Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The NY Post Cover-Up for Mike Bloomberg John Haggerty Now Judge & DA? by Suzannah B. Troy
Amazing the NY Post reported this because often they have covered up for Bloomberg (along with all mainstream media)  and it is a no brainer why.   It is surprising The NY Post Editors believe John Haggerty deserves a defense or not so since the editors have been covering up for Bloomberg for so long with the exception of a few investigative pieces that miraculously made it in to the paper.

Will the Judge and DA make  like the NY Post editors and bury Haggerty like the editors buried David Seifman’s article on the NY Post using FOIL to read Bloomberg’s emails to Haggerty but Mike refused to turn them over?    Isn’t interesting the article never made it to the hard copy of The NY Post and NO newspaper in NY has ever referred to the Seifman piece?

Why would DA Eric Seidel ask that John Haggerty be blocked from proving Mike Bloomberg funneled money to Haggerty in prior elections? In the link I give you to Aram Roston’s piece “The Secret Campaign of Mayor Mike” Roston reports that Bloomberg did funnel money to Haggerty 2 elections in a row first via the Republican party and the most recent election via the Indepence Party! 

Do the Judge, Cy Vance and Eric Seidel want to get to the truth or is it quite the opposite to protect Bloomberg who broke campaign laws and it carries jail time.   

Before we get in to how the DA is protecting Mike Bloomberg let’s take a quick look in to the miracle of The NY Post even printing this editorial....

Reminder besides the two big deals Murdoch has Joel Klein (within less than a year of leaving NYC gov.)  brokering for him with the Board of Ed, Rupert Murdoch sits on The Partnership for New York Board along with Glenn Hutchins who owns Gartner and Gartner practically runs NYC gov with it’s “consulting’ and “quality control”.    Glenn Hutchin’s Gartner like Rupert Murdoch also has a big tech deal with the Board of Ed as well!    Every so often a news reporter gets a powerful story out like Haggerty breaking campaign laws or Gartner’s role in doing quality control on Spherion and a kick back agreement Gartner made with Spherion who was busy stealing 80 million dollars in cash from NY Tax Payers on the CityTime project and than for some reason The NY Post reporters no longer follow up on the stories.    I am suggesting that certain NY Post Editors do “not nice things” to protect Murdoch’s financial investments as well as Mike Bloomberg and friends so this editorial is quite a surprise!  These certain editors along with others in NY don’t fear legal problems like Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch face in England for the hacking scandal.  Of course not reporting news is not criminal like hacking is it?

I was banned from commenting on The NY Post Site after I made a comment calling for more investigative reporting of Gartner.  It was than I found out Rupert Murdoch and Glenn Hutchins were on the Board of The Partnership for New York.   I don’t know why I don’t see Rupert and Glenn’s names on the list below but I do see Lachlan Murdochs.  I know Murdoch and Hutchins were on the Board of NY as all these scandals from Haggerty to the Board of Ed to CityTime broke.  The photo of Bloomberg on this page says it all.  The Partnership is Oligarch Central with Mike as their head oligarch.
Take a look at this link and than count your lucky stars we read any news exposing corrupt deals from real estate to tech involving NYC government and New York City!

Should we rename the Board of The Partnership for New York The Board of Oligarchs that want to rule NYC?   See any newspaper owners on the list?

"Mike Bloomberg Broke Election Law, Admit His Own Lawyers"
By Wayne Barrett Mon., Feb. 22 2010 at 5:20 PM
Is the above article by Wayne Barrett the reason Wayne was fired by The Village Voice and Tom Robbins resigns in protest leaving two investigative reporters without jobs in a newspaper in NYC?
Aram Roston’s article should win awards and this piece from last summer was buried.   I called Cy Vance’s Integrity Hotline and reported Mike Bloomberg for breaking campaign laws and gave Cy Vance’s staff member these two articles as references along with reporting Christine Quinn also referencing a Village Voice Article.

