Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Don't believe the news, New Yorkers are angry & will not vote for BLOOMBERG! Note: Mayor Bloomberg and his top deputies & key staff all took immunity in the Haggerty trial. Why? Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury Haggerty Trial. Next the CityTime Trial with Team Bloomberg suffering amnesia yet again! Stay tuned! Vote for Christine Quinn if YOU want Mike to have a 4th term from the golf course! In front of SAIC NY offices demanding way more than 600 million $ back for The People of NYC ! Letter in Defense of Suzannah's YouTube Channel GoogleE-Burka by Louis Flores URGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
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Friday, March 15, 2013

CITYTIME TRIAL of NEXT CENTURY exoneration from Speedy Trial Act?

CITYTIME TRIAL of NEXT CENTURY exoneration from Speedy Trial Act?

"The Government requests that time be excluded under the Speedy Trial Act from today's date until the date of the conference"  

 (First Bloomberg and Quinn flush democracy down the toilet term limits and now this plus Cy Vance has over seen the arrest of highest number of innocent New Yorkers ever Occupy Wall Street Protestors?  Back to CityTime Crime....

What the heck is a Speedy Trial?  OMG its the Sixth Amendment to the us Constitution? According to Wikipedia, we get help with the definition

"The Speedy Trial Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitutionprovides that "[i]n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy . . . trial . . . ."[1] The Clause protects the defendant from delay between the presentation of the indictment or similar charging instrument and the beginning of trial.

No speedy enjoyment on CITYTIME, its  Low gear for CityTime as Deb Alderson does not go down and John Jumper (jumpher) not a porn star...Mr. Cleaner.... all  seems dirtier than xxx porn.

 For readers who are brand new to the up on CITYTIME Crime of the Century  NEXT Century perpetrated on the City of New York Tax payers.... 

A payroll system meant to replace the City's AutoTime payroll system turned in the fraud of the century. No NYC politicians NOR  top executives at SAIC yet indicted!  

AutoTime was created and run by City Workers and could have been expanded but Rudy wanted to network his way to the White House and give his deputy mayor wannabe lobbyists a cash cow so CityTime SAIC became the Tax Payer's Titanic.

Preet Bharara said there would be arrests NYC gov officials so where are they?

Note Christine Quinn and The New York Times acting as her campaign manager want to move up the mayoral election to this summer....democracy and the Justice system in the dumpster.

Preet refuses to go back in Time and RichardValcich letter proof he must.

 Suzannah Troy Reads Valcich Letter SAIC Preet Redo Indictment! via @youtube

ECTP 911 is actually bigger  and so far no criminal investigation....  John Liu requested one last year.