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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mike Bloomberg Hires Cas Holloway Confidentiality Agreement 911 Tech Corruption?

Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg brings former staff to new ventures 

Mike Bloomberg Hires Cas Holloway Confidentiality Agreement 911 Tech Corruption?

I pray there is a criminal investigation into 911 and they all get subpoenaed.

Google Linda Gibbs no Sherlock Holmes Google that and learn about her in my opinion being willfully obtuse about corruption and theft and city government including Tech  and non-tech corruption like Seedco theft and her connection to the city time crooks who worked for her in Children Serves before they stole times of money including in my opinion Joel Bondy who was not even arrested besides Mark Mazer. 

He wants Cas Holloway and Linda Gibbs and any and all of them to not talk and also if he gets subpoenaed or they get subpoenaed he will pay their legal bills to protect his own green lighting HISTORIC EPIC corruption and stupidity and errors as the worst most reckless mayor in my opinion with a sea of tax payer Titanics with massive over billing and he rewarded a culture of failure.  

He gave Rose Gill Hearn two kickback jobs for her role in covering up and she was commissioner of Dept Of investigation!  My opinion she should've been arrested as well because she allowed so much corruption she wasn't qualified for the job but then again you wouldn't needed someone who really aggressively was going to capture the crooks and she worked with everyone to protect Mike and Rudy on CityTime and proof is not one arrest of the New York City government official.

Did Mike hire Mark Page?