Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Is Mike Bloomberg A Closet Gay Mayor Like Ed Koch and What's With James Capalino Descending on Bill De Blasio?


Ed Koch's Boy Toy James Capalino Want's Bill De Blasio's Joy Stick or Capalino Wants to Keep Sticking it to New Yorkers in the name of Real Estate Greed Scott Stringer Ex-Gay Sex Bath House Boy Ditto?

Mike Bloomberg Scott Stringer James Capalino Ed Koch Weiner Gay Closet Sex NYC Gov?
True or False or who cares or who has wondered......???????

James Capalino suddenly dumps Quinn and Rudin St Vincent's greed to impale himself
on de Blasio's joy stick or was he in Chelsea lobbying for Rudin Family Greed condos instead of a Trauma Level 1 Hospital doing his dirty work for Howard Rubenstein.

I don't care.  Stringer Schumer Weiner Bloomberg married kids - so what?

Ok how many of you wondered if any guys were going to come forward about Weiner's weiner?

Scott Stringer and Quinn could have gotten us protective zoning for a hospital only and didn't because they are in bed with Rudin family greed along with Bloomberg, Howard Rubenstein and all the major news papers and media outlets. NY1 fired a news assistant camera man after Rudin's retired NYPD cop reported he was filming our protest.  NY1 falsely accused him of staging us which was impossible considering our passion and outspokenness but this is about GREED and stupidity.

I am voting for Bill De Blasio but when I learned that James Capalino, in my opinion
a truly evil predator part of the gang that sold us out so we have no Hospital in the West Village,
that is right no Hospital Trauma Level 1 Hospital with AIDS CARE and a RAPE CRISIS CENTER
I wanted to puke.

Bill  De Blasio turn this guy a way -- he has done too much harm.

 I am told Bill has a history of entertaining real estate greed and
smoes that call him friend that are not friends to anyone but the almighty dollar bill.

I am still voting for De Blasio because I don't want bloomberg lite and that is Quinn and Thompson.

I am pro gay --- I am not pro screwing the People of NYC out of a Hospital
and Koch and his boy toys along with Bloomberg, Quinn and Stringer who
I am told used to visit gay sex bath houses before he got what too many
acid rubs on his face or botox than straightened out??? and Rudin Koch's landlord

I am surprised no men have contacted the media about Weiner who many think was
intimate with Chuck Schumer but hey I don't care.

From Albany to City Hall I hear rumors swirl about many men in the closet.....

I don't think George Arzt frequented gay bath houses but he sure made a marriage deal
oops proposal that is real estate heavy re: New York City....

wow how these guys get NYC to work for them and Christine Quinn and her consigliere
Emily Giske.

I am pro gay big time just find the rumors swirling about closet gay sex and deals
from Koch on fascinating and it all gets DOWN to real estate, wall street and money honey.

Gay rights I support them it is just in NYC corruption equal opportunity for all and greed
and stupidity is number one and besides how many of these folks say they are straight
so common on who is going to believe Mike Bloomberg has a special tunnel of love...

come on.....

gay or bi.....   think big  think a gay bashing homophobe.....Albany.....

>> Scott Stringer gay, used to go to gay sex bath houses.
>> James Capalino used to be Ed Koch's boyfriend.  Bad sex image in brain can 
never go away.
I have heard plenty of rumors -- Ed Koch and guess who in a NYC gov parks dept pool...

not James Capalino lobbyist real estate whore....

Bloomberg not gay but I get calls about his tunnel of love.....

James Capalino did not prey on Bill De Blasio for his "joy stick" the other day....

James Capalino one of how many trolls that sold us out -- our safety for Rudin luxury 
greed and Quinn in bed with them all....

Ed Koch's Boy Toy (SAY IT AIN"T SO!!!!))))))) James Capalino Want's Bill De Blasio's Joy Stick or Capalino Wants to Keep Sticking it to New Yorkers in the name of Real Estate Greed Scott Stringer Ex-Gay Sex Bath House Boy Ditto?