Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Mike Yelled down Aug. 20 CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Sock Puppeteers Cyber Stalking Laugh as Shelly Silver's Bill Egglers Reprimanded

Excuse me but explain why "Bloombergforlife" and SteveRattnerRocks and over 50 more fake sock puppet accounts created on YouTubre have harassed me -- in theory on the computer isn't that aggravated harassment which carries jail time?   At one point than City Council member Tony  Avella now a NY State Senator who was running against Mike Bloomberg for mayor had his name stolen and two fake sock puppet accounts were also created which I alerted the real Tony Avella to because the fake was making racist as well as condescending comments on critics of Charter Schools.   The fake Tony mocked me and told he he was with Mike Bloomberg sipping champagne and name the hotel where Mike was having his celebration for just barely winning an election.

I would get high volumes of spam from Cloe Buckngham
praising the 311 system which by the way I believe is another tech Titanic for tax payers and I want to see how much so far in total we have been billed by Team Bloomberg including consultants.

I just had someone that I can't help but wonder what might be yet another brand new sock puppet account created on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn which I am libeled.  It was on rape.  By the way one of the original Bloomberg for life stalker mocked my bad hair day when I talked of the violence, rapes and murders of women in NY focusing on Imette St Giullen and Jennifer Moore.  Moore was underage.

The sock puppet accounts on behalf of Mike Bloomberg possible with some help from a friend in Google I believe were behind removing my entire account.  Is it far fetched to think one of Mike Bloomberg's people could have chatted with someone inside Google YouTube who gave them pointers on how to take down my entire channel?
Thank you to Norman Siegel the famed Civil Rights lawyer and to everyone that wrote Google on my behalf.  I got an apology from Google and my Channel returned.
An activist made this Wiki page and it came under a group attack demanding the immediate urgent removal from Wiki -- this page on possible censorship -- the removal of my YouTube channel and political censorship and the return of my work.   The critics said I was not famous enough and of course 2 accounts where sock puppet accounts and the Wiki editor closed them but the page came down.

Nice to hear a reprimand was issued for Sheldon Silver's guy.

I once sent the FBI an email that went something like this...if you ever want my help you will have to deliver Bloombergforlife's head on a platter.

By the way -- although we believe one person was central in sock puppet harassment  more than one was involved on Bloombergforlife which involved identity theft of Tony Avella and other YouTuber -- Tony didn't have an account but the goal of the sock puppet cyber stalkers for Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and David Yassky of Team Bloomberg by stealing people's accounts and mocking them was to make them afraid to comment.

Mike Bloomberg says he believes in the first amendment but what his NYPD Intelligence Lt. shut me up and shut me down.  Mike invites the press to ask him what I was shouting about.  I shouted him down as the most corrupt mayor ever siting ECTP the 911 Tech system 2 billion 14 million dollars and it does not work properly and CityTime.  No one in the press asked him about that or why I went silent immediately after facing possible arrest.

Bloomberg  Baby Putin, Orwellian, and from Albany to City Hall these guys are above the law and their sock puppeteers