Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mike Bloomberg's people trolling youtube?

Had these comments posted by an 18 year old --when you get these kind of comments with profile with little to no info -- red lights go off -- double the age and the location Mike's campaign office...?   Orwellian Team Bloomberg zombie speak...scary one believes it not even Mike Bloomberg...ya think?

What to read some scandals the are not going to make the new york times.... and oops some of them lead back to a money manager that handles guess who's  fortune but business as usual don't expect any accountability any time soon or news reporting.

I think of other money managers now both in prison and one is named Bernie Madoff and it took years and doing titanic proportions to finally have some accountability....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Testy Mike, Suzannah B. Troy's response to NY Post Article

Azi Paybarah had an important question was important because if NYC's economy is showing signs of life
than yes, it does in fact undermine King Mike's rationale for changing term limits unless you are among the 
elite that ran down to testify that Mike Bloomberg must stay in office like the president of NYU, John Sexton did,
because the next mayor is not going to let NYU crush our community like the Bloomberg administration did.

If Paybarah had given Bloomberg the menacing glare that Bloomberg did give him as well as berating him, Paybarah would
have next had quality time with the NYPD.  The bottom line is Azi Paybarah understands something King Mike doesn't and that is democracy.
The "term limits" deal, denying the voters a referendum and allowing City Council to vote which was in my opinion a blatant conflict of interest is 
just more proof Mike doesn't understand the meaning of democracy and his behavior of Paybarah was the role of the little emperor of NYC.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Promise of New York Documentary by Raul Barcelona (and he is a fan of Suzannah B. Troy so you gotta love him!)

Documentary about mayoral elections
Hi Suzanna,

I've been a fan of your youtube videos and running expose of "King Bloomberg."

I wanted to write because I have made a film about the 2005 New York Mayoral elections, but fro the point of view of the little guys, that we're gonna be showing this year to coincide with Bloomberg's 3rd term bid.

We just put up the trailer last week and thought I'd let you know about it--I think you'll really dig it.

The trailer is here:

And the site for my movie is here:

Love the "No Bloomberg" stickers and look forward to more videos from you!

Raul Barcelona, Filmmaker
The Promise of New York

THE PROMISE OF NEW YORK-a Raul Barcelona Motion Picture (Trailer)
A blogger turned stand-up comic, an obsessive political gadfly and a high-school math teacher compete against each other and arch rival incumbent Michael Bloomberg for the post of New York City mayor. As these ordinary citizens take politics into their own hands, The Promise of New York explores the meaning of democracy and the identity of a city with hilarious irreverence and thought-provoking sensitivity.

Shot, Edited, Written, Produced and Directed by Raul Barcelona
Produced by Cassandra Hohn
Music by Mike Pettry

Featuring: Michael Bloomberg, Ed Koch, Christopher Brodeur, Seth Blum, Andy Horwitz, Jessica Delfino, Chris Riggs

For Suzannah B. Troy's stand up comedy on breast feeding, mayor, wanting to run for mayor and beat Mike Bloomberg, etc.

I really appreciate this mail so I posted it.   I learned how to make movies on my macbook and I have been working hard ever since, I always have at what ever I do but people can easily take hard work for granted.  

Don't pull up to my bumper baby, see Suzannah B. Troy with her NO Bloomberg! bumper sticker!

To see more don't pull up to my bumper baby go to my other blog!!!!!! check out this website!

Mayor Mike calls reporter a disgrace for asking question, NO mayor you are the disgrace!!!!!!!!

Mayor you are not emperor yet and having an aide call to apologize as NY1
reported in the above link, text portion, 
is cowardly and proves you really believe you are
"King of New York" and
that democracy is for sale.  See my first youtube with the title King of New York 
and my political art poster
I have postered the streets of NY with.

Azi Paybarah's question is important and question of term limits will always be
as is the fact denying us a referendum and city council abusing their power
with yet another conflict of interest will be a stain on the Bloomberg administration,

In the NY Daily News poll Azi Paybarah has over an 80 percent show of support from voters and that is better than the results the mayor will see come election!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tony Avella for mayor of NYC!!!! Watch Suzannah B. Troy's interview w/Tony Avella at Columbia U. eminent domain abuse rally!

Suzannah B. Troy holding NO BLOOMBERG! bumper sticker

Due to financial crisis cuts in spending for park, read on


By RICH CALDER/May 26, 2009

Only two years ago, Mayor Bloomberg was hailed as a city green space champion after announcing a $386 million plan with fancy renderings to redo eight downtrodden parks through his sweeping PlaNYC initiative. But with the city in fiscal crisis, the mayor's new spending plan cuts funding in half for five of them.

