Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NYPD Capt. Timoney 01 False Arrest of Handicapped Veteran's Assistant

NYPD Capt. Timoney 01 False Arrest of Handicapped Veteran's Assistant
Dear Capt. Brendan Timoney:

I think you are too young or too old to have served in one of the Wars but Eric Youngquest is 82 old and severely handicapped with cancer.  He can barely walk and yet he still works to pay his bills and he served our Country in the Korean War.

(Old post on Eric.....)

Eric has worked in the Soho year for at least 12 years and at Union Square he once helped the NYPD to catch a crook.

Reminder 2 Viet Nam Vets alerted the NYPD mid-town of the terrorist bomb...already forgotten...

Today Eric's friend a good person who is an A plus student was falsely arrested set-up by an NYPD officer who decided she does not have freedom of speech to talk to people.

The NYPD officer that will remain nameless said to Eric this..

You should no better.

The NYPD officer did not understand why Eric does not have a yellow card.

I had hand delivered to DI Ed Winski a letter from Council Member  Jimmy Van Bramer who like me and others has requested that Eric get his yellow license but he so far the VA refuses because they claim his inability walk and cancer is not connected to his service.

Click on letter to read it...

The VA does treat Eric for the cancer.

Why did this happen Capt. Timoney?


Is this any way to treat a veteran and a 20 year old A plus college student assisting severely handicapped Veteran who is 82 years and can barely walk which further handicaps his ability to earn a living and he still must do so even at 82 year old Capt. Timoney.

The young woman was arrested at 3:00 this afternoon and is still being held like a criminal and is still being held at  the precinct.

What is with the First Precinct false arresting innocent people and holding them hostage. What was her crime but Free Speech and helping a severely handicap 82 year old that could die at any minutes and its seems like certain NYPD officers who did not serve Our Country has no respect for Veterans and handicap Veterans.

Thank you and I hope you look in to this asap.
cc Commissioner Kelly

Special thanks to the NYPD Veterans at the First Precinct that refuse to ticket, false arrest and harass Veterans.

Commissioner Kelly and Capt. Brendan Timoney: Please stop harassing 82 year old severely handicap Veteran Eric Youngquist and you are holding a 20 year old A plus student hostage at the first precinct for what crime Freedom of Speech and helping an 82 year old man that may die any minute and has to make money at 82 or die in poverty?  He has cancer and his legs don't work.  The NYPD PO arrested her for what crime helping Eric?  Stop this. Free this innocent good young woman now!  Drop the arrest charges.

Email  to Jimmy Van Bramer:

copy and paste link above -- Please help Eric Youngquist

 I posted your letter to him and forwarded to the new commander Brendan Timoney.  Please call or email Timoney and ask for the NYPD to please respect this 82 year old severely handicap Vet and right now the 20 year old A plus student helping is being held like a criminal at the first precinct.

thank you,

NYPD Capt. Timoney 01 False Arrest of Handicapped Veteran's Assistant