Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Did SAIC Know From Costs to Tech Flaws? CityTime NYC Gov.

Heard on the street plus Suzannah B. Troy's thoughts...

Heard on the streets:
SAIC definitely new and had a professional case study performed to correct their own gross internal problem  I did not see a date on the pdf  and that resulted in the 2006-2010 contract to correct their own time and billing payroll tracking system and thus one could derrive the notion on how could they possibly track and bill the a governement/NYC. Short answer is they did not track time nor bill/invoice and  admit the are messed up in the document via their own quotes. 
Manually or "plugging"doing timesheets is a "no go" in the GOVCON world. SAIC seems have failed on process and seems to have  known  they had problems.

Suzannah B. Troy: 3 really young tech whizs could have figured out the problems CityTime a decade ago.  CityTime can't recognize anomalies and that is a massive flaw.

Rudy Giuliani threw out AutoTime created and run by NYC gov.  We owned the system and source codes.  We did not need consultants and we could have a source told me expanded AutoTime.

Grayham Rayman author of this VV piece got it wrong when he vaguely referred to the Whistle Blowing  CNNiReport being taken down -- , this post has always been up and remains so but in the very long Village Voice article which I am not gong to re-read I believe he states 3 SAIC went to SAIC and complained and the Whistle Blowing SAIC employees were fired.  As early as the beginning of 2003 how could SAIC have not known something was very wrong since the courageous Richard Valcich blew the whistle.

More SAIC employees will be arrested is word on the street, and rumor has it more TechnoDyne and is it a rumor or is it  a gut feeling more sub-contractors were stealing as well?  In my opinion, my guess even more and a lot more.

Can we see a flow chart of CityTime SAIC all sub contractors and quality control like Spherion and Gartner.

I read this article and submitted it to Dept. of Investigationreferring them to Gartner agreeing to pay a percentage of what they billed Spherion.  

For way too long SAIC has been a sacred cow.  I am guessing so is Garnter who I hear is deeply emeshed in NYC gov. in every facet and why?  We are shutting down fire houses and NYC gov. says they are broke but they have been shelling out billions to consultants in how many tech jobs that appear deeply flawed is what I would like to ask and even more so can we get a full refund and all these flawed projects and on all these consultants because their work did not solve anything and in fact many lied about the hours they worked is what I hear on the street.

Also please note:  Last Tuesday, mayor Bloomberg terminated a 50 million dollar  contract with SAIC but on Thursday there was a vague article WSJ with no real details.

Why is there no news in any other major newspaper?  Again SAIC Bloomberg cover-up, trying to play it down cover up in the face of all the harsh cuts and well paid Bloomberg’s staff pleading poverty.

Just a reminder Rudy Giuliani brought in CityTime and SAIC.  His best friend Peter Power,  once his deputy mayor and ran Giuliani Partners when Rudy ran for President is a lobbyist for SAIC.  Peter Power was the lobbyist on the SAIC MTA deal we fought.

When did SAIC know and when did NYC gov.  know?  Richard Valchich’s letter gives us information that both knew something was very wrong as early as Feb. 2003 which is the date of Valchich’s whistle blowing letter and the answer as to why nothing was down could be two words.....?  Cash cow.

Look at the date of this YouTube....I state I want to ask Mike Bloomberg in court,
why did you push SAIC, CityTime when you knew it was flawed...not a direct quote
but listen.... I slam Christine Quinn as well for brushing aside 2 investigations in to CityTime.

In other YouTubes I mention calling Patricia Harris, I also want her husband and son called to the witness stand, Mark Page to ask them what they knew about SAIC and CityTime.