Projects to revive Manhattan's Fort Washington Park, Dreier-Offerman Park in Brooklyn, Soundview Park in the Bronx and Highland and Rockaway parks in Queens have been gutted from a combined $206 million in 2007 to $102.9 million, city documents show. At Dreier-Offerman near Coney Island, a $40 million plan to reclaim the park from the homeless and junkies by adding new athletic fields and restoring wetlands was cut to $19 million. ....while a $50 million plan to restore Ridgewood Reservoir and bring new athletic fields to Highland Park fell to $19.8 million. In fact, the Parks Department's five-year capital plan for projects through fiscal 2013 was cut by $338 million -- or 14 percent -- compared to mayor's preliminary budget in January, the city's Independent Budget Office says. And the city is in danger of becoming even less green......a May 19 City Council study predicts "it is unlikely that without significant staff increases, the Parks Department will be able to complete anywhere near [its] goal" ......A Parks official speaking on condition of anonymity said....the city has a "bad" habit of commissioning renderings for park projects "it knows it'll never be able to fully fund" just to grab a quick headline "and boost the mayor's popularity." 
The mayor through PlaNYC also pledged to convert 290 schoolyards into community parks so every New Yorker would be within a 10-minute walk of a playground by 2030. But this plan was also hit hard by cuts, the council study says....Of the 221 yet to be built, funding has been slashed by $13.3 million, from $77.2 million to $63.9 million. Geoffrey Croft of the watchdog group New York City Park Advocates called the department's capital program a "disaster, especially PlaNYC." He said the city continues "to make promises it knows it can't deliver on some projects while spending like drunken sailors on others."
The rest of the story is at

Another sinkhole lower east side - please watch my youtubes "Mike Bloomberg's streets of New York part one & two" search my youtubes infrastructure

Please search my youtubes Suzannahartist

Here is my link to my youtube Mike Bloomberg's streets of New York

The Mayor without any legislative process, ordered a time limit on challenges to developments

Email sent to my by Rob Hollander:

Friends and neighbors, 

On Feb. 2, Mayor Bloomberg, without any legislative process, ordered a time limit on challenges to developments. Ordinary citizens will now have only and exactly 30 days to challenge the legality of a development once a permit has been issued. 

Prior to the mayor's order, there was no time limit on challenges. Since the city allows developers to self-certify their plans (yes, approve their pans themselves), the only oversight lies in citizen challenges. 

This time limit sends a clear message to developers: plan developments without regard for the law. The thirty-day window severely decreases the likelihood of any challenge at all, and if challenged, the development will be only at most thirty days into construction. At worst, the developer will merely have to alter plans (and borrow less money). So developers will never have to remove a story -- or thirty stories -- of construction no matter how egregiously those stories violate the zoning and violate the neighborhood. 

It's a call to any unscrupulous developer to submit self-certified illegal plans.

Here's the mayor's press release. Notice the headline, spun as procedural improvement. Scroll down to the last two paragraphs before the bullets to learn the underlying motivation: to streamline illegal development. Think about it: as long as the plans are legal, developers have no worries about challenges at any point in the process of construction. Challenges are only a burden to development if the developer is banking on illegal plans. 

This is government administrative sponsorship of activity in violation of government legislation; government sponsoring criminality. It's a deft brushing aside of the laws that protect this city and its neighborhoods, and handing the city itself to developers for their fastest buck, no urban planning, no community voice, no legislative process. Just thirty days. Let's close the city council down and let Boss Bloomberg rule in the great tradition of Mussolini and Tweed. (That's an insult to Tweed. Tweed, for all his corruption, responded to his voting base, the Irish working class.)

If developers generally submitted legal plans, this order would never have been. The mayor's order is a response to a problem of excess illegality. His response: make it easier to commit fraudulent and illegal activity and increase the likely profit. Forgive me, it's just so unbelievably outrageous. 


Rob Hollander

Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development


Rob Hollander

Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development

Good work Rob Hollander.
Suzannah B. Troy's 
email to the mayor
Community members greatly upset reached out to me to inform you 30 days is not enough notice and you have denied them their legislative rights re:DOB notification when developers, landlords, contractors often breaking the laws, violating rights are pretty stealthy at it mayor Mike. Also I want the DOB info on the front of buildings far easier to understand with a lot more information spelled out. You doing this is like being an emperor and favoring developers that are taking advantage of the people of this great city and they do with laws you just layed down with out the people's blessing which are bent in their favor and invite further corruption.

