Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
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Monday, April 8, 2013

CCRB Complaint against 2 Internal Affairs Cops Kidnapping 30 years ago to frame an innocent hero cop like NYPD Chief Marino Kidnapped Adrian Schoolcraft

CCRB Complaint form
against 2 Internal Affairs Cops!
click on this powerful documentation above
to read it!
(Joe Sanchez reads it out loud
in my new YouTube)
You can hear Adrian Schoolcraft
 being kidnapped -- 
listen to the audio recording and hear 
Chief Marino implicate himself
 and above 30 years ago -- NYPD 
Internal Affairs exposed
and attempting to coerce
 a community member to lie 
and frame
 Joe Sanchez because
the NYPD want to shut down 
whistle blowing
 and protect
a culture of corruption.
(starts about 17:50 minutes in to the podcast.)

Note if you are looking at this post from a smart phone it is cropped...
you have to look from computer....

FYI -- I just made a complaint about Internal Affairs myself
 and I was forced to make it directly
 Internal Affairs... 
I made complaints to CCRB on all NYPD involved in
 manager and CCRB refused to 
investigate and 
gave them all to Internal Affairs... 
 (I will be giving testimony against
 CCRB at their offices this Wed.)

This document is a complaint made
 by a man kidnapped
 by NYPD Internal Affairs cops held for 4 days
 because he would not agree to lie and frame Joe Sanchez.

I post this to show you in 30
 years very little
 has changed and if you do not believe me 
than wait until the Adrian Schoolcraft Trial in Sept.

Adrian Schoolcraft was betrayed
 by Internal Affairs as well.
Because of the way I was treated
 and IA acting
 as swiftly as a turtle in molasses
 I was thrilled to get this document.

Below you will see letters praising
 NYPD hero Joe Sanchez and requesting
 Benjamin Ward to re-instate him
 but that never happened because
 the NYPD have a history
 of protecting a culture of corruption
 and retaliating against good cops
 -- whistle blower NYPD
 in the worst ways possible...truly evil.

Below a YouTube interview
 with former NYPD Joe Sanchez
 set-up by Internal Affairs
 for reporting a truly Bad Lt.
Joe will always tell you there
 are good NYPD and one
 of them gave Joe the CCRB complaint form
 against in my opinion
 the 2 corrupt Internal Affairs police officers.

You will hear what we all know
 --- NYPD supervisors retaliate against good cops
...Joe reads the CCRB complaint which of course
 which went no where.....(
The NYPD love that term -- "this will go no where." 
 That was what I was told about me reporting
 I was assaulted and reported the assault at the 01 Precinct.
Sock puppet acct YouTube said my law suits will go 
no where.)  

What you learn from this post is in
 30 years not much has changed.

CCRB ineffectual --- Internal Affairs will
 be exposed in Sept. 2013 Adrian Schoolcraft
 trial for setting Adrian up just like
 this complaint form shows 
Internal Affairs kidnapping a man for 4 days
 to try and coerce him 
in to saying Joe stole money 
when in fact he did not and 
they guy they kidnapped refused to lie 
despite being held hostage
 and his family locked out of their home
 and his car double parked for 4 days.....

This is part 2 of a YouTube documentary series
 that I will continue interviewing Joe Sanchez 
throughout the Adrian Schoolcraft trial.  
My goal is to get him and his family
 an apology from The City of New York
 and have him re-instated so Joe can 
officially become a retired NYPD officer vs "former". 
  Because Det. John Vergona fixed me being 
violently assaulted I would end up focusing
 on Adrian Schoolcraft and found Sanchez's
 wiki page which lead to this YouTube series.

This is part 2 in my series..
here is part 1 on him and Adrian Schoolcraft...

click on letter to read...

click on letter to read

Click on the image above to read it -- 
 She was a juror who wrote Charles Hynes
 I posted previously 
and Charles Hynes wrote her
 back agreeing 
it was a gross 
miscarriage of Justice
 and NYPD Joe Sanchez
 should be re-instated.
See her letter and Charles Hynes letters
30 years ago
 -- agreeing Joe should be re-instated...
I want to visit them both and film them
 for my YouTube documentary.

Friday afternoon I will post a YouTube
 with her
 -- now 83 recovering from 
a stroke
 and willing to speak up for
 Joe's innocent 
and request he be re-instated
 30 years later. now still.

Will Charles Hynes give me an interview
 for my YouTube documentary?

Link requesting apology and honorary re-instatement....

It is clear Benjamin Ward who 
in my opinion was corrupt

 -- there was enough evidence he
 was before he was appointed
 commissioner by Koch--
was protecting the Blue Wall of corruption
 and refused but Charles Hynes
 was not going to take Ward on
 which is why Hynes as lasted 
as long a he has just as Richard Brown
 the Queens DA refused to put 
NYPD Chief Marino and than Capt.
 now DI Mauriello
 in front of a grand jury for
 kidnapping Adrian Schoolcraft.

The difference is 
Adrian Schoolcraft's lawyers 
have served Richard Brown,
 Queen's DA with a subpoena 

If my 2 part series interviewing Joe Sanchez on the similarities 

Click on the image to read it...
I made this larger -- a heart breaking
 letter praising
 Joe for trying to 
save this woman's baby who did die
 but she was so moved
Joe's heroic effort she wrote a letter praising him.
This was after Joe was set-up
 by Internal Affairs to
 protect their friend
 a truly Bad Lt. --and Joe was fired
 for being a 
Whistle Blower just like Adrian Schoolcraft -- 
30 years apart same treatment.
No set-up with bullets like Serpico
 but a bullet to Joe and Adrian's career's.

Joe Sanchez as a Port Authority Police Officer before he became NYPD

See below the link you can hear Adrian Schoolcraft being kidnapped -- listen to the audio recording...

The Queens DA just ruled that 
Adrian Schoolcraft
 being abducted by corrupt NYPD officers 
and they are high up cannot be put
 in front of a Grand Jury!
  Gee, I wonder why. 
 Well Richard Brown
 and Internal Affairs
 say Deputy Chief Marino 
and DI Mauriello
 did nothing wrong getting
 an NYPD Swat team
 with machine guns called ES
U unit (interview these guys
 and I bet they even think it was wrong)
 shutting down the street,
 bringing in a fire truck all 
because Adrian Schoolcraft  had good reason to be scared.  


NYDN March 13, 2013 Update:
 Adrian Schoolcraft NYPD Whistle Blower 
is suing over psych ward lockup after doctors held him from leaving  NY Post article on Chief Marino
 --- juiced tested positve --
 listen to Adrian Schoolcraft tape
 of abduction Deputy Chief Marino
 sounds "juiced" and like he is the EDP -- 
emotionally disturbed person not a very calm sane Adrian Schoolcraft.

   PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE AND HEAR DEPUTY CHIEF MARINO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury -- because it was a sure indictment.