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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Graham Daw CCRB Commission to Combat Police corruption in my opinion Frauds Aided and Abetted NYPD IAB corruption in my opinion in my case and how many others????

Graham Daw CCRB Commission to Combat Police corruption in my opinion Frauds Aided and Abetted NYPD IAB corruption in my opinion in my case and how many others????

This is an email I sent CCRB lawyer Graham Daw and Commssion to Combat Police corruption who in my opinion corrupt.  Here it is:

Do not forward to in my opinion corrupt cops like IAB sgt Mary O'Donnell or anyone in IAB.   You are worse than disgraces and I pray for Justice and your roles exposed but instead you just collect pay checks and vacations.  For CCRB members that don't get money in my opinion u get perks and u fail way more victims than u serve.

Re: Det Lynch Bloomberg's bodyguard.  U ruled in my favor. Why am I not notified how Kelly punished him if he did.

Re: all IAB NYPD in my lawsuit.  If CCRB had done their job IAB couldn't have fixed it for corrupt cops in secret.

I spoke to FBI but it will take how many more egregious and criminal acts by the NYPD and IAB covering up for Feds to come in?

I will be sending this and my lawsuit to the new mayor and new police commissioner of IAB but in my opinion you the Commission to Investigate police corruption have 1 job to forward emails to IAB for corrupt IAB to fix and Graham Daw and all involved at CCRB and all involved in fixing me being savagely assaulted including NYPD and IAB I pray G-d punishes you along with Delita Hooks, the women in the video that lied and blamed me and did not even ask if I was okay despite visible injuries and all NYPD and IAB involved as well as all civilians, a cowardly lawyer with a sock puppet account and possible NYPD guilty of aggravated harassment and witness tampering harassing me and blaming me the victim.

So far I have been failed by every gov agency so I can only hope karma served you all karma pie you deserve.  

Shame on you all.

CCRB going after Bologna but not the cops that abused me including Det John Vergona who said I don't care if you have 2 black eyes, stop your babbling and Graham Daw said that doesn't count as lack of courtesy.  Sgt Chen's treatment and abuse doesn't violate CPR but Bologna does?

Ron Kuby wrote I agree to drop charges against my ATTACKER if my ATTACKER drops the charges.  Delita Hoojs letter to the NYPD openly threatens me stating if I ever come back and file assault charges against her she will retaliate yet again with (another false) cross complaint.

I did try to file 2nd degree assault charges and her fixers at the 01 turned me away yet again.

Daw u should be punished and fired in my opinion.  What you and CCRB did to me in my opinion criminal and Commission to combat police corruption a fraud tax payer guzzler like IAB that must be replaced with a permanent outside monitor and a new Commission in to NYPD IAB Corruption.

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