Short hand -- the people of NYC are being screwed by King mayor Mike yet again!

To my readers: Please note TWO firefighters died in the Bronx because of fake walls built that should not have been built.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dominick DeRubbio speaks out against fire house closings, you can take action!

Go to Dominick's blog to learn how you can help fight fire closings in Staten Island and thru out NYC including CITY ISLAND!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No third term Mike Bloomberg poster, Tony Avella flyer and No Bloomberg bumper sticker!

I was showing my poster display to Dominick when two older women came up and read it. They were most unhappy with all the mailings they were getting from Bloomberg!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stimulus Money? Mayor where is it & what about the pension fund & collecting DOB & ECB fines?

Stimulus money? Hello mayor Bloomberg just checking in with some questions for you. What happened to the stimulus money? Can we have a complete breakdown of that and slush money from you and the infamous Christine Quinn slush gate scandal including how much the final bill was for all the defense attorneys for her and her staff.

Everyone calls you the developers' mayor but mayor Mike why haven't you collected the outstanding fines from developers and contractors from DOB and allowed them to continue working full speed ahead. I am told the fees are in the millions and I am told ECB is owed a quarter of a billion dollars as well?

I look forward to hearing your answers!

I voted for you twice because I did not know that your goal was to make my neighborhood the East Village, Lower East Side and look like a bad xerox of midtown and Dubai and push our community members out for even more mega dorms. NYU mega dormed the East Village to death!
I was able to get my hands on these nifty links about stimulus money and I couldn't help this cynical response....
all very nice but so far no trickle down -- have your felt any seen any smelt any?

Have you felt the trickle down?
Seen any trickle down?

ps I want Tony Avella for mayor, not a financial whiz or a man who will put developers before the people of NYC. Bloomberg was in office for two terms and his fortune doubled? while the
city fell in to greater black hole and City Council voted themselves a raise. Avella is the only city council member to have a perfect attendance record, to vote no to city council giving themselves
a raise (remember city council did that when the NYPD's starting salary was lowered) and Tony Avella voted no to extending term limits! He shows up and has integrity and that makes very attractive to the people of NYC!

Tom Kennedy a youtube art makes a No Third Term for Mike Bloomberg youtube with my poster!!!!

Below a link to a medium size water main break East Village
Below link to streets of new york horrifying...

NYC taxi has tv but it was tuned to one channel -- I had no idea this would be a metaphor for the mayoral campaign.


There are many reasons I will not vote for Mike Bloomberg but number 1 was his reckless, dangerous tsunami of community crushing development that was way too rapid and dishonest to slow down be transparent, responsible and put the people of New York's safety first.

DOB was one of many City Agencies plus Con Ed that could not keep up and people died and were injuried.

DOB finally starting handing out fines but the city had not collected and let greedy developers and contractors and landlords continueon as usual while if the average NYer did this they would be in jail!

Below a link to my video that relates to this topic. There is a link now to an article that says a council member is pushing a bill to force developers & contractors to pay up or else. I don't understand why we need a bill when in fact isn't it the law. If you don't pay up your fines and you are not rich and connected you go to jail rather continue on with developments all over the city? This was all way too corrupt and done at a lightening pace for that exact reason. I keep thinking of the pension scandal and again where is the accountability? Is the average citizen pulled this crap they would be in jail already?

Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Queenscrap posted this article so I have an abridged comment on politickerny but the full out rant is on Queenscrap.

Friday, May 22, 2009

When the front of the store was briefly unattended someone ripped down No Third Term poster!

Protesting Bloomberg's aggressive park ticketing & No Third Term!

NYC Gov Enironmental Questionaire! Fill it out & demand accountability! Demand they put our safety environmental concerns before greed ex. NYU listen

This was sent to me by Rob Hollander:

Friends and neighbors,

The mayor is planning to undermine government regulation and the public voice yet again.

The public's most powerful protection against destructive development is called the "Environmental Review" process.

It's not about ecology. It's intended to be a public assessment of the impact of a proposed development on the entire community -- on population density, traffic, housing, services... And it includes crucial public hearings.

Developers hate this process. It's an obstacle in their way. They prefer to avoid public review or eliminate it entirely. And now the mayor wants to help them.

Take a look.

