Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Friday, October 18, 2013

CityTime Crime SAIC Gets The Finger

CityTime Crime Trials gets the Finger (ala Gerald Shargel Larry David Moment) and SAIC gets the finger so to speak as SAIC is denied more "TIME" (see lower down on this post)  under Robbins and Geller who are representing the SAIC shareholders and Robbins and Geller is suing the City of NY to get CityTime info that so far NYC gov is with holding as if the have something to hide.  SAIC got the finger in court ruling tongue in cheek I speak -- see below).

Hope your  Cappucino was good this am. Welcome back and thank you to those  early morning risers who read the blog. Especially you CityTime SAIC Crime addicts as trial news comes in....

CityTime was the software payroll system designed to update and replace AutoTime NYC's payroll system.  (FYI AutoTime worked and was created and run by NYC Workers and could have been expanded but than Rudy and Mike wouldn't have had friends like SAIC to assist their White House ambitions!)

One of the largest US Defense contractors, SAIC held the contract with the City of New York for the Project called CityTime (contract for life folks!!!!!!!)  and during the period from (THANK Rudy Giuliani for this tax payer's Titanic like Maximus a nightmare that should have gotten tossed by king Mike Bloomberg )  2000 to 2010 the project cost skyrocketed from 63million to over 700 million dollars. 

 The Dept of Justice  indicted and charged 11 people for defrauding the City of New York in a massive kickback scheme which hired a single source outside subcontractor Technodyne (plus for even MORE MONEY Spherion for "Quality for Control hardee har har har).

None of the 11 were employed by the City of New York. 1 is dead, two fled to India (technodyne execs husband and wife owners) and still waiting extradiction.

1 employee of SAIC pled guilty Carl Bell, pal and  co-worker of Gerard Denault who is on trial. Bell is considered a key witness to testify.  3 relatives of Mark Mazer pled guilty and will not testify  Aronstein is the 3rd charged on trial. 3 senior executives who supervised Denault were filed and so far not charged.

Got lots of questions on this weeks activity. 

"At one point, honchos at SAIC tried to assign another company official to head the CityTime project, Shangle said, but Denault appealed directly to Bondy, the city official. Not only did Denault remain in charge of CityTime, Shangle’s own power as contracts manager was reduced."

Read more:

Which Honcho at SAIC let  this slide? Is SAIC's contract manager James Shangel testifying that SAIC top executive Deb Alderson could not control Denault or that she ignorant of what her employee Denault was doing?

Deb Alderson was fired from SAIC in October 2011. Last the street knew Alderson continued to lobby for CityTime during critical contract renewals? Read Deb Alderson gets soft landing

Honcho's at SAIC have continuall  insisted they did not know anything about CITYTIME bid practices and  YET  ARE still embattled in Shareholder Lawsuits who have the same "play dumb" "dumb ass"  questions?  

 SAIC one of the United States top defense contractors admitted to guilt on CityTime without being prosecuted (DPA or deferred prosecution agreement), often called a get out of jail free card, that cost over 500,000 million dollars! 

When did  SAIC know?  According to recent court activity Civil shareholder gets a thumbs up to refile civil action against SAIC  for SEC (Security Exchange Commission) violations. Public Companies like SAIC must report to shareholders LOSSES they expect, anticipate, can reasonably caculate, should have, could have, likely to have known. The courts were helpful in telling how to trim the lawsuit  to a time frame where ya'd think they finally knew...??????    Omg....  

Oh come on Deb?  (In my opinion) Deb did CityTime and Deb is like Deb Does Dallas -- just like a porn flick it don't go away EVER so why has Deb do jail too?  (Sounds like a porn movie.)

Robbins and Geller the law firm representing the SAIC shareholders  filed suit against the City of New York for blocking  access to CityTime documents under the freedom of information act. Are we really free?  (Mike Bloomberg is not a transparent mayor and in my opinion he and the City have a lot to hide and use NYC Tax Payer dollars for lawyers acting like represent Mafia but it is NYC Gov.)

Additionally SAIC legal department continues to the battle on filing extensions and delays on the open civil suit. 


Mayor Bloomberg's NYC Gov Sued over CityTime NYC Blocking Access To Docs

Robbins Geller Says NYC Blocked Access To CityTime Docs

Yeah for Robbins and Geller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We want NYC gov to hand over the CityTime info they asking for! What has NYC Gov to hide?  Hardee har.... how embarassing for Preet who continues to treat NYC gov's role in CityTime as pure Teflon Time.

The trial highlight this week goes to the new mom lawyer with a young infant flipping the bird to mazer while snagging a cab out of the court house. Supposedly the juror asked to be recused as caring for a young infant then chunking through her "other job" and showing to court daily may be a bit much making for a sleep juror. Not sure who that bird was for...

So what the f is up with the middle finger, interested readers wanna know?

In Western culturethe finger (as in giving someone the finger or the bird[1]), also known as the finger wavethe middle fingerflipping someone off,[1] flipping the birdshooting the birdthe rude finger or the one finger salute is an obscene hand gesture, which is often a sign of extreme or moderate contempt, roughly equivalent in meaning to "fuck off", "fuck you", "shove it up your ass", or "go fuck yourself." It is performed by showing the back of a closed fist that has only the middle finger extended upwards, though in some locales the thumb is also extended. Extending the finger is considered a universal symbol of contempt in several cultures, especially Western cultures. Many cultures do use similar gestures to display their disrespect, though others use it to express pointing with no intentional disrespect toward other cultures.
The gesture dates back to Ancient Greece and was also used in Ancient Rome. Historically, it represented the phallus. In some modern cultures, it has gained increasing acceptance as a sign of disrespect, and has been used by music artists, athletes, and politicians. Many still view the gesture as obscene.

FYI : Rumors that Gartner who charged us a mega- fortune for 911 advice on the 2 billion + disaster but like everyone involved in NYC Gov corruption just could not do simple math that we were being robbed on CityTime and 911....yes late in the game Gartner came in to rob us in my opinion but promised Spherion crooks a kick back for every penny they billed NYC Tax Payers!  

The New York Post "Kick Back in Time" --- the one and only time we hear about Gartner's role CityTime and again folks 911 even bigger corruption and you will see some of the same lobbyists, advisors and even connections to Rudy.....  can you say Teflon Time and above the law?

Gartner also remains above the law Teflon but Glenn Hutchins did coincidently dump all his stocks and Goldman Sachs brokered the "big dump" hardee har har (all in the family -- Mike's best client GS)
and than there are rumors of Ariel also over billing tax payers related to CityTime but shhhhhh.....

FYI:  The SAIC shareholder lawsuit -- the derivative lawsuit --- they lost but they are appealing and so despite word on the street --- it ain't over.

So bottom line is from criminal court to civil court both SAIC and NYC Gov big wigs appear to have a lot to hide and appear less than transparent but so far  it is "Teflon Time for SAIC, top figures including Denault's boss Deb Alderson, Jelly Bean, and many key figures in NYC government as well as other possible contractors and or advisors.

CityTime Crime  SAIC Get The Finger