Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
mayor bloomberg, de Blasio I call Bloomed Blasio, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, Reznick, O'Neill Know a lot about fixing crime don't they?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christine Quinn Unairbrushed Votes For Rudin Condos Against Her Own District Demanding Hospital!

Not airbrushed by Rebecca Mead The New Yorker
schilling for 1% to push Christine Quinn as the new puppet mayor of Bloomberg and the Oligarchs for NY! 

I won't be there this afternoon to watch as yet another in your face corrupt deal is pushed through city council.
Amanda the People's Burden could have given us protective zoning and coward sell-out Scott Stringer could have added pressured but all rolled over.

In our meeting City Hall Christine Quinn lied and said she did not know which way she would vote!
Quinn has lost weight but she is a big fat liar.  Above the slimmer Quinn not airbrushed.

The real Quinn taking from a video grab photo from March 10, 2102  of me confronting her as she tries to avoid her own district sneaking past dumpster back exit PS 41.

Today Christine Quinn makes history officially betray her very own district
voting with the Rudin Family who have given her 30,000 grand on the books.

In the video I catch Christine Quinn in yet another LIE when she says Ma'am that is not true.

Here is the proof.  This does not include employees like private retired NYPD and a medical doctor from St. Vincent's along with construction workers that profit from Rudin that testified for Rudin while the Christine Quinn's very own district was locked out in the freezing cold and prevented from testifying.

The few that made it in after hours of standing outside in the bitter cold were greeted by 2 city council members or their reps out of 51 members!  So much for the democratic process.

I will be recutting the video with the lies answered like this chart included in the new cut but reminder Norman Siegel has called for an investigation in to what was not democracy -- not even the illusion with Christine Quinn's district locked out they want to testify they demand a hospital.

I handed Quinn a list of demands including a Town Hall Meeting but Quinn said she won't come if people call her names -- laughable -- this is NYC Christine Quinn not your private little empire.

I demanded an investigation in to why a 75 year old man that passed out that wanted to testify that he demands a hospital --- why the ambulance took 30 minutes.

Christine Quinn's response was her aide called the 1st precinct and the 1st said there was no 911 call.  Quinn did not give us any name of whom was their contact at the 1st so I believe we were lied to yet again.

The NYPD confirmed with me the 911 call.  I was able to track down  the  Sgt. from the 6th Precinct made the 911 call I asked him to make.  I thanked him again.   I also have Dr. David Kaufman who attended the 75 year old who made 7 911 calls and attended to the man so Christine Quinn can't make this go away.   Why did it take 30 minutes when the hospital is right there.  250 Broadway is right across the street from City Hall!

Follow the above link to 2 crucial links -- one is the talking points -- I hand wrote in an addendum  prompted by  Barbara adding we want response times FDNY EMS 1) what time was the call 2) when did they show up 3)how long did it take to get to a hospital   4) once there -- when was the person treated?

The 2nd are my immediate notes from the meeting we had with Christine Quinn at City Hall with Norman Siegel.
Here is a quote from my post:

Ready for this Chris Quinn quote:  "...biggest defeat is not saving St V.  We worked like the devil. "

We are waiting to hear from Christine Quinn.

Be prepared for me dressed in drag as Quinn next week on 12th Street with an extra special dress for under 10 dollars I hope.

Have yet to get the dress at Forever 21 but expect performance art of a political nature in the West Village next week!

Shame on The New Yorker!  Shame on Rebecca Mead with her big fat pay check to sell a lie and shame on The New York Times back to silencing voices in opposition, killing stories including on CityTime and pushing Christine Quinn as mayor.

This historic day with Christine Quinn bought and paid for by The Rudin Family with no hospital is all the more reason besides term limits and way too many corrupt real estate dealings including with NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia U, Yankee Stadium,  Brooklyn Ratner, Willets Point etc.  SHAME!!!!!!!

Voters will come out in the primary and express their anger just like Bloomberg barely winning despite the press selling lies and the press was forced to go off script all documented by me.