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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ex- Mayor Bloomberg Song of Poverty Police Brutality

Rico wrote and sings this song  to the music from Pocahontas:
Mayor de Blasio Song Poverty Police Brutality by Rico to "Color of The Wind"

Lyrics:You think you own the people in your country,
Like humans are just vessels you can use,
But I know every soul of man and woman,
Has a reason, has free will and has own views.
You think the only people of importance,
Are the people who we all see on TV,
But until Kim Kardashian feeds my hunger,
I won’t ponder, nor will I wonder, How it’d be.
Have you ever felt so hungry, you can barely move?
Have you ever needed work, but could not find,
Have you ever had to beg for some assistance?
Have you ever had to walk the world half blind, have you ever had to walk the world half blind.
Come follow me into the slumps of Harlem,
Come walk the blocks malnourished in the Bronx,
And tell me what we’ve all done to each other,
In this game of life you get so wrong, so wrong
Have you ever seen a child go hungry for a night,
Have you ever seen a man lose all his strength,
Have you ever seen a daughter sell her body?
Has an officer beat you just cause he can, has an officer beat you just cause he can

(Original Song is called "Colors of The Wind" which was featured in Disney's Pocahontas movie)

 and I really think our mayor should listen to the song because it sums it up about poverty,  needing work and how the NYPD can beat people up just because they feel like it and I know  I've told you all what they did to me for a rich doctor who keeps a ray Rice at the front desk did running punched in my head and did not fire her which sure worked out since the police did not arrest her and threatened me.

Mayor de Blasio Song Poverty Police Brutality