Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ray Kelly & head of Internal affairs 2morrow file next motion in lawsuit

Ray Kelly & head of Internal affairs 2morrow file next motion in lawsuit

I am grieving my Father, from the assault, injuries damage to neck stopped working out eyesight Aldo messed up -- gained a lot of weight first rapid weightloss when I prepared for false arrest -- it is a horror story and Ray Kelly defending the crime of coercion.   The NYPD also took Delita Hooks false criminal report and fabricated evidence.  With the video which has over 17,600 views it is almost laughable it it was not tragic and the arrogance of Kelly like Bloomberg shocking.  You almost feel sorry for these guys because life is going to humble them soon or later such arrogance can have only 1 ending. 

The lawsuit filing 2morrow exposes 911, HP, CityTime and SAIC as well as Bloomberg and Kelly and I believe Rudy and his deputy mayors turned lobbyists get a special nod as I compare myself to a civilian Serpico but in 2013 what I expose are these contractors, NYPD and IAB corruption and when Dr Andrew Fagelman savagely violent pathological lying receptionist office manager Delita Hooks attacks me NYPD and Internal Affairs are over joyed to fix a savage crime. 

I am not dealing with intelligent life forces and Kelly didn't take me seriously when I handed him my Justice suit and said sorry I will be suing you.  He could have taken action against NYPD corruption but he is corrupt and is defending it so his lawyer in her motion to dismiss and letters pertaining  to Det John Vergona gave me more evidence against her clients who did not think I was suing them in Federal Court and that I will testify against them in a new Commission that looks in to NYPD Corruption and IAB corruption and a suggest a special look at Mr Kelly read how on page 2 will post for you all to read tomorrow.

Than I work on regaining my life. I may have 2 more years 2 sue Dr Fagelman and with a new commissioner Delita Hooks should be getting arrested.  I continue to call for Det John Vetgona's arrest for coercion as well as all other's involved.  I wasn't everyone's file including IAB's files on me and Delita Hooks as well as Dt Fagelman and Delita Hooks phone records and emails and emails of people in the office that may have harassed me as well as a lawyer who called me a cunt that I accuse of aggravated harassment and witness tampering along with others. Sure hope it  was not Kerik's ex lawyer Joe Tacopina or his cronies like Vomit.  

It is about patience and we may not get our Commission until mayor De Blasio's 2nd term and it may take me that long to learn what happen behind the scenes with Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks and NYPD IAB fixing and favors besides nypd and IAB retaliation against me in fixing a violent crime.  

The defendants do not  believe I will get a new commission in to NYPD IAB corruption but they didn't think their names would be listed in a Federal lawsuit did they?

I am tired.  Hope to begin to work on undoing massive damage to my life done by Dr Fagelman who dd not fire Delita Hooks, Delite, the women on the video who did not even stop to ask if I was ok, those involved in aggravated harrasment and alleged witness tampering and the NYPD and IAB including all in my lawsuit including Det Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer corrupt police detectives who never met me as they worked to frame me and fix a savage crime for Dr Fagelman. 

Is that the kind of fixing JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs expects like the creative policing that crushed OWS and was designed to crush me?

Mike Bloomberg emboldened a corrupt agency and he and Kelly's nypd IAB beyond tainted heading like an out of control train wreck to a new Commission to investigate NYPD IAB corruption. 

I don't think the defendants, Dr Fagelman's and Delita Hooks' rabbi aka hook planned on this when they worked to fix a savage crime and Delita Hooks false croos complaint which the defendants lawyer told me was sealed and it was under a year.  

The corrupt cops sealed her crimes of assault and a false cross complaint with the NYPD's crime of coercion and all this alluded IAB who sent my allegations to the Integrity Bureau to lt Agnes who refused to return my calls and meet me.  I was told he has no supervisors. IAB sgt Decker said lt Agnes would interview everyone but instead he wrote allegations unfounded. 

Lt Agnes did not believe I would go to the Feds or work to get a new commission and just like every corrupt officer in IAB so far that I am aware of worked to keep this case closed.  Ron Kuby's letter I agree to drop the charges against my ATTACKER if my ATTACKER drops the charges and Delita Hooks letter ghost written (by whom?) threatens me openly with NYPD and IAB's blessing if I ever file assault charges again she will also.

Well I have 2nd degree far more serious but I was turned away again and told I can't upgrade to 2nd degree. I was told the case is now open but the detective squad can't taken to me because I am suing.  

I had asked IAB to break up that set squad because they are corrupt. There is even a woman detective that is not named in the lawsuit that would hang up the phone on me like she was emotionally a child. Scary she has a gun and a badge but thanks to Kelly way too many corrupt cops do.

Ron Kuby's letter was shorthand for my client is being coerced.  

Delita Hooks letter was read to me by Mary O'Donnell an IAB sgt in my opinion who is corrupt and is far more interested in her paycheck and investigation NYPD corruption. 

Top brass involved.  

Will Kelly end up like Kerik?

I never thought I would be suing Kelly and he would defend Vergona. Vergogna in Italian means shame.  

Yes Kelly is primed to fall like Kerik he is so arrogant and confident he is above the law.