Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adrian Schoolcraft Look Charles Hynes Praises Joe Sanchez Who was Set-up by Internal Affairs

Above in Charles Hynes hand writing praise for Joe Sanchez.

Above link letter from Juror to Hynes -- miscarriage of Justice -- letter back from Hynes agreeing and hoping Joe Sanchez gets re-instated -- well Charles Hynes -- it has been 30 years.....

Read below in Joe's own words how he was set-up by the NYPD and specifically the Internal Affairs police officers that were suppose to be arresting his corrupt supervisors but as Serpico knew and Adrian Schoolcraft our newest NYPD Whistle Blower on the Block can tell you Internal Affairs has a long history of betraying whistle blowers.

You will read Joe thank Charles Hynes and wishing him good luck on the upcoming election.
Joe Sanchez is sincere.  Joe Sanchez a good honest man and a great cop who was set-up by the NYPD brass to be falsely accused of stealing money from drug dealers which he did not do.  Joe had to support his family and an NYPD officer he worked with him got him a job right away doing security because she knew he was honest and a good person.

I want to ask Charles Hynes --- you knew Joe Sanchez was innocent.  There in your own words what a good cop he is and you did not fight Benjamin Ward the NYPD commissioner at the time to get this good honest cop Joe Sanchez his job back?

Charles Hynes is and was a political animal which is how he has endured so long so he knew Benjamin Ward was doing damage control and Ward wanted Sanchez a honest courageous heroic cop who exposed corrupt supervisors breaking laws out.
Ask Charles Hynes and than ask Richard Brown, the Queens DA why he refused to put Chief Marino and DI Mauriello, in front of a Grand Jury.

Richard Brown will never do what Hynes did which is say Adrian you are a good cop you got f//ked but both men could have fought for these courageous cops trying to expose corruption and did not do enough.

When I saw Hynes we shook hands as he placed his left hand on my 
 shoulder and said, "You know, Jerry, Joe got F**ked. He was a good cop" 
Back in 2007, I went to New York City to promote my books "Latin Blues" and "True Blue: A tale of The Enemy Within" I visited Brooklyn DA Charlie  Joe Hynes at his Brooklyn office. I first met up with his spokesperson,
 Jerry Schmetterer, who co-wrote with NYPD Police Officer Al Sheppard  "E-Man: Life in the NYPD Emergency Service Unit" By the way, Al Sheppard
 is a good friend of mine.

 While at Jerry Schmetterer's office we spoke for a short time. He then
 called Hynes whose office was around the hallway, telling Hynes that I
 wanted to see and speak to him. Hynes told Jerry to bring me into his
office. When I saw Hynes we shook hands as he placed his left hand on my
 shoulder and said, "You know, Jerry, Joe got F**ked. He was a good cop" 

 He then said," Sorry I could not help you get your job back, Joe" He then
 invited me to sit down so we could shoot the breeze. What I first wanted
 to tell him was, "Joe Hynes, you were the new Special State Prosecutor,
 appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo in 1985, when your predecessor Thomas
 Duffy and his assistant prosecutor, Joe Hester, violated my civil rights
 and due process of law by illegally indicting me for a crime I never
 committed. You told me after I was fired by Police Commissioner Benjamin  Ward, that if the NYPD gave me a departmental hearing, so I could prove my
 innocence, you would testified on my behalf. Wow! Unheard of. The Special
 State Prosecutor was stepping up to the plate for a cop that was
wrongfully indicted and arrested on bogus charges of ripping off six { 6 }
drug dealers. Not his partner, Herman Velez, just little old Joe Sanchez.
 A crime neither Velez nor I committed. You were the new Special State
Prosecutor. You were highly respected and feared by those in the Criminal
Justice System, that were corrupt. All you had to do was say,
 'Commissioner Benjamin Ward, in the interest of justice, Joe Sanchez got
 F**ked. Give him a departmental hearing, or immediately reinstate him.'" 

 But, I did not say what I truly wanted to say to Charlie Joe Hynes. He was
 courteous enough to see me and let Jerry know I was f**ked. So I kept my
 mouth shut, and we chatted for a few more minute on how I was doing, and
 the fact that I was able to get my guns back when I became a New York  State corrections officer, even though I had lost my job and pension with  the NYPD after 13 years of dedication to the City of New York.

 We then exchanged books. I signed and handed him two of my books, "Latin
 Blues" and True Blue: A Tale of the Enemy Within" He then signed and
 handed me his first novel " Triple Homicide. The inscription read: To Joe
 Sanchez, a great MOS { Member of Service } NYPD, 2007.

Looking back at
 that storm in my life, I am very grateful for the life preserver he threw
 me while I was drowning, by dismissing my indictment and preventing me

My very best to Brooklyn DA Charlie Joe Hynes in his upcoming election and
God bless him.

-Joe Sanchez    Hero NYPD officer set up by Internal Affairs found me via my post Adrian Schoolcraft meet Joe Sanchez.

The NYPD have a brutal history of retaliating against NYPD Whistle Blowers and IA players in the betrayal.  (Note as I write this IA has my case -- they had 90 days -- it is 6 months since I was violently assaulted and corrupt cops fixed the crime.  I continue to wait for Delita Hooks to be arrested and the NYPD cops involved punished how ever small their punishment because the NYPD protect corruption until they can't like rape, gun running, drug dealing but they including IA continue to protect the PBA NYPD fixing and favors.

Joe Sanchez caught criminals -- amazing arrests but his supervisor threatened to take him by the hand and point out summons to be given because Joe was not meeting his quota! 

Joe Sanchez knows what I, Suzannah B. Troy suffered and he wrote NYPD handling of me being assaulted disgraces honest cops.   I wrote how many letters on behalf of the NYPD including "Betrayal at Ground Zero" in The Wall St. Journal but like Joe Sanchez I was going to get betrayed by corrupt cops at the First Precinct!

FYI:  Joe still has haunting dreams.  Imagine having children to feed and being set-up in the worst way and handcuffed by the IA officers he went to and was wired up by to catch his bosses on tape.

Joe still believes there are more good cops than not and still loved his job as an NYPD officer.

"It's an exciting job where you see it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It stays with you until you die. In the last few days, I've dreamt again where I'm back on the job, and feeling so good about it. But not for long. Some boss tells me word has come down that I've been fired again."

I interview Joe Sanchez and ask him what he would say to Adrian Schoolcraft.

Det John Vergona thought he could make me being assaulted go away.

He was wrong.

Even if Internal Affairs and a corrupt legal system protect him, all the corrupt cops involved, Dr. Andrew Fagelman 155 Spring St who paid Delita Hooks for violent assault including the running punch to my eye that required eye surgery or go blind there is the video and blogs...

and look 30 years later Joe Sanchez is still telling his story and Adrian Schoolcraft is the newest NYPD Whistle Blower to be set-up  -- they did not falsely accuse him of a crime he did not commit or set him up like Serpico for a bullet to his head -- they put Adrian Schoolcraft in a mental ward kidnapping him.

NYPD Betrayal A History of Retaliation against NYPD Whistle Blowers and Internal Affairs Role by Suzannah B Troy