Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

See bottom of Blog to see info Unions, Wiki page, Vote Quinn OUT! etc.

See my YouTubes & Blog Postings on CityTime Corruption starting w/ May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy's 1st YouTube on CityTime calling for NO renewal w/ SAIC and a full investigation!!! Reminder: Rudy gave us SAIC & CityTime (We didn’t need either-Mike ran with it Tax Payer’s Titanic)
Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stay Tuned CityCrime More Arrests....

Stay tuned....

The People of NYC deserve a full refund, no lay-offs and no fire houses closed.

Next we need the same treatment re: 911 Tech System!

And what about the City Council Slush fund investigation.

Preet Bharara US Attorney Charges Former SAIC Exec Kickbacks Wire Fraud Money Laundering CityCrime oops CityTime!

Technodyne Website Down SAIC CityTime City Crime Rudy Gave Us This Nightmare!

maintance or the feds....the site was up Thursday now it 's not.

Will NYC $451 million dollars funneled to Technodyne but Suzannah B. Troy wants even more recovered for the People of NYC CityTime and any other bogus tech deals that robbed and raped the tax payers from Board of Ed to the flawed 911 Tech deal and by the way the 911 Tech really needs to be looked in to because 2 billion to be spent....!!!!!

Folks this gets back to SAIC, Joel Bondy the head of Office of Payroll Administration.

Bloomberg should stop praising CityTime like he just found his inner off switch praising SAIC because the city bought a lemon.

Rudy Giuliani who wants to be President will go down in NYC history for yet another major scandal and this is White Collar crime that contributes to NYC's economic downfall. Rudy bought the lemon CityTime and Mike made lemonade we branded CityCrime!

Mayor Bloomberg King Of New York Blog Record Amount of Hits CityTime

Rudy Mike CityTime SAIC Technodyne NYPD Rape Cops Ticket Fixing City Hall + Slush Funds Corruption Beginning to Rise to Surface as People Rage Over Cuts and Closimgs

Stay tuned. SAIC had good employees that went right to SAIC and complained. SAIC fired them!!!!!!

As much as all blame is being pinned on Gerald Denualt and several others that will be arrested if I an artist with no business and tech figured it out within 24 hours actually less and did my first YouTube why couldn't the big wigs at SAIC figure it out and why was the Sanitation dept. , the MTA SaIC deal and a more rapid expansion of flawed CityTime pushed as Bloomberg praised SAIC like a drug pin pushing heroin and now CityTime.

Who and why..... To refer to Watergate. Follow the money trail. Add power tripping and massive tech scandals, fraud, stealing in some many parts of NYC gov including an upper tier gov. worker Karen Shaffer who the Bloomberg gang refuses to fire but laid off honest workers he was bent on policing with the tax payers Titanic CityTime.

It has been upstairs downstairs with NYPD ticket fixes as well as NYPD rape cops with PBA hooking up Moreno the amoral moron cop with 2 high priced lawyers like he was the IMF rapist
and the PBA and rape cops lawyers Tacopina Seigel celebrating open season for corrupt cops to continue raping -- more big money for Tacopina Seigel!!!

Well there are good cops, there are good SAIC people like the 3 whistle blowers fired and good Technodyne employees and all the tech people will lose their jobs. The NYPD won't be able to heal wounds although Commish Kelly gets an A and Pat Lynch gets an F for his silence.

The good honest workers have been laid off in droves and we the people have the harshest cuts a head as Bloomberg and his deputy mayor Patricia Harris from the Koch administration also mired in third term corruption and both refused to tell us where they were during Bloomberg's Blizzard 2011 and people died!!!

Bloomberg stole a third term with Christine Quinn as his cheer leader and the help of corrupt city council members who can't make this kind of money, lulus in the real world and get defense attorneys for free.

Just be glad we won't have to pay Gerald Shargel's legal bills but where did Mark Mazer get the money to pay Shargel. Did he steal it? If he did that would be money laundering wouldn't it?

Blooomberg's new NY is hideous with socialite City planner Amanda The Peoples Burden, the Queen of zone busting corrupt real estate land grabs and pushing shady air sales including for NYU.

John Sexton pres of NYU ran down and testified Mike must have third term and why?

Mike and his mini-me and city council that voted to extend term limits did it for greed and corruption. They never imagined the corruption would be exposed and when is the city council slush fund investigations going to being more arrests?

When will we get the names of City Hall people that had their tickets fixed?

It all stinks like that awful sewage smell on the Lower East Side where My Gramps was born in to poverty because poor people stayed home.

The stink is very real --- it is corruption that has been covered up too long and cost the people to much!!!!

FDNY Fire House Protest Send Bloomberg Message


Suzannah B. Troy will be at Staten

Protest Bloomberg Adminisrtation. Tax Riches No to Cutd

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On May 12, 20,000 of us marched between City Hall and Wall Street to demand that Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council make big banks and millionaires pay their fair share to prevent worst proposed cuts in this year’s City budget.