John Haggerty is innocent as Mike Bloomberg as well.  Bloomberg’s campaign and advertising “Think Bloomberg” was and is Orwellian but so is the newspaper’s coverage and this Judge preventing Haggerty from exposing the truth.
Than there is this exclusive by The NY Post that the Post’s very own editors buried.  This article reporting the NY Post foiled Bloomberg’s emails to Haggerty and Mike Bloomberg buried not even making it to the hard copy of The NY Post.  Why isn’t Haggerty serving Mike was a subpoena to see the emails?

What happened to The NY Post reporter who reported the exclusive on Haggerty breaking the law forcing Cy Vance to actually do his job.  Bloomberg broke campaign laws wiring money out of his personal account and according to Wayne Barrett’s piece it’s a Misdeamor A that carries up to a year in jail.

Cyber stalking also carries up to a year in jail and I believe I along with others were victims of Bloomberg’s cyber stalkers attempting to silence anyone critical of Mike Bloomberg sometimes by stealing the identities of the YouTube community and also city council member now a state senator Tony Avella.  The harassment on line continued after the election like Mike’s aggressive advertising campaign and the newest identity bothering me was JohnDenault1 which was quickly closed.  I wonder why?  No newspaper was interested in the possibility Bloomberg’s campaign people hired folks to do Nixon like dirty deeds on line except for Azi Paybarah reporting “YouTube Troubles” and Elizabeth Benjamin reporting my YouTube channel was returned but the link to her report is gone.

It is amazing The NY Post editors are reporting on the Haggerty Trial at all because they are rumored to be behind a high turn over of news reporters and like all the news papers suppressed voices of opposition against Mike Bloomberg’s third term.  I called Bill Sanderson with news and than I shared his response with higher ups.

Dear NY Post:  You “GUYS” should be on your best behavior because Rupert and Lachlan’s legal troubles from the phone hacking scandal maybe coming to visit in here in NYC.

The NY Post published many of my letters including on behalf of the FDNY and NYPD, our rescue workers Sept. 11 and the NY Post refused to cover my portrait turned poster lampooning Mike Bloomberg which was brilliant and has even more context in light of the Haggerty Trial and CityTime, Board of Ed Tech deals, etc. but The NY Post along with every major newspaper in New York all that have published me refused to cover my art.  Why?
May 2009 I report in this YouTube not to believe the media that Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger.  My YouTube channel mostly anti-Bloomberg’s third term was removed and the last YouTube before I was wrongly banned was on David Yassky.  28 hours later my work was returned with an apology from Google, YouTube’s parent company thanks to Norman Siegel and so many people that contacted Google on my behalf.   

The Wikipedia page created by an activist on me being censored was attacked by Sock Puppet accounts who’s accounts were terminated because you are not allowed to have mult-accounts on Wiki but the page was removed for now until supposedly I become more famous!  Is that fame going to be reported by the media who did everything possible to silence Bloomberg’s opposition?

From “Bloomberg’s Bubble Burst by By FRED SIEGEL and SOL STERN originally published in The Commentary

"Both sources of revenue, private and public, were used to co-opt and silence his opposition and thereby allow the glamorized portrait of an indispensable manager and the guardian of the public purse to be drawn without countervailing criticism."
Read more:

 I was banned from commenting on the NY Post Web site after I defended John Liu in a NY Post Editorial and asked that the NY Post do more investigative research in to Gartner on why we pay Gartner so much money because Sally Gartner’ article  Kick Back in Time exposes Gartner’s role in CityTime.

The NY Post is lucky for now there are no court cases against them but here we see how the legal system is protecting the guilty yet again and in this case Mike Bloomberg and his thugs.


Haggerty is innocent, as innocent as Mike Bloomberg and gang.

The goal was to win at all costs, not how you play the game.  Explain that to school kids Mike Bloomberg and bring Patricia Harris, Wolfson and deputy mayors past and present along with Steve Rattner who paid to play, paid to not plead guilty and paid to go to jail.

By the way, what is the name of The NY Post reporter that wrote the famous Haggerty piece?  Is he still employeed by The New York Post?