Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Monday, November 25, 2013

CityTime Trial Ménage a Trois Blowback Mike Bloomberg Rudy

CityTime Trial Ménage a Trois Blowback Mike Bloomberg Rudy

City Time Trio: Mr. Mazer the ring leader, the Nephew Aronshtein, Mr.Denault guilty as planned, yet Denault FYI  gets off on bribery. Wait a second...stop...a notable acquittal,  Why's that? Preet...One has to actually prove you bribed an official in New York and or the hands off SAIC must NOT have known?...see this blogs post. Sounds like an acquittal on the travel act could still be in store as trio's attorney's file appeals. In the mean time their on house arrest, but Denault has been on an ankle cuff  since August of 2012. Who pays for the on.   

News for the street... under New York law one can not convict on Bribery/Kickback or the Travel Act if the employer SAIC (now Liedos, means "leer in spanish") in the CityTime case, employee  Mr. Denault    would have known or condoned the employee  acts and the government must prove otherwise. If SAIC knew then Preet eats corruption pie.

Concur? Barry Bohrer seems to in his exist comments with the New York Times  as he files Denaults appeal for the other charges, that single acquittal is terms of Preet's fix. What the street is saying is the City of New York  is just as guilty and SAIC got off with a get out of jail free card...on its Deferred prosecution agreement. Where are the indictments? Where are Padman and Reddy Allen? the US last the street checked has an extradition agreement with India? And Preet's plan was to bring all responsible in for indictment, what about those City Officials...what about those executives at SAIC that got soft landing...and did Deb James SAIC insider really up for nomination for Airforce Secretary?  Corruption continued..?

I am the only one to say Rudy dumped AutoTime created and run by City Workers for a hunk of junk CityTime destined for the dumpster like Maximus and Rudy like Mike and gang pushed SAIC like a drug king pin pushed heroin because like Deb James they had their eyes on The White House and SAIC is more than connected to The White House and Ditto HP that robbed us on 911 in my opinion and under Bloomberg it was an open door revolving door of corruption including 311 another Tax Payer Titanic -- new voice recognition doesn't work and u have to dial 1 for ENGLISH!!!!

Preet and Judge D gave SAIC and Team Bloomberg Teflon treatment and one can hope on the appeal it won't be the same because SAIC Rudy Mike Ariel Gartner in my opinion take it two cities from Albany to City Hall and contractors and lobbyists above the law.  

Mr. Denault’s lawyer, Barry A. Bohrer, said, “The City of New York had its eyes wide open.” The city, he added, “signed off on this because it was what it wanted and it was what it needed.”

Cranky note to the media, credit this site for pinching this sites work, the street does not like it...grrr or idea greed. See example Deb James and Obama SAIC slam dunk association of continue bedding with SAIC....? We love you Mr. Gonzalez but a credit is due this blog.

Speaking of Denault Delaware case number C.A. No. 6872-VCG  Judge  orders SAIC to pay Denaults Legal Bills, you only have read it on this favor of denault on valentines day 2014!? 
..."Plaintiff is entitled to advancement of fees and expenses through the final
disposition of the criminal proceeding against him, United States v. Mazer, et al.;
B. Defendant is ordered to pay Plaintiff’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses
incurred in the defense of the criminal proceeding against him, United States v. Mazer, et. al.
through its final disposition;"

So both lawyers will take it to appeal...they are guilty, but the New York City is more Guilty? No a single City or executive official at SAIC were put on the witness stand. Why? The government did not allow the defendants access to key people like Mark Hughes the addressee on the Valcich see you tube The Valcich Letter is a written complaint about the cost of Citytime way before Denault. We are not saying innocence we are saying fair trial necessary to flush out all the evil,  scapegoating should be illegal!. 

Do not forget the civil lawsuits where plaintiff attorney's Robin Geller is suing the City of New York for blocking evidence and we reported it.  and Bohrer is right....about not  calling any witnesses from the City or SAIC to the stand. 

mayor bloomberg king of new york: CityTime Scandal Denault to Appeal No NYC Gov Arrests?