Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks NYPD IAB Fixing Vid 18,000 views Slimming my Opposition to NYPD Wish to Dismiss to 50 Pages

Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks NYPD IAB Fixing Vid 18,000 views Slimming my Opposition to NYPD Wish to Dismiss to 50 Pages

This YouTube is about to break 18,000 views and if you ooh Delita Hooks comes 10 or maybe it is 20 feet down the hall --- you will see locked doors -- they are the men and women's bathrooms where she comes after me…   Everyone except the women in the video, Dr Fagelman's pals and corrupt NYPD and corrupt Internal Affairs agree this video proves I was savagely attacked and the NYPD and IAB fixed it and Internal Affairs is a disgrace as well as their is something very wrong with Dr Andrew Fagelman for not firing Delita Hooks.

The NYPD -- that is Ray Kelly, the head of Internal Affairs Charles Campisi insisted on defending Det John Vergona who committed the crime of coercion and I allege Fabrication of Evidence using Delita Hooks false cross complaint and making it over in to what he called "even steven" what IAB Sgt Decker told me is "mutual assault" but I was a patient, I was holding bags 2 on my shoulder, I had 2 injections in my arm to numb my elbow, I had just finished a $430 transaction, Delita Hooks could have closed the door and I had no door to close, Delita Hooks violated my Patient Rights and repeatedly my body which you begin to see here in the video when in fact she should never have verbally assaulted me which started before the video and even in her false cross complaint she does admit to a heated argument.  What sane medical receptionist/office manager gets in a heated argument and the heat was on her side.  You can hear me say calmly but upset because she violated my patient rights and my personal space by coming out from behind a closed off counter to follow me as I sought help from my MD and got between me and the door to violently give me the finger in front of the water cooler where I had asked would you consider paper cups instead of styrofoam it is better for the environment and Dr Fagelman's unprofessional overly aggressive reception receptionist stood up yelling Who are you you have No rights!.

I am in process of thinning down the Opposition to in my opinion corrupt Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi and all defendants named as well as NYPD and IAB and Integrity Unit supervisors who's names and badges numbers I could not get.  Note if they above a Sgt they don't have badge numbers but there too date I don't have Sgt Chen's badge number,  the names and badge numbers of Det Andy Dwyer and Det John Vergona's partners and key IAB officers as well as Lt Agnes's supervisors.

I woke up with a bad dream around 3 ish and I am holding an Orthodox friendly Remembrance for my Father today who you can read about in the beginning of my Opposition to Dismiss and in the closing.

I am stunned at how corrupt Ray Kelly is.  I know many of you warned me but I never imagined I would have to tell my Dad a decorated WW2 Vet the shocking truth about Ray Kelly and how Kelly defended in my opinion a deeply anti-Semitic, misogynist, corrupt NYPD Det John Vergona who told me he didn't care if I had two black eyes and to stop my babbling and wouldn't answer a simple question -- Are you anti-Semitic?  He would not answer my question why do I have to wait 4 days until  the Sabbath to be false arrested (19 days after Delita Hooks savagely assaulted me and made a hole in my retina and made permanent damage to my neck as well.   How convenient that Dr Fagelman did not fire her and the NYPD fixed it for the MD's office -- Delita Hooks is not arrested for assault and a false cross complaint.

I just finished the "abridged" version on NYPD IAB Retaliation and The NYPD and Economic Racism.

It is 5 am -- can I get back to sleep for 2 hours before I begin a long long day trying to honor my  Father's memory.  My Dad died on Nov 2 the Sabbath a special day an honor to die on the Sabbath -- just like Oct 20 the Sabbath day I had agreed to be false arrested on when Det Vergona yelled at me Oct 16th IF YOU DON'T DROP CHARGES I AM ARRESTING YOU!  He only added he would arrest "both of you" as an after thought and too date their lawyer won't tell me if Delita Hooks was ever told to turn her self in Oct 16th for immediate arrest which I agreed to and than Det Vergona changed his mind and said Oct 20th on the next call we had 10 minutes later.  I am guessing there are no DD5s on his threats and abusive telephone conversations that I have phone records to.

It took almost 1 year and never giving up to finally find 1 honest cop.

That was how I was able to fill out this form requesting Delita Hooks false criminal report.

Posted to Reddit with this note:

Read the text portion of the YouTube with links to me suing the NYPD and Internal Affairs -- not asking for a lot of money but to hold them accountable as they have a history of retaliating against Whistle Blowers and IAB fixing for corrupt cops that coerce victims like me or worse.

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