The mayor's Economic Development Corporation is seeking to "streamline" the process to "reduce the costs and delays" specifically for "property owners."  The questionnaire is designed as a first step towards making it easier for developers to bypass Environmental Review.

Note the wording of the first topic: Topic 1 - Obstacles and Roadblocks

"We are interested in understanding the obstacles and roadblocks that may be experienced by applicants for projects subject to environmental review...."

I urge you to go to the questionnaire and explain why public review is important and should be strengthened. Let the EDC know that

1) The independence of the public review must be ensured. It should not respond to developers' needs, but to the public's needs.
2) The objectivity of the process must be protected. The Environmental Review must not become a rubber stamp for development.
3) The comprehensiveness, detail and thoroughness of the Review must be ensured and expanded. All aspects of impact on the community and surrounding communities must be carefully and objectively assessed by an independent party.
4) Public hearings and public outreach must be expanded.
5) Means of informing the public must be enhanced.

Remember that this is the same mayor who came up with a plan to restrict legal challenges to illegal developments. Without public review, residents and small businesses have no protection against development, against demolition, bulldozing, eviction, gentrification. It's giving the entire city over to developers whose interest is not the public good. It undermines government regulation and public oversight of destructive private interests. It's taking the city away from the public and handing it over to the few who just want to make a killing off your city and your lives. 

Rob Hollander
Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development
622 E 11, #10
NYC, 10009

Rob Hollander
Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Is Democracy for Sale? No Third Term poster East Village

Thursday, May 21, 2009

DOB & ECB are owed mega bucks combined but city is not collecting from dead beat developers, etc. Like PENSION catastrophe why no action ASAP!

Go to link and read the comments and the text portion has links to 2 daily news articles by Brian Cates!
Great work Brian.

I am told approximately a quarter billion dollars in unpaid ECB (Environmental Control Board) fines. Why does these finds go uncollected?

Check out the links for Brain's article and again I ask why is the mayor and the city officials allowing this to go and folks if it was you or I being a deadbeat we would be in jail not allowed to continue on and you know how these kind continue you on....they don't respect the rules or the people of NYC.

Again the same question I have for the pension catastrophe, Mr. Mayor why are you not doing something right now.

Watch my pension youtube...
After you watch it you must go to the text portion and click on the first The New York Times piece and The New York Daily News article although they are very thought provoking.

As usual it seems like the conflict of interests were way out of control and allowed to go on at City Hall, so what is new but this one falls in the catastrophic category. I see the pension disaster in two categories -- the catastrophe due to Wall Street greed and stupidity and the scandal aspect which has many players and again it has to do with greed and greed....the stupidity may have been they thought like Bernie Maddoff no one would be paying attention.

From McLaughlin Goes to Jail Political Wall of Silence no outrage

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy's comment on The NY Observer piece on Orwellian "CAMP-PAIN IN THE EHEM" TEAM BLOOMBERG Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg = Orwellian Bloomberg

New Yorkers are lucky that the campaign is so transparent most of us shrug our shoulders, shake our heads and say to each other what utter "baloney" (not the words we actually use.). His over priced campaign managers are clearly "tv culture" and think if we are bombarded hard enough with his Orwellian Campaign we will actually believe he wants to help the middle class rather than the harsh reality we all endured of his community crushing development that crushed what was left of the middle class. The most pathetic ad offer loans to small businesses that can't afford their rents suggesting they dig themselves in to a bigger financial hole. Welcome to Mike Bloomberg's new hideous New York like the "new" Yankee Stadium which most New Yorker's can't afford. To bad this obscene spending can't go to relieve the "pension catastrophe and scandal", feed the homeless, keep fire houses and libraries open, instead it goes to "Mike Bloomberg's Camper" pushing "Camp Orwellian". One activist said to me, the ads are so dishonest they most be on LSD! I had to laugh but it is not funny and Mike Bloomberg may set a record on spending and lose to Tony Avella who will set a record spending the least.
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

How to get Mike Bloomberg's Orwellian phone calls to stop their aggressive calls, by Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy proudly holds her "No Third Term" poster up!!!!!

How to deal with Mike Bloomberg's Orwellian phone campaign

I have another comment actually posted with the article and below is part 2

Here is my youtube lampooning Mike Bloomberg's very aggressive Orwellian phone campaign which is like dealing with NYU's president, John Sexton when we told him "NO! Stop tearing down our historic buildings like St. Ann's, stop supersizing our historic neighborhoood.

