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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Google YouTube Censorship Human Rights Violation YouTube Deletes Video Proving Delita Hooks Violently Assaulted me 155 Spring St and NYPD Corruption No Arrest

Google YouTube Censorship Human Rights Violation YouTube Deletes Video Proving Delita Hooks Violently Assaulted me 155 Spring St and NYPD Corruption No Arrest

Sorry to bother you with my hellish problems by please can you write 
Wrote this to Google.  
Subject: Return my YouTube I am the victim of bulling harassment and a violent assault vid playlist evidence Google censored violated my rights return my work
Video part of a playlist.  Any decent human anyone with legal background would never allow ur wrong minded staff to remove evidence. 

3rd vid in playlist wrongfully deleted. 

Is the staff who removed this part of Google movement that supports violent assaults on medical patients and getting fixing and favors for corrupt NYPD so did some Google fixing and favors.

Delita Hooks bullied me, berated me, violated my rights and my body and corrupt cops did not arrest her. Hooks provoked me to try and get help from my MD that was in with another patient and thank Delita Hooks provoked me to video.  The lack of remorse, the MD's role and corrupt NYPD 01 evoked a playlist of YouTubes and Google YouTube assaults my rights and freedom.

Google just went in and took the truth -- criminal evidence down and deleted and Google's motto do no evil.

How evil is deleting my work by someone who Google knows has been menacing me and tried the same deal on behalf of the lead Det John Vergona.  Google removed that video 12 hours and returned it.

Google treating me like Google Communist China and I am a Chinese activist.

Delita Hooks is on LinkedIn and assaulting a patient puts her in the public forum.  Amazing the media has not reported perhaps because of my work exposing corruption.

I was assaulted Oct 1. When Delita Hooks pals started lying and slandering me with comments Oct 4 I put up this video

I have a right to post my video ont other channel and not have them threatened by people that want this crime covered up as well.

Seems like they Delita Hooks, Dr Andrew Fagelman and corrupt NYPD or pals took bullying and harassment menacing to Google YouTube and Google empowers bullies.  In this case Google aided and abetted the removal of the truth like Communist China coming in to my Channel and deleting my work.

I feel like this is racism -- some kind of extreme prejudice like Nazi Germany that you could come in and delete this work part of a playlist part of a crime still open and 2 law suits against NYPD. 

I feel like a Black person down South who is told get off the bus. 

I feel assaulted again but Google did the dirty work. 

Thank you.