We made a big splash that day – and we couldn’t have done it without you. 
Now it’s time for even more action.  It will take thousands of us working every day over the next five weeks to protect the local schools, senior centers, child care, CUNY, human services, HIV/AIDS and homeless housing programs we all rely on – and that Bloomberg wants to cut to shreds.
We know there are real alternatives to destructive cuts.  Our unprecedented labor-community coalition is organizing dozens of creative and effective actions to hold our leaders accountable, to demand that big banks and millionaires pay their fair share, and to fight for a City that works for all of us, not just for some of us.
Join us this week – it can’t happen without you.
MAY 31 9AM
Protest against cuts to housing and meals for poor New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS 
Protest against education cuts
Protest against security and custodial cuts
JUNE 1 4:30PM
Creative protest against cuts to the safety net and press conference on revenue alternatives recommended by the May 12 Coalition
For more information on these and upcoming actions, visit and “like” us at
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It's time to make the Big Banks and Millionaires pay!

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Rudy Giuliani Why CityTime Was Wrong From the Get Go! Mike Should Have Known This as Well!

Rudy Giuliani made a massive mistake getting rid of AutoTime, created by city workers, so that means NYC government  owned the time system that kept track of city workers but Rudy tossed AutoTime for CityTime and speaking to one City Worker he said you have to own the system and the source code. 

Mike Bloomberg was suppose to be a great businessman and tech guy so why did he not pick up this flaw?

Why would NYC gov give up it’s autonomy to SAIC who would bill us 700 million over the original budget and SAIC wanted a maintenance contract for life so SAIC’s financial motivation to hand over the system and source codes was zero and oops SAIC, Spherion, Technodyne and how many other consultants from firms or as freelancers over billed us for time and also did not actually deliver any productive work also know as stealing time and tax payer money??????   Just asking.

I have written on this before and one company like SAIC that appears to be a sacred cow just like SAIC and that is Gartner. 

I reported Gartner to DOI using Sally Goldenberg’s article from The NY Post "Kick Back in Time”

How did Gartner get so emeshed in NYC gov. and the reason is we pay Gartner so much and for what?
This one article by Sally Goldenberg in my opinion implicates Gartner is less than ethical behavior.

Why is Gartner like SAIC a a sacred cow?

Can we get a large part of SAIC CityTIme and so many other consultants to return money for a flawed system?

Suzannah B. Troy emails deputy mayor Linda Gibbs and asks if she knew Bondy head of office of payroll hired Mazer?

Mazer Bondy Spherion in conjunction with SAIC -- robbed the tax payers blind....?
Read the above link and it appears that at the time Linda Gibbs ran the dept. that Bondy and Mazer worked for where Mazer ran in to a lot of trouble.

Deputy mayor Gibbs:
Did you have knowledge that Joel Bondy had returned to NYC gov as the head of the Office of Payroll and that he had hired Mark Mazer?
Didn’t both of them work for you when you head children services and you were aware weren’t you of Mazer having two law suits filed against him for sexual harassment + an issue also reported in the NYDN.  Did you know Mazer was working for Bondy and did you speak up voicing any concerns?
thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy
I first wonder about this out loud in this youtube.

I left her my tele no.  Do you think she will call me back?
I do no think so.

CityTime Scandal Before Re-hiring Bondy and Consultant Mark Mazer Did Anyone Run it past Bloomberg’ Commissioner Gibbs? Suzannah B. Troy YouTube Rewind That Asks This + CityTime SAIC Holding CityTime Hostate

Mayor Mike Bloomberg John Liu press release CityTime holds NYC Hostage as in SAIC?

1) I want to know if it was Rudy Giuliani that signed the CityTime contract with SAIC giving them maintenance for life?

2) If Mike is such a good business why did he not fight that contract immediately and why oh why did he fight us tooth and nail to give SAIC a full refund Sept. 28 of last year.   Why did Mike continue to praise SAIC and CityTime when Spherion who was suppose to be doing quality control on both CityTime and SAIC was caught stealing.  Why the rush to praise SAIC?  Well despite his praise a deal with the Sanitation Dept. with SAIC that none of us knew about was killed and so was was the MTA SAIC deal that had me writing DiNapoli especially after the MTA refused to listen to DiNapoli.  Why was SAIC pushed like heroin and Mike was their drug king pin.

3) Note: Click on my YouTube and than click on the press release and you will see that no where is SAIC mentioned in the press release.  I guess John Liu was being diplomatic since the mayor acts like he is a prime share holder of SAIC.   Is he?  What does he, Peter Powers and Rudy get out of their relationship with SAIC?

4) In the previous posting  before this one,  this Gibbs woman, deputy mayor Linda Gibbs, is mentioned and she is the woman I believe was Joel Bondy’s boss and Mark Mazer’s as well when they worked in Children’s Services for NYC gov.