Mike like "higher education" doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word NO so expect numerous phone calls. Repeat the word over and over NO! I will not vote for Mike. No, I don't want to discuss it any further.

If this does not work and his staff harass you with more calls do what I did. Call his "listed telephone number" and give him a piece of your mind. I pointed out his people called me unlisted number x amount of times and therefore I felt entitled to call his listed telephone no.

Since than I have never been harassed by the mayor's campaign staff EVER again. His "camp" does harass my friends though.



Columbia University eminent domain battle continues on

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 21, the biggest eminent domain case in
Manhattan's history will happen at 2:00PM. The state appellate court
will hear the issue of Columbia's land grab eviction expansion in terms
of the use of eminent domain against property owners, businesses,
residents and all of us. We urge you to attend at the address below and
give support to the Sprayregens and the Singhs and others who will be
affected like Ramon Diaz of Floridita, residents who live in the
immediate expansion area, and all those facing displacement in the
surrounding community. The case is framed by the property owners but of
cousre this will affect every neighborhood in the city of New York and
beyond. Come out. Get there by 1:45 pm. This will be a very short
appearance. Each side has a maximum of 15 minutes to present its case.
Come out and support the legal battle against the all or nothing

27 Madison Avenue (Cross St. 25th)
New York, New York 10010
(212) 340-0400

Presiding Justice: Luis A. Gonzalez

You can see a series of youtubes I made on a protest rally at Columbia University protesting Columbia U's abuse of eminent domain.

Suzannah B. Troy rant on Washington Square Rennovation & a suggestion that NYU hold their graduations in the "new" Yankee Stadium

The New York Daily News reports "Schools take hit", here is an idea about how the mayor can rescue this and address budgetary crisis!

AMNY my letter published my letter
click on the link and read the text portion for Jason Fink's article and to read my letter as well as other links.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The NY Daily News the city is owed big bucks by DEVELOPERS & contractors but ain't collecting money anytime soon

Mayor Bloomberg's streets of NY, see link to NY1 medium size water main break 2 years ago, problems seem to keep arising

Watch my two youtubes on Bloomberg's streets of new york and just this block which you can see on NY1 and the next block which you see in my 2 youtubes seem to be busting open again and again...why is that?

Also giving every perk imaginable and unimaginable to developers who lay down knew infrastructure but connected it to old delipidated infrastructure over supersize so high with heavy trucks and equipment and construction rattling old pipes it is no surprise we have had so many water main breaks, man hole explosions gas leaks etc.

That was why I wanted DEP, DOB and Con Ed to name 3 alone to tell the mayor slow down.

In an ideal world you would make the developers slow down and put infrastructure improvements first but Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of rapid development put speed, supersizng and greed first and the good news for greedy developers is many infrastructure and construction accidents displaced more people which makes room for their greed they refer to as "progress".

Crime is up in Village East and West.
The above youtube is about me walking past the crime scene and I hope this man I believe was beaten because he is gay is okay.  Last bit of news I read was he was put in a coma because his brain was so swollen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

NYC Pension catastrophe $43 Billion dollar hole (Again than you The New York Post)

Take this youtube + my previous one "Mike Bloomberg propaganda bra=is NYC going bust? Sad, worrisome, alarming and I believe there is more to this story but will it ever get reported. We never heard the "end" of the story on "Christine Quinn's slushgate scandal", it just quietly went away.

You need to go to youtube and click on links in text portion for the two articles from The New York Post I reference and another blog called truenews

Mike Bloomberg propaganda bra

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love Thunderheart and find myself returning to watch this film again...
Towards the end it seems more covering up the truth in the name of greed and corruption, they are to be shot in the back like the others but than there is a powerful scene that always moves me...and it comforts me ---- the knowing ---people know...the power of people knowing and being witnesses...

No third term Mike Bloomberg underpants, No referendum no MIke NO Mike undies, how do you battle a mega millionaire $ Orwellian ad campaign by Mike? So upset just made my newest youtube "No third term underpants" "No referendum no mike, no mike underpants" It makes me puke he is running this Orwellian ad campaign and he thinks if he repeats it enough he will have us brainwashed meanwhile he has made this new hideous NY like the NEW Yankee Stadium which no one can afford. Vote Tony Avella, a middle class New Yorker that shows up and speaks up for New Yorkers.
Read more:

Mayor Bloomberg' is spending obscene amounts of money as if he is saying democracy is for sale.Vote Tony Avella, he spends the least, shows up themost

Vote for Tony Avella and make NYC history showing the world that democracy is not for sale and putting the candidate that has spent the least amount of money and shown up the most fighting mass evictions ala Bloomberg's tsunami of community crushing development city wide; Mike doesn't break the law, he changes the law, city council voted themselves a raise which is a conflict of interest & did it when the NYPD's salary was lowered. Watch my youtubes starting w/Mike Bloomberg King of New York. thanks, Suzannah B. Troy
Read more:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Barbie doll syndrome a slow motion hate crime that can end in murder

I would like to know the stats for how many "females" lives are cut short in New York by acts of violence from babies on up to grannies and also how many are victims of violence...

