Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CityTime Mega-Scandal Still No Arrests NYC Gov employees 16 Thangs by Suzannah B. Troy

CityTime Mega-Scandal Still No Arrests NYC Gov employees 16 Thangs by  Suzannah B. Troy

Let's run down the 2nd largest mega-crime in NYC gov history and all the over-runs on tech and over priced consultants have cost tax payers a record amount of dollars BILLIONS of dollars....

Let's look at how Preet Bharara has let us down perhaps afraid of committing career suicide?

1) Preet Bharara said there would be arrests of NYC Gov officials.
There are none so far!

In fact all top officials SAIC in my opinion responsible and NYC gov counterparts have either not been held accountable or according to their linkin pages got soft landings.

2)  Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn said we would get all 80 million dollars back that Spherion consultants stole.   So far to my knowledge with no press pass and resources of a newspaper this is not true.  My guess is we have gotten way less than 40 million tax dollars back.

3) Preet refuses to go back in Time despite Richard Valcich's whistle blowing letter.

4) Richard Valcich letter interesting FYI's...

a) Richard has gone from hero to zero to say
b) Rumor has it ....his common law wife "Mouse" her job...CityTime NYC Gov after he left...
c) Rumor despite mayor bloomberg's neoptism tale of two cities lecturing city workers everyone close to bloomberg and pals -- relatives worked on this job or was moved as the scandal unfollowed sons etc... like a big NYC gov lawyer's son with the same name?  And...  hey but so what right?
d)The letter proves corruption before Denault hired.

5) Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn did informercials stating CityTime works.  Like the 911 Tehc corruption which is bigger than CityTime -- pencils are required and that is how Karen Shaffer stole mula a significant amount and did not go to jail!  She was just demoted a little from her asst. position dept of aging.

6) TechnoDyne owners still hiding out in India.  How did they so easily board a plane and all this time avoid being forced to return to face the trial?

7) Anonymous accusations fly blaming Ariel as well for stealing but we never heard anything.

Gartner although late to the game that was busted  in The NY Post by Sally Goldenberg "Kick back in Time" but Gartner who in my opinion grossly over billed us any which way they could on everything from 911 to Board of Election all my opinion --- above the law.

It should be noted Glenn Hutchins dumped all his stock.   Smart move incase anyone wakes up out of their coma especially now with the 911 tech corruption finally after years being exposed "just a little"...

8) Derivative law suit was my blog minus the typos -- dismissed -- immediately after the Judge must have felt a tad uncomfortable that SAIC was busted yet again for stealing/inflating prices and has to pay a multi-million dollar pay-out.

+ oops law suit may have left out NSA SAIC Trailblazer scandal bigger than CityTime no Denault.  
Google my post SAIC CityTime versus SAIC trailblazer 
Seems like common play to confuse tax payer money as black hole and over bill?

Getting back to newest SAIC scandal pay out--was that before the DPA Deferred Prosecution Agreement?  If not SAIC would be in a lot of trouble. SAIC is Teflon like Mike Bloomberg.  Rudy has a major role in all this -- he gave us CityTime throwing away AutoTime a payroll system created and run by city workers that could have been expanded.

Note the 911 Tech system we had was low cost and could have been expanded but like AutoTime was thrown away.

Rumor has it CityTime despite Rose Gill Hearn's informercial on NY1 is destine for the dumpster.

Is it normal for a head of Dept of Investigation to do an infomercial for a corrupt hunk of junk tech payroll system?  I didn't think so...

9) If Mike ran his private empire approving mega millions to in 911 Tech corruption case over a billion in over-rides and a fortune in high priced consultants who never noticed the over billing oopsie...that was too obvious and a 4th grader could have called it and reported it....but to whom hardee har...

Mike would be poverty level and homeless if he ran his private empire like he ran NYC gov and tech contracts with Quinn pushing through the obscene over runs like she did an illegal third term.

10) According to a comment on YouTube you should all know Gerald Denault never signed one SAIC NYC Gov contract.

11)  You should know that Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn are responsible for not shutting down CityTime and 911 corruption and John Liu heroically tried calling for criminal investigations....a historic first for a Comptroller and historic white collar crimes NYC gov and too date not one NYC gov official arrested.

Oh, don't forget the lobbyists....

12) did liz holtzman endorse Christine Quinn payback for brushing aside Tish James investigations in to CityTime....

13) Rudy's guys lobbyists SAIC

14) TechnoDyne lobbyists ex DOITT heads Agostino and Gino
look at lobbyists 911 Northrop Grumman

15) Jelly Bean what's your real name....soft landing...

16) CNN IReport removed and moved to Scribd