I am just wondering if deputy commissioner Gibbs happen to hear Bondy was head of Office of Payroll NYC gov. and had hired the infamous Mark Mazer?  If so why did she not say a word to Mike Bloomberg or did she and Mike 2nd place runner up on my Misogynist NYC blog for his testimony the sex discrimination case against his private empire just didn’t care.

However, Mazer was thought to be stealing even than and it couldn’t be proven but according to the article it says they moved him to prevent him from having access to where the stealing went on.

Why did ( now deputy mayor Linda Gibbs, Department of Homeless Services commissioner)  Gibbs not speak up or is NYC gov so big she did not know?  Did she and Mike brushed her off.  Is anyone in the press going to ask her.  Do I call her up and ask? 

Also did Mark Page ever think to look up Joel Bondy’s performance in Children Services and happen to come across his problem employee Mark Mazer?   Mark Page did not notice the massive out of control spending of CityTime and SAIC’s billing and was pushing SAIC MTA deal where Page was appointed to the MTA board by Bloomberg?

5) SAIC needs to pay us big a lot of bucks.  I want hundreds of millions and I want them to give us all the info we need to run this or better pay us mega-mega- compensation to scrap the entire system.

Is that why Mike is praising CityTime which can’t seem to recognize anomalies and NYC gov workers schedules are filled with them.

Bloomberg Gibbs Homeless Center - Wasn't Gibbs Bondy and Mazer's Boss in the Old Days NYC Gov.?

I made a YouTube how long ago asking this question?

I am asking wasn't Gibbs Bondy and Mazer's boss when they both worked for the city and Mazer got in trouble including 2 law suits for sexual harassment so in theory she should have spoken up when Bondy hired Mazer as a consultant.

Mazer went on to allegedly mastermind stealing 80 million of tax payer money from CityTime an Orwellian Time clock Rudy brought in to stop workers from stealing.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rudy Giuliani Should NEVER Ever Be President! CityTime, SAIC, Maximus or Just Rent “Giuliani Time”

If you think Rudy should be President watch “Giuliani Time” and also make Rudy answer why he got rid of AutoTime and forced CityTime and SAIC which would become The Tax Payer’s Titanic and Giuliani wasted a lot of money on another failure Maximus.

After watching Giuliani Time you will never feel the same about Rudy especially regarding Sept. 11.

Tom Anderson tells you how CityTime was suppose to save us money by preventing city workers from stealing but what Tom did not know at the time was  CityTime was about to become one of the biggest White Collar crimes in NYC gov history with so many consultants stealing money because no one was watching them clock in and out so to speak.

If investigators do their job there should be a lot more arrests and not just from SAIC but from others companies as well.  The big issue is can we get a lot more money back considering all the thievery and the flawed system and that may also apply to the 911 tech system and how many corrupt tech scandals from the Board of Ed and who knows how many others NYC gov.

Karen Shaffer an assistant commissioner of dept. of aging,  how did she steal time CityTime if in fact CityTime was not still a flawed system and how come she had not been fired while honest workers are being laid off?  from the New york Times

"Karen Shaffer, an assistant commissioner of the Department for the Aging, was not only demoted and fined, but will also now have to use a scanner to prove that she is showing up at work. An agency spokesman said she was not fired, for reasons that were not clear."

Mike Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani should never ever be President of the USA and should never ever have anything to do with CityTime and SAIC. 

Commish Kelly, Commander Internal Affairs, Pat Lynch Must Speak Up NYPD Rape Cops & Condemn Tacopina Seigel

Dear Commish: If Pat Lynch doesn't speak up and out against Tacopina Seigel Venus Fly Trap I want Mollens type investigation NYPD and audit of PBA
Commish U did good but the PBA sending message rape away.
cc: IA Commander

Karen Shaffer Must Be Fired! Bloomberg’s CEO of NYC Gov. Hesitates TO Fire People like the principal - student drowns and now

Karen Shaffer must be fired and repay the money.

Bloomberg has no problem firing city workers during Christmas with emails as I have recorded and posted on YouTube but there are Union workers.  

It is upstairs downstairs with Bloomberg making his principals mini-emperors like him and the same at City Hall among the worst deputy mayor Harris who the NY Post exposed for not showing up to work although tax payer dollars were paying for her commute up to Mike’s mansion so she could work on the tax payers dime on his charity.   Reminder Harris worked for Koch who was mired in corruption his 3rd term much like Mike Bloomberg but as the corruption unfolds it is clearly MASSIVE and setting records for the history books.

Remember the school student  sixth-grader Nicole Suriel, 12, June 2010, drowned on a class trip not properly supervised and the principal was not fired and he even re-hired the asst. principal who backed out of chaperoning the trip?  Dr. Jose Maldonado-Rivera  was finally fired Dec. 2010.