Barbie doll syndrome a slow motion hate crime is what a call a male (although it could be a female and it could be a "group") that harass a female because she "doesn't know her place -- meaning outspoken and in America that is a right to speak up an out or she won't be some deluded man's barbie doll and slow motion hate crime means for this particular type of crime means the harassment which can indeed lead to murder starts with verbal harassment, intimidation.... physical and small as a man bumping in to you in front of the mail boxes and yelling at you although he purposely bumps in to you.

The are all different types of violence towards women and the verbal put downs and treatment are an accepted way to devalue women and girls and therefor makes it easier to harm them.

When I read The New York Post describe a woman they use the word "sexpot" and when I read that I think that kind of treatment encourages rape, violence towards women because the author is saying this woman is sexual which every male and female is in any species but The New York Post is throwing some kind of judgement and this kind of false judgement and sexual prejudice is the kind of "devaluation" that men that are violent towards women use.

Male abusers tend to mostly blame their victims and there seems to be a lot of undercurrent that supports this misogynistic behavior.   It starts with words and subtle to not so subtle treatment and mostly society ignores this behavior until there is a dead body.

The treatment of girls and women has to change and 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

NYC gov notify test phase right now but you can sign up they even has infrastructure warnings

Considering that it was madness to push a tsunami of development on a delapidated infrastructure it is nice to know there must be so many infrastructure breaks  the city of NY is willing to give you notices if they are in the test region zones like lower Manhattan which has had it share. 

Is this a good program to be testing and do I wish it include crime and safety with the NYPD?

If we get to boot mayor out of office yes he did some good things but he ruined my life with his community crushing development!!!

Well they finally showed up and they repaired the hole I filmed in Bloomberg's streets of NY but today one block east more problems

From myspace page, May 4, I write about May 2,man I came across Sat. beaten up bleeding, stabbed in the arm he told me and he had been robbed barefoot

Category: News and Politics
I can't urge people visiting NYC or exploring the night life to be careful enough when you go out at night especially if you are going out drinking.

Make sure you go with friends and one friend remains sober and makes sure you commute home together rather than alone.

Drug dealers want to sell you drugs because they are hoping one sale will make you a regular aka they own you so don't go there.

Saturday morning I saw a young man and at first I was scared by his appearance but the more I saw him the more I was alarmed for him.   I ran over to an ambulance and pointed him out.  The driver said he may refuse help but he called him over.

He told us he had been beaten, robbed, that was all evident, he was barefoot, dirty filthy, his right eye looked practically busted open and than he told us he had been stabbed in the arm -- he was wearing a sweater so I couldn't see his arm but his face was caked with dirt and blood.

He said he just wanted to make it to the clinic where there was a doctor.

He did not seem to know that he should be in a lot of pain -- maybe he was in shock....

I told him you are hurt bad and should go to the hospital but anyway I left him with the ambulance driver....


Just be alert and on your guard when you go out to have some fun in NYC.

I also would warn you off of mixing prescription drugs with booze and ambien's new commericals worn possible side effects include aggression and suicidal thoughts so go to the health food store and get something for sleeping.

Even health food remedies are intense and you have to be careful about not mixing them with prescriptions.

Don't live your drinks unattended when you go out to party because someone can put a date rape drug in it and that includes someone dressed in a 2 thousand dollar business suit or a uniform so be careful.

Be on your guard.

contact right rides if you need a ride home or get a friend to escort you.  Don't go home alone by yourself if you can avoid it.

Murder scene? Near death Village, this is W. Village Tompkins East Village beating related to a death?, will NYU want to send their kids here? Yes.    Hate crime units investigating according to NY1

I dedicated my yoga practice to this man in critical shape (I thought he was dead)  and the woman that died although I have not heard confirmation that she died from a beating she took from a group of boys or young man in Tompkins -- now I hear she died from drug overdose but I still don't have any info was she beaten and hit on the head and did it contribute to her death?

