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Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NY Post News Reporting Sees No Evil Mayor Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Culture of Billions of Tax Dollars Abused CityTime 911

NY Post News Reporting Sees No Evil Mayor Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Culture of Billions of Tax Dollars Abused CityTime 911

I have a question -- -who wasn't or isn't using Tax Payer money like an ATM?   Look at slush abuse to 911 tech corruption.

The fix is in.  Preet has not gone back in time.  Like the street said days..ago CityTime Trial verdict is  up to the Jury now.

CityTime and 911 even bigger Tax Payer's Titanic --- 911 --- one billion dollar over run actually more than a billion but under Bloomberg he allowed top dogs to hire family and Christine Quinn to hire Sullivan and Cromwell defense lawyers for her staff meaning everyone at City Hall or way too many are in the habit of using tax payer money as their ATM  or allowing contractors to do so including on 911 --- which all the news reporters know about 911 --- only no on talking about the 911 abuse starting with HP which I believe -- in my opinion just like SAIC was over billing aka as stealing but again top military contractors just like Team Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn and Christine Quinn Teflon.

The City Hall Mike Bloomberg Corruption list of mine from 2012….
911 on the very top

Did the NY Post reporter  Josh that had the guts and integrity leave the paper because the editors will killing new stories.., put it this way -- he has more than calder.  
Richard Calder won't be leaving anytime soon.