both CityTime and 911 mega bucks in over runs!!!!    Simple math we were robbed. 

Very similar but still no criminal
investigation 911. 

911 HP Ray Kelly Bloomberg on the front page of my opposition to the city dismissing my federal lawsuit 911 is mentioned in my lawsuit and I want to call Ray Kelly and Bloomberg if I have the chance whether it's my lawsuit or down the road when we actually get I hope the trial that holds top political figures New York City government officials and contractors accountable.

Thanks and gratitude for making a difference.  
ps please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

August 20, 2012 yelling down Bloomberg about the Nine one one tech system and CityTime.   I had just had a talk with an FBI agent before stumbling on Bloomberg.

Bill Bratton  has not responded to my letters emails and calls regarding the fact that was co-worse and to date internal affairs has done nothing except allow the cops involved to retire. 

Bill Bratton and John Miller my opinion or so in love with page 6 and a list that it became an embarrassment the final straw John Miller and Woody Allen page 6 which if we have a terrorist attack would completely embarrassed Brendan Miller I wrote about it and now there not I'm page 6 every five minutes.

Do the math and I fear that the Bratton is Ray Kelly Junior.

Mayor de Blasio  needs to get a criminal investigations in to 911 and if Bratton  is unresponsive and Ray Kelly Junior in love with mega wealth, a list, contractors connected to The White House and big deals behind-the-scenes obviously he needs to go ASAP.

I caught the NYPD committing a crime in regard to my case in me. I called for criminal investigations SAIC's auditor Deloitte and before Ray Kelly leaves office he makes a deal with Deloitte.