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Friday, December 13, 2013

The NY Times Supposedly Anti Stop and Frisk Blacks Out Protest of Bill De Blasio and Bratton

The NY Times Supposedly Anti Stop and Frisk Blacks Out Protest of Bill De Blasio and Bratton

The NY a Times has been caught killing it's first Stop and Frisk News Stories on behalf of the Two Bills and De Blasio's supporters who claim they are at the forefront of anti Frisk but supporting both Bills. The Tale of 2 Bills. 

NY Pop Culture & Politics: Did Bill de Blasio misuse FDNY Fire Drill To Thwart Stop-And-Frisk Protest ?

In the above link you will see 2 key videos of The Tale of 2 Bills avoiding a small group of Peaceful Protestors who they could have greeted and invited to meet build bridges but instead avoid.  

These videos should have been posted on The NY Times, The Village Voice and NYDN along with videos below but again The NY Times set the bar back at kill any news critical of The 2 Bills and run's a huge op Ed piece praising Bill Braton.  

It is Bloomberg Kelly world all over aka tale of 2 Bills.

NY Pop Culture & Politics: Ydanis Rodriquez and Jumaane Williams Confronted on Bratton Appointment

Ydanis Rodriquez and Jumaane Williams confronted on Bratton

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez and Councilman Jumaane D. Williams has taken a stand against the people by supporting Bill De Blasio decision to appoint William Bill Bratton to the position of NYC Police Commissioner. The families who lost their children to police terror and the community question Ydanis and Jumaane on the steps of City Hall. What they say might be shocking to some of you, for they support Bill Bratton as the next police commissioner.


 Bill De Blasio Bill Bratton is Ray Kelly's NYPD COERCION threatening me a Victim of Assault

My latest on SAIC:

mayor bloomberg king of new york: CityTime Crime, Afganistan Deaths and Liedos Teflon SAIC?

Read front page to my opposition to dismiss:  SAIC, HP, Bloomberg, NYPD and Internal Affairs referenced.  

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, DI Ed Winski, Lt. Agnes, Lt Angelo Burgos, IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell, Sgt Chen, Det Andy Dwyer, Det John Vergona revised 50 page Opposition to Dismiss replacing 300 page Opp to Dismiss | Scribd

FYI if SAIC hadn't been banned here in giv contracts they wanted Domain Awareness (Spy) contract. HP in my opinion stole tax payer money overbilling on 911 Tech mess the NYPD's baby -- HP one of top 20 military contractors. 

Lawmakers who oversee government surveillance programs receive millions from intelligence companies

The curse continues...

"Earlier this week, Leidos blamed federal budget cuts for its disappointing quarter."

Photographer trying to shoot stop and frisk sues NYC over police harassment - NY Daily News

Bill De Blasio Bill Bratton is Ray Kelly's NYPD COERCION threatening me a Victim of Assault ok?

4 days after I was assaulted the aggravated harassment and witness tampering began and I was threatened by a corrupt NYPD cop, a "c/nt calling lawyer" who I believe came today to harass me and drafted Delita Hooks letter to her NYPD pals that openly threatens me yet again if I dare to go the NYPD again and report her assaulting me.

Delita Hooks false cross complaint and her letter read to me by IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell one of a group I am suing clearly has a threat spelled out but Delita Hooks is fearless of threatening her victim me yet again.

Is Bratton Ray Kelly Part Deux?