Bloomberg’s CEO of Dept. Horrors and this was awful.  from the New york Times

From the nytimes 

"Karen Shaffer, an assistant commissioner of the Department for the Aging, was not only demoted and fined, but will also now have to use a scanner to prove that she is showing up at work. An agency spokesman said she was not fired, for reasons that were not clear."

Stay tuned -- much more corruption, stealing and scandals to come and aren’t City Council  slush fund investigations still open but moving slower than a turtle through molasses which is why Christine Quinn and her staff’s high priced defense attorney bills must be burdening the tax payers to what......a million dollars....?  Just wondering!

Bloomberg’s New York Memorial Day -- Going back to Old Days -- Corrupt Cops NYPD Rape Cops, Streets have huge craters, City is a Mess

SAIC Who's Your Pimp? NYC Gov MTA Suzannah B. Troy YouTube Rewind

Can we get a full refund --- especially fire house closures, school closings, etc.

Suzannah B. Troy gets stealing tip turns it over

I got a tip and it is a rumor. I think it is true but I don't have the resources let alone a press pass. I called up a news reporter I trust and gave her the info. Of course it involves NYC gov and I am sure being that is a rumor I am not the only one who has heard it but I want to make sure some one investigates because the city has failed miserable policing itself.

Falls under big theft (not like CityTime more like asst commissioner dept of aging) if true hint under mayoral control...
Ho hum, just another dirty corrupt day NYC Gov

Mayor Bloomberg king is dead part 2 SAIC by Suzannah B. Troy

As usual Bloombucks donates money this time to Princeton where I have heard money can buy a lot but Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010 metaphorically killed the king and when SAIC, possible subsidiaries...?... and corrupt sub contractors that acted as they were SAIC's subsidiaries in crime are exposed it will be death part 2 although stealing a 3rd term was a crime as well !

ps when I figured out he betrayed my vote, destroyed my neighborhood I devoted myself to making sure he would not be President with YouTubes and blogs. I am proud to say he will never be Pres.

CityTime Scandal Suing SAIC to get Our Money Back + SAIC Pimps

Across the board -- not just CityTime there have been arrests and there will be a lot more if people are doing their job and that would also include NYC gov employees as well.     Karen Shaffer, assist. commissioner aging got caught just like consultants lying on her timesheet CityTime stole $22,000 she stole and was not fired but demoted according to The New York Times article.

Well Karen Shaffer you need to be fired but first repay the tax payers of New York.

First as we approach more battles to save fire houses, schools and every service for kids to seniors possible my question is when can we start suing to get our money back and no. 1 is SAIC who to date has handed back 2.4 million dollars but that is just not enough for all the billing they did for over a decade that was massively inflated and for below par to crappy or no work at all is my guess and opinion  based on what I have read and heard but SAIC is not the only company so stay tuned.

I googled SAIC Pimp and the entire page is all my YouTubes and blog postings.

Before I give you just one SAIC Pimp rewind...a reminder of the corrupt SAIC deal that almost was with the MTA and we need to look at who at the MTA was pushing for the SAIC deal and was willing to ignore our comptroller in Albany DiNapoli when he put the kibosh on the deal.  Hmmm, Mark Page, Joel Bondy’s boss and deputy mayor Patricia Harris (from Koch’s administration that also had massive corruption come out the 3rd term -- her husband like Page was appointed to MTA board by guess who? Mike Bloomberg. Look at her Wiki page and see her son is one of the heads of IT and I was told Mike Bloomberg’s sister’s best friend is also a head of IT. Cosy as is Harris serving 2 third term mayors mired in corruption that still think they are rock stars and can get away with it because most people don’t seem to care unless the money is directly stolen out of their wallet.   Also note The Tax Payer’s Titanic my name for CityTime was run out of NYC gov office of payroll and not IT information technology.  I can’t help but wonder if we had someone other than the mayor’s pets as head of IT if they would have been the whistle blowers and demanded the termination and money refunded CityTime?

How many friends of Bloomberg and gang got jobs in or as consultants and rape and robbed the tax payers including SAIC which Mike pushed like it was heroin and he was a drug king pin.  Just one example... Joel Klein Bear Stearn thieves....

Greg Mocker of WPIX News revealed that the MTA made a deal with SAIC famous for over-rides and not just with us.  They over-rided NYC gov budget by almost 700 million dollars but SAIC also did the same thing to the FBI although at the time SAIC tried to blame the FBI as SAIC tried to deflect blame re: CityTime but saying it was flawed.  I started making YouTubes and blog postings to slamming SAIC so they ran to Crains and did damage control.  SAIC enjoys billing to the brim on troubled software.   SAIC fired whistle blower Mathew Patton.   In a Village Voice article we are told that SAIC employees that went to SAIC with their concerns re: CityTime were fired.  I believe 3 people and we are not given their names.  

How much money can we get back from SAIC as in sue SAIC and when.   There are more indictments to come and remember there were many consultants and companies besides SAIC.  Do not forget the lobbyists as well and how about the people in NYC gov. that were pimping for SAIC?

