Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy receives a congratulatory call on the humiliating win by Mike Bloomberg, caller said Weiner must be kicking himself, read why

I received a congratulatory call this morning as if I had won a victory. The person congratulated me on my victory. I thought I did not hear correctly.

Mike Bloomberg's win was a win by 5 percent. Anthony Weiner must be kicking himself. He could have won. If he had run, this morning he would have been mayoral elect.

It is true....people refer to Weiner as the real deal....

I thanked the caller. A couple sitting by me at breakfast two weeks ago were lamenting Weinerdropping out because they believed he should and could be mayor.

I agreed and said yes I was at the forefront of the Bloomberg resistance on YouTube which grew like wild fire although the major papers and mainstream media refused to cover that fact. Icalled "voter anger" and the fact the media was not reporting the news and I started one of the first blogs, Mayor Bloomberg King of New York. I worked my guts out and I encountered unusual interference including having all 334 of my YouTubes banned.

Bloomberg Watch was pivotal organizing Fed Up New Yorkers and L-- not sure you want your name spelled out was a dynamo with YouTubes that were your own genre I saw others imitate and Bill Thompson's campaign people borrow from. Thanks to Alan for introducing me toQueens Crap, another key blog for me in the on line resistance. Amazing work also by thisYouTuber and blogger... There were amazing New Yorkers that have no computers that took to the streets. Bless you for your hard work front line. You are the backbone and activist lawyers like Norman Siegel, truly the people's advocate.

I predicted on YouTube there may be a surprise and there was one 100 million dollar humiliation "surprise" prize....Mike Bloomberg bought an election with the most money spent in NYC history and barely won. One commentor on my YouTube called for a recount!

Did you notice people had it with another mega-millionaire across the border (NJ)
.....Jon what's his name from Goldman Sachs. Americans have had it with mega rich class buying the popular vote.

It isn't everyday I get phone calls from someone who graduated top of their class at one of the elite Universities in our country congratulating me on "my victory".

I noticed we did not hear from Wolfson last you think he was too embarrassed to show his face. Do you think Mike finally figured out the people of New York are angry and we associate "progress" his word with moving van". We can't afford Mike's New York.

The first commissioner he needs to fire his socialite mega millionaire Amanda the people's Burden, a city planner that represented the developers, not the people.

Thanks to everyone that turned out and voted against Mike Bloomberg. Thanks to all the people that reached out to me to encourage me to keep going when I felt I was going to drop from exhaustion. Thanks to all the people that were part of the YouTube and internet resistance as well as out on the street.

I am sad four more years of Bloomberg and even more people and small businesses will be living...maybe me included in the on going exodus under the Bloomberg administration's community crushing development.

Thanks to Soho Journal for picking up my art protest vote YouTube when the main stream media refused. The New York Times and all main stream media had to back peddle, another on air humiliation because they were reading from their script. They had to actually stop and pay attention to the people of New York for the first time! The media had to report the facts and that is it was neck and neck.

Later today you will see my post-election interview and the destination of my Mike Bloombergportrait.

Lucky for Mike he lives in a perpetual state of denial. Unlucky for us he won and that means more people will be leaving NYC. The city is like the "new" Yankee Stadium...we didn't want it and we can't afford it. Welcome to the "new" hideous New York, Mike Bloomberg's New York.

Note: We have to thank Mike Bloomberg's arrogance, his complete disconnect from the people. His over paid campaign people not getting "it" either -- how they were alienating voters further.

Could you imagine of the main stream media did not censor the news and reported the resistance and voter anger from the get go....Bill Thompson would have been major.

I was congratulated for Mike's humiliating win but we have to thank Mike himself.

He truly is out of touch and how he won is proof.