Are we seeing a pattern here of more street violence?

 I heard she went home and died later possible like a Natasha Richardson head injury but no confirmation.  This man was beaten on the street West Village.

I dedicated my practice to all those that die death by violence and to their families and loved ones.

Just heard the woman died from drug overdose but I wondered if she had sustained head injuries in Tompkins Square Park and if so did this contribute to her death in any way?

I don't know.  I don't have the facts.  Only rumors like both victims had been attacked by teenagers but now I hear her death was related to drugs as if her presence in the park had no relation at all...I don't know.

NYU kindergarden hero, how higher education destroyed NYC with their real estate greed & hide behind public relations & not for profit status

NYU, the evil empire of the East Village, the Purple Reign of Terror where ever NYU greedily gobbles up real estate and crushes communities with their greed plays to the media and wants to help out their friend Mike Bloomberg....remember John Sexton ran down to city hall to testify that Mike Bloomberg must have another term....I mean who else would let him tear down a church from 1847 and along with the USPS who owned the air rights push notification  the State of New York about the air sale aside to they could set a world's record tear down and build they most hideous ugly mega dorm yet because as evictions rise for New Yorkers and small businesses hey those college kids have to live in the village like the tv characters Friends.

The only thing John Sexton, Mike Bloomberg and Amanda Burden haven't done is provide NYU buses trains and trolleys to move us out.

I demanded community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm in the East Village and there are so many including NY Law (with balconies), SVA, The New School and Cooper Union (NYU jr,  Cooper Union is another greedy community crushing real estate magnate) 
they give us community outreach resource centers in store fronts == in the very front part of supersized student housing so college kids have to know the communities are struggling, growing old, caring for their kids who need quiet when you are partying -- yes I hear a lot of complaints from parents that NYU students that live off campus are too rowdy) 
and these centers would have free computer use, listings on line as well for all small businesses all kinds of resources including a table to ask for volunteers as well as for senior citizen etc.

Ditto for Columbia University.....
see my youtubes on all of the above -- I have a series....The only students I have ever heard speak up and say NOT IN OUR NAME are Columbia University students.   Cooper Union and NYU were the worst maybe Cooper Union art students were the ultimate worst because artist pre this new wave would speak up against this kind of community crushing greed and the art students I met had an arrogant attitude -- show me the money for their fee education -- the reminded me of Ivan Boesky.  

Columbia University, NYU and Cooper Union are the Bernie Maddoff of higher education making off with our neighborhoods posing as one thing but ultimate they are greedy community crushing real estate magnates.

Suzannah B. Troy 's new blog on NYC

I feel Mike Bloomberg has destroyed the New York I loved but I still show you interesting fun activities, some for free, NYC happenings, places to volunteer even if you are just visiting, how to feel like an activist even for a few minutes by shopping at a small business fighting eviction and more so check it out!

Queen's Crap has link to Politiker NY article where I posted this

Tony Avella actually show up to speak up because he cares
posted by SUZANNAH B. TROY

Tony Avella shows up to eminent domain abuse rallies and there are many under the Bloomberg administration because he favors pushing out the people from their communities for his friends and in NYU's case NYU doesn't even need to use and abuse eminent domain to get the job done. I have demanded NYU give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they busted through zoning using the term community facility and they exclude the community. These centers should be in the front of the buildings so students see and get involved in helping community members and small businesses remain in their community.

The term media whore is offensive for many reasons and Tony Avella shows up and that takes so much patience and time, he speaks up which takes guts and if you do not get media coverage how do you get your message out and sadly people like Mort Zuckerman that owns the NY Daily news writes letters on behalf of Mike Bloomberg to stay in office a third term and The New York eminent domain Times acts like Mike and his socialite mega millionaire city planner are on their board.

Mike Bloomberg's ads are Orwellian and he thinks if he repeats he helps the poor and middle classes rather than crush them we will believe it. He thinks giving loans to small businesses that are being crushed by his tsunami of community crushing development will help them rather than send them further in to debt.

The bottom line is Mike Bloomberg's "NEW" hideous NY is like he NEW hideous Yankee Stadium, New Yorker's can't afford it.