Reminder Mike Bloomberg tried to push a full renewal of SAIC and CityTime and I was part of a group that fought that tooth and nail.  I even set up the channel Bloomberg No City Time.

Now we know from looking back that SAIC screwed the FBI and NYC Gov. and was set to do the same to the MTA in my opinion.

I emailed with Juan Gonzalez and he told me I was wrong.  I disagreed with him.    Anything of value CityTime SAIC owned or should I say controlled like a car SAIC owned the motor.  Proof -- SAIC would give NYC gov a percentage for deal would.

I was wrong Spherion is not a subsidiary but clearly acted as if Spherion was a subsidiary and the Spherion consultants stole money, over billed for work that was all bull .... and allowed SAIC to continue stealing, billing for work that was also bull.

SAIC wanted life time maintenance and did not want to teach us ever how to maintain the system ourself.

Just a reminder, we had AutoTime which NYC gov workers created and we need how to maintain and  did but Rudy took away AutoTime and set us up to be raped and robbed in what might be one of the largest White Collar crimes NYC gov and I thought the slush fund investigations with NYC council were scandalous.

I have an entire series on SAIC who is your pimp ....more posts later.

p.s.  Bloomberg Quinn Corrupt City Hall....  I am part of a group waiting for the slush fund investigation to be brought to the public attention and we are hoping for arrests rather than just millions in legal bills to pay for people working in NYC gov.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Google Searches: bloomberg city time impeachment, when is Bloomberg’s Term over

when is bloomberg's term over

bloomberg city time impeachment

To my searchers:  Christine Quinn wants to be mayor or manhattan borough pres.
and we cannot allow this to hand or we will have Mike Bloomberg for a third term
from the golf course.

Vote Bloomberg out of office and never,
 ever forget any politician that denied us a referendum!
Make Christine Quinn and her staff pay for her own lawyers
by making sure she never ever works in government again.
She hired the most expensive attorneys that specialize in
White Collar Crime.

IMF Chief NYPD Rape Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Being Yelled at By Suzannah B. Troy New YouTube Playlist

Reminder! Michael Boxley Aide to Silver Accused of Rape! This Weekend SAIC Technodyne Gerald Denault Bringing Traffic to my blogs Holiday weekend

Reminder! Michael Boxley Aide to Silver Accused of Rape!

A former top aide to Silver, J. Michael Boxley, has been accused of raping two women while he was working for the speaker. Silver was said to have assisted in failing to properly investigate the Crothers case and of tolerating a culture of sexual harassment in the Assembly. In 2006, Mr. Silver and the Assembly leadership agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit regarding this matter.

The last two days my blog has been getting hits on two major themes.

CityTime major theft corruption flawed system SAIC Gerard Denault Technodyne
NYPD Rape Cops IMF Chief Rapist so time to rewind and remind you about Michael Boxley Albany.

City Council Members Bundlers Where is Money Coming From?

Elizabeth Crowley looks so J. Crew so what a surprise to find out about her relationship with former assemblyman Brian McLaughlin now in jail.

From Website:  Gangter Government of New York highlighting Mike Bloomberg, Sheldon Silver and more....

(10/26/06): Queens Chronicle: Elizabeth Crowley was a political ally of (former Assemblyman and union boss) Brian McLaughlin, she has been reported to be one of three female friends with whom he had "a close personal relationship," according to an indictment against McLaughlin.
McLaughlin was arrested Oct.17, 2006, on charges of stealing more than $2 million from New York State and labor unions. In May, 2009 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Guilt by association: NY Post:
one day in 2004 – as McLaughlin explored running for mayor – he skipped out on an interview with
a New York Times reporter, after
hiding out in his office with Elizabeth Crowley.
Highlights of Crowley's tenure in the city council: Pushed for a public high school in Maspeth. When the Dept of Education would not guarantee that local children could gain admission, she voted against the high school in a city council vote. However she did not seek any support from her council colleagues. The high school was approved by a vote of 33 to 7. Now she supports the school even though there is no priority admission for residents of Maspeth & Middle Village.
In 2010 angered Council Speaker Christine Quinn for leaking important information to the press. Quinn punished Crowley, giving her the least amount of pork funding out of 51 council members, almost $1 million less than the top allocation.
So much for working with the Democratic-controlled city council.

Preet Bharara US Attorney Suzannah B. Troy Writes Him SAIC Cover-Up Why No Arrests? YouTube Rewind Feb 2, 2011

Feb. 2, 2011 made this YouTube of letter I sent to Preet Bharara! This YouTube is part of a large series on CityTime and corruption!

Hey folks my newest letter is to the Supreme Court and I have a YouTube where I read you the grievance I filed against Chad Seigel Tacopina Seigel. Look it up on YouTube.

Listen: I ask Preet Bharara questions including why is mayor Mike Bloomberg pushing CityTime SAIC like heroin.

