Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rewind: Mike's NYC TV Scandal -Campaign Aides Small World Allison Jaffin Tom Robbins Article Paul Cosgrove DOITT

No one breaking the law goes to jail in Bloomberg’s World.

Remember this name Allison Jaffin and read on.   Her and her husband’s names come up in The Village Voice article written by Tom Robbins.

Read the Tom Robbins article and remember Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins are no longer working for The Village Voice.  What you will learn is as in everything Bloomberg -- it is financially and politically incestuous -- read who worked for Mike and what capacity from his private empire to public and (side bar blog readers I have a news flash for you... Cy Vance will be voted out of office.  I spoke to the Public Integrity woman at AG’s office.  Wish I had the call on tape.  There ain’t any Public Integrity and Vance set up his own PI hot line that has done squat but Vance will be history and this trial not that it will make to the finish line will be part of Vance’s “petite legacy” as in Bye=Buy-Cy Vance!  Sure is interesting Guma was Vance’s campaign guy and is now Quinn’s.)

Haggerty would be the 1st to go to jail and he was just doing what is done in the Bloomberg’s world -- he just was taking money that Mike Bloomberg funneled him and Mike is the "money funneler” -- he set up a bogus company to funnel money to Allison Jaffin and two other women so they were earning two salaries -- one nyc gov -- one as Mike Bloomberg’s gal fridays so what a laugh Jaffin a recipient of funneled Bloomberg money  is a star witness. John Haggerty’s lawyer Dennis Vacco will shred her on the stand.

Why did Mike set up the dummy company Manhattan West to pay Jaffin?  Why not pay her out of Bloomberg Charlie Rose his Ken Doll?  Hardee har....Why a dummy company?  Did it have something to do with campaign laws he was trying to not break.

Reminder Bloomberg and his mini-me Quinn in my opinion did break campaign laws and I think right now Quinn has her staff working on NYC gov to push through her goal to be mayor.  Quinn is doing it using slush money tax money to buy votes.

Small world Allison Jaffin's husband worked for corrupt NYC Gov Tv and the laid back boss who was that Jaffin's hubbies' boss too? Her husband in this article!!!!!

 Her husband Bloomberg campaign boy...? Small world - laid back boss worked on Bloomberg's campaign. Who didn't work on Mike's campaign. How many received perks or money funneled to them like Jaffe and Haggerty. Mo wonder no one is calling for audits of past 2 campaigns.

(Note: Under Bloomberg we have the largest white collar crimes NYC gov ever most tech and all biz -- massive corruption CityTime - Spherion, TechnoDyne, ECTP and guess who some of  the lobbyists are....?)

Paul Cosgrove  (recently painted himself as a CityTime hero to the NY Post) is mentioned in this article == DOITT who I believed was forced out was once this laid-back NYC TV   guy's boss once upon a time. DOITT bosses high turn over and some how tax payer money seems to be spent like Bloomberg’s campaign money....

From The Village Voice article at the top of this post:  "The incident passed with less harm than a mayoral eye roll at a Blue Room press conference. So it was that six days later, when Arick Wierson—a former Bloomberg campaign aide who had served as Scotland's boss and the network's top executive—announced that he was stepping down from his $150,000-a-year post, no one questioned City Hall's insistence that his departure was totally unrelated to the criminal case.”

 "Since then, in addition to Wierson, at least four other high-ranking aides at the network have also quietly resigned. Asked last week if they'd been fired, a City Hall spokesperson declined comment.”  wiki page written by some who is Orwellian Bloomberg -- the section on the scandal  PATHETIC cover-up for Bloomberg’s massive scandal ridden administration and the wiki page on my being censored my YouTube channel removed was attacked by sock puppets perhaps Bloombergian thugs?

and than there is this article -- a very short Tom Robbins follow-up -- an arrest!

"Hearn said that DOITT -- the city's Department of Information Technology and 
Telecommunications -- is strengthening "internal controls." Which sounds like a good idea.”

and I found this comment on Tom Robbins piece "
NYC TV is just the tip of the iceberg. The public needs to know about corruption at other stations funded under DoITT, namely Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the public access channel for Manhattan. Top execs make more than $500,000k a year. Execs using staff and equipment for their own $$ projects -- behavior that would get ordinary producers banned for life! 

These stations are supposed to give the public a voice -- not to give elected officials their own personal playtime." 
Above from The Village Voice article DOITT -- nice to hear -- explain Gartner and how much tax payers have paid Gartner since Bloomberg can in to office and became the king of outsourcing?  
Gartner has a special mention in this article and than we hear “silence” nothing again.

Folks there is a whole lot of corruption and it is hard to follow like some Russian novel but it is New York and reality.

The corrupt players are glad it is hard to follow and Bloomberg and Vance are hoping to make the Haggerty trial vanish like the rapacious IMF chief but this is just the tip of the Bloomberg Iceberg.  Allison Jaffin wants this to go away as well.  She was making a lot of money and now she must be spending quality time preparing to be questioned by Haggerty’s law under oath.  Oh I want Bloomberg, Harris, Quinn, Sheekey, even Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff questioned by Vacco under oath!  The court room would be backed. The jurors would be hiring talent agents and booking dates for TV and book deals.

Why no arrests CityTime NYC gov officials, hardee har.... and why no arrests ECTP -- why aren’t we suing some companies in the ECTP 911 Tech debacle?

Under Bloomberg are there are record amount of people in management positions stealing tax payer money that are not going to jail?

Have Manhattan DA and US Attorney failed us as well?

How ironic that Haggerty is innocent -- he is at least as innocent as Mike Bloomberg.

No forensic audit or subpoenas of emails of Bloomberg’s aides and puppets like Christine Quinn....
back room deals, charity money, dummy companies like the one exposed by The NY Post to pay Allison Jaffin, slush money, etc.