Tony Avella for mayor

I have done a series of youtubes starting with Mayor Bloomberg King of New York. I have an old school political poster I hand painted lampooning King Mike as well as youtubes talking about his Orwellian ad campaign and my newest show 'Bloombergs Streets of New York" which are in horrifying condition.
My newest shows 311 and the 911 call they transfer me to for a hole in the street that goes down 3 and half to 4 feet deep have done nothing for the safety of people so I ask a Con Ed worker for a cone to warn people of the danger. Mike Blooomberg's New York -- no thank you.
Suzannah B. Troy

Monday, May 11, 2009

on health and NYC living not to mention the obscenely high cost of health insurance or the lack there of.

I look in the mirror and the hair loss is shocking, most days with the right shampoo I can hide it. 
I am also exhausted even when I wake up.  I was forced to sell my home under duress and NYU's tear down along with the shady air sale by the USPS, the constant construction, the corrupt stank of it all that spread like rumors of the Swine flu but worse all took it's toll.

My new home, I was told would be quiet but oops they lied and it is New York, whadda expect my doctors tell me I need rest and my stomach doctor told me to move.

If only Mike Bloomberg had not become mayor the first and 2nd time our neighborhoods would still look like neighborhoods and I would not be in such lousy health.

Not to mention that health care in NYC is obscene and so many New Yorkers do not have health care or like me they are paying capitalistic prices for communist Russia healthcare.

Post and hand out more NO THIRD TERM FOR MIKE BLOOMBERG POSTERS in Brooklyn, I have also spread my art to Staten Island, Harlem & next week hello Quee

Suzannah B. Troy's comment on Mike bloomberg Plutocrat piece on by Sherman Yellen

My friend sent me this article and I posted this comment....It was hard to make the word count and they have to approve it.

Bloomberg is an oligarch & NYC has become oligarch central littered with mini-mike wannabes. NYU has mega dormed the Village to death. NYU is the evil empire of the E. Village & Mike Bloomberg & mega million side kick socialite city planner act like they work for NYU & not for NYC! They pushed thru a shady air sale over St. Ann's 120 E. 12th by the USPS to NYU but oops the USPS did not notify the State of New York as they were legally obligated to so the state could examine is this air sale over a historic site from 1847 in the best interest of the community, environmental concerns etc. Bloomberg & Burden pushed a tsunami of community crushing development way too rapid, reckless driven by greed. Watch my youtubes starting with "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York". Cooper Union is NYU jr. & Burden gave them the green light to tear down their yellow science building & supersize like they did across from the cube with that sky piercing hideous mirrored building that reflects a history destroyed & a community no longer welcome & Cooper U. land leases that property and will be a landlord for the new monument to greed by higher education & the art students couldn't be happier instead of standing by our community protesting they are as bad as NYU students. Smoke & mirrors, Bloomberg's soulless NYC & his ad campaign Orwellian & laughable. if you want to visit NYC pre-Mike, visit

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mike Bloomberg's streets of New York horrifying because he put greed before safety. make sure to go to youtube and see the links

Have you noticed even when they make repairs they just break again and again.
The medium size water main break caused so much damage they redid the entire intersection but on the south east corner it keeps busting....go to the youtube link to read the text portion with more youtubes about Bloomberg's NYC where infrastructure concerns where and still are not addressed like Cooper Union supersizing yet again by the black cube where subway stations are rotted and leaking.

A 1 Record Store rocks Suzannah B. Troy's heart, No third term for king Mike poster in window!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dodge Landesman for City Council, check out his photo with Obama

NY1 reports teenager want to run for city council!

Dear New Yorkers:  Some city council members earn 6 figure salaries as a base salary and they get to vote themselves a raise when the NYPD's starting salary was lowered and you get a parking placard and some more perks so please PLEASE run for city council!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help your community, run for city council!!!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy , don't believe the news -- New Yorkers are angry and they are not voting for Mike Bloomberg for a third term!!!!!

Click on the above link to read the text and click on "Suzannahartist" to see more starting with Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, my first youtube, he is not going to break any laws, just change the law!
part 2 I find my inner Mae West and lampoon the mayor and far more....
won't that be a story the media will HAVE to report if he spends a record amount and loses and while I am going there every city council member that extended their potential job security which is a huge conflict of interest as is voting yourself a raise (especially POOR leadership when they didn't demand the NYPD's starting salary NOT BE LOWERED which it was at the very same time they were giving themselves a raise -- another HUGE conflict of interest.

Tony Avella is the only city council member with a perfect attendance record, voted no to city council giving themselves a raise and voted no to extending term limits. He is a middle class guy from Queens who shows up and speaks up city wide for New Yorkers!!!!!!!
Tony Avella for mayor!!!!