I tell you I wrote him about other things and one is Christine Quinn brushing aside investigations in to CityTime.

Fast forward to now - looking back, were the investigations in front of city council under oath so did for instance Joel Bondy answer questions under oath? If so perjury charges can be added!

Bloomberg SAIC Cover-up When CityTime 80 Million Theft Reported Read 1st Post of today Rewind December 15
Mayor Bloomberg and his administration covered-up for SAIC!

My newest YouTube on Mike Bloomberg still trying to cover-up and he can’t anymore so he is doing damage control praising the flawed CityTime program Rudy brought in which I dubbed The Tax Payer’s Titanic!

State Senator Tony Avella Rips mayor Bloomberg for Fire Housing Closings~

NYC’s Streets Craters and Potholes and beneath infrastructure mess but Mike pushed development anyway with Amanda Zone Buster Burden Socialite City Planner

Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his socialite city planner (the worst city planner ever) Amanda the People’s Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of development on OLD NY’s infrastructure.

Suzannah B. Troy YouTube Rewind: Dec. 15, 2010 Breaking News Mike Bloomberg Cover-up SAIC CityTime when Spherion Consultants Steal 80 million dollars

I set a world’s record YouTubing and Blogging about CityTime corruption and the SAIC cover-up.  Here are just a couple of YouTubes in a very long series.  Tune in and thanks,
Suzannah B. Troy

Reminder Rudy Giuliani brought in CityTime and SAIC.  We did not need CityTime, we had AutoTime which could have been expanded and was created NYC gov. workers and owned by NYC gov.  No outside consultants were needed to maintain CityTime and originally I believe the  corrupt deal makers agreed to give SAIC a maintenance deal FOR LIFE!!!!!!

Peter Powers became the lobbyist -- I use the term PIMP rather than lobbyist and it applies to Rudy and Mike and how many of their deputy mayors including Bloomberg’s appointment to the MTA board.

When did Peter Powers become the lobbyist for SAIC?  I made a YouTube with the time line and I believe it is the very time when Rudy steps down from his company to run for President and Peter Power takes over Guiliani and Partners!    I am guessing SAIC won’t be renewing just like SAIC washed their hands of Sal Salamone who should never ever have been allowed to retire with his pension for breaking rules and he came back as a big time lobbyist rather than be punished.   I can’t express the frustration I felt when I read this press release and NO WHERE was SAIC mentioned and I knew they were guilty as sin.  

Mark Page did not know... about SAIC

Like deputy mayor Patricia Harris husband, Mark Page was appointed to the MTA board and remember the MTA SAIC was pushed thru despite how many of yelling corruption -- THE FIX is in!!

FYI   To date deputy mayor Patricia Harris who worked for Koch refuses to tell us where she was during Bloomberg’s Blizzard.  Harris was exposed by The NY Post working for Bloomberg’s charities on NYC gov time leaving her chair at City Hall empty.  Her step son is the head of Information Technology NYC gov along with Mike Bloomberg’s sister’s best friend and isn’t interesting that CityTime brought in my Rudy was never run through IT but through the Office of Payroll as if from Rudy to Mike they knew it was about pulling up the brinks truck and handing over the tax payers money.

Christine Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime brought by City Council woman Let James.  I am confident Ms. James wanted to bring a 3rd but was worried Quinn would retaliate as Christine Quinn has been known to do.

Reminder there is massive corruption folks!  We just don’t know about it and it involves more tech sector NYC gov but from Albany to City Hall the stench of corruption is so overwhelming New Yorkers do not notice anymore.  New Yorkers tolerance for corruption is greater than our tallest sky scrapers!

Bloomberg Kick Back How Cathie Black Got her Job, How about Kick Backs Rudy and Mike CityTime SAIC Did 2 mayors and Peter Powers get from SAIC CityTime or was it all for the glory?

You want to learn some info?  Cathie Black brokered a real estate deal involving Mike Bloomberg selling air space and also for owner Mort Zuckerman of The NY Daily News before she got her pay off oops, kick back, oops, I meant to say job with a golden parachute.

I am glad you are angry.  I am glad the People have awakened and it took Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2010 with people dying because NYC was not prepared but don’t forget the reckless tsunami of development he pushed with his socialite city planner Amanda the People’s Burden and how many people died in construction, scaffolding, crane and infrastructure related deaths!

Do not forget that Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn, a dishonest ambitious sell-out pushed an illegal third term and denied us a referendum so I need you to remember EVERYONE that aided and abetted Bloomberg and that is our corrupt city council members that voted for a third term and how many accepted lulus and also took slush money?

Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy
Reminder of all the rich powerful people that said we should have Cathie Black as the head of our schools including Oprah.  She had nothing to say when Cathie was forced out.  Reminder Joe Klein brought in a guy from Bear Stearns who is now implicated in the 3rd Board of Ed Tech rip-off theft tech scandal NYC under Bloomberg where CityTime is about to unfold slowly but massively as one of the biggest white collar crimes NYC.   Reminder the slush fund investigations in to City Council members is still open but moving slower than a turtle in molasses but Christine Quinn is sticking us with her and her staff’s lawyer bills, lawyers that specialize in White Collar Crime and she even approved spending for Sullivan & Cromwell the same firm Goldman Sach uses. Christine Quinn thinks we the people are an investment bank and city council thinks the tax payers our their sugar daddy.  We need jail time to send a message to corrupt NYC officials but we can’t even get the names of at City Hall got their tickets fixed by NYPD.  Christine Quinn has over 3 million dollars for her war chest to be mayor or manhattan borough president.  Christine Quinn must never, ever be allowed to be mayor unless you want Mike Bloomberg to have a 4th term  from the golf course!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy’s 1st YouTube on CityTime SAIC! Rewind! Stop Do Not Renew Contract SAIC CityTime!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's CityTime tax payers Titanic renewal must be stopped Sept
May 27, 2010

Just a reminder Mike Bloomberg pushed for a full renewal for CityTime with SAIC Sept. 28, 2010 and I was part of a group that fought this tooth and nail and I set up two YouTube channels devoted to fighting this and Bloomberg out sourcing everything possible as first started with Rudy who brought in CityTime and SAIC.

The New York Post Anger Over NYPD Rape Cops Free Pass, Suzannah B. Troy makes Post YouTube NYPD DNA Fix!

Suzannah B. Troy - NYPD DNA Fix!   The NYPD find DNA from everyone in the planet but no DNA what so ever from the  NYPD Rape Cops who were in her bed and on her couch?

Bloomberg NYPD Ticket Fix Rant Cover-Up - Give Us Names City Hallers Who Got Tickets Fixed!

Bloomberg rant is more smoke and mirrors because to date the cover-up continues for the names of City Council members and Bloomberg administration City Hall people who have had their tickets fixed!

p.s.  The people of NY also want to know if the NYPD made the NYPD Rape Cops DNA disappear they way the NYPD makes tickets vanish.  After all the NYPD found everyone on the planets DNA but the 2 rape cops who admitted to being in her bed and on her couch!

CityTime SAIC Cover-Up Old post Suzannah B. Troy Rewind

(Hey a high priced lobbyist is not going to help now! But lobbyist is another part of NY State and NYC gov that stinks to me like dead rats and helps facilitated corruption NYC gov. oh and don’t forget lobbyist Peter Powers  for SAIC all these years.... I made a time line on a YouTube of when he started and his SAIC MTA deal...._

and let us not forget Mark Page who was Bondy’s boss and Bloomberg appointed Mark Page to the MTA board like he did his deputy mayor Patricia Harris’s husband so do you think they were trying to push through the SAIC MTA deal that should never have happened and thankfully did not.  See a theme here?

I was told by a city worker that Spherion was a subsidary of SAIC.  Well that is not true but Spherion acted as if they were a subsidiary of the corrupt SAIC CityTime nyc gov. project that I dubbed The Tax Payer’s Titanic.

When the Spherion consultants got busted in the 80 mill theft I got on YouTube and slammed Bloomberg for acting like SAIC’s pimp.  Well know he has stopped that but is praising CityTime and FYI CityTime is flawed.   Look over my posts from today and tomorrow and stay tuned and FYI....

Under our savvy billionaire mayor who with the help of Christine Quinn and other corrupt city council members that denied us a referendum and treated The People of NY like one big rape victim taking a third term without asking --  and why?  Because they all want to be in City Hall and not for Mother Teresa like reasons.  No where but City Hall can you make this kind of money, get every perk in the book and not even show up for work as has been exposed in some city workers cases and city council who had some of the worst attendance records but voted themselves raises and what is happening with the slush fund investigations?

Also remember deputy mayor Harris who refuses to tell us where she was during Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2010 when people died?  The NY Post did an article exposing her desk is empty and she is up at Bloomberg’s charity working on company time.  

By the way Harris’s step son is the had of IT for NYC gov along with Bloomberg’s sister’s best friend.  Would someone no in the family been better suited to notice something is very wrong in NYC tech-land?

Under Bloomberg we now have the most massive tech scandals -- robberies ever in the history of NYC government and  by people who were suppose to be saving us money with an Orwellian Time Clock that Rudy brought in along with SAIC  or in the Joel Klein Dept of Ed consultants doing everything but what they were suppose to serve this city instead lining their pockets and all their friends the newest a Bear Stearns guy Joel brought in.

Bloomberg CityTime SAIC Technodyne Joe Hell Bound Tacopina NYPD Rape Cop DNA Fix Jury Fix?

See the title on the YouTube?  Click on it and than go to text portion for links.

