Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy 51 on July 15 Victim of NYPD Dr. Fagelman Delita Hooks Thanks You for the Gift of over 14,000 Views Assault Video

51 and I try and find my smile despite daily advocate work as a victim of a violent crime fixed by the NYPD.

The dress a gift from a caring soul who isn’t rich so it would be like George Soros giving me a life time clothing allowance from Chanel.

Despite terrible damage to my eye -- Dr. Andrew Fagelman Internist Soho -- his violent receptionist Delita Hooks savagely attacked me after throwing her shoes one at me --- a running punch to my eye as I held my bags and my art numb....  Dr. Andrew Fagelman’s “Delite” that was the only info Dr. Vine’s receptionist would give me from The First Precinct but I fear she hung up the phone and she and Delita Hooks violated my patient rights?  Well Delita Hooks made a hole in my retina.  After surgery to prevent me from going blind thanks to Dr. Fagelman’s violent employee I developed scar tissue on the retina and I have vision problems so will I need surgery yet again for a violent crime that Dr. Fagelman paid Delita Hooks for not firing her and the corrupt NYPD from the First Precinct fixed. Also have cervical spine injury...

I am suffering but I am now 51 on the 15 of July and I find myself with my inner beauty switch ( a term I created) and the camera loves me you can’t see how much I have aged -- shocking lines from the upset trauma and terrible insomina with terrible bags so what a gift to be able to show you what I used to feel like because Delita Hooks savagely attacked me and like a Rapist with NYPD Rapists she lies and also blamed me.

Thanks to the thousands of People watching the video below now age rated for violence and the extra copies of the videos 2 removed that some of you dear souls helped me to fight to get back and thanks to Google despite making me suffer a week you gave me a Passover Miracle my videos evidence of NYPD fixing, human rights violations.

See the smiles above -- that is not how I feel but I am thankful I can to find my smile although far less thanks to Dr. Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks aka Delite and the corrupt NYPD involved.

Thank you all to the 14,014 views on Dr. Andrew Fagelman  Receptionist Delita Hooks aka “Delite” who plans on being the next Coco Channel’s violent assault of me and the NYPD fixing of this violent crome at 155 Spring St. in medical offices which are suppose to be a safe place.

I am damaged from Dr. Fagelman’s role not firing Delita Hooks but paying her for her time, the NYPD’s role and from Delita Hooks slandering me her evil lies as well as her violent actions and let me guess this was a first?

I want to thank you all again as the NYPD are corrupt and in my opinion the Michael Premo case proved Cy Vance and NYPD corrupt in bed together so thanks for taking my Justice Cards and watching the YouTube -- to wake -up today and see over 14,000 views is a birthday gift...

Coming soon NYPD involved getting served....we have delays in the drafting of the law suit which will reference IAB’s history with the First Precinct starting with me contacting IAB about The Mercer Hotel and a special relationship with The First Precinct.

Regarding suing Dr. Fagelman I am told I have three years to do so.

Regarding suing Delita Hooks I have until October.  One lawyer said he was scared for my safety if I sue Delita Hooks she will do more violence.  The video is proof the NYPD fixed a violent attack at a medical office with video proof, medical evidence, photos and the MD the NYPD ever interviewed and her assitance never interviewed.  Stay tuned....

and thank you for YouTubeland Justice helping me push the video viral...

Mayor Bloomberg only cares about gun violence.

When Delita Hooks told me I have no rights...who am I after a $430 dollar medical procedure to remove a cyst she got the NYPD to take over where she left treating me as a sub human refusing to meet me only meeting my violent attacker and fixed this so thank you again for the Justice a victim can seek on the Internet.

I had asked would you consider paper cups instead of styrofoam it is better for the environment and I got the Creature from the Planet Rage.  Ask Mike Bloomberg for a comment on violence in a medical office and NYPD fixing as well as styrofoam cups.


Suzannah B. Troy 51 on July 15 Victim of NYPD Dr. Fagelman Delita Hooks Thanks You for the Gift of over 14,000 Views Assault Video