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Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Evil NYC LightCandles to Remember My Father and Good Overcomes Evil EveryTime in TheHighest Court There is

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Evil NYC LightCandles to Remember My Father and Good Overcomes Evil EveryTime in TheHighest Court There is

There souls in my opinion dirty evil ==== and Delita Hooks cannot do to her daughter or another patient what she did to me and lie and blame the victim EVER again thanks to my courage and guts so glad I had my video camera out and in that way G-d protected me from her lies. The very evil corrupt NYPD and Internal Affairs involved including Ray Kelly, Det John Vergona, chief Charles Campisi have worse than dirty souls.

My soul is clean.  I was a victim of Dr Andrew Fagelman's for not firing delita hooks and allowing such a violent and dangerous woman to sit up at the front desk which is long and closed off and that is still where she sits but thanks to my courage she can no longer ABUSE and assault an more innocent People and the doctor's office will have a much harder time getting the NYPD to fix criminal activity as well as the NYPD's very own direct criminal action called COERCION a serious crime and Charles Campisi I am told is a deacon in a church.  He is a sinner that lies to his church?  I will find his church and hand out my Justice cards when the time is right to expose what an evil man he is as I continue to hand out my Justice cards and get closer to breaking 18,000 views. Shame on them all and how blessed we are to not be evil dishonest corrupt soulless creature posing as humans.

Mike Bloomberg can pay off almost anyone to sing his praises and give him awards along with many corrupt people but they can't buy G-d.

Even someone as good and brave as Moses who was not arrogant and a poser like Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly had to pay a price -- a harsh one -- I am just so glad I am not them in my opinion so evil.

Lighting Hannukah Candles for Dad who Died Nov 2 Tonight Chabbad Gave me Prayers to say

Light 2 sets 1 for me and 1 for Dad:

Very sad and thank you all for you kind words and prayers.

I am also suffering greatly from the savage assault by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks who was not fired and arrested and is truly a coward and a violent liar who got the NYPD and IAB to fix for her so far.

With Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi removed from office by the end of this year I will be bringing all of this to the new police commissioner and head of Internal Affairs.

Please help to push this YouTube over the 18,000 view mark.

Thank you and Bless you.
Happy Hannukah Happy Thanksgiving Happy Holidays


Lighting Hannukah Candles for Dad who Died Nov 2 Tonight Chabbad Gave me Prayers to say

Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Assault Lies NYPD Fixed 94 views from 18,000 YouTube

Please help push the vid over 18,000.  I help to make sure Delita Hooks and corrupt cops fixing for MD office can't do it again. 

The YouTube of me being savagely attacked by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist 94 views from 18,000. I would do it again to expose them all to prevent even more violence and lies.   The NYPD involved might not be able to commit the crime of coercion ever again maybe but Delita Hooks can't attempt a beat down or get away with her abuses ever again let's hope. 

I have gained weight and can't work out as much. See eye surgeon 930 am and my eye and neck damaged from Dr Fagelman's violent lying receptionist Delita Hooks.  

Kevin Fasick Watch  Delita Hooks receptionist for Dr Andrew Fagelman's Running Punch NYPD Fixed it!

Delita Hooks not arrested or fired!!!!!!!

Kevin two of your NY Post reporters wanted to do the story and the editors prevented them.


Almost one year later -- one honest cop -- got her false criminal report number --- read the paragraph that should send her to jail along with assaulting a medical patient but the NYPD fixed it committing the crime of  Coercion --- Ron Kuby wrote a letter for me when I was coerced to drop charges or spend a weekend in jail --- read the front page of my motion to not dismiss -- it is powerful….

Take a good look at the front page of this motion to not dismiss above…..