Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mayor Bloomberg Won't Be Missed Sept 11

Mayor Bloomberg won't be missed September 11 or anything else where he tried to take credit for things he shouldn't and worse he didn't take responsibility for what he should of.  

So far de Blasio is a big disappointment and he's treated me just like the tale of two cities full of crap especially regarding being attacked but I still do not miss Mike Bloomberg.  

New York City Councilman Mark Treyger took issue with former mayor Michael Bloomberg's deputy mayor Howard Wolfson's attempt to share credit with the de Blasio administration for the progress it has made in the Superstorm Sandy recovery effort, specifically blasting the Rapid Repairs program that Wolfson touted in a press release. [ Read More: ]

Howard Wolfson is a whore bought and paid for by my Bloomberg no offense to sex workers.  I'd like to ask him under oath is  he any knowledge who was aggravated harassing me for Bloomberg while mayor and removed my YouTube channel.  My opinion he's a moron was paid way too much money no one's missing his stupid Twitter account. Mayor Bloomberg made taxpayers pay for this unqualified loser my opinion as well as I allegely funneled money to him and others any which way he could . 

"De Blasio announced that the city has approved the start of construction for 535 homes and sent 543 reimbursement checks out through the Build it Back program, exceeding the mayor’s goals that were set as part of his Sandy recovery plans made earlier this year.

De Blasio’s office has often invoked the former administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg when asked to explain why it is taking so long for people to get back into their homes. "

Mike Bloomberg is beyond tarnished for 911 to corruption although his media pals are killing the truth which may be exposed if we have a large-scale terrorist attack or another hurricane Sandy or tsunami.   Even de Blasio and Mark Peters are protecting Bloomberg and powerful contractors consultant some obvious that are guilty of more than mismanagement some specifically criminal activity and putting our lives at risk because 911 is like CityTime not worth the over inflated prices and why because people were stealing and putting money in their pocket and why because they knew they could.   

At least New Yorkers do not have to look at the Michael Bloomberg terror add more in the subways.

Often obesity can be connected to property not always but it can be there instead of forcing me a piece of taxpayer money for his horrific ads he could've taken that money and help to build organic gardens in the poorest neighborhoods near McDonald's and Burger King's.    

Mike Bloomberg  won't escape the truth of 911 to corruption figure than CityTime.  Sooner or later he, Rose Gill Hearn, DOITT heads turned lobbyists and others will have a lot to explain.  

Mike explain Gartner Group and what they got in my pinging overbill us on everything from 911 to board of elections?   

 Mike we went to bed in our neighborhoods and woke up in bed Xerox is a midtown you will not be missed ever.    

You had the media silence critics and do everything but murder them. 

I'm so glad you won't have anything to do with September 11 this year.  

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly First Precinct Det Squad the fixing of the Dr Andrew Fagelman 'a Delite's savage attack  will come back to haunt you.  

Critics of Mike Bloomberg whistleblowers are not even safe in a doctors office in New York City worse than a Third World country because it's so elitist tale of two cities and you know what and that way Bill Deblasio and Bratton are no different.   

IAB Sgt Decker told me Lt Anges of the Integrity Bureau try not to laugh would interview everyone just like Det Vergona said he would and it never happened. The fix was in just like the NYPD Jose Ramos case showed us all the PBA, NYPD and IAB fix and tip each other off.

#NYPD Internal Affairs read her false cross-complaint