Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Protected NYPD Fixing and Favors My Case Included
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

NYPD First Precinct Makes an Assault Disappear by Suzannah B. Troy

Remember ticket fixing, favors and NYPD corruption only happens in the Bronx right? Yeah right!

Well, certain detectives from the First Precinct made a violent assault disappear in my opinion!  How do I know?  I was the one assaulted.  Hows that for fixing?

Note I say crack detective meaning sharp....not crack cocaine.   This is a long post because I suffered hard. I was a victim of a violent assault and I went to the NYPD believing in them and I do not anymore so this is a very long post because I was assaulted over and not just by a violent woman.

I was told by my "crack detective"  if I did not drop my charges I would be arrested.  I cannot make this up.  Keep reading to learn how this was to be.  Reminder I call Bloomberg, baby Putin.  Crack det.  must think this is Russia?  I contacted Ron Kuby who has been a real hero to Occupy Wall Street.

Ron Kuby stepped in or I would be in jail until Monday falsely arrested, victimized yet again.... and I alerted the det. threatening me that I would sue.  Can you imagine Ron Kuby who has sued the NYPD so successfully  calling him up after his threat?   We talked about my options and Ron was brilliant....they way he laid it out, my options but he recommended the easiest path -- the path of least resistance.

Ron did convince me to let go give in and drop the charges although I did because I was in my opinion forced by a corrupt cop in my opinion.  Do you call that coercion?  What do you think and look how they played it and me?   I feel so violated.   I just am grateful to Ron.  I felt lost in dark storm at sea and he rescued me and navigated me out of darkness in to the light.

Ron was more like a Rabbi constantly encouraging me to let go and move forward....who wants to fight this for one year and it would take at least that long he pointed out.  See this violent assault?  In my opinion an  NYPD detective from the First Precinct made sure this violent assault vanish --- is not part of the first precinct's stats!!!!!!!

 Crack det.  made it vanish by threatening me with in my opinion a false arrest manufactured by a false complaint which is a crime as well and I am guessing  the 01 never questioned it is this a false complaint so they could use it to make my assault disappear? In my opinion video proves it is a false complaint by the violent woman who attacked me backed up in my opinion by liars pals pictured in the video.    Guess where I learned about false complaint -- a cop that looked at the video...keep reading to hear how stunned he was by crack det handling...that is way down in this post which proves there are good cops although sadly they are small in number?

As far as the 01 is concerned this violent assault NEVER happened. How is that for cooking the books?

 The the crack detectives did not even question if the attacker filed a false complaint which is also a criminal offense!  If he did that he couldn't strong arm me and threaten me.   You should have heard him laugh.

 Look at the video!!!!!!  Ron Kuby called the video compelling.

 So that makes how many crimes that she got away with thanks to crack NYPD Detectives?   

  This was a medical office.  Two weeks later "my crack detective" who could barely hide his disdain of me had still not been over to the office.   He never went!   He asked me a question about why I walked over to her.  I replied if you had gone over to the office like you said you would you would know I did not.  You can't exit without passing her.  She sits by the door but in this case she was standing by it giving me the most violent finger as I exited and prior verbally assaulting me and following (stalking?)  me around! Lovely huh?    This crack det must be great with dead victims!

Professional conduct you expect at a medical office?   By the way my guess the crack det. doesn't know that the receptionist who sat next to the violent quit!  Ironic and violent one that is still there ---   The receptionist that worked for my MD quit 2 weeks and 3 days after I was violently assaulted in a medical office unless he read it on my blog the det doesn't know.   He doesn't care!

I repeatedly asked that he talk to people in the office.  He did not.  He first told me he would interview everybody.  He interviewed nobody.  He said the det. that I believe responded to the illegal false complaint interviewed the women in the video that covered for her!  Great.  She files (in my opinion)  a false complaint (which is criminal -- it is a real crime punishable)  and gets action.  I get victimized even more by my crack det. who to date did not even know violent receptionist is stationed by the door!

Gee the receptionist that had to sit next to the violent one quit -- I wonder what she was privy to that she quit?  My MD and her partner will be moved out in a couple of weeks! Gee why would they leave?

 This is a medical office where there is a level of professionalism like in a police dept  so in theory a det. doesn't get to tell a victim of assault to stop blabbering....yep the very first day and that was 3 days after the assault and the public member told me the 3rd degree assault charge I filed would go no where but it did -- in my opinion a corrupt cop used it to violate me in every possible that he could get away with and he did.  My advice is video tape and post on YouTube that is as close to justice as you are going to get.  Don't even hope you get an honest cop.  I did and look what happened.

Any ideas why People do not go to the NYPD when they are victims of a crime?  A receptionist at one of the many medical places I go because at age 50 all my joints are going...told me she and her family were held up at gun point.  The NYPD she said are worthless.

Well my experience was worse than worthless since I was violated but hey  at least my crack detective did not rape me or pistol whip me!

Well dr. fagelman's receptionist ---   threatened to cause me bodily harm  all caught on YouTube and guess what in my opinion some clever corrupt cops made it disappear by my crack detective threatening me as well!  Lovely.  Will some one wake me up from this nightmare and yes I believe in the good cops like a child believe in Tinkerbell.

In my opinion corrupt detectives  allowed in my opinion the violent woman to file a false police report  (another crime) against me which they used to make me drop the violent assault. They got her to agree to drop it if I did.  Two weeks later in my opinion the corrupt cop handling my case who told me to stop blabbering -- how is that for courtesy -- called me and told me about the cross complaint.  I did not know until an honest cop told that a filing a false complaint is a crime and guess what based on the YouTube looks like they allowed it.  The women yelling don't do it -- it meaning assault me in my opinion backed her up and lied but the video is the proof.  Imagine if I didn't have that than it would have been my word against theirs.

To date this violent woman does not know that filing a false police report is a punishable crime and the cops let her do it is my guess.  It served their corrupt goal to make this violent crime disappear and they harmed me and maybe enjoyed it too?

Anyway Ron Kuby saved me --- Ron Kuby really shocked me with kindness--- I was so bruised mentally and physically it was hard to trust him but Ron was trust worthy and wise.  Ron is very different than Norman Siegel who I just talked with and they have very different ideas --- I will leave it at that....

Note the cavemen det.  get couldn't understand that photobooth flips the image so for instance this T shirt says I love Ron Kuby.

I felt like I was raped by a corrupt NYPD detective and abortion not an option, forced to produce corrupt cops creation -- so Ron Kuby delivered the baby....Ron did steer me towards best choice of horrible ones as fighting would take a lot of time, messy, etc I really can't find an analogy but when in  my opinion a corrupt cop threatens to arrest you for not dropping was yet another assault but worse...I stopped this photo I am 145 pounds.   Ron Kuby talked me through this....he asked me if I wanted to spend a year of my life fighting this?  I have so much I want to do this year I can't tell you.

I told Ron that (in my opinion) this det  #%#%%# me and that is probably ##%#%%# #%#%#%#% ##&#&# ##* ##%%.

Ron handled this tonight because my crack detective gets on at 4PM so that means my guess is he got her to drop it last week when he threatened me.  It was easier to get her to drop it because she committed a series of crimes.  She is a ticking bomb in my opinion.

 You should have heard him laugh with delight when I told him I refused to drop the charges Tuesday when he threatened me.  He told me to come down immediately to arrest me.   I said ok.  I called him back and said I needed to get to a dentist appt.  Could I get arrested at 3pm for refusing to drop the charges.  He laughed and said come visit him Saturday and he would arrest me.

He was going to get his very own barbie Suzannah to play with?   I told him a judge would throw it out and I would sue him.

 That was when I called Ron Kuby.

To this day I do not even know the last name of the woman that threatened me with bodily harm, than she did assault me running at me with a fist to my eye, pulling my hair and kicking me in the groin which barely connected and I fought back without ever putting down my heavy bag or my iPhone and a young cop I showed the video to in the subway suggested she committed yet another crime -- that she falsified a police report.  He said get another detective, take action and I know what he meant by that.  He looked pretty crushed by the way.  Folks there are good cops out there that do know right from wrong.  I have dealt with so many including from the First Precinct including protests I have had but this has left me changed.  I will never feel the same.   A cop from the other side of the world that follows my blog wrote me and said no Jack Maples anymore.

The young cop in the subway was stunned by the Det. threatening me with arrest and  he pointed out she had a key in her hand...perhaps it was that key dangling that left defense marks on my art -- two long scratches all documented including in a  medical report.  He said that key makes it even another level of criminal behavior if you assault someone and you are holding something.  I don't know but   interesting huh?

I do know if either the woman, her pals, the corrupt detectives or their pals try to harm me any more than I can only hope this time around  they will be punished but I do believe in a higher authority.  I was also assaulted on line and forwarded to "my corrupt cop (in my opinion) but also to Google including their US Marshals division.

The 23rd Psalm
Jun 4, 2012 – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

I told Ron I never ever want to be contacted by this detective who I do not even know what he looks like.  I imagine him as over weight and old someone who should have retired years ago.  I bet he has a few heroic achievement on his record but for me in my opinion is rotten to the core.  Yes I have alerted anyone I can that guess who might try some clever ways to retaliate against me.

So now you have been updated and  learned yet another way in my opinion corrupt cops can make a crime disappear more than one.   

Every top lawyer in NYC has been alerted and the media....why the media?   I am on the radar thank G-d.

I was the only one to state via YouTube Mike Bloomberg may not win the election due to voter anger many months before I was proved right. (look at the date of the YouTube)

I was the only one to say no to a renewal with SAIC and instead we need a full investigation.  A union worker from Local 375 DC 37  saw me do my thing and asked me to come to a meeting and Tish James joined us.  I made this YouTube.  Even the Union did not think it was possible to dump SAIC and I have it on record and SAIC is now no longer allowed to do business with NY State or the City and we have cut their role down CityTime and CityTime I am guessing will be filed in the dumpster.

I was the only one to say 600 million back from SAIC was way too low a figure.  I stood with local 375 DC 37 and Tish James and I asked for 1 billion x 3.   I want to go after SAIC auditors and I want a criminal investigation for ECTP and legal action take to get money back on what I believe is a far bigger crime.

This detective has radically changed my view of the NYPD.   I still have had positive experiences with honest NYPD since this horrific experience.

I feel an eternal feeling of love and gratitude to Ron Kuby.  After I called Norman Siegel.  He is the Big Daddy of Civil Rights for me... he has touched me like no other.  Ron Kuby saw me through this horrific calamity and was amazing generous as well.   I can't put in to words how I feel about these men.

When the detective threatened me with a false arrest if I did not drop the charges I can't tell you how I felt.   It was something like 9-11.  I went to this dark place....very dark.

You can read my I love Ron Kuby blog but Ron did CPR on my soul.

Than I could smile...I could see the flowers, I could re-claim my life.

This was one injustice after another.

 Ron Kuby may have represented some really bad guys but all I can tell you is he showed me only the best of his humanity, his compassion, patience and generosity.

I can't explain what Norman has been to me as a legal guardian angel and he is too so many NYC characters.

Thanks and gratitude....thanks and gratitude.

Though I walk through the valley of death I fear no evil...

The 23rd Psalm
Jun 4, 2012 – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

After the phone conversation on the bus I got home and found my smile.

I can't tell you the dark place I went to and Ron helped me climb out of it and I told him I never want to talk to (in my opinion) the corrupt det ever again and now I don't have to.

G-d see all.  That is a comfort.

I thank G-d first and foremost.

I thank Ron Kuby,  I thank Norman Siegel.  I thank everyone and that includes People who wrote me from around the world than you for your support and love.

Though I walk through the valley of death I fear no evil...

The 23rd Psalm
Jun 4, 2012 – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

ps  I can't tell you what it meant to talk to Norman Siegel and what he said to me after Ron put this nightmare to sleep.

Here I am this morning East Village and I had a great day.  I did put my trust in Ron Kuby and Ron came through for me.