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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Dirty DA Cy Vance Haunted by my Videos Cy Vance has to look at East Village Video I made 2011 at location of the Explosion like the Dr Andrew Fagelman employees Savage Attack that proves NYPD IAD DA fixed

dirty DA Cy Vance east Village Explosion investigation face my Video 

 The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is investigating the fatal explosion in New York City’s East Village last week, signaling the possibility of criminal charges in connection with the blast, the Journal reports:

NYC blast probe highlights problem of stealing gas

Cy Vance is extremely corrupt Manhattan DA in fact the most corrupt in the short some out of time and the assistant district attorney's I met run it like the cult of Cy and if you don't know about the Jeffrey Epstein Cy Vance ADA Gaffney, Cy Vance Intern violated to frightened to come fowsrd or my case with ADA Tiana Walton, Joan Illuzi and ADA Joe Giovanetti in my opinion liars now
criminal in my opinion guilty of protecting police corruption IAB NYPD as well as Dr Fagelman's office violence and lies with the DA in possession of police reports where the NYPD lied as well as Delita Hooks false cross complaint Illuzi and Giovanetti admitted was false!

My point is I haven't had time to go through and large  amount of blog posts and videos right below is just one proving a history of gas problems lots of gas leak complaintand not s water main breaks so manhole explosions  so defense attorneys and lawyers for the victims need to see this video and the interview with me on NY1 from 2007 in front of the exact location of the explosion like this youtube.   That block and intersection down to 5th street by 9 precinct to St Marks place street would constantly be opened up from infrastructure problems gas leaks man hole covers ancient pipes bursting.  

Article says stealing goes on but FyI massive explosions do not because I allege the gas stealing was next to years of on going situation that was like a bomb so it was like a fire next to a fire or bomb next to bigger bomb.  

I can't believe the dirty corrupt DA involved in fixing my case retaliating against
me the way Sally Goldenberg, her de Blasio press boyfriend and George Arzt wish they could will have to deal with this video and possible the NY1 video NY1 removed with an interview with me taking infrastructure problems.

2007 NY1 interviewed me and others but has removed the interview exact same location kept opening up like a wound that would not heal finally exploded. 
Condolences to all that lost loved my opinion this was years in the making....

suzannahbtroy: @BilldeBlasio @ConEdison cy Vance dirty DA East Village explosion fixed my case will have to face another video mine

Uploaded on Sep 8, 2011
NY1 has since removed this link...gee I wonder why?

My blog dedicated to exposing Cy Vance

@maslowsneeds: When will @TheJusticeDept investigate Cy Vance for all the corruption he protects/enables ? @suzannahbtroy @ilovemytroops

I am haunted -- look at YouTube 2 minutes in there is the Japanese restaurant I want to cry -- how sad -- this was going on for years....I haven't had time to go through all my YouTubes and blogs...

please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you. 
Vid 4 second highlights Vine

NYPD Inspector General Forwards My Case to Internal Affairs just like CCRB and Commission to Combat Police Corruption when my case belong with a Special Prosecutor. 

Read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from 7 years ago -- it gives new meaning to it stops today.  

Cy Vance being yelled down outside NYU Law for what he really is in my opinion a corrupt misogynist  DA.  

When I yelled down Cy Vance on his misogyny I did not know yet about the intern in his office and also about Jeffrey Epstein that he would have an ADA asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status.  

Title 18.subsection 242.conspiring of rights.which is a felony that can land that detective behind bars for ten years. I was sent this -- is this applicable to Det John Vergona and his partner, Det Andy Dwyer his partner, supervisor Lt Angelos Burgos, supervisor Sgt Chen and all involved including in Internal Affairs?

June 19, 2014 learned even more about Internal Affairs Corruption do created new blog goal to sue Mr Bratton and Mr Reznick 2015. 

The NYPD an internal affairs fix crime in my opinion based on my own experience.

Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks Violence Lies New bad Yelp Review Not ADay @ The Beach!

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Dirty DA Cy Vance did fixing despite my  Video of Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying employee attacking me proving she and NYPD lied now he has to face my YouTube of East Village Explosion location 5 years early Con Ed Emergency Vehicles