Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

YouTube over 4,500 Views Exposes Evil Dr. Andrew Fagelman, Violent Delita Hooks and NYPD Corruption 01 Det Squad

YouTube over 4,500 Views Exposes Evil Dr. Andrew Fagelman, Violent Delita Hooks and NYPD Corruption 01 Det Squad

Ask the NYPD why they refused to arrest Delita Hooks.  Why did Det. John Vergona and his supervisors make sure that the DA was not notified of a violent assault and a false cross complaint by Delita Hooks.

Gee sure hope Dr Fagelman isn't writing steroid prescriptions for the NYPD like that MD in Staten Island who was writing so many he finally got busted.  He was even caught writing prescritpions for Adrian Schoolcraft's chief kidnapper Chief Marino!

No Dr. Fagelman couldn't be that evil -- but he is evil.  Dr. Fagelman did not fire Delita Hooks and paid her for her time berating me, menacing me, violently giving me the finger, telling me she was going to slap the crap out of me -- she lied about that too...she is caught on video running at me punching me in the eye as I held my ipad, my wallet in a heavy bag and held on to my phone which she hit along with my hand twice.

She has no criminal record so did her other victims never come forward?  Hard to believe there were no past victims of that kind of rage.    Does she have a record some where and it is sealed?

Just wondering these things as I was assaulted over 6 months ago and no arrest.

Internal Affairs has been sitting on this case for 5 months now so maybe by the end of the year they will find an ounce of Integrity and arrest Delita Hooks?   The corrupt DA will give her a wrist slap and stay out of trouble -- the DA will fix it but so far IA has yet to even call me.  Interesting huh?

Sure hope those corrupt dummies at the First Precinct involved in fixing this think fixing a violent assault was worth it.  Did they get the result they wanted.  Was the laugh worth it.
Without surgery I would have lost my vision.  I stood there like a human pinata.  You did evil. You make your families so proud but I guess they have the same values as you so they don't care?  If they were treated this way or you -- there would have been an arrest immediately.  01 Precinct under Winksi arrested how many innocent people but you won't arrest a guilty violent medical receptionist office manager?  Why?  No wonder there are so many law suits.

Welcome to Mike Bloomberg's Putin-vill and an NYPD about to be put on trial Sept. 2013 Adrian Schoolcraft NYPD whistle blower trial law suit for 50 million dollars -- and secret audio proving I am not the only victim of corrupt cops that refuse to do their job for some reason.
PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE AND HEAR DEPUTY CHIEF MARINO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury -- because it was a sure indictment.

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape -- they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers."

Note from Suzannah:  As violent a bully and a liar as Delita Hooks is --- Dr. Fagelman is an evil piece of crap posing as an MD that took the Hippocratic oath.

I think of Lisbeth and the MD who has kiddie porn in the Girl with the dragon tattoo triology and I wish to G-d I could hack Fagelman and staff's computers.

They violated my patient rights and covered up Delita Hooks violating my body.
Fagelman denies it all and says he isn't responsible because I am not his patient. I was visiting an MD that shared the office.  Guess who is the first person u are forced to deal with at the office and there are no name plates clarifying off works for who.  

Only in NYC do you have this kind of violent and corrupt dealings and the NYPD First Det Squad thought they were sending me a message ---- well my response will haunt them for the rest of  their lives and Delita Hooks and Dr. Fagelman cannot do this evil to another patient EVER AGAIN because of my video not because of a corrupt NYPD force and a failed Justice System?

YouTube over 4,500 Views Exposes Evil Dr. Andrew Fagelman, Violent Delita Hooks and NYPD Corruption 01 Det Squad