CityTime Kick Backs Gerard Denault Technodyne! Remember “Kick Back in Time” Spherion Gartner

Here is an OLD NY Post exclusive Kick Back in Time and I reported Gartner owned by Glenn Hutchins to Dept. of Investigation after reading this article.   I posted a comment defending Joh Liu on a NY Post editorial and called for more investigative research in to Gartner.  My account was closed and I was banned from the NY post and FYI Rupert Murdoch and Glenn Hutchins both are on the board of The Partnership for New York.

 I heard that Gartner is practically running NYC gov and we pay all this money to Gartner.  I did a YouTube if Mike Bloomberg looked in the mirror he would see Glenn Hutchins.

Just a reminder:  Christine Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us with the economy and they with the help of corrupt city council members denied us a referendum.  Well they real reason was to help their pals in the financial, tech and real estate sectors.  When the 80 mill theft Spherion consultants working on CityTime broke Mike praised SAIC like their pimp doing damage control but a SAIC deal with the Sanitation dept. was killed and we tried to kill the SAIC MTA deal with Rudy who brought in CityTime and SAIC’s best friend once deputy mayor Peter Powers as lobbyist but the MTA refused to give up the deal with SAIC even after the State Comptroller DiNapoli said NO!

There is so much more to this story and it is not the only corrupt tech disaster as we all know with the 911 Tech system and huge tech scandals Board of Ed including the newest one a Bear Stearns guy Joel Klein brought in!

Remember all this and do not vote for Christine Quinn.  Everyone who denied us a referendum should go to jail because they think tax payer money is their Investment Bank or Sugar Daddy  - reminder Mike Bloomberg will not give us the names of city council members and his staff  City Hall gang that got their tickets fixed !

Remember who ran down to City Hall and testified Mike Bloomberg must have a third term starting with John Sexton, NYU evil empire community crushing real estate magnate.

So much was covered up before the election.  Remember my YouTube channel giving Mike and all those denying us a referendum came down!

And now I set a worlds record on YouTubes and blog postings on CityTime and I called for a full refund!  I went on and on about cover up SAIC!

Suzannah B. Troy 3 YouTube Channels Slamming CityTime and asking for a full refund

On my own channel I ask for a full refund.....I yell and scream and question CityTime SAIC and demanded the SAIC MTA deal not go through.  I wrote everyone possible in political and even legal authority that I could think of.   I blogged about SAIC cover-up.

There are several videos 2 in particular that gave me vital info and I was ahead of the game -- even the Union never thought to film the speeches and set-up YouTube Channels.  That was my idea and than news reporters including from TV started contacting me about CityTime and they had watched how many of my YouTubes on my own channel

You have to check the blog postings from yesterday on SAIC and Technodyne as well as the one from this morning from a City Worker who points out CityTime is flawed and corrupt set-up in away to prevent workers comp among other things.....

I still believe what you can hear in one of the speeches holds true -- that CityTime doesn’t work and our City Workers are spending way too much time fixing CityTime time sheet problems by having to go to supervisors who have to make calls etc.



CONSULTANTS AND COMPANIES THEY WORK FOR MAKING MILLIONS BECAUSE THEY LIED ON THEIR TIME SHEETS AND THAN THERE IS Karen Shaffer, an assistant commissioner of the Department for the Aging, LITERALLY STEALING TIME  CITYTIME AND SHE IS NOT FIRED AS CITY WORKERS ARE LAYED off but demoted.  This is like the NYPD ticket fix where the names of city workers under Bloomberg and City Council members are being covered-up and with held!  

It does bother me bigtime that reporters use my work and do not credit me.    Every major newspaper used my Cuomo email where he wrote me back and signe

CityTime Flawed Scam - New Comment accuses more corruption + SAIC Poop and Scoop Technodyne see earlier post!!!

I have a worker compensation case. Am employed FT for City. OPA has repeatedly refused to process a few of my city-time submissions causing me to lose wages. They say I was on WC for the period (a lie) I was on duty. What OPA does is that since 2008 keeps bouncing the unprocessed electronic time sheets to my supervisors causing unwarranted questions about my time. UNFAIR! City Time is a scheme that also serves to discourage workers from filing valid WC claims..

From one of my many YouTubes on CityTime

FYI:  I stayed on this story and I demanded a full refund for The PEOPLE of New York how many times?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Getty Images One Woman STOP Rape Protest Outside Ex-IMF Chief Penthouse

SAIC Technodyne CityTime Scoop

Heard on the street...

Denault will co-operate with the DOI and implicate the head of CityTime fraud, Joel Bondy.

Joel managed both Denault and Mark Mazer. Imagine being the exec director of OPA and not knowing what your two senior heads were doing on a $130 million/year project. Two similar structures to fraud the taxpayer. Denault + Technodyne on one side and Mazer + DA Solutions + Primeview on the other.

Jellybean is one of the managers under Denault. At least 4 other managers under Denault will be implicated and Technodyne.... look out for them

Spherion lost track of it's responsibilities and afraid of losing consultants to DA Solutions and Primeview ignored the red flags and went along with " the